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Options August 5, 2010: Road Trip!!! Get in the car and let's drive through the States, starting up in Maine

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Billy May  Maine   Options The Sweetest Swingin' Sounds of 'No Strings'  0:00:00 ()
Okkervil River  Maine Island Lovers   Options Down the River of Golden Dreams  0:02:41 ()
Dick Curless  Coast of Maine   Options A Tombstone Every Mile  0:07:22 ()
The Mountain Goats  Going to Maine   Options Ghana  0:09:19 ()
Wayne From Maine  Maine   Options Happy as a Clam  0:10:52 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:13:28 ()
Matt Pond PA  New Hampshire   Options Emblems  0:19:24 ()
Wild Light  New Hampshire   Options Adult Nights  0:23:54 ()
Z Parody  Granite State of Mind   Options   0:27:51 ()
Scissorfight  New Hampshire's Alright If You Like Fighting   Options Mantrapping for Sport and Profit  0:32:20 ()
Sonic Youth  New Hampshire   Options Sonic Nurse  0:35:24 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     0:41:23 ()
Frank Sinatra  Moonlight in Vermont   Options Oakland 1968  0:45:51 ()
Stan Getz  Moonlight in Vermont   Options The Sound  0:49:20 ()
Cursive  Vermont   Options Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes  0:52:34 ()
Captain Beefheart  Moonlight on Vermont   Options Trout Mask Replica  0:56:23 ()
The Magnetic Fields  Long Vermont Roads   Options The Charm of the Highway Strip  1:00:01 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     1:03:26 ()
Gene Krupa  Massachusetts   Options The Gene Krupa Story 3  1:09:14 ()
Arlo Guthrie  Massachusetts   Options 1976-10 Amigo  1:12:17 ()
The Bee Gees  Massachusetts   Options Horizontal  1:15:13 ()
The Juliana Hatfield Three  Feelin' Massachusetts   Options Become What You Are  1:17:32 ()
Dropkick Murphys  The State of Massachusetts   Options The Meanest of Times  1:21:40 ()
NOFX  Straight Outta Massachusetts   Options Cokie the Clown  1:25:37 ()
The Pixies  U Mass   Options Trompe Le Monde  1:26:47 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     1:29:47 ()
Baja Marimba Band  Rhode Island Red   Options Fowl Play  1:35:03 ()
Family Guy (Brian and Stewie)  Road to Rhode Island   Options   1:37:12 ()
Blossom Dearie  Rhode Island Is Famous For You   Options Verve Jazz Masters 51  1:39:29 ()
Ike & Tina Turner  Sweet Rhode Island Red   Options Best of/ Proud Mary  1:41:31 ()
Harry Babbitt and the Sully Mason Quartet  Poor Little Rhode Island   Options   1:44:45 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     1:47:04 ()
Robert Fripp & the League of the Crafty Guitarists  A Connecticut Yankee in the Court of King Arthur   Options Show of Hands  1:49:25 ()
Aerosmith  I Live in Connecticut   Options Pandora's Box  1:51:18 ()
Ben Folds  Kylie From Connecticut   Options Way to Normal  1:52:14 ()
Superchunk  Connecticut   Options The First Part  1:56:54 ()
  Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     1:59:48 ()
Mick Harvey  New York USA   Options Intoxicated Man (Serge Gainsbourg covers)  2:01:54 ()
Ak-Momo  Return to N.Y.   Options Return to N.Y.  2:03:50 ()
Cat Power  New York   Options Jukebox  2:06:31 ()
Bollocks Brothers  New York   Options Never Mind the Bollocks  2:08:26 ()
Jawbreaker  P.S. New York is Burning   Options Bivouac  2:11:41 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     2:16:54 ()
Glenn Miller  Pennsylvania 6-5000   Options   2:19:25 ()
Bobby Vinton  Pennsylvania Polka   Options   2:22:04 ()
Guy Mitchell with Mitch Miller  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   Options   2:23:39 ()
Don Peris  Pennsylvania   Options Ten Silver Slide Trombones  2:26:37 ()
16 Horsepower  South Pennsylvania Waltz   Options Hoarse  2:31:11 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     2:36:31 ()
Max & Ada Rogoff  Traveling through New Jersey   Options   2:39:03 ()
Red House Painters  New Jersey   Options Red House Painters II  2:41:27 ()
Tom Waits  Jersey Girl   Options Used Songs 1973-1980  2:45:55 ()
Chunky Pam  Dirrrty Jerzy   Options   2:50:20 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 8/5/10 6:04am Dave B:

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Mom, Dotty's touching me

Are we there yet?
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:05am Dave B:

Morning Meghan!
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:05am Meghan:

*giggles* Nice one Dave.... well played!
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:09am annie:

morning all, these songs about maine make me very homesick, nice choices
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:10am Meghan:

Awww, didn't know you were from Maine Annie!
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:11am Dave B:


Now did you actually find 3 hours worth of Vacationland songs?
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:11am Meghan:

We get to dabble in each state!
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:13am annie:

i think it's where i lived in a past life. my trip there this spring was incredible and unforgettable.. two months.. my mother, she is
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:16am Dave B:

Dirigo - (I Lead)

Maine's motto
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:29am Dave B:

  Thu. 8/5/10 6:30am Meghan:

I was glad you sent this... this went around the WFMU email for a bit....
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:31am Dave B:

the video is pretty good in a bad sort of way!

