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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options October 1, 2010

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Artist Track Album Year Approx. start time
Folke Rabe  Was??   Options   1967  0:00:00 ()
Horaţiu Radulescu  Intimate Rituals XI (op.63)   Options   1986 / 2003  0:24:56 ()
The Hototogisu  [track E1]   Options Floating Japanese Oof! Gardens of the 21st Century  2004  0:42:13 ()
The Hototogisu  [track E2]   Options Floating Japanese Oof! Gardens of the 21st Century  2004  1:03:23 ()
Jim O'Rourke  [side A]   Options The Ground Below Above Our Heads  1991  1:07:45 ()
Andrew Jacques  Ronco   Options     1:25:28 ()
Aquiles Pantaleão  Three Inconspicuous Settings   Options     1:35:55 ()
Toshi Ichiyanagi  Music for Living Process   Options   1973  1:49:59 ()
Toru Takemitsu  Textures   Options   1964  2:04:35 ()
Bernard Herrmann  soundtrack to "Journey to the Center of the Earth"   Options   1959  2:11:31 ()
Put Put  Scheme of Consciousness   Options   1995  2:27:06 ()
Bernard Fort  Fractal V   Options   1980  2:39:27 ()
Pierre-André Arcand  The Spring and the Pulley   Options   1999  2:44:47 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 10/1/10 12:07pm Marco:

A very wet afternoon to ya Bryce:) is you motor boat parked on a safe place:-)
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:09pm bryce:

floated in on a raft of calvados bottles
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:10pm Marco:

Wow! You like to take risks my man!
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:10pm zanila:

collage this with this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G315OyVyBtw
and it sounds awesome
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:11pm Marco:

I had to hitch a ride on a submarine to go to the grocery store!!!
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:11pm R I S K Y:

  Fri. 10/1/10 12:12pm bryce:

i just put miracle whip in my coffee
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:14pm Marco:

Oh sort of a cheap latte:)
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:16pm sardonis:

killer rabe. name of track plz
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:16pm Marco:


Noah's ark has just exited the lincoln tunnel!!
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:16pm steve:

mmmm... folk rabe....
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:18pm still b/p:

I have wetsuit booties -- really! -- for the bike ride home when kick-ass precip is solidly promised. Only skirting us so far.
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:19pm Marco:

So glad Bryce is going to stay:) I cried my eyes out at HotRod's last show this morning
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:19pm bryce:

oopsie sorry, sardonis! already staring through the wall.....
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:19pm jesse:

first friday of every month is a hurricane
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:20pm still b/p:

There's no crying in bryceball!
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:21pm Marco:

Can't cry anymore. Dehydrated:( currently shoveling food into my big mouth :)
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:21pm Vicki:

  Fri. 10/1/10 12:22pm Bearda:

reminds me of La Monte Young...
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:23pm bryce:

chirp chirp!
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:23pm Marco:

I would love to see bryce's show moved to the Wednesday midnight to 3am.
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:23pm Bearda:

waiting for the rain train up here on the banks of the Chuck
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:24pm Vicki:

well done :)
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:24pm Marco:

Here in NYC the rain has shutdown the M and L trains!!!
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:25pm bryce:

thx, v! surreal week.......
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:26pm still b/p:

banks of the Chuck...along with muggers, lovers and thieves?
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:26pm sardonis:

sweet. great call. i've got this cranked up & the rest of the office is like, wtf is that sound
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:26pm Marco:

Well my yard is officially a swimming pool with frogs and alligators
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:27pm Bearda:

that's muggahs, lovahs and thieves to you.
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:27pm Vicki:

very happy to know that you could be er, my biggest success, so to speak, ha ha
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:27pm bryce:

for 4 minutes, anyway :)
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:28pm BSI:

28 minutes late. But the curry and headphones are in position.
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:29pm Vicki:

with a 3 minute warning
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:29pm Bearda:

Jesse it's a tropical storm eh.
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:30pm steve:

  Fri. 10/1/10 12:30pm Marco:

:-( over marinated chicken:-(
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:32pm Marco:

Over cooked over marinated chicken:-( I'll never listen to that woman ever again:-(
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:32pm BSI:

dadgummit, it's all aloo and no gobi.
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:42pm jesse:

yeah, last month Boston got missed but I stayed home anyway. just a bunch of talk in my opinion
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:44pm Bearda:

it's awlways awl tawlk
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:46pm Parq:

So Bearda, is your real name Bearder?
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:48pm still b/p:

But then it'd be Beahda if he was goin' lcoal phonetic with it...
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:49pm still b/p:

- local -
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:50pm broccoli rabe:

all the rain was summoned by that thunderstorm bryce played on his show recently... we need some of that here in the high desert
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:52pm bryce:

i was this close to playing locusts
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:52pm steve:

broccoli rabe grows in the high desert??
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:54pm broccoli rabe:

indeed it does!
  Fri. 10/1/10 12:56pm veggieburger:

broccoli saguaro, dude.
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:01pm steve:

mmm cactus burger
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:02pm rae:

i love the current track. it's giving me goosebumps.
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:05pm Mike East:

Anybody in the city own or know where I can get a bass of the type Bootsy Collins might use? Its an emergency. There's good money in it if you own one.
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:05pm bryce:

:) rae
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:10pm Scottm:

Perfect rainy Friday hoto-dronescape. Thx Bryce!
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:10pm bryce:

  Fri. 10/1/10 1:11pm Vicki:

wish I had some bagpipes and a hooter because I'd most likely play them now
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:13pm alternateash:

I'm reading about Norbert Wiener for a Masters class here in Amsterdam, after having eaten a space cake for breakfast and this is stuff is perfect right now. bedankt!
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:14pm paulpirishweirdoinberlin:

your show is often amazing. thx
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:17pm Bruce:

Isn't there a story about N. Weiner running through the halls of MIT, yelling "Cheese! Cheese! I must know about cheese!"
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:21pm bryce:

thx, paulp :)

hahaa, so sad wiener didn't live to 1969 at least. really deserved to

vicki, yes bagpipes + http://j.mp/cMU8Vj at last
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:21pm Bearda:

it's just Bearda. people always think it's short for something but it's not..
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:25pm jesse:

Bearda, are you related to Beard the Boston band?
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:27pm Vicki:

these beard jokes are just so hilarious, you must keep telling them everyone
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:28pm jesse:

that was not a joke: http://www.myspace.com/beardofboston
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:29pm ms_atomisees:

I like how this track rearranges my molecules. Electrons are falling out all over the floor.
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:29pm Bearda:

why is everyone making fun of my name? it's a family name!
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:30pm Bearda:

Jesse, I bet you're one of those people who eats lunch at your desk.
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:31pm broccoli rabe:

hey i'm eating lunch at my desk
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:31pm Bearda:

I think this show makes people eat lunch at their desks. It's worth it.
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:32pm Vicki:

the bad end of the playground, Bearda. Move up this end.
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:32pm jesse:

you have bet correctly
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:34pm jesse:

thought not today,
see ya!

thanks for the wonderful radio, Bryce!
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:36pm bryce:

cheers, jesse!

claudja, you just need a cat hair rug on a balloon pad
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:37pm Bearda:

Bearda is my first name but I was named for my mother's family surname. She's Belgian. This is my cousin http://users.skynet.be/bearda/welcome.html, he's a carillon player
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:37pm broccoli rabe:

it is the show. and also the fact that there aren't really any good food options here in the duke city.
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:39pm Bearda:

Anyway, I have to go, I'm on the road now in the rain. Thanks for the music Bryce - see yall later -
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

this is some peaceful peanut butter'n'jelly-eatin' music
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:42pm kohlrabi:

striking! wonderful shtuff...
thank you, cardinal brycicle
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:43pm bryce:

see you, bearda!
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:52pm jeff-m:

digging the sounds very much... very beautiful today.
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:55pm Joe voltage:

w5w'7hn;a noa-=3OQ6, BV & HI BRYCE
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:58pm Parq:

If Bearda is still here, I would just like to point out that I was not making fun of her name; I was making fun of her accent.
  Fri. 10/1/10 1:59pm Parq:

And that's assuming she is old enough to have a Mass accent. The people I meet from metro Boston who are my daughter's age have no trace of the accent.
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:04pm bryce:

  Fri. 10/1/10 2:20pm and?:

  Fri. 10/1/10 2:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'm about to journey to the center of a bag of Doritos
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:24pm Mark from Pompton Plains:

Incredible selections Bryce, your mind is officially over the matter. Thanks and good luck.
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:27pm Verne:

My best underknown publication is Will of an Eccentric -- another fantastic journey tale. Expensive to get in 2010, since it hasn't been republished in English in over a century. It was one of the books Perec had in mind in writing Life: A User's Manual.
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:28pm bryce:

thx, mark :)
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:32pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I think we're about to break into the molten core now...
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:32pm Vicki:

that was one scary bath just now
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:34pm bryce:

but you're probably really clean
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:34pm Wango:

I hope this isn't followed by the Amboy Dukes Journey to the Center of the ...
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:36pm Vicki:

yes, blood everywhere
cut my fingers off with my nails too
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:36pm erm:

hey, something that Put Put track is sometnhing interesting
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:36pm Marat:

Hah! Non! Ah weel tell you of ze scary bath.
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:36pm Vicki:

it was all twinkly when I went in there and suddenly ARGGHGHHHH
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:40pm bryce:

  Fri. 10/1/10 2:41pm BSI:

too much, too much. you took too much...
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:45pm Purr:

Purr Purr
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:46pm bryce:

psssst tk tk tk tk
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:47pm Looms:

Beautiful sounds, thx!
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:50pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

sure am glad I'm not an "English athlete", though I was an English major at one point
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:50pm Vicki:

that photo made me laugh my head off down the sink
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:52pm ms_atomisees:

  Fri. 10/1/10 2:54pm bryce:

spine scratches for everyone
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:54pm steve:

is this from Improvised Music for Cats Volume 3?
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:56pm seang:

Splish Splash!
  Fri. 10/1/10 2:59pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

right on the mark of 3pm
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