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Earth's only supernatural slumber-party-style call-in show.

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Options September 30, 2010: The End Explained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Listener comments!

  Thu. 9/30/10 12:03am Doug:

Night People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:06am Remmy:

Is this the last show? My favourite theme tune has suddenly become extremely sombre :(
Night People!!!!
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:08am chris:

is this the end of night people?!
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:08am JJZ:

Good night, people.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:09am Tony:

Night People will rise again!! Too good to not resurface somehow, somewhere...
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:09am Jonathan:

  Thu. 9/30/10 12:10am Sean:

  Thu. 9/30/10 12:11am Indiana Jordan:

The end of an era? Or the beginning of a new era? Or something?
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:11am Remmy:

Weddings should feature more Congoing, Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha, Hey!
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:12am Chhh:

Nooo. and I just got a Night People tattoo!
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:12am Doug:

Night People TV Show.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:12am max:

the wfmu site crashed for me a minute ago just as jack said stay tuned for night people, every site worked but this one, then it came back on just in time as the show started, thus restoring my faith in god
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:12am Sean:

Jordan, its all three, at the same time...
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:13am Professor Nick:

Night People Babies...like Muppet Babies but darker.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:14am @tony___:

Night People comes to a VERY SAD end and I have still yet to see what Dave looks like. This is a cruel world you've thrust me into baby jesus. A very cruel world.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:15am justin:

Night People. I only just found you and now.... you're leaving
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:15am Professor Nick:

Dave=Burt Reynolds, Sandy=Dean Martin in terms of appearance
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:16am ?:

there actually IS a photo of Dave online that Ive seen
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:16am Nicole:

Don't torture Tony.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:17am Jonathan:

Was it in a file format never seen before/since?
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:17am Sean:

If Night People Babies ever becomes a reality, Dave would be Nanny
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:17am Professor Nick:

I've never seen Dave and Sandy in the same room. I'm not sure either actually exists...
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:17am chris:

i dreamed they would take the 8pm best show slot in a few yrs
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:18am Professor Nick:

Yeah, I like that casting...Nick the Bard would be Fozzy Bear.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:18am ?:

cough... http://blog.dltxii.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/img_1869.jpg ...cough
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:19am Sean:

Dr. Franklin Ruehl could be Beaker
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:20am max:

I think posting that goes against some Night People law
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:20am Nick the Bard:

Fozzy? Feh, I want, ugh, what's that one monster thats on the Muppets, thats like the giant orge guy? I think they bought a car from him in one of the movies?
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:20am @tony___:

Hey he kind of does, Dean Martin: http://www.nndb.com/people/871/000023802/dean-martin-lapel-sm.jpg Sandy: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?op=1&view=global&subj=789164324&pid=3533305&id=789164324
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:23am Professor Nick:

I'm not sure, Nick...My casting of you as Fozzy Bear was no insult to your comedic stylings. I just thought it would be great to have you tell your stories in front of a comedy club audience (like they did in Muppet Babies).
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:24am Nick the Bard:

http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Sweetums <<< Sweetums, that's who I'm thinking of. I wasn't taking it as an insult either.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:26am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

wait whats happening to night people
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:26am Nicole:

What a cool lady! you go, Rebecca archievist!
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:27am Nicole:

They're not on the fall schedule but it sounds like it was by choice. They're supposed to talk about it.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:27am @tony___:

they sure do seem to be enjoying saying asses tonight
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:28am (mta) Tony:

THANK YOU REBECCA! I don't know you personally, but I love you! You're an amazing and fantastic woman. Thanks so much! God bless you.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:28am Nicole:

They're kind of breaking up with us. It's not us, it's them.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:30am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

but we can still friends with them right
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:31am Nicole:

it seems amicable.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:31am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

oh god my heart feels weird
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:32am Nicole:

I feel bad if you just found out. I don't enjoy being a harbinger of bad news :(
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:33am @tony___:

I know you have a photo of Dave Nicole. I know you do. Stop holding out
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:33am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

im having a heart attack and its on your hands nicole '
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:34am Ned:

Cops chase naked suspect through Brooklyn neighborhood, officer falls through sidewalk grate
Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2010/06/17/2010-06-17_cops_chase_naked_suspect_through_brooklyn_neighborhood_officer_falls_through_sid.html#ixzz10z5Bo74n
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:34am Nicole:

Tony, I absolutely did not take a photo of Dave.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:34am Nicole:

Hang on, Theo.. "Justine, Justine!"
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:35am Jonathan:

