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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options September 24, 2010

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Brian Wright  Thunderstorm   Options Thunderstorm  SW of Kansas City  0:00:00 ()
Douglas Quinn  58° 37' N 159° 59' W   Options Fathom  walruses (Odobenust rosmarus)
Bristol Bay, Alaska
1:01:24 ()
Douglas Quinn  59° 02' N 158° 25' W   Options Fathom  beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas)
the mouth of the Nushagak River, Alaska
1:12:36 ()
Fransisco López  Untitled # 100   Options Nowehere  somewhere in the Amazon, i'm assuming....  1:25:29 ()
Chris Watson  Massed Knot Roost   Options Outside the Circle of Fire  on Shingle Bank. Snettisham, Norfolk, England.  1:37:00 ()
Richard Lerman  Rain and Knotted Windharp   Options Within Earreach  Machu Picchu, Peru. recorded on a contact mic'd Incan knotted cord extending into a drippy cave at the site's base.  1:40:55 ()
Richard Lerman  Two Windharps in the Rain   Options Within Earreach  St. John's Harbor, Newfoundland. recorded on two lengths of contact mic'd strings near where marconi sent the first wireless broadcast to Europe.  1:42:41 ()
David Dunn  Chaos and the Emergent Mind of the Pond   Options Angels and Insects  collage of hydrophone recordings of freshwater pond insects around North America and Africa  1:51:56 ()
Steven Feld  Nulu, Night   Options Rainforest Soundwalks  Bosavi, Papua New Guinea  2:17:31 ()
  Leopard, Vervet Monkey, Hyrax, Rhinocerous, Zebra   Animals of Africa    2:32:44 ()
Oswald Wiener & Helmut Schoener    Team of Jeremy Roh: West Dawson, Yukon-Territory    2:44:30 ()
Jana Winderen  [excerpt]   Options Heated  hydrophone recordings in Greenland, Iceland and Norway  2:49:17 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 9/24/10 12:05pm Marco:

Ahhhhhhh:) excellent the sounds of a good thunderstorm:) natures music:(
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:05pm still b/p:

Break out the brolly and call off the ball game and let the bryce begin.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:05pm The witch:

for a second was excited that this might be the opening to Black Sabbath s/t 1st record.... but thunderstorms are nice, too.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:05pm annie:

i've got my umberella... i'm here for the whole storm
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:06pm Marco:

I absolutly love a good thunderstorm!
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:08pm Marco:

Now how do I play doom 3 and listen to the storm at the same time???
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:08pm bryce:

i'm trying to make hugo materialize in the studio
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:08pm postmanpaul:

HI Bryce...I'm still a little shaky after conjuring up that deliciously sublime image of Cecile and Cheri Pi wrestling to the death! The thunderstorm is gradually bringing me round.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:08pm texas scott:

8 til 10 eastern.

stay dry,biatches.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:09pm postmanpaul:

...it's certainly dampening my ardor!
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:10pm Carmichael:

Please pass the tinfoil.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:11pm Marco:

Call me a nutty guy but I love a good ok fashioned lightning and thunder storm
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:13pm bryce:

you're batshit bananas
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:13pm postmanpaul:

yeah Bryce... and they'll be wearing streamlined crazy tight and neon pink jeans!
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:14pm Marco:

Where am I going to fit this show 0gbs on my iPhone:(
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:15pm bryce:

great, they'll harmonize with my latch hook pink hi-liter fusili lunghi bucati mu'umu'u
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:17pm postmanpaul:

Batshit bannanas is a fitting obligatory listener state of mind pre-requisite for your show Bryce. You know that. And I count myself honoured!
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:17pm Hugo:

Appreciate your magical abilities, Bryce ...
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:19pm Vicki:

good afternoon
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:20pm bryce:

  Fri. 9/24/10 12:20pm bryce:

vicki, there seems to be a leak. how soon can you get here?
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:20pm Vicki:

to stick my finger in?
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:20pm Marco:

I guess you couldn't make the whole show the sounds of a thunder storm:( ok I'll take what I can get:)
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:21pm postmanpaul:

No Bryce, please don't project that image of yourself in a mu'umu'u thong. I'm just about to eat.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:22pm bryce:

nah, i just need a tureen
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:22pm Hugo:

A thunderstorm can easily last for three hours ...
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:22pm weatherman dan:

love these chris watson b sides
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:22pm bryce:

hugo, i'm doing a remote from bergen. can you bring lefse?
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:22pm Vicki:

Is a tureen something you wee in?
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:23pm bryce:

in a pinch
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:24pm still b/p:

