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Theme (n) - the subject of talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.

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Options September 16, 2010: Heading from the Flatlands to the Rocky Mountains

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Ole Rasmussen and his Cornhuskers  The Sandhills of Nebraska   Options   0:00:00 ()
Steve Earle  Nebraska   Options Copperhead Road  0:02:27 ()
Groucho Marx  Omaha Nebraska   Options   0:07:42 ()
Josh Rouse  Dressed Up Like Nebraska   Options Dressed Up Like Nebraska  0:10:31 ()
Love Battery  Nebraska   Options Far Gone  0:13:50 ()
Victoria Spivey  Nebraska Blues   Options Victoria Spivey Vol. 3 1929-1936  0:17:34 ()
Bruce Springsteen  Nebraska   Options Nebraska  0:20:57 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:25:39 ()
Joe West  South Dakota Hairdo   Options South Dakota Hairdo  0:31:31 ()
Andre Williams  Only Black Man in South Dakota   Options Silky  0:36:09 ()
Cherry Poppin' Daddies  Hazel, South Dakota   Options Rapid City Muscle Car  0:39:27 ()
Friends of Yours  South Dakota   Options Contagious  0:43:26 ()
Rollerball  South Dakota   Options Two Feathers  0:48:11 ()
Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys  Rapid City, South Dakota   Options From One Good American to Another  0:52:52 ()
Acie Cargill  Deadwood, South Dakota   Options Hawaii/ Rockin' the Blues  0:55:27 ()
Doris Day  The Black Hills of Dakota   Options Hit Singles Collection  0:58:10 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     1:03:53 ()
Jerry Lewis  North Dakota, South Dakota   Options   1:07:46 ()
Janet & Judy  North Dakota, South Dakota   Options 15 Greatest Hits  1:09:58 ()
Frank Sinatra  I Gotta Gal I Love (In North and South Dakota)   Options The Columbia Years (1942-1952) The Complete Recordings  1:12:18 ()
Lawrence Welk  My North Dakota Home   Options Reminiscing  1:15:01 ()
Good Mush  Freezing in North Dakota   Options Good Mush  1:17:28 ()
Duplex  I Dreamt I Stole North Dakota   Options Soft Focus  1:20:37 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     1:25:48 ()
Marc Williams  Old Montana   Options More Hillbillywolf's 78's  1:30:45 ()
Tune Wranglers  Old Montana Moon   Options   1:33:27 ()
Sons of the Pioneers  Hills of Old Montana   Options Songs of the Prairie  1:36:05 ()
Montana Slim  Take Me Back to Old Montana   Options The Yodelling Cowboy  1:39:08 ()
Doug Adkins  Waltz Across Montana   Options Waltz Across Montana  1:41:52 ()
Craig Donaldson  Goin to the Sun... Kalispell, Montana   Options   1:45:17 ()
John Denver with Emmylou Harris  Wild Montana Skies   Options Definitive All-Time Greatest Hits  1:49:40 ()
Frank Zappa & the Mothers  Montana   Options Over-Nite Sensation  1:53:37 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     2:00:25 ()
Sons of the Pioneers  Home in Wyoming   Options Songs of the Prairie  2:03:25 ()
Roy Rogers  Wyoming Oh Why Oh Why Did I Ever Leave   Options Happy Trails: The Roy Rogers Collection  2:05:50 ()
Boxcar Willie  Cody, Wyoming   Options Heart Breakin' Hillbilly Songs  2:07:41 ()
The Wynona Riders  Wyoming Riders   Options J.D. Salinger  2:09:46 ()
Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart  Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead   Options Bongo Fury  2:10:47 ()
Ghosts of Predators Past  In Wyoming   Options In Wyoming  2:13:53 ()
The Ocean Blue  Ticket to Wyoming   Options Blue Skies Daisy Days  2:16:48 ()
Neil Young  The Emporer of Wyoming   Options Neil Young  2:20:05 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     2:22:31 ()
Rocky Rauch & His Western Serenaders  Colorado Boogie   Options Hillbilly Boogie Vol. 1  2:27:55 ()
Dino & the Timberlanes  Out in Colorado   Options Mohawk  2:29:06 ()
Johnny Cash  You Wild Colorado   Options Orange Blossom Special  2:30:59 ()
Stephen Stills  Colorado   Options Manassas  2:35:31 ()
John Denver  Rocky Mountain High   Options The John Denver Collection, Vol. 3  2:35:59 ()
Red Sovine  Colorado Kool Aid   Options Sixteen Greatest Hits  2:40:59 ()
Steve Earle  Colorado Girl   Options Townes  2:42:08 ()
Grizzly Bear  Colorado   Options Yellow House  2:45:40 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 9/16/10 6:01am Chuck:

Morning! Gonna stop by Mt. Rushmore?
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:02am Meghan:

I think we missed bike week right?
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:02am Andy in Berlin:

Omaha! Good Morning everybody!
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:03am Elwyn:


Which state is Mount Rushmore in?
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:03am Chuck:

Bike week? Not sure what you're on about...
Morning, guys!
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:03am Meghan:

oh, nice one Andy! Mt Rushmore is in South Dakota
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:04am Elwyn:

(Too lazy to google it. ha ha ha!)
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:04am Meghan:

Sturgis! It's in South Dakota too. It's one of the biggest motorcycle meet ups
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:05am Andy in Berlin:

I knew Dakota but ashamed to say I couldn't remember which one.
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:05am Elwyn:

Andy: You had a 50/50 chance of guessing. :-)
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:06am Andy in Berlin:

I always have a 50/50 chance. I'm either right or I'm wrong.
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:06am Chuck:

I one of the "monuments" we have in this country that was built as a tourist attraction... What else is in S. Dakota that anyone would want to go see? hehe...
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:07am Andy in Berlin:

The Black Hills? Or is that North?
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:07am Chuck:

Ooops... First word should have been "It's"...
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:08am Meghan:

That is south... at least from what I can tell from the songs!
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:08am Andy in Berlin:

  Thu. 9/16/10 6:13am Chuck:

Nippy up here this morning.. 43 degrees F. Fall has arrived!
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:15am Meghan:

It's been cold around here too. I am layered up... but I am still wearing flip flops! ha!
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:16am Chuck:

Not me! My feet would be the first to get cold!
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:18am Elwyn:

The weather in Sydney has gotten nicer but I'm still waking up too late to ride to work... and it's warm enough for the cockroaches to come back.

Now, I just need to wait for the landlord to clean the communal pool!
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:20am Andy in Berlin:

Ooo I like Victoria Spivey! Waiting for Freberg...
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:20am Chuck:

Ah, Spring is a great season too!
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:22am Andy in Berlin:

Fall is nice, but it was always tainted by the feeling of having to go back to school. But, hey - I don't have to go anymore!
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:23am Chuck:

Huh, wasn't sure whether you'd pass on Bruce or not, Meg....
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:24am Meghan:

I am a huge fall fan. Those New England autumns make me long to go back, just to bottle up those smells. I love the autumn activities too. Apple picking, pumpkins, crisp air, sweaters, the Topsfield Fair (4H fair), etc.
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:25am Chuck:

Yeah, the cooler temps make me think of back to school too, Andy!
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:26am Elwyn:

I'm seeing the other Fall in December - their first tour of Oz in 20 years or something.
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:28am Elwyn:

Ralphie!! Ralph Wigham!
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:31am Chuck:

Busy month for those of the Jewish faith...
Apple picking has already commenced here, Meg! They have raspberries too, if interested...
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:34am Chuck:

Means I'm gonna have to deal with hoards of tourists every weekend though... I can't stand tourists!!! They make it so difficult for me to get anything done! Ugh!!!
  Thu. 9/16/10 6:59am Chuck:

*sigh* Just put summer clothes away. Don't think I'll need them anymore this year. *sigh*
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:06am Chuck:

What do you get when you mix lye with fat or oil?
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:08am andrew:

  Thu. 9/16/10 7:10am Meghan:

all I can think of is Fight Club.... ewww
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:10am Chuck:

Yup! Could be the gelatinous stuff that Meghan was talking about. Soap fish? Can't be good...
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:12am andrew:

it is supposed to be very good for hangovers due to its low ph. I have not tried it I must say.
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:12am Chuck:

I makes me think of the end of "The Pope of Greenwich Village" where Mickey Rouke's brother character put lye in the gangsters tea! Gah!
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:13am annie:

morning meghan!!!
and lutefisk is washed a million times before it's cooked, so the lye is washed out.. i saw one of those food shows with the guy who eats weird things.. not bourdain, but the other one i like better..
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:14am Chuck:

Depends on how often you need a hangover remedy, Andrew! Ha!
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:14am Meghan:


Yeah, you can't pay me to eat that. Foul. Andy, is it good for hangovers the same way that if a bird poops on you it's good luck?
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:15am andrew:

if you want to learn about some really foul cuisine, check out Icelandic foods.. think shark, urine, ferment for months underground..
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:16am Chuck:

What did you think of Icelandic cuisine when you were there, Meg?
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:18am Meghan:

I went there.... I never got to see anything like that. I was looking for Puffin and shark. They do it like Kimchi... Sadly, I either never saw it or didn't understand what was written (Icelandic is a HARD language!). Plus, if you go there, you understand why they eat that.... it's volcanic rock everywhere! they have to import everything
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:21am annie:

meghan it's been a life-long dream of mine to go to iceland....
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:24am Meghan:

They had really cheap airfare on Iceland Air, something like $300 for round trip and hotel for 3 days, 2 nights. It was EXPENSIVE. I am glad I went, but I think I would go in the summer instead!
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:24am Chuck:

Hum, some lutefisk, kimchi, and caviar ice cream for desert. Let's have a nice meal! *gags*
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:27am Chuck:

Yah, yah!
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:31am Chuck:

Otterness, I assume, Meghan?
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:32am Meghan:

  Thu. 9/16/10 7:32am Elwyn:

I hope we have some good songs about Roswell, New Mexico, next week.

Montana makes me think of Sean Connery and Sam Neil's bad Russian accents in "The Hunt for Red October"
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:33am Parq:

A ranch off one sculpture? Man, Meg, who do you work for?
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:34am Chuck:

Think I made a mold of a smaller version of that bear. It was only about 11" high.
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:36am Meghan:

Parq, I used to work for Tom Otterness... the guy who makes the monopoly looking figures in the 14th St. Station. Chuck, do you remember the large one Gary, Pete and I worked on?
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:37am Chuck:

Of course. I just did some more of Tom's pieces a few month's ago. Small stuff with bears and bulls!
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:42am robert:

any pygyme ponies coming?
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:42am Dave B:

One day maybe I'll get an iPhone and then I can have UWTP with me on the morning run
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:44am Meghan:

Awww poor Dave! No Pygyme Ponies.... Should there be?

For the Lutefisk lovers- Richard posted info on it on the UWTP facebook page....
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:47am Chuck:

Morning, Dave! Pass on the lutefisk! I'll take Gravlax instead. Tasty Scandinavian salt cured salmon with lots of dill! Yummy!
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:48am robert:

Frank Zappa's Montana! "Me and the pygmy pony, over by the dental floss bush" Very funny song
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:48am Meghan:

*giggles* I love when people give a speech in the middle of songs.... I find it funny
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:49am Binky:

It must be true because it's echoey
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:49am Dave B:

Lifestyle change with the coming of Fall. Why just this summer my niece, who grew up in Bolton Landing and graduated from B.U. moved out to Big Sky Montana

And the pony's name was "Mighty Little"
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:49am Meghan:

Coffee hasn't kicked in.... it's coming!
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:50am Meghan:

HA!! I love it Binky!! So true!
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:51am Parq:

I was gonna say, Meg, you realize that we're all just sitting her, thinking "whatever" to all these other songs and waiting for the Zappa.
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:51am Chuck:

So is Otterness planing on becoming a dental floss tycoon?
Yay, JD! One of my guilty pleasures....
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:52am Parq:

Chuck, he's gonna be a menyl tloss flycoon.
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:54am Dave B:

I think there are some Otterness pieces at the Hilton Times Square too
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:55am Meghan:

Yep, there are. I worked on those too.....
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:56am Chuck:

Battery Park, as well if I remember.
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:58am Parq:

Oh, *that* guy! And my coffee was ready just as the Zappa began. Perfect.
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:58am Dave B:

and see, Chuck with the guilty pleasures... I think 1 per listener/follower and you have a show...

oh, and Zappa Plays Zappa on what would be FZs birthday @ the Beacon Theater. The entire "Apostrophe" album. Tix = scored!
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:59am Meghan:

I told Jeff about that... I think he might get tix. He loved the video he saw of it...
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:59am mohawkdave:

Good morning Meghan; Finally up early enough to tune in! Sure looks like I've picked the right day! I agree, Chuck....I must admit I played the lp and teared up a bit the day he passed... =: (
  Thu. 9/16/10 7:59am Parq:

I don't care if you think it's silly, folks.
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:02am Dave B:

@Meghan - do it. I saw him a few years back and it was phenomenal. They'll be performing along with some unreleased film footage...I plan to host a gathering at my place before (Beacon's right around the corner)
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:02am Dave B:

by "him" I mean ZpZ.
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:04am Dave B:

I'm stopping thru Iceland in November. WOO HOO! I lurv Iceland. Maybe I'll try the puffin this time around.
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:05am Meghan:

Hey there MohawkDave! How are you?! Glad you made it!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:05am Meghan:

If you can find it! Where are you off to in November Dave?
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:06am Chuck:

Puffin, such a goofy looking bird.
Must mean JD's "Song of Wyoming" is in this set...
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:08am Meghan:

Nope Chuck.... wrong state!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:08am Dave B:

@Meghan - Paris and points in France. 11/8 thru 22. My first real vaca in about 3 years...
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:09am Dave B:

Puffin is like the bastard child of a Mackaw and Penguin
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:10am Meghan:

Oh nice Dave! Have fun! Are you going to eat FRAWNCH FRIES? FRAWNCH DRESSING and to drink PERU!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:12am mohawkdave:

Doin' jus' fine thank ya. Nice stoppin' by.... =:) I usually tune in round 'bout 8:58... Y'all get up too early!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:13am Chuck:

Ah, Must be "Rocky Mountain High" then. The song that got me to want to go to Fort Carson when I was in the Army. It's just south of Colorado Springs.
One of my neighbors up the street raises Guinea Hens, Dave. Another freaky looking bird!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:13am Dave B:

Oui. and zee FRAWNCH TOAST!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:14am Auk:

What about me, do I look like a plate of liver?
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:14am Dave B:

Little raptors...
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:16am Chuck:

The guinea hens wander over into my yard now and again. Noisy little SOBs!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:16am Parq:

Nice fade on the Zappa/Beefhart. That's not an easy cut to make.
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:18am Dave B:

@chuck - are they good eatin critters? That's what guns and frying pans are for...
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:18am Elwyn:

This is me being nerdy: the hamburger in Better Off Dead has a guitar coloured like Eddie VH's Frankstrat BUT the tremolo bar position is totally wrong.
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:19am Meghan:

Auk, as long as you aren't Chopped Liver!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:19am jeff p:

@Elwyn - That drives me nuts, too!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:20am Elwyn:

@Chuck re Dave's question: I bought my first Ted Nugent album today: Weekend Warriors. Gayest back cover ever... Not that there's anything wrong with that
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:20am Chuck:

So I'm told, Dave! I need a more powerful pellet gun to make it happen though. My .22 would alert neighbors to easily... hehe...
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:21am Dave B:

@Auk - if we fatten you up we can make Pate to spread on ze baguette!

Oui oui!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:22am Thanley:

Mornin Travellers!!!!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:22am Dave B:

No offense Auk....

  Thu. 9/16/10 8:23am Chuck:

Makes me think of Cloris Leachman in Mel Brooks' "History of the World".

  Thu. 9/16/10 8:24am Dave B:

What up TH...
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:25am Chuck:

I need to go back to CO some day. It's really beautiful country...
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:27am Skirkie:

So Roy Rogers has a sort of homesick nostalgia for several states then, huh?
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:27am Thanley:

Matt's list thing was pretty cool. I did mine in 5 min,I just need to make it into a note.
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:28am Thanley:

Matt's list thing was pretty cool. I did mine in 5 min,I just need to make it into a note.
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:28am Dave B:

Heh! Again I thought it was Wednesday and went for a quick run this AM...