Ned broke the frame. Ned broke Night People.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:36am Ned:

you'll never get to that link...never
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:36am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

oh nicole you are now my second favorite night person
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:36am Nicole:

Who's your first, MJW?
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:36am Tom.:

Last episode? What gives?
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:37am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

nobody beats Joey
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:38am Nicole:

It is an honor to follow him. I hope he calls in.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:38am Jonathan:

I like that they have to defend themselves against beating. "No we didn't beat the naked man." America, u so crazy.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:39am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

oh its an honor to be acknowledged by Nicole of Night People fame
i hope he calls and tells everyone that hes continuing the space program
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:40am max:

I hope Joey and Jamie get married on the air
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:41am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

oh my god that would be the best night people finale ever
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:42am @tony___:

HAve they said why there leaving the show?
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:43am Ned:

i thought the beating of the naked man was standard procedure.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:44am Emily:

Joey phone home. Night People TV!
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:44am Nicole:

Not yet. They're supposed to. Sandy has said they may continue to podcast for awhile.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:47am Tom.:

Podcast. Yay.
  Thu. 9/30/10 12:49am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

  Thu. 9/30/10 12:57am Jonathan:

I haven't been getting up at 5am to listen live every week and now Night People is ending. Sorry guys.
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:03am Ben:

Seeing a white butterfly means somebody's thinking of you. I'm pretty sure...
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:04am Sean:

What if somebody sneezed over the phone?
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:08am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

Terry and Sandy
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:09am Remmy:

As a kid my sister had me believing that if you saw the back of an ambulance you had to hold your collar until you saw a dog to avoid bad luck
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:10am Nicole:

I can't believe he guessed her birthday.
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:11am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

i thought he only did names
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:11am Nicole:

I kind of think he can do more than names and birthdays but I'm only just realizing this.
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:11am Chhh:

In Spain the unlucky day is Tuesday 13th, not Friday. (they didn't change the titles of the films though)
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:11am Remmy:

  Thu. 9/30/10 1:12am Ned:

how many people have i had given naked piggy back rides to?
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:12am max:

hey Dave who will win the oscar for best supporting actor next year
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:13am @tony___:

that was hilarious
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:14am Ned:

that imaginary salt tastes like semen.... omg thats so weird!
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:15am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

imaginary gay
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:15am Jonathan:

  Thu. 9/30/10 1:16am Ned:

  Thu. 9/30/10 1:18am Indiana Jordan:

What mysterious goings-on are causing this NP almost-sorta-end? The suspense is killing me!
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:20am Ned:

that is odd...i just typed the word hayawasca in skype conversation
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:20am Professor Nick:

Is this the beginning of a new Indiana Jones movie?
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:20am Ned:

lost me
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:22am Professor Nick:

I thought he said this wasn't that long...
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:23am Ned:

guess you had to be there....or preferably not
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:23am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

these are just sounding like words to me, not even sentences, just words
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:23am Ben:

I am so lost.
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:23am Professor Nick:

Agreed, MJW.
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:26am Jonathan:

Has Dave gone to the toilet or has he zoned out?
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:26am Joshua K:

I heard this was a show about sewing... something about super stitchin
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:28am tu:

Don't act coy.
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:29am Emily:

sAndy show?!
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:29am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

Daves pregnant
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:29am @tony___:

What about the nude paintings!
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:32am Indiana Jordan:

Not enough signal strength to call in. I wish I didn't live in a bomb shelter.
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:34am Nicole:

Cool! MJW is on the air :)
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:34am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

im so nervous
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:34am Nicole:

You sound great!
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:35am Jonathan:

It's this guy's fault. Definitely this guy's fault.
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:36am zhyrzhaan:

listening you first time live from finland, it's 8:30 am. have been listening the podcast for 2 years
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:36am Ned:

better than this new guy at least. ey, who's the new guy?
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:38am Ned:

zhyrzhaan, you should call in. finland is mildly exotic.
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:38am @tony___:

whats the name of the band?!
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:39am Professor Nick:

Wait...is Dave=David Coverdale from Whitesnake? Now it makes sense...
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:39am Doug:

I respect your privacy, Dave, but if you plugged your band I would check it out and maybe you'd have a few new fans.
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:43am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

my signal noooooooooooooo
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:45am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

i never even was able to ask Dave to do his Max Wright impression
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:45am Greg:

It's been a long time since I was up this late, or called in, but damn I loved your show. Thanks y'all.
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:47am max:

I went into this show depressed expecting it to be sad, but its totally not, its actually sorta...uplifting? I dunno Im feeling good though!
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:50am max:

  Thu. 9/30/10 1:50am Professor Nick:

Jill Bolte Taylor
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:53am Professor Nick:

I would like to third the Chestivil
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:56am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

your voices are the voice i turn to all the time
  Thu. 9/30/10 1:56am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

  Thu. 9/30/10 1:58am Goodnight, Good Night People:

  Thu. 9/30/10 2:02am brycepunk:

I must say your show has been a weekly ritual for a long time (I especially loved it at like 5:30AM back when), and I am sad to hear it's over. This will be very very missed.
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:03am max:

this far side thing would make a great episode of seven second delay
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:03am Rebecca:

Just made it! I almost missed the last Night People! Ugh, so sad. This is wrong.
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:05am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

  Thu. 9/30/10 2:05am @tony___:

Congrats Andy!
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:05am Sean:

Congratulations sAndy!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:05am Rebecca:

Congrats sAndy!
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:05am Nicole:

Amazing, Sandy. Congrats to you and Maria!
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:05am max:

Goose Zadora lives
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:05am Doug:

  Thu. 9/30/10 2:08am justin:

this is a happy and sad show
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:09am Indiana Jordan:

Congratulations on everybody's exciting life changes!
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:12am minnesota jeff:

David is dropping knowledge hammers right now.
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:13am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

truth bombs
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:15am Ned:

I'd buy the Night People self-help book
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:15am Ian James:

Dave's inspirational messages always get me right in the heart, so good gonna miss the show while you guys are on break
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:15am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

Night People motivational poster
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:18am Emily:

Congratulations to the both of you! Thanks for the laughs! and regrettably, the tears... MAMMA MIA!
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:19am cory:

What you just said was really inspiring Dave. thank you.
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:22am max:

that was aawwweesoome Dave! that eclipses those Orpus lifelessons tenfold. Thanks!
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:24am thomas:

I dont want Night People to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is a sad sad day :-(
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:25am max:

I first heard this show while coming down from drugs! that was great!
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:30am Malcolm Jamal Warner:

Best of luck Night Peoples
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:31am minnesota jeff:

Whoa, that Raymond impression was way better than I could have imagined. He also sorta sounded like that nerdy character actor who was in Dumb and Dumber and says "Get off a-the phone!" to the gangster guy
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:35am Rebecca:

You know, some people go through their whole lives without doing anything great. It's inspiring that Dave and sAndy did it so effortlessly and just by being themselves. I hope someday I can create something that is important to other people.
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:35am Sean:

Cory, that was great. Also, I'll never forget your performance at the Talent Show last spring.
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:39am justin:

you cannot not do baby voices, i bet
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:43am Doug:

If there is no Dave, Sandy, or Tom I think my world will cave in on itself.
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:44am Rebecca:

It's the last day of school
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:44am Remmy:

It'll be alright. All things Change. Next week I'm starting back at episode 1
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:50am Indiana Jordan:

I think 12 to 3 will become my designated no-holds barred creative writing time. You guys continue to inspire.
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:52am Chhh:

What's the link to the facebook group? I can only find one with two members :(
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:53am Indiana Jordan:

Bon voyage! Until we meet again!
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:53am Indiana Jordan:

  Thu. 9/30/10 2:54am Rebecca:

This sucks.
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:54am Remmy:

Thanks for all the years of quality entertainment. Journey Onward Dave and sAndy!!!
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:55am Rebecca:

So... what's the deal with radio waves?
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:56am Greg:

Well then. Night y'all. Good to have stayed up to listen this time. Best luck in your travels and fatherhood.
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:56am Chhh:

Blasting the Tocatta at maximum volume; misty eyed. Good luck everyone!
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:56am Nicole:

I love you guys
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:56am Sean:

Yeah, this sucks, but I'm excited for you guys. Dave and sAndy, thanks for all the great Thwednesday nights! Best of luck.
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:56am max:

This has been the BEST episode EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Im gonna start raiding the archive starting from the first episode. Good Night Night People. Much Love Sukkas
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:57am justin:

thank you guys
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:57am brycepunk:

I love you... will miss you. Come back someday. An best of luck whatever you end up doing. :sniff:
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:57am Jonathan:

two oh one two oh nine nine three six eight
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:58am fixx:

bye bye
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:58am Doug:

Night People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 9/30/10 2:59am katrina:

  Mon. 7/9/12 1:41pm lz:

Was that Sam Seder who called in around 0:46?
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