There is a song of weather wisdom:
The window she is broken and the rain is coming in,
If someone doesn't fix it I'll be soaking to my skin,
But if we wait a day or two the rain may go away,
And we don't need a window on such a sunny day!
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:24pm Vicki:

you're going to Norway?
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:25pm smokey colorado:

sounds like fresh air..
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:25pm bryce:

i wish

went once, for the 4th International Jew's Harp Congress & Festival in the mountains of central norway. good fun
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:27pm Vicki:

I was in Freiberg for a yodelfest once. Well actually I was doing a gig and had no idea, I thought it was a bit weird everyone was carrying alphorns
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:27pm Hugo:

This sounds like a Friday afternoon around this time of the year somewhere in Southeast Asia. All that's left is to conjure up the visuals. It's the monsoon season, for sure ...
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:28pm dc pat:

I LOVE the Thunderstorms
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:28pm Cecile:

Hugo, this sounds like last night in Minneapolis.

I usually play this on the AOL radio channel when I'm burned out on music.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:29pm KoolAid:

This is one of the best Thunderstorm recordings in the world! Which one is it, exactly?
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:30pm bryce:

i know, right?? freaking rykodisc put it out. i'll look up the deets...

hey, how many people show up to a yodelfest?
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:30pm Vicki:

when I'm burned out I listen to a station on my internet radio called Darvish. It is a lot of people wailing in a foreign language and I fall asleep.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:31pm still b/p:

If you must send a message to someone's phone during this, make sure you Gore-Text them.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:31pm Vicki:

the whole town was full of old men in lederhosen. Once it was dark they got drunk then vandalised the sound installation in the gallery next door.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:31pm Hugo:

Rauland, that's in Telemark. Definitely in the interior, forests all around. Haven't been there myself, though.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:32pm Erik Bumbledonk:

I love this. It's making me feel sleepy.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:32pm KoolAid:

I was serious...
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:32pm Marco:

I can hear my mother now. As if she were still alive:( "close the kitchen window!!!"
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:33pm KoolAid:

Ahh.. I found it. Thanks.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:34pm annie:

this is really great..really great.it's sooo wet-sounding.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:34pm jk:

this one, right?: http://www.discogs.com/Unknown-Artist-Thunderstorm/release/755720
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:34pm dc pat:

That's what I love about Old Europe--old men in lederhosen getting loaded and vandalizing shit.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:34pm ?:

Duuude. I have an awesome '77 thunderstorm from Alpine Meadows in Wisconsin. There's this downpour section that goes on for like, 10 minutes. The thunder was totally ripping, man. You gotta hear it. I was tripping balls too! Awesome. Want to trade tapes?
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:35pm dc pat:

I'd like to hear this outside in DC right now.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:35pm secret lynx:

loving this. up in boston we don't get enough t-storms and this recording is dope
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:35pm Vicki:

they have a right to vandalise art
then the next day everyone decided to ring bells from about 5am
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:36pm bryce:

koolaid, me too! that's why it's been running for 35 minutes :) recorded by a fellow named brian wright, where the "dry line" wends its way past kansas city...

jk, that's right!
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:37pm God:

You start unauthorized file sharing with my shit and your balls will be more than tripped "dude"!
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:37pm dc pat:

it's like the whole Krampus thing Ken's always going on about. Guys dressed up in costumes, roaming around the mountains drunk, chasing women..
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:38pm secret lynx:

not surprised - i used to live on top of a hill in kc and the bestest storms i've ever experienced were there. sideways lightning, tornadoes forming, weird clouds, etc
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:39pm bryce:

sup, G? jus playin....

  Fri. 9/24/10 12:40pm bryce:

hahaaa, that sounds amazing vicki. :) at the jaw harp conference, an austrian pair showed up and wandered around during the big communal dinings, playing jawharp and tuba duets. but there was no art around to throw boiled reindeer chunks at.

hugo, it was lovely. met some local folks. one fellow worked a week or 2 every 2 months or so on an oil rig, and appeared to be QUITE WEALTHY, for someone who lived among farmers in the remote mountains. meanwhile, we could only afford to eat bread and tomatoes. he was pretty baffled that his town was overrun by gringos with munnharper....
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:40pm secret lynx:

oh, God.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:41pm Vicki:

I was wondering how you cook a reindeer.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:41pm Marco:

Wooooo! That bolt was a close one!
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:41pm sarah:

it was great to turn on the radio and here this
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:41pm weatherman dan:

can one get struck by lightning through the internet? my office mate thinks i'm crazy for removing the tall metal coat rack
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:43pm snuggles:

I'm streaming this at work and the people in the meeting next door are confused and were looking out the window.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:43pm Marco:

Btw is it just me that thinks YAHOO Is evil?
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:44pm dc pat:

venison stew Vicki, venison stew.
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:44pm Venison Stew:

did someone say my name?
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:46pm Hugo:

If you work out on an oil rig, you get two weeks on and two weeks off and you earn the double of what you would get in a similar job in manufacturing onshore ...

you had no lefse??? I had excellent Icelandic lefse last week in Reykjavik, known as "Skyr"!
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:48pm Marco:

2000 points in the yahoo answers community and they deleted my account!!!
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:49pm God:

'S mostly a'right. Jus' countin' to ten, and breathin' steady, y'know, before I LOSE it in general on ya'll down there, bro. But not your fault.... g'head, get your storm on and enjoy. Righteous soaks for righteous folks. Y'all my flash mob. right?
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:49pm bryce:

  Fri. 9/24/10 12:50pm bryce:

what, no súrsaðir hrútspungar?
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:52pm annie:

imagine how much wetter it'd be if i had both headphones working; as it is i just have the right piece working..
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:52pm stingy d:

whew! billy jam isn't broadcasting anymore! what a relief!
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:53pm stingy d:

whoopz! i mean, bryce's show is on! i'm so happy!
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:55pm bryce:

the next blot is for THEE
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:55pm Horace:

I do not want this thunderstorm to end
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:56pm bryce:

the next splotch too
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:56pm secret lynx:

seriously thank you so much for playing that storm. that made my lunch hour :D
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:57pm still b/p:

Horace, is this you?

  Fri. 9/24/10 12:58pm Marco:

If it wasn't 1pm here in NYC I'd climb back into bed and go to sleep listening to this!!!
  Fri. 9/24/10 12:59pm Hugo:

Hang on a second, too quick there. Skyr is a dairy product, allright, but a bit like yoghurt.

Bryce, fortunately not. I also missed the kæstur hákarl, svið, sviðasulta, lifrarpylsa, blóðmör, harðfiskur, hangikjöt, lundabaggi and the selshreifar.
Did have some exquisite lobsters, though ...
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:00pm Marco:

Ut oh!!! Is that a tornado!!!!
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:02pm niko case:

Hey back off that's my tornado. And it loves me!
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:02pm stingy d:

i'm doing some myofascial release. this trajectory will be just fine.
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:05pm stingy d:

wait.... so what the hell is this? ice?
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:06pm bryce:

and walruses
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:07pm north guinea hills:

off the coast of alaska (round island)
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:08pm bryce:

record hog! :)
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:09pm still b/p:

Odobenidae, Odobenidah, life goes on...
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:09pm KoolAid:

The hits keep coming today!
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:10pm Horace:

no sir. http://historicalamericana.com/images/uploaded/2803-20080220110544_1.jpg
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:11pm secret lynx:

I LOVE THIS. new fave fri afternoon listening.
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:11pm aaron in chicago:

glad I'm not the only one who immediately dropped those coordinates into google maps
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:12pm KoolAid:

The speakers are on the ceiling where I work, so I feel like I'm really underneath all the hullabaloo. Ice, walruses and whatnot.
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:13pm secret lynx:

ah - anyone ever gone down to the Hudson about 1 1/2 hrs north and listened to the ice in the middle of winter? so quiet and so loud all at once.
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:14pm north guinea hills:

@aaron in chicago, I too, am an aaron,

fyi, also a geographer.
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:17pm aaron in chicago:

hey, so am I!
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:18pm north guinea hills:

this location is near the town where ted stevens plane crashed.
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:22pm Beluga:

Douglas Quinn is a liar and a thief! That's the last time I trust a human with promises of record deals, fame and fortune.
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:24pm Hugo:

Just wondering, Bryce, did your trip to Rauland have anything to do with the Rauland Academy? There's quite a lively traditional folk music scene up there.
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:24pm Another Beluga:

You're just bitter because your song got dropped from the album.
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:25pm still b/p:

On the other side of the world....crazy pilot whale beachings and losses going on in NZ -- scores and scores.
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:26pm Beluga Delphinapterus:

Dude, that's my unique vocal styling right there!
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:28pm bryce:

it did — that's where we all slept! good borealis that week, too.

they don't host it every year, though. (previous one was in siberia....)
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:37pm raga:

wanna take a ride in my lobotomobile?
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:49pm Cecile:

I am so going to the archives for this show. It's amazingly reinvigorating.
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:51pm secret lynx:

I agree, Cecile
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:51pm Cecile:

  Fri. 9/24/10 1:54pm bryce:

aaaargh! what's wrong with me??

wait, it's not NEW-fən-lən?
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:54pm Venison Stew:

fmu mount hope
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:55pm bryce:

aaaargh! what's wrong with me??

wait, it's not VoA?
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:57pm Ike:

Yeah, I always thought it was NEW-fun-lin. No? And MFU Mount Hope. Yeah?