My mind is going... I can feel it...
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:29am Dave B:

and the 15 in 15 thing has provided some interesting notes. Matt's was kinda predictable.
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:30am Thanley:

Awesome videos,by the way!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:31am Meghan:

Hey Skirkie! that is what happens when you are a cowboy... you travel around to be homesick for many states.... so many cattle, so little time!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:33am jeff p:

so many sheep, so little time....
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:33am Dave B:

Do you smell mutton?
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:33am mohawkdave:

cattle, eh...? well afterall, there's not many women on the range!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:34am Meghan:

It's either that or Brokeback Mountain....
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:34am Skirkie:

Yikes, didn't mean for the discussion to veer off quite like that.
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:35am Chuck:

Ya never know with this group, Skirkie!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:35am Meghan:

  Thu. 9/16/10 8:36am Chuck:

You've just gotta roll with it!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:36am jeff p:

"I can't quit you, Lambchop...."
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:38am fat bastard:

please quit laughing at your own jokes, you suck and the music on this show sucks even more
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:39am mohawkdave:

I roll with you! Oops sorry--wrong audience...
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:39am Dave B:

@Jeff P - HA!

On a lighter note I present Dolly Deathstar courtesy of Neatorama...

  Thu. 9/16/10 8:39am Chuck:

I HAVE seen it "rainin' fire in the sky" when I was in CO!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:40am Meghan:

Ahhh Fat Bastard.... there is a wonderful thing called the OFF button... go ahead, push it!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:40am jeff p:

is mohawkdave my mohawkdave?
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:41am fat bastard:

i can't i'm addicted to wfmu
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:41am Meghan:

laying claim to Mohawkdave eh? Yes it is
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:42am jeff p:

I can't quit Mohawk Dave, either.
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:42am jeff p:

No one likes a quitter.
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:43am Maggie B.:

Do I have to stage an intervention? Don't be mean to the DJ!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:43am mohawkdave:

he tries to quit....he really does
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:43am raj:

  Thu. 9/16/10 8:43am Meghan:

*smiles* Thanks Maggie!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:44am Dave B:

or switch to Sanka..
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:46am Chuck:

I had a comp-sci professor in college named Sanka. The switch was easy...
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:47am Parq:

Oh thank God, I was out of the room for John Denver. He won a Grammy after he died. It's getting so you have to kill yourself to get noticed in this business.
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:49am Chuck:

So how do we get rid of Brittany, Parq?
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:49am Parq:

Sanka? You're welcome!

(You talk about bad jokes, FB, you ain't seen nothing yet.)
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:50am jeff p:

the grammys are a such a joke i don't know how anyone pays attention to them
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:50am Dave B:

The Sensational Paul Sanka.

  Thu. 9/16/10 8:51am fat bastard:

this show ends in 9 minutes right?
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:51am Chuck:

Agree, Jeff P! Why bother?
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:51am Meghan:

Though I do love that Steely Dan won one year and all of Jeff's students had no clue who they were....
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:52am Maggie B.:

Don't make me come over there, FB.
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:53am fat bastard:

Innocent question
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:53am Dave B:

That's right FB...

  Thu. 9/16/10 8:54am jeff p:

so no saying FUCK for the next two weeks!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:54am Skirkie:

It's so easy to be mean when anonymous, isn't it?
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:55am Dave B:

@Jeff P & Meghan - gotta do the F-Bomb theme soon!
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:55am Auk:

It's a good thing I'm extinct.
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:55am Chuck:

Relax kids. A blow-hard is nothing to get worked up about. And Meg is quite capable of taking care of business....
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:56am mohawkdave:

Thank you Meghan.. =:)
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:56am Dave B:

More Cowbell
  Thu. 9/16/10 8:56am Meghan:

Thanks Mohawkdave! Thanks all! Until next week!
  Sat. 9/18/10 12:05pm Ted in Toronto:

MC Solaar's "Le Nouveau Western" would fit nicely into next week's show
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