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Options September 23, 2010: North by Southwest

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Roy Rogers  I'm Gonna Gallop Gallop Gallop to Gallup New Mexico   Options   0:00:00 ()
Johnny Horton  Out in New Mexico   Options   0:04:47 ()
Johnny Cash  New Mexico   Options   0:07:03 ()
Waylon Jennings  Taos, New Mexico   Options The Journey: Destiny's Child  0:09:02 ()
R. Dean Taylor  Taos, New Mexico   Options   0:11:02 ()
The Cinematics  New Mexico   Options New Mexico  0:13:59 ()
The Lemonheads  New Mexico   Options Varshons  0:17:53 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:21:37 ()
Griz Green  My Home in Arizona   Options The West of Yesteryear  0:27:59 ()
The DeZurick Sisters  The Arizona Yodeler   Options   0:29:37 ()
Wilco  Hotel Arizona   Options Being There  0:32:07 ()
Damien Jurado  Yuma, AZ   Options Spring Lineup, Sub Pop's Heavy Hitters  0:35:33 ()
Kings of Leon  Arizona   Options Because of the Times  0:38:20 ()
Mark Lindsay  Arizona   Options Super Hits of the 70's - Have a Nice Day, Vol.1  0:43:01 ()
Public Enemy  By The Time I Get To Arizona   Options Apocalypse 91 - The Emeny Strikes Black  0:46:04 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     0:50:58 ()
Peggy Lee with George Shearing  I Lost my Sugar in Salt Lake City   Options Beauty and the Beat!  0:56:16 ()
Texas Jim Lewis  That Utah Trail   Options   0:58:13 ()
Canned Heat  Go to Utah   Options Canned Heat- The Boogie House Tapes 1969-1999  1:00:20 ()
Bomb  No Color in Utah   Options Lovesucker  1:05:11 ()
Camper Van Beethoven  The History of Utah   Options Popular Songs of Great Enduring Strength and Beauty  1:10:41 ()
Fad Gadget  Salt Lake City Sunday   Options Frank Tovey by Fad Gadget  1:13:34 ()
The Pixies  Palace of Brine   Options Trompe Le Monde  1:15:46 ()
  Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     1:17:35 ()
The B-52's  Private Idaho   Options Nude On The Moon: The B-52s Anthology  1:25:49 ()
Andriano Celetano  Idaho   Options   1:29:13 ()
Four Seasons  Idaho   Options   1:32:09 ()
The Bodeans  Idaho   Options Go Slow Down  1:34:57 ()
Rosalie Sorrels  Way Out in Idaho   Options Folk Songs of Idaho and Utah  1:39:28 ()
Finest Dearest  Idaho   Options Pacemaker  1:43:04 ()
Nerina Pallot  Idaho   Options Fires  1:48:35 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     1:52:59 ()
Faun Fables  Washington State   Options Mother Twilight  2:02:02 ()
M. Ward  Four Hours in Washington   Options Transistor Radio  2:04:06 ()
Sicko  Washington My Home   Options You Are Not the Boss of Me  2:06:55 ()
Woody Guthrie  Roll on Columbia   Options Columbia River Collection  2:08:02 ()
James Talley  Richland, Washington   Options Journey  2:11:08 ()
The Contrail  Walla Walla, WA   Options Correspondence School  2:13:39 ()
Charlie & the Moonhearts  Walla Walla (WA)   Options Split LP  2:16:11 ()
Public Image Limited  Seattle   Options Greatest Hits So Far  2:19:27 ()
Todd Snider  Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues   Options Near Truths and Hotel Rooms Live  2:23:02 ()
Waylon Jennings  The Last One to Leave Seattle   Options The Journey: Six Strings Away Vol. 5  2:27:06 ()
Perry Como  Seattle   Options Seattle  2:30:15 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     2:33:04 ()
Greg Brown  I Must Be In Oregon   Options Solid Heart  2:38:07 ()
Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin  Oregon Girl   Options Broom  2:40:57 ()
The Replacements  Portland   Options All for Nothing, Nothing for All  2:43:08 ()
Loretta Lynn  Portland, Oregon   Options Van Lear Rose  2:47:23 ()
Wayne Gibson & Dynamic Sounds  Portland Town   Options A Shot Of Rhythm and Blues  2:51:11 ()
Roy Rogers  The Oregon Trail   Options Happy Trails: The Roy Rogers Collection  2:53:53 ()
Woody Guthrie  Oregon Trail   Options The Asch Recordings, Vol. 1-4  2:58:06 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 9/23/10 6:03am Chuck:

  Thu. 9/23/10 6:03am Andy in Berlin:

good morning everybody
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:04am Elwyn:

Morning/evening everyone!