Awesome sounds!
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:57pm Cecile:

Nope. not Newfound-land.
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:58pm Cecile:

I mean, that's how Bryce said it.
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:58pm bryce:

microphones scare me.

hug a newfie today!
  Fri. 9/24/10 1:59pm Cecile:

Maybe you said it right, and I need my ears checked.
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:02pm bryce:

not bloody likely!

i need my aorta pinched
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:04pm Hugo:

Not NEWfoundland any longer, is it? Our Newchurch here in town was completed in the 1750s ...
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:05pm Julie:

  Fri. 9/24/10 2:06pm Vicki:

got any hooters?
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:07pm bryce:

i duct tape them the best i can....

you can still tell, huh?
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:08pm steve:

thanks for the windharp explanation! gonna have to hang a contact mic out my window next time it storms
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:10pm bryce:

no prob!

  Fri. 9/24/10 2:11pm Hugo:

wfmu west orange
wmfu mount slope
wfmu dot orb
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:14pm Colleen:

this show is fantastic!
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:18pm ms_atomisees:

hydronphone+insects+me = bliss
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:19pm steve:

man, thats a great link. a friend and i actually just split a box of 800 piezo discs... im obsessed... !
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:26pm aaron in chicago:

the pop up flash player for this show is going to be my new home page
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:29pm ms_atomisees:

more aeolian:
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:32pm Sean:

Crickets are nice, but how about a new sound soon?
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:33pm Marco:

Wow! That's a lot of crickets!
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:35pm bryce:

hug a cricket today!
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:35pm Marco:

Run for your life!!! It's a bear!!!
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:36pm Marco:

A very hungry bear by the sound of it
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:36pm Rob W:

Steven Feld is actually an esteemed ethnomusicologist known for his work in Papua New Guinea - check out the fabulous Bosavi 3 cd set of his music field recordings on Folkways: http://www.folkways.si.edu/albumdetails.aspx?itemid=2690
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:37pm Hugo:

Meanwhile, here are the cricket results ...
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:37pm jk:

Bryce, I think I have this bird sound on a record in german. It's a bunch of crazy bird sounds on cd but all titles are in german so I don't know what any of them are.
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:37pm ?:

do you, like, have any sounds of, like, something eating something else? heh heh. that would be cool.
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:39pm A listener:

Like the soundtrack from the movie Alive? Badum - bum...
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:40pm jk:

maybe I'm wrong about the animal here. could have been a monkey making bird sounds?
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:40pm Marco:

Would someone please find that toucan a girl friend toucan
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:41pm still b/p:

I like monkey sound.
Tried to record summer cicadas a couple of months ago, with a mike hung out the window, but the wild lawnmower and some other nearby yardwork noisemaker were spoilers.
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:42pm Marco:

I under stand toucan:) he's saying I'm lonely where's all the lady toucans at?
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:44pm Ike:

Holy crud, that was a hyrax? I wiki-ed it and it looks too small to make those noises. It sounds like something 100x larger, like a cross between an elephant and Mothra. Did the rhino and the hyrax get transposed?
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:46pm postmanpaul:

Bryce, I'm listening to this with my eyes not open at home in a very relaxed state while decorating.
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:48pm still b/p:

Ferlin Husky?
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:50pm Robert:

That produces such mixed feelings. Because it sounds like people moaning, it's sad. But to canines it's a happy, happy sound.
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:50pm steve:

my cats are freakin out right now
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:51pm Robert:

And I forgot...it's also soooo cute.
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:52pm Robert:

Steve, your cats understand dog?
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:53pm Chop Scott:

Psst--Bryce, want a cookie?
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:53pm bryce:

  Fri. 9/24/10 2:54pm ?:

wow, this sounds just like the mating call of the piliated yellow breasted hornswaggler! And I should know, right?
  Fri. 9/24/10 2:57pm Hugo:

Searching for those deep sounds:

  Fri. 9/24/10 3:00pm steve:

robert - http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/myl/llog/FarsideDogTranslator.jpg
  Fri. 9/24/10 3:05pm bryce:

good week, all!
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