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Non-commercial indie-pop-rock, but with plenty of WTF? non-sequitur delightful/irritating moments; 90% stuff we've never heard before (45% you'll hate, 45% you'll love), 10% stuff we've heard before (5% you hate, 5% you love). (29 words, 6 numbers.)

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Options September 6, 2010: The Sept. 6, 2010 Show

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments Approx. start time
DJ Food  Raiding the 20th Century   Options Raiding the 20th Century  [no label]  2005  CD    0:00:00 ()
Ghost Bees  Did the Red Sea Part?   Options va: Spring  Peppermill Records    MP3  FMA  1:04:27 ()
Tasseomancy  Heavy Sleep   Options Tasseomancy  Youth Club  2008      1:06:33 ()
Tasseomancy  Night   Options Tasseomancy  Youth Club  2008    from A Take Away Show at http://blogotheque.net  1:10:09 ()
_ghost  Lullaby   Options ccMixter  [no label]    MP3  FMA  1:16:32 ()
Low  Lullaby   Options I Could Live in Hope  Vernon Yard  1994  CD    1:21:12 ()
Charlotte Gainsbourg  Greenwich Mean Time   Options IRM  Elektra  2010  CD    1:34:32 ()
Saqqara Dogs  Gregorian Stomp   Options Thirst  Pathfinder  1987  CD    1:36:21 ()
Bertrand Betsch  Passer sous le metro   Options La soupe á la grimace  Lithium  1997  CD    1:39:34 ()
Montag  Un Don D'ovules Porteur De Vie   Options va: Spring  Peppermill Records    MP3  FMA  1:43:43 ()
Doris Day  Teacher's Pet   Options Hit Singles Collection  Columbia    MP3    1:46:03 ()
A Homeboy, a Hippie and a Funky Dread  Total Confusion   Options single  Tam Tam  1990  12"    1:49:08 ()
Aerosmith  Spaced   Options Get Your Wings      MP3    1:55:22 ()
Dogbowl  Basketball Girl #5   Options Hot Day in Waco  Shimmy Disc  1995  CD    2:03:25 ()
George Jones and Tammy Wynette  After Closing Time   Options We Go Together  American Beat    MP3    2:08:20 ()
The Bats  Round and Down   Options Daddy's Highway  Communion  1993  CD    2:10:18 ()
Laura Barrett  Chidiya   Options Victory Garden  Paper Bag    MP3  from myspace.com  2:12:39 ()
Love and Rockets  Dog-end of a Day Gone By   Options Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven  Beggars Banquet  1985  CD    2:16:15 ()
Dum Dum Girls  Catholicked   Options I Will Be  Sub Pop  2010  CD    2:22:46 ()
Dirty Projectors  Stillness is the Move   Options single  Domino    MP3  playing live Sept. 11 at Terminal 5, NYC  2:30:43 ()
CBC Band  The Greatest Love   Options va: Saigon Rock & Roll: Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-1974  Sublime Frequencies  2010  LP    2:34:54 ()
Elia Cmiral  The Dome   Options soundtrack: Battlefield Earth  Varese Sarabande  2000  CD    2:38:34 ()
Jerry Goldsmith  No Address/After Hours/Up for Bids/Illegal Parking   Options soundtrack: Coma  Film Score Monthly  2006  CD    2:42:10 ()
Dinosaur Jr.  Pond Song   Options Bug  Merge  1988  CD  re-isssued on CD 2005  2:47:35 ()
Dinosaur Jr.  Budge   Options Bug  Merge  1988  CD  oops...  2:50:37 ()
Music behind DJ:
Etienne Charry 
Pauvre Selenite   Options 36 erreurs  Tricatel  1999  CD    2:55:47 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 9/6/10 9:15am annie:

good morning!!
  Mon. 9/6/10 9:18am bobw:

howdy! and, yes, this is a very long track.
  Mon. 9/6/10 9:19am annie:

i took the listening survey; do i win a prize?
  Mon. 9/6/10 9:20am bobw:

does anyone know the answer to the question, "why is there a dog in the parthenon?"
  Mon. 9/6/10 9:23am bobw:

the prize is that the answer to the question will be revealed.
  Mon. 9/6/10 9:24am catfish rivers:

how do i find a copy of this recording? I am actually working on my own Alvin Lucier mix right now and would like to reference a bit of this here and there...
  Mon. 9/6/10 9:26am catfish rivers:

nevermind!I just found out where I can get it :) Thanks for playing it!
  Mon. 9/6/10 9:26am annie:

as long as it's gold-plated i'm chill
  Mon. 9/6/10 9:26am George:

Is it Argos, Odysseus' dog?
  Mon. 9/6/10 9:29am Ernest:

you can find it here: http://ubu.clc.wvu.edu/sound/dj_food.html
  Mon. 9/6/10 9:35am bobw:

"why is there a dog in the parthenon?"
"that's a cockroach, peggy."
  Mon. 9/6/10 9:42am listener james from westwood:

was that a sample from fmu's own monica there & a few seconds back, talking about turntables?
  Mon. 9/6/10 9:49am bobw:

oh, yes! that was money makin' monica from manhattan!
  Mon. 9/6/10 9:51am listener james from westwood:

i just came into this 1/2 way through. amazing document of samples and samples of samples. thanks for playing it; now grabbin' the mp3 for further study....
  Mon. 9/6/10 9:55am sinister dexter:

awesome show Bob ! greetings from grand rapids michigan !
  Mon. 9/6/10 9:57am bobw:

well, you can thank DJ Food 100% for the show so far! this piece does kick some ass. i don't know if it was ever played in it's entirety on 'fmu before.
  Mon. 9/6/10 9:58am Ernest:

thank you very much for this piece. so far for my concentration on study.
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:01am sinister dexter:

thanks DJ Food ^_^ realy though i dig yer show and try to listen live every week ! thanks WFMU !
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:01am Marco D Argento:

Wow that wad quite a mashup song by dj food
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:02am Marco D Argento:

I could do better! A heck of a lot better!
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:03am Marco D Argento:

Bob? No PSA's about motor cycle safety!!!
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:04am Marco D Argento:

Should be called "workmans holiday"
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:06am hollywoodclubfoot.:

oooh...i love this song!
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:07am bobw:

"no p.s.a.s about motorcycle safety?" well, ok, then.
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:09am Marco D Argento:

Thank you so very much bob. If I heard another PSA about motorcycle safety or the longhorn beatle I would have strangled somebody!
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:16am Parq:

Marco, I'm guessing that a PSA about longhorn beetles riding motorcycles would be what the Brits call right out.
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:19am bobw:

how many longhorn beetles does it take to kick start a harley electroglide?
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:19am Marco D Argento:

I've hard them so many fricken times I'm going to go crazy!
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:21am Marco D Argento:

4 fricken times an hour!!
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:23am Marco D Argento:

Bob? Play someone moving their bowels in the FMU toilet! But please no PSA's about the asian longhorn beatle!! I'm begging you!
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:27am postmanpaul:

Hi Bob and 'fmu listeners - Bob, I would like to share this funny cycling proverb with you..."I can handle bars and cycle-paths, but I can't handle cars and psychopaths."
You have probably' heard it before, but its worth an airing don't you think?
For your poss' cycling info', over here in the UK our National cyclists' organisation is:
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:30am Marco D Argento:

Bob? I mean it! Have the toilet miked up and the next person to go in I want to hear it!
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:31am Marco D Argento:

Make a PSA about the dangers of public toilets and how many germs and bacteria is residing on the toilet seat?
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:35am Marco D Argento:

Liz is probably fast asleep from yesterdays events.
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:36am Marco D Argento:

Liz is probably so hungover she doesn't know her own name:-)
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:37am bobw:

  Mon. 9/6/10 10:39am Marco D Argento:

Sorry:-( I'm being tortured by PSA's about beatles and motorcycles:-(:::::::
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:41am bobw:

actually, i was waiting for someone to post "POLO!"
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:44am Marco D Argento:

"help stop the Asian longhorn beatle from destroying Americas trees" OK gimmie a couple dozen cabs of RAID!
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:46am Marco D Argento:

I'm going to get a giant can of "agent orange" and start spraying trees,I mean it!
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:48am bobw:

doris day just rhymed "home a" and "diploma." i like that.
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:49am Marco D Argento:

"when riding a motorcycle always wear a helmet" a force field like the one star trek isn't going to help if that thing comes to a sudden stop!
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:50am marq:

Our cat named Bob is 1 year old right now. Sheeba was too old to care about playing with him much, so we got a third cat and his name is Cooper. He is 4 years old. They all eat cat food. These cats all came with their names. even the one that died. His name was Honeyboy. He ate cat food, too. But not anymore.
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:51am Marco D Argento:

How far can a human being fly when a motorcycle going 90mph comes to a sudden stop? Answer: 20 feet
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:52am marq:

What if the human being stops? How far does the bike go?
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:53am bobw:

i like cats with odd names like "bob", "charles" and "susan". it's especially fun when you have to yell out something like, "susan! drop that mouse out of your mouth!" or "bob! stop peeing all over the carpet!"
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:54am Marco D Argento:

Answer: a motorcycle in motion remains in motion until it runs out of gas or hits an SUV
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:56am Marco D Argento:

My landlady loves cats she has 9 of them!
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:57am Marco D Argento:

They like to huddle in mass outside my door
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:57am marq:

Today is the last official day to wear white. But Boss Hog from the Dukes of Hazard always wears white. Even after Labor Day. I guess cause he was the mayor or something.
  Mon. 9/6/10 10:59am postmanpaul:

Mark - Interestingly, my girlfriend's cat is also called Bob. He came nameless but this was his given name at cat-baptism. He is a handsome neutered ginger fellow and has a peculiar fondness for honeydew melon.
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:00am postmanpaul:

...sorry, Marq.
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:00am marq:

If Boss Hog was going 90 miles an hour on a white motorcycle and came to a sudden stop, How far would his cigar travel out of his mouth?
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:04am marq:

Our Bob is a ginger, too! we have some fresh melons from our garden, not honeydew. I will give him a bite. He eats popcorn.
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:10am postmanpaul:

My parent's first cat was named Peter. It's hard to imagine he did anything wrong.
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:16am marq:

Hopefully that cat named Peter did not do anything wrong. But I wonder if the cat that likes honeydew melons did. Like for instance maybe if he owed you some money for the melons and did have it. He may have robbed Peter to pay postmanpaul.
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:17am bobw:

melon cat.
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:22am bryan:

flashbacks to teenage summers. i forgot about this song. pretty much forgot about this band too. they sound surprisingly current.
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:24am postmanpaul:

Yes! He has his flaws, but I threaten to pull out his claws and blackmail him if I suspect he's up to something like that.
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:26am postmanpaul:

  Mon. 9/6/10 11:29am Ike:

Well I know what site I'm visiting NOW! Har har har.
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:30am postmanpaul:

Tabbys' are like that.
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:35am Ike:

Ugh. I'm going to catsinsinks.com instead for a good laugh.
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:38am marq:

catsinsinks.com. BobW went to a site to see boobies. Now a site to see pussies.
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:39am mark:

Sounds like Wanda Jackson???
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:39am Ike:

Oh, and great show, Bob.
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:43am bobw:

yeah, that was totally wanda-esqe! and it was "unintended pornography!" gotta love cats in sinks. and cats in boxes. and cats on turtles. the internet + cats = infinite entertainment.
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:50am esch oder anarchie:

smooth move ex-lax
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:51am bobw:

i meant to do that! ;-)
  Mon. 9/6/10 11:55am esch oder anarchie:

dude you so just deconstructed the whole bourgeois smooth segue aesthetic
  Tue. 9/28/10 5:23am Nic Richard:

J'écoute et je me dis que nous habitons la même planète, amigo. N
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