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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options August 27, 2010

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Gyorgi Ligeti  L'Escalier du Diable   Options   0:00:00 ()
Gyorgi Ligeti  Coloana Fără sfârşit   Options   0:03:41 ()
Gyorgi Ligeti  Continuum   Options   0:03:53 ()
Conlon Nancarrow  Study for Player Piano No. 3a   Options   0:07:44 ()
Gordon Monahan  Piano Mechanics   Options   0:10:55 ()
Ross Bolleter  The Red Way   Options Night Kitchen  0:42:54 ()
Ross Bolleter  Axis   Options Secret Sandhills And Satellites  0:47:16 ()
Denman Maroney  Artemisia   Options Hyperpiano  0:54:50 ()
Mario Bertoncini  Cifre (für 2 präparierte klaviere)   Options   1:18:28 ()
Terry Fox  Berlino   Options   1:29:56 ()
Gunther Christman  Further Details   Options In Actu  1:49:57 ()
Lois V. Vierk  SIMOOM   Options   2:14:26 ()
Iannis Xenakis  Syrmos   Options   2:35:03 ()
Krzysztof Penderecki  Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima   Options   2:46:51 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 8/27/10 12:05pm Marco D Argento:

Afternoon Bryce:-)
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:06pm Pierre:

bonjour Bryce
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:06pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

  Fri. 8/27/10 12:06pm Marco D Argento:

I thought you'de take this Friday off because it's sooooo nice outside:-)
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:07pm Cecile:


Got any Nancarrow floatin' around there?
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:07pm Marco D Argento:

Wish the whole month of September could stay this cool and comfortable
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:08pm annie:

breece is neece
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:08pm Marco D Argento:

:-( stuck home waiting for ups to bring my package:-(
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:09pm Marco D Argento:

No AC needed I've got all my windows open. Ahhhhh:-)
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:10pm Pierre:

in France, the weather's not good at all (just a global view on the weatherforecast)
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:10pm PMD:

had to turn this up to hear it. annie, your turn. Carmichael still here? If so, want to know if I can be his friend...
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:11pm Drummer Some:

Hi from Pittsburgh, Bryce! I just got offa der air on the old mill stream and now am enjoying your youness.
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:11pm Marco D Argento:

Shame:-( next week it's going to get hot AGAIN:-( 90's high humidity:-(
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:12pm Marco D Argento:

Hottest summer I've lived through in almost 10 years!
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:12pm Cecile:

hey, Doug!

Thanks, Bryce!
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:14pm Cecile:

Doug, I know you're a busy man, but I'd love a list of places in Pittsburgh a WFMUer could visit happily. I gotta go armed with places I want to see. The only thing I've managed is 3 Rivers stadium (whatever its' called now), some train mall, hospitals and the National Aviary.
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:17pm bryce:


also, hello.
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:18pm Marco D Argento:

What was worse? Februray of 30 inches of snow. Where I had to dig a snow tunnel to get out of my apartment. OR this summer! I have been roasted alive by the sun. I'm not just tanned I'm barbecued to brown leather.I kid you not!!!
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:18pm Cecile:

  Fri. 8/27/10 12:19pm bryce:

doug!!! i'm going to summon you on a ouija board now. is that okay? do you have time?

will you spin my toupée?
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:22pm jim'm:

Marco-remember, it's not global warming because it still gets cold in the winter.
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:22pm J-Mar:

Pee An Oh.
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:23pm Marco D Argento:

I better not hear the word snow after what I've been through!!! I'll be behind bars for strangling a weatherman!
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:24pm annie:

perhaps it's the tuning pin??
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:25pm Marco D Argento:

You live here in NY you get use to the cold! But 30 inches of snow! And I don't have the money for a snowmobile
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:26pm Marco D Argento:

Sigh* I'm sure by Christmas day will be 5 plus feet deep on snow:-(
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:26pm still b/p:

Cecile -- My sister moved there a year ago, and seems to get all over the place pursuing work & personal interests. I'll see about suggestions.
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:28pm bryce:

hey cecile, the mattress factory is a wonderful museum. they have a yayoi kusama room with a secret door that leads into another mirrored yayoi kusama room.

also, there's the warhol museum. they show some films there too, i think.
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:32pm PMD:

Bryce, it doesn't seem like those mechanics are fixing those pianos...
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:32pm Marco D Argento:

How did bed sheets get to be $179 dollars a single sheet!!!
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:34pm bryce:

you can't just calibrate a 420-key piano in 3 minutes.
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:35pm Joel Robinson:

I said to the woman you must be out of your mind! $179 a sheet. What are they made of spun gold!
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:36pm Cecile:

thanks everyone, I'll have to check it out.
Bryce, the Factory was several blocks from where I was visiting the hospital, but we never made it there.
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:37pm Devin:

The sheet must be made of saffron
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:38pm still b/p:

...Maybe someone special slept in 'em first? Whose sheets would sway you to pay premium price?
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:38pm J-Mar:

I don't know if it's still up, Cecile, but if you go to the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, see if you can still check out Huang Xiang's "House Poem" -- Huang is an exiled Chinese poet who painted poetry all over the walls of his house: http://www.mattress.org/index.cfm?event=COAP.

I've never seen the exhibit in Pittsburgh, but he came to Nashville and did an incredible installation at our public library.
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:38pm Devin:

Mmm, saffron sheet... I'll take 2.
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:39pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

How about a 4:19 Piano Bryce?!
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:40pm bryce:

billy and i smoked 2/3 of a toy piano last week!
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:40pm still b/p:

That's a different key of C.
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:42pm bryce:

a piano lid
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:43pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Outstanding! LOL!
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:44pm Bruce:

Re: Nancarrow
On Kevin Blechdom's
page, I found a link to
All the studies are there, it's youtube so the the sound quality sucks, but I found it to be a great thrill to 'see' the compositions roll by, especially since I know the studies so well and knew what to anticipate.

  Fri. 8/27/10 12:46pm Drummer Some:

Cecile, I haven't got out much yet. DId go to a Pirates game at (hold your nose) PNC Park. It has to be one of the most gorgeous settings for a major league game. As long as you don't watch what's happening on the field, of course. I second Bryce's endorsement of the Mattress Factory. Also, the Warhol Museum is a sure bet.
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:49pm Bruce:

While you're on the piano kick, how 'bout some Annie Gosfield in honor of her show at The Stone tonight?
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:54pm bryce:

kevyb's a peach!!

someone in the tubeosphere's done something similar with hoppin' ligeti numbers as well. really great to see.

believe it or not, i think we actually might not have any annie gosfield in the library?!
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:56pm Bruce:

kevyb is frickin' awesome! I can't believe I've got an earworm of the juicy pop goodness of an *Olsen Twins* cover (and loving every minute of it!)
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:59pm Looms:

What a terrible, frightening, nasty voice...
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:59pm bryce:

  Fri. 8/27/10 12:59pm Bruce:

It's pronounced Nan-crow!
2 syllables!
At least that how they say it in his hometown, Texarkana
  Fri. 8/27/10 12:59pm bryce:

you can't fool me, he's MEXICAN!

aw crap, i burned a cigarette hole in my smock.
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:00pm still b/p:

"Do you know what he did...you're c_ _ _ ing DJ?"
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:01pm Duke of Earl Grey:

WXHD?!?!? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:03pm nic:

slurpy _cool
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:07pm coelacanth:

Denman clearly has got sheets of artemisia...probably King size.
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:10pm Looms:

@Cecile: i really don't know why i quoted Vic Chesnutt yesterday apropos of SOOA's gig in Nantes back in 2007; the honoured man was Nikki Sudden actually, and i had The Jewel Thief's artwork in mind when i typed that bullshit! I'm getting old...
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:13pm Bruce:

I once worked for a digital radiography company, around '95-'96 and had a technical support call to a dentist in Texarkana. I told him, "You know, I'm a big fan of one of your native sons." He groaned, and I said "Conlon Nancarrow" (pronouncing it
nan-ca-ro, which took him a second to figure out), he said, "You mean Conlon Nan-crow, whew, I thought you were going to say Ross Perot!". He had know Conlon's brother (the far right winger) personally and met Conlon at his brother's funeral.
I can still hear his voice when he said, "That was one of the most unusual men I've ever met in my life."
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:17pm bryce:

hahaaa, that's hilarious!
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:38pm raga:

cecile: i second the mattress factory and warhol. also check out the wood street gallery and space gallery downtown. the installations there tend to be hit or miss. fallingwater is a bit out but i think it's worth the trip. if you'll be entertaining kids, i recommend the children's museum on the north side and the science center/sportsworks near the stadiums.
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:39pm Cecile:

thanks raga!
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:39pm Carmichael:

Hey Bryce ... <huff .. puff ..> Just got in the door ..... <wheeze ...> Sorry I'm late ... <cough ... hack!>
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:42pm Looms:

I wonder if this sound on Terry Fox's track is a prepared piano, a dulcimer or a harpsichord.
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:43pm Looms:

Great track anyway.
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:44pm Carmichael:

PMD, you can be my friend, my buddy AND my pal.
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:52pm PMD:

@C awww... um gotta figure out how to find you. Maybe annie can introduce us on fb
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:54pm owen:

interesting sound, reminds me quite a bit of FM3's buddha machine loops
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:55pm ken of brooklyn:

As always Bryce, FANTASTIC SHOW!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:56pm raga:

telekinescalate your email address. secured in bubble wrap.
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:58pm still b/p:

Cecile -- Sister just sent me a good stack of thoughts for out-o'-towners -- some overlap, some new. I'll email to travel-info-facilitator Bryce, maybe he can forward if you send him a message...?
  Fri. 8/27/10 1:59pm Cecile:

That would be great. Bryce should also be able to see my email. too. Thank you so much!
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:00pm Cecile:

And Bryce, if you would send my email address to raga, too, that would be great.

You sudddenly being promoted to my social secretary and all. :D
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:00pm bryce:

sure, no problem!!! please include:

1) email address
2) SSN
3) a 200-word essay on why you hate pianos and/or cellos
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:01pm Cecile:

1) I'll send it in a minute.
2) nuh-uh
3) I'll never forgive them for what they did to my people.
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:02pm Carmichael:

Because I'm both a curmudgeon and a Luddite, I stay completely away from Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, or anything by Dr. Neil Clark Warren. But I have attached my e-mail for Bryce to forward to anyone with a twitch or shifty eyes.
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:05pm βrian:

Uncle! Uncle!
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:14pm bryce:

NO! YOU LISTEN SOME M O R E!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:16pm still b/p:

I hate pianos because they don't let me instantly, magically play like Basie or Van Cliburn. The rest of the words to make up the 200 would be bitter arpeggios of profanity in a gutteral rush.
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:17pm βrian:

My remaining tympanum cries out.
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:20pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well, I had to miss the last half hour of the show for "Adobe repairs" on my computer.
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:20pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

...seems my mud hut was melting in the rain...
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:21pm Carmichael:

I don't like to play instruments that weigh more than I do. Wayyy more than I do ...
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

keep your hands away from your organ, then
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:22pm bryce:

you & dce should go in on a thatched piano!
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:29pm Carmichael:

Makes perfect sense. The strings could be made of string.
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:31pm raga:

wow. wonderful, simply wonderful. this puts me into the perfect frame of mind for the unpleasant thing i must do next.
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:31pm bryce:

i had a silicone piano, but when i tuned it up, it collapsed on itself and formed a bouncy chime ball.
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:33pm Looms:

Lois V. Vierk is the next artist i'll check out. This piece is... Wow!
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:36pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

this piece is how things are going to look and sound for me around midnight tonight
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:40pm bryce:

hey looms, that was for 8 cellos; the same cd (SIMOOM) has another for 5 electric guitars and one for 6 trumpets....
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:42pm Looms:

Just reading this on Discogs. By the way, thanks a lot for introducing me to Idjah Hadidjah last week, i really dig this record!
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:45pm bryce:

oh cool! i really love her. not too electrified or drummachinified either, like everything seems to get eventually....
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:45pm bartleby:

Can't listen to this now I am at work but this is a definite for when I get home later
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:49pm still b/p:

Always had a fondness for the word "simoom."
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:52pm Looms:

Agreed. It's my first Jaipong record, i'll try to hear more artists involved this musical style.
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:52pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

some lame smooth jazz hold music is drowning Penderecki out for me...
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:53pm this is heavier than metal:

recent penderecki interview: http://www.residentadvisor.net/feature.aspx?1234
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Bryce is editng himself again
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:54pm bryce:

wow, that interview!!!!! thanks!
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:56pm Marco D Argento:

I noded off for an hour. Has anyone heard Bryce speak on mic?
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:57pm Looms:

Yeah, twice! It was dreadful, buddy!
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:58pm bryce:

  Fri. 8/27/10 2:58pm bryce:

y'all: see you in your sleeps
  Fri. 8/27/10 2:59pm Looms:

I'll never sleep again...
  Fri. 8/27/10 3:01pm jk:

I think I just slept through this show...can you play it again?
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