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Non-commercial indie-pop-rock, but with plenty of WTF? non-sequitur delightful/irritating moments; 90% stuff we've never heard before (45% you'll hate, 45% you'll love), 10% stuff we've heard before (5% you hate, 5% you love). (29 words, 6 numbers.)

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Options August 23, 2010: The August 23, 2010 Show

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments Approx. start time
The Feminine Complex  A Summer Morning   Options Livin' Love  Rev-Ola  2010  CD  re-issued material  0:00:00 ()
Magic Kids  Summer   Options Memphis  True Panther  2010  CD    0:02:31 ()
J. Biebz  U Smile 800% Slower   Options U Smile 800% Slower  [no label]  2010  CD  Justin B. slowed down 800x  0:05:49 ()
Sigur Ros  [track 3]   Options ( )  Fat Cat  2002  CD    0:30:35 ()
Half-Handed Cloud  The Sea Has No Face   Options Stowaways  Asthmatic Kitty  2010  CD    0:39:32 ()
Marshmallow Coast  In The Army Kid   Options Marshmallow Coast  Spare Me  1997  CD    0:40:48 ()
Gate  Desert   Options A Republic of Sadness  Ba Da Bing  2010  CD    0:43:22 ()
Manatee  Indecision   Options single  Slumberland  2010  7"    0:50:10 ()
Ike Yard  Oshima Cassette   Options Ost  Phisteria  2010  10"    0:53:29 ()
The Who  Bell Boy   Options Quadrophenia      MP3  happy birthday, keith!  1:04:18 ()
Echo and the Bunnymen  Bedbugs and Ballyhoo   Options       MP3    1:08:36 ()
Suuns  Pie IX   Options   [no label]  2010  MP3  live on WFMU  1:11:57 ()
Ennio Morricone  Barbablu from Barbablu-Bluebeard   Options Happening  El  2010  CD    1:15:25 ()
Guano Padano  Del Ray   Options Guano Padano  Important  2010  LP    1:19:14 ()
Calexico  Bend to the Road   Options Live in Nuremburg 2009  [no label]  2010  CD    1:23:38 ()
Grass Window  Strangers Come / Tuesday   Options Past Time  Kill Rock Stars  2010  CD  why didn't i play the song "fried egg" from this c.d.?!?!?  1:34:59 ()
Wire  40 Versions   Options On Returning      MP3    1:39:25 ()
Grantby  Timber   Options va: Pop Fiction  Island  1996  CD    1:42:37 ()
Dif Juz  No Motion   Options va: Lonely Is an Eyesore  4 A.D.  1987  LP    1:50:22 ()
The Budos Band  Nature's Wrath   Options III  Daptone  2010  CD    1:54:43 ()
Cochemea Gastelum  Carlito!   Options The Electric Sound of Johnny Arrow  Mowo!  2010  CD    2:05:19 ()
Macc & Dgohn  7C 1020   Options Some Shit Saaink  Rephlex  2010  CD    2:08:46 ()
The Muppets  Has Anybody Seen My Dog?   Options       MP3  myspace.com  2:16:20 ()
Belfi, Grubbs, Pilia  [track 3]   Options Onrushing Cloud  Blue Chopstick  2010  CD    2:19:22 ()
Out Like Lambs  Two Speeds   Options Not So Winter Waltz  Musi of the Spheres  2010  LP    2:23:56 ()
Minks  Ophelia   Options single  Captured Tracks  2010  7"    2:32:19 ()
New Model Army  Stupid Questions   Options         excerpt  2:43:26 ()
R.E.M.  Bandwagon   Options Fables of the Reconstruction - Expanded  Capitol  2010  CD    2:43:34 ()
Marzipan Marzipan  Song 4 U / Pony   Options Marzipan Marzipan  [no label]  2010  CD    2:46:30 ()
Air Miami  Adidas My Ass   Options 14 Songs  Teen Beat  2010  CD  re-issue  2:49:37 ()
Pete Drake  Till Tomorrow   Options For Pete's Sake  Gusto  2010  CD    2:52:10 ()
  The NBC Sunday Mystery Movie Theme           myspace.com  2:54:58 ()
Dean & Britta  Silver Factory Theme   Options 13 Most Beautiful... Songs For Andy Warhol's Screen Tests  Screen Tests  2010  CD    2:59:53 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 8/23/10 9:07am Bad Ronald:

Good Morning Bob W. How do you plan on celebrating what would've been Keith Moon's 64th birthday?
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:12am steev:

Is everything this beautiful when slowed 800x?
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:13am north guinea hills:

I wondered why bieber got stuck in my head (or at least his name) when this came on, and then I remembered i heard this mixed on Ken's show....\\very nice....
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:16am Skirkie:

I've never heard this song normal speed. I'm pretty sure it would ruin it.
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:20am Parq:

Okay, I can't resist. I gotta go hear a few seconds of the original.
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:23am Parq:

My naive foolishness - of course, Diz has all links to the orig blocked.
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:26am steev:

Parq - not having heard this song (or any Beiber, for that matter) before, I listened to a clip via allmusic. Don't bother.
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:27am Parq:

Ste, I was able to find a link that played a 5-sec sample. That was all I needed.
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:34am bennett4senate:

nice segue Bob
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:34am dc pat:

oh, man I was going to keep quiet today, but Moonie's birthday?? I vote for the live version of A Quick One.
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:35am bobw:

keith will be mentioned in the coming set break.
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:36am Skirkie:

Would Sigur Ros sound like beiber if it were sped up 800%
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:41am dc pat:

you LIED!
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:42am bobw:

ah, DAMN! i was PREPARED to talk about keith, but it's too early for the brain to be relied upon... SO... next mic break. for sure.
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:43am Bad Ronald:

Hah! How about Keith's version of "Move Over Miss L"...
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:49am dc pat:

or how about that tune he did with Jeff Beck, et. al. ...what's the name of it Bad Ron?
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:50am north guinea hills:

wait, this is really the Kiwi band Gate? Sounds like nothing else by them I've heard.
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:51am Bad Ronald:

Yeah that's a good one DC Pat - "Beck's Bolero" off of Truth
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:52am dc pat:

yeah, that's right. duh.
  Mon. 8/23/10 9:53am Bad Ronald:

  Mon. 8/23/10 9:59am dc pat:

wow, thanks for that one B.Ron, i'll have to get through that a bit later.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:01am Bad Ronald:

NP - yeah it's a good read.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:02am Bad Ronald:

Wow! Thanks Bob!
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:06am dc pat:

Quadrophenia is prob my least fave album but this is a perfect choice, thanks!
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:06am Carmichael:

Good Morning, every person. Yeah, Moon had to be credited under a different name on the Beck Group album. He was "You Know Who".
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:07am dc pat:

listen to his voice when he sings "Always running at some one's heal the last time." it sounds really sad.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:09am Cecile:

That excerpt explains everything that is wrong with the Who (with a few exceptions) since the late 70s. Very good perception.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:10am Cecile:

Another great drummer we lost - Pete DeFreitas, a MONSTER.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:12am dc pat:

yeah, you really don' t have to bother with the Who after Moonie kicked.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:13am Cecile:

I still like Eminence Front when I've had a few beers, but yeah.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:14am bobw:

i love eminence front! but it's not really "the who" to me.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:16am dc pat:

not to change the subject or anything but I just got back from a hippy/hindu wedding in New Mexico and all I could think the whole time was "why isn't Prince Rama of Ayohdya playing right now instead of this dumb campfire band???" so...got any?
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:17am Cecile:

Exactly. More like a beefed-up Pete Townsend song.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:19am bobw:

yo d.c.p., if it's not in the mp3 library (the computer which has a billion songs at my fingertips), then it's not likely that i'll be able to dig the stacks for it, once the show is underway. logistics...
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:20am dc pat:

cool, this Morricone tune is doing me just fine.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:22am Cecile:

Dude. You should play Eminence Front. It's a put-on.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:23am Cecile:

that's a great pun - Guano Padano instead of Grana Padano.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:28am bobw:

i'd love to come and join the party dressed to kill, but one who song, no matter how who-ish or not, meets my quota! perhaps next week... unless people forget. so... please explain the guano/grana pun!
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:30am Cecile:

Grana Padano is inexpensive and tasty dry cheese from the Padano region. What you use in Italy, I'm told, when you don't want to break out the Reggiano.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:35am Cecile:

they have notices in many menus here that you run a risk eating undercooked meat or eggs.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:35am dc pat:

I get my eggs from a farmer who has about 20 chickens. And glad I can get them. cuz I like runny eggs too.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:36am Cecile:

Another pun - this one is grass widow.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:51am north guinea hills:

I prefer FenO'berg's remix of Goldfinger better.
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:52am kim:

hi bob, thanks for the dif juz, love 'em!
  Mon. 8/23/10 10:54am bobw:

dif juz is killah! did you know that they backed up lee scratch perry on an album many years ago? the album was never released and sits in the 4 a.d. vault. apparently, one of the dif juz guys didn't think that it was up to snuff.
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:03am kim:

hey bob, i always thought dif juz was pronounced like "diffuse". jus sayin.
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:08am bobw:

kim, i bet that you are correct! that makes a LOT more sense. i will look into this further.
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:34am dc pat:

wow, BadRon, that's probably one of the best Moonie stories I've read cuz it came from the likes of Beck. Really cool.
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:38am Bad Ronald:

Yeah, I love the scene where he's saluting in the Corniche "Like a captain going down with the ship". Oh and the hovercraft bit too!
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:41am dc pat:

hmm, Hardcore History Day, huh? what if WFMU played nothing but hardcore ALL DAY LONG!
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:44am north guinea hills:

I love ollllllllllldddddddddd REM,,,,!
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:44am Cecile:

That reminds me of the "Hardcore Reenactment" article from Motorbooty fanzine a million years ago.
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:44am Marco D Argento:

Doesn't BobW Twitter???
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:45am Cecile:

me, too. ngh. Fables is probably my favorite record by them.
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:46am Marco D Argento:

Is that REM your playing right now??
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:48am Marco D Argento:

Don't we all love rem:-) matter of fact I have all their CDs Green is my fab cd I like all the tunes in it:)
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:49am dc pat:

anybody take advantage of the punk rock karaoke that toured years ago?...like I did? Sang J. Thunders and GimmeGimmeGimme
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:51am bobw:

yes, that was REM! i think it was from a demo. and i don't really twitter. i use twitter for a ball hockey league that i'm involved with, but only in a very utilitarian manner. nothing like, "i just ate a hard boiled egg. burp." for that, i simply use the radio! ;)
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:51am Cecile:

I wanted to, but no, I didn't. That looked so fun.
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:55am Cecile:

no way! The Sunday Mystery movie theme!
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:56am Dale from North Dakota:

Wow, I feel like I'm ten years old again, lol
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:57am Marco D Argento:

Yeah those were the days:-)
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:57am dc pat:

it was, but humbling too--I sucked.

Wow I feel ten too. damn.
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:57am Marco D Argento:

Colombo. Macmillan and wife and McCloud
  Mon. 8/23/10 11:58am Marco D Argento:

Hey let's not forget banacheck!
  Mon. 8/23/10 12:00pm still b/p:

And Hec Ramsey, briefly. Banacek was Wednesday.
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