  Thu. 8/5/10 6:37am Noah:

Can we skip CT? There's only about 2 people I like there, other than that the state is useless. Back when I was a negative person, I thought it would be good for travel if we blew up CT and moved the states closer...
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:37am Noah:

OH, yea, GOOD MORNING MEGAN!!!! I emailed you...
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:37am Elwyn:

Hey gang.

I can't stop sneezing. Please kill me mercifully. It dust allergies from moving home
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:39am Meghan:

hehe... silly Noah.... though I agree with you about CT. Stupid left hand exits....
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:41am Dave B:

Nice Noah! I had a similar sentiment for the bulk of the Garden State years ago thinking that it just got in the way of getting to D.C.

I think a true Interstate Highway would be good. Just one exit at the other border.

Gesundheit Elwyn
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:43am annie:

you can ride without a helmet in maine too..
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:43am Chuck:

Wow, can't believe I overslept.
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:44am jamesie:

South Dakota and Montana as well
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:45am Noah:

Nick Cave was over for dinner the other night!
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:47am Meghan:

hush you Noah.... you evil thing. I bet Chavo sat on his lap too right? Plus I know neither of you cook...
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:48am Chuck:

Oh, Frankie.... *swoon*
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:49am Noah:

WHAT?? I TOTALLY cook and well too, no one else in this house can cook, especially Chavo!!
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:52am Chuck:

You need to have thumbs to cook, Noah. No surprise...
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:53am Chuck:

Yay, I noticed we finally got some rain last night! The lawn is like a bed of straw...
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:59am Chuck:

Wow, were the guys in Cpt. Beefheart totally drugged out when they did this?
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:59am Noah:

Who says you need thumbs to cook? You just need a good palate!
  Thu. 8/5/10 6:59am jamesie:

its good enough for me
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:00am Noah:

OH, and Captain Beefheart RULES the airwaves, ALWAYS!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:01am Jefff:

This is a great road trip, but at this rate we won't get to California (or Alaska or Hawaii for that matter) until September.... and what about DC? No airplay without representation I guess. You'll have to find another theme for Banned in DC. Give me a call or send a message as soon as you get a chance.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:02am Dave B:

Chuck - I've heard that Beefheart actually scored the music to sound that way...
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:05am Elwyn:

@Jefff: I like the long road trip. Gives me more time to get to know and flirt with the cute brunette with pretty eyes!
But I've been told that most ladies don't like the Beefheart. So sad :-(
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:05am Chuck:

Must eat a lot of cheese in Vermont....
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:08am kath:

are we there yet??????
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:09am Chuck:

Morning, Kath!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:09am kath:

oh, now I see I am not the only one to say that!!!!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:11am Meghan:

Morning Kath!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:11am Dave B:

greets K.

Hey Meg, that JVC Force track I sent represents where I was born and raised. And though not technically a "state" there has been talk of secession...

Gotta represent!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:13am Chuck:

Isn't Massachusetts one of the few states that kept a Native American name?
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:13am Elwyn:

Re Dakota: The Donna's "40 Boys in 40 Night" has the line "because there's no cute boys in Dakota"

I hope we get "U Mass" by Pixies
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:14am Noah:

@ Dave B
"Strong Island" is one of my ALL time favorite songs!!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:15am Chuck:

Are the Bee Gee's in this set, Meghan?
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:16am Chuck:

Question answered...
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:17am Meghan:

Alternatively, Massachusett has been represented as Moswetuset, from the name of the Moswetuset Hummock (meaning "hill shaped like an arrowhead"
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:17am Chuck:

This was a top 40 hit for them if I remember rightly...
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:19am Chuck:

Yay! Juliana is so cool!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:19am kath:

Here on Long Island almost every town is an Indian name, er, or at least some 'white man' version of what was an indian name.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:20am Andy in Berlin:

Herer I am - Good morning everybody!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:20am Chuck:

Yo, Andy!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:20am Andy in Berlin:

  Thu. 8/5/10 7:21am Meghan:

Good Afternoon Andy!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:23am Magda:

sorry I woke up late for the road trip.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:23am Chuck:

Ha, Kath! I almost went into an anti-white man tirade on FB yesterday. The religious right is pissing me off more and more each day...
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:24am Meghan:

Morning Magda! Don't worry, you didn't miss Pam!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:24am Magda:

i'm glad i got DKM to wake me up
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:28am Andy in Berlin:

Good afternoon indeed!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:28am Dave B:

Here's some tasty tidbits on the origins of State Names... a good majority are aboriginal, albeit basterdized...

  Thu. 8/5/10 7:28am Chuck:

Did you ever go to U Mass, Meghan?
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:29am Meghan:

Nope! I went to art school! School of the Art Institute of Chicago and SVA
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:30am Dave B:

Looks like they need spell check in Massachusetts:

  Thu. 8/5/10 