I feel sleepier now than in the morning.

I've also lost track of how many hitchhikers we've burried during this road trip.
(Sorry, I've been watching too much "Dexter" and joking about serial killers.)
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:04am Chuck:

I still want a horse because of Roy Rogers...
Morning, Andy and Elwyn!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:05am Meghan:

Hey everyone!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:05am Marco:

Hello again Meghan
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:06am pierre:

Salut Meghan !
How many states to cross?
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:06am Meghan:

Hey there again Marco!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:07am Chuck:

I'd be happy if we took out people on mountain bikes, Elwyn. Too many of them here mucking up traffic!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:08am Meghan:

We are heading through New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Washington and Oregon.....

Don't be hitting us bikers!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:09am Marco:

Hot night:( then it cooled off and I froze with the ac on:(
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:09am Elwyn:

Can we go past Area 51? Please!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:09am Chuck:

Yay, Johnny AND Waylon!
As long as you stay on the shoulder you're good, Meg...
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:10am Elwyn:

Oops. I forgot Area 51 is in Nevada...
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:12am Marco:

If we pass thru area 51 I want to stop and get pictures of the new starfighter the air force is testing?
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:12am Chuck:

Two twofers, who'd a thunk!
How'd your Forton lay-up go, Meghan?
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:14am Meghan:

It went okay I think.... I haven't had any time to check in on it since I did it last.... That is tonight's adventure!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:15am Chuck:

Just wanted to see if you liked the material. I've got a bunch of work to do with same today....
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:16am Meghan:

The material seems nice. I need to learn the little quirks about it. Got to say it is nice that it is water based.... easy clean up
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:18am Chuck:

I've only had one problems with it. Can't cast it thin, it's brittle if thin.
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:19am Chuck:

Oh, and the strange mix ratio makes it a little difficult.
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:22am Chuck:

I've got a 6' tall casting to do for Audrey Flack. She wants it to look like it's made of terracotta, so I'll be adding pigment and sand to the mix...
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:26am pierre:

sorry Meghan, what was the title of your book about Utah/Mormons ?
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:27am Elwyn:

Mormons are fun. I invited to their Sydney headquarters and two guys tried to convert me.... then they brought in this pretty hot blond chick. It didn't work either.
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:27am Meghan:

Under the Banner of Heaven. It's by the same guy who wrote Into the Wild
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:28am Elwyn:

  Thu. 9/23/10 6:29am Chuck:

Jehovah's Witnesses are entertaining too. I've had some come up to me while I was working on castings outside!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:30am Chuck:

"Sorry I'm quite busy, can't talk now."
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:32am Elwyn:

Ah! I invited a JW in to try to convert him to Christianity but got sick of listening to him complain about Catholics so gave up... my housemate kept trying but got sick of it too... then the JW kept phoning my housemate a few times each week for months.

I still find it funny how much trouble I caused!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:34am Chuck:

They can be persistent. Not that conversion would ever work with me. I'm a devout atheist...
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:38am Meghan:

Jeff started talking to a bunch of Mormons a couple years, after reading the book. He figured he had a lot of questions, so why not ask them. It was starting to rain, so he couldn't talk to them that long. But he did the same thing, said- Look, you aren't going to convert me, but I gotta know, do you really think your religion is superior to all others? The answer was yes
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:40am Chuck:

Here's a quote you may like:
"It's everyone's God given right to think they're the best." - Harry Bachman
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:41am Meghan:

awww Harry!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:41am Marco:

Those jehovah witnesses are a pain in the ass! They are at my door 2-3 time a week!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:42am Chuck:

To which I have to add my own axiom:
"Until you MAKE me prove you WRONG!"
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:43am Marco:

They just don't understand the word NO!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:44am Elwyn:

The Mormons gave up on me because they got sick of me coming up with polite arguments against their beliefs. They said I was just "butting heads" each week.

They gave me an ultimatum:
* will you read the Book of Mormon and pray to God to show me in my heart that it's "right" (ie the "burning of the bosom"!! ha ha!)
I said I had better things to do and read!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:44am Marco:

I tried being nice now I just slam the door in their faces! I say NO! Loudly when they are preaching and slam the door!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:46am Marco:

And Still! They keep coming! I swear I'm going to explode on them one day!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:47am andrew:

Na, the best thing to do is invite them in, offer em a beer, light up a joint and start talking about you desire for small animals and deer.
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:47am Elwyn:

No offence, my friends, but there are a lot of creepy cults that come out of the USA:
* Mormons and the even creepier Fundamental Latter Day Saints
* Jehovah's Witnesses
* those televangelist Christians who are obsessed about getting their hands on your money
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:47am Meghan:

ha! Nice Andrew....
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:48am Marco:

You think they would have a "do not disturb" list!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:48am Chuck:

Easy there, Marco. No need for that. One thing they can't stand up against is LOGIC! They've got no answers for a well stated logical argument....
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:49am Meghan:

I agree Elwyn.... anything Fundamental is scary
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:50am Marco:

I'm sorry but it gets me crazy! How many times do I have to say NO!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:51am Dave B:

Thats what turned me off from the Dead
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:51am Marco:

Last time they almost made me fall on my own stoop with two hands full of groceries bags!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:51am Elwyn:

Where's the FUN in fundamental? I only ever see the MENTAL
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:52am Elwyn:

Morning Chuck!

How are you today? Have this fruit cup I saved for you!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:52am Chuck:

Ha! Nice, Elwyn!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:54am Chuck:

I'm good. Oh, and what about Scientology? How freaky a belief is that!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:54am Elwyn:

These things Australia and the USA have in common: still arguing against racism and people who hate immigrants despite how they wouldn't be there if their own ancestors hadn't immigrated. Oh and politicians who use illegal immigrants as political footballs to score points.
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:54am Marco:

Meghan? If you don't have a photo Id on you in new York they won't even let you in the door!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:57am Elwyn:

Good point Chuck. Scientology is one scary cult! Their science fiction opera elements would be laughable if it didn't ruin people's lives.
Part of me has always wanted to go up to a Scientologist and give them something written by Asimov or Philip K Dick and say "this is better science fiction their your core beliefs".
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:57am Marco:

I'd like to not show my nys I'd every time I take a dollar out of my bank!
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:58am Meghan:

Dave awakes!

I have never had that problem here Marco....
  Thu. 9/23/10 6:59am Marco:

Worse I'd you don't have id when your picking up perscriptions at the drugstore!
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:00am Meghan:

Wow, I have never in my life ever needed an ID to pick up a prescription!
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:01am Marco:

Oh yes! Try doing it at Duane reade or riteaid!
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:01am annie:

are we driving to hawaii?
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:01am Dave B:

All religion is really good for is raising hackles or starting wars...
I've been up for the whole show, but remotely working in Singapore and just listening.
And Marco, I'm pretty sure its a state law that if police ask for ID you'd best have it with you
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:02am Chuck:

Just another way for "Big Brother" to kept control of you, Marco.
And Scientology isn't really a belief in my book. It's followers are just plain NUTS!
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:02am Meghan:

Woah.... wait.... Dave you are in Singapore? Nice!
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:03am Marco:

Pretty soon you won't be able to shop at sears or jcpenny without swiping your id at the door:(
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:03am Dave B:

no... I wish!

The servers I'm working on are....
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:03am Chuck:

Morning, Dave!
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:03am Meghan:

ahhhhh, that sucks! Too bad!
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:05am Marco:

Pretty soon you'll need two IDs a us citizen card and a state card
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:05am Chuck:

How many songs do you have for Alaska, Meghan? Do you have the playlist for next week worked out?
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:05am Dave B:

tell me about it... Hey, did you get a chance to listen to the ECC verzion of that P.E. song?
Greets Chuck, Andy, Elwyn and the rest of the Park attendees, new and old
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:06am Meghan:

Idaho, but Alaska! I have it started. There are actually more songs for Alaska than Utah and Washington....
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:07am Meghan:

I didn't Dave.... I got it this morning....
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:07am Elwyn:

I hope we pass through Canada on the way to Alaska
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:08am Dave B:

It's a pip...

(my dad used to use that phrase alot)
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:11am Elwyn:

@Meghan: You should give away those Marc Ribot tickets.
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:11am Chuck:

I just looked at my own collection. One song with Utah in the title. None about Washington state! Disappointing...
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:14am annie:

dabe b!!!!!now i know why the spammer in one forum i vacuum out each day has diff ip addresses and all out of singapore.. this is one clever dude..his name cannot be found in the members list, neither any of his various ip addresses!! ...
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:14am Dave B:

Alaska by U.K. is all I got....
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:16am Chuck:

Got that one too, Dave. Also a couple of versions of "North to Alaska".
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:16am Dave B:

Whatchu talkin bout Anne B?
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:17am Binky:

Kudos on Fad Gadget!
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:18am annie:

well, your servers are out of singapore....but you're here in the us.. i had no idea that could be.. the plot thickens.
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:22am Dave B:

@Anne B - probably using anonimzer proxies.

A lot of countries monitor internet traffic pretty strictly (China or Iran for example)

The boxes I work on are on my corporate lan. I need to connect to VPN there and then bounce in to Singapore. Can't connect directly as ithey're in the "fortress of Solitude"
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:24am Dave B:

Hey Elwyn, are you still planning a State Side visit?
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:26am Elwyn:

@Dave: Probably not this year. I am so unprepared. I think all the tickets for Yo La Tengo's Hanukkah shows have sold out and I'm no longer going out with that girl who is going at the end of the year.
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:26am annie:

thanks for the info, another index card to add to my memory banks
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:27am Dave B:

@Meghan - Makers Faire NYC this weekend at the Hall of Science in Queens...

  Thu. 9/23/10 7:28am Meghan:

YES! That was it Dave! I wanted to go check that out too!
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:30am Dave B:


What the hell language is Andriano singing in?
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:31am Chuck:

Considering his name could be Italian...
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:32am Elwyn:

Here you go. Just in time!
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:32am Meghan:

Yeah no clue.....
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:33am Meghan:

I just found it too Elwyn! Thanks though!
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:35am Chuck:

Got taters?
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:36am maestroso:

Adriano Celentano is the (Italian) singer of Ken Freedman's favorite song "Prisencolinensinainciusol"
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:37am Meghan:

Oh that is the same singer as that song.... I got to say, I do love that song.....
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:38am Chuck:

Isn't Celentano a maker of frozen pizza?
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:43am mohawkdave:

Good morning Meghan/All! =:)
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:43am Elwyn:

My ex-housemate hated "Napolean Dynamite" with a passion. I own it on DVD. :-)
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:44am Meghan:

wow, Mohawkdave wakes up early again! Yay!
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:46am Elwyn:

Morning Mohawkdave!

Hopefully we get some funny Sarah Palin sound clips when we hit Alaska.
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:50am Dave B:

Finally made my way to this tiny little Japanese pub on 10th and 22nd the other night, and gotta say... any place that has a late night happy hour (11pm - 3am) is OK in my book. Next goal is to schmooze the owner and raid their iPod. Some of the wackiest music I've heard in a while...
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:52am Elwyn:

Dave, did they have crazy flavours of vodka like wasabi vodka?
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:52am Chuck:

Jeez, Dave, by 11pm you should be more than "happy"! hehe....
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:55am Dave B:

Nothing like that Elwyn. Really traditional "Bottle Keep" joint (by a bottle of Shochu or Sake, drink what you want, they'll hold the rest for your next visit).

They did have a wicked wasabi marinated octopus though
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:57am Dave B:

and Chuck, what I've found myself doing is going home, having dinner and falling asleep. Then I'll wake up around midnight and not fall asleep until 5 then back up at 7 and the cycle starts again...
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:57am Dave B:

So now I have a place to go!
  Thu. 9/23/10 7:59am Chuck:

Ummmm.... Octopus! I should look in my local seafood market for some. It's been ages since I've had any.
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:00am Dave B:

isn't this week the "Walk around with a palm frond and lemon" day?

I'll have to ask Jimmy... he's one of my Jewish friends
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:04am Dave B:

  Thu. 9/23/10 8:07am Chuck:

That's so weird, Dave! That's the very PSA I thought of when you wrote "Jewish friends"...
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:08am jeff p:

just pokin' my head in to say hi
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:09am Parq:

Megan, I'm sure we all agree that, if you need to go with some city songs to finish out a set, that's fine. I for one am very, very impressed with your musical sleuthing, digging up obscure songs for states like Idaho and South Dakota.
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:09am Chuck:

Funny how my memory keeps junk like that and forgets other more immediate stuff...
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:11am Meghan:

poke poke to Jeff....

Thanks Parq. It's funny how this state has been impossible! I would have thought other states would have been worse than Washington... but most songs about Washington are about DC... not the state
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:11am Elwyn:

That PSA was funny! What if the kid thinks of his friend as the one with crappy taste in music? Is that okay? :-)
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:14am Chuck:

I'll have to go with prejudiced against bad music, Elwyn. Which is actually a GOOD thing!
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:15am Elwyn:

Chuck, do you remember a TV show called "Sliders"?
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:15am Chuck:

We should do a PSA that points out the horrors of bad music!
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:17am Chuck:

Sure I remember that one, Elwyn! Alas it was short lived. It was best the first 2 seasons....
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:17am jeff p:

"bad" music is such a relative thing
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:17am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Hello everybody! Hope your Thursday is going well thus far.
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:18am Meghan:

Good Morning ALF!
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:18am Dave B:

Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good! - Run D.M.C.
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:18am Elwyn:

@Chuck: I had a crush on Kari Wuhrer but after the first couple of episodes, she became a bit lame for an ex-army chick.
Anyhoo, in one episode Remy because President and changed the constitution such that people could practice freedom of religion, creed and taste in music. A scary thought!
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:19am Meghan:

Kari from Remote Control?
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:20am Elwyn:

I think so but I never saw Remote Control.
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:20am Chuck:

Totally agree about Kari, Elwyn. HOTTY! The show got lamer in general as time went on. Bad story writing was at fault, IMHO....
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:24am Elwyn:

It's interesting how various MTV stars have progressed.

The other day, I saw Jon Stewart in "The Faculty". Oh dear! I love the guy and think it's hilarious (and strangely makes sense) how some people think of him as the new "most respected" news reporter in the USA.

And Tabitha Soren was in that Beastie Boys video for "You've Got to Fight For Your Right to Party" before MTV...
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:25am jeff p:

omg this song is great (grunge rock blues)
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:26am Meghan:

Isn't it fun to come across some gems like that....
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:27am Chuck:

Sarcastic songs are the best!
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:30am Chuck:

A second appearance by Waylon! Nice!
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:30am jeff p:

"olympia" by hole would work here. i always loved that song
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:31am Chuck:

OMG! I remember "Here Come the Brides"! This is the shows theme song....
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:32am Chuck:

Bobby Sherman and David Soul were in the cast...
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:32am Elwyn:

I better go home. See you online later!
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:33am annie:

there's that great bryan bowers song "the view from home" all about washington state..
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:39am Andy in Berlin:

If you're doing California, you have to have California Ueber Alles! How about the version by The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprosy. There's also a lounge version that Jello does that's pretty great as well.
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:40am Meghan:

I was debating on which version I should do.... I have the disposable heroes version... Maybe both!
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:41am Meghan:

Awww, Elwyn is going to miss the next song... it was his request!
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:44am Andy in Berlin:

There's also a version by the Delgados, of all people, but I really like the Disposable Heroes.
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:45am Chuck:

As long as you skip The Eagles "Hotel California" I'll be happy. They played it to DEATH back in the day....
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:47am jaw:

Listen; when we were in Kentucky I blew this cute little red headed girl a kiss, now she is next to us in that camper and her brothers are shaking their fists at me and I'm scared.
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:48am jeff p:

hey now, just because a song has been played to death is no reason to not play it
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:48am Andy in Berlin:

How about Pesach At Hotel California by Gershon Veroba
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:49am Chuck:

I would just rather hear some California songs that I haven't heard before, Jeff....
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:51am Parq:

So next week is California and the non-contiguous states? California will be easy, but otherwise, more opportunity for song-sleuthing. If anyone out there can name another Hawaii song besides the Hawaii-5.0 theme, you're better at this stuff than me.
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:51am Andy in Berlin:

How about California Sun by Annette?
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:52am jeff p:

"Well sloe gin fizz works might fast/When you drink it by the pitcher and not by the glass " is an awesome lyric
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:52am Meghan:

I got a good Hawaii song from Annette.....
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:52am Parq:

And who knew Loretta Lynn ever rocked out like that?
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:53am Chuck:

"Blue Hawaii" by many different artists, Parq...
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:54am jeff p:

ok chuck, how about the gipsy kings version of "hotel california"?
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:54am Fred:

Ah but of course! - don't forget Woody Guthrie
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:54am mohawkdave:

Hmmmm....I'm hearing "Kizmiaz" by the Cramps with that Wayne Gibson song!
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:55am Chuck:

Don't think I've heard their version, Jeff. Acceptable!
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:55am Meghan:

read my mind Fred.... hehe
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:56am Fred:

I never doubted you. great minds and all that :-)
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:56am Dave B:

i'll see what I can help with for next week... gotta run
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:57am Meghan:

see you Dave!
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:57am Chuck:

Later, DB!
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:58am jeff p:

have a good week, everyone!
  Thu. 9/23/10 8:58am still b/p:

I heard Hotel Califormia given as the (wtf?) answer to a trivia question: What's the only reggae song to reach #1 on the American charts?
  Thu. 9/23/10 9:00am jeff p:

it WAS jack white!!!
  Thu. 9/23/10 9:00am jaw:

DK's Uber Cali
  Thu. 9/23/10 9:03am mohawkdave:

"Sink with California" by Youth Brigade! Oh yeah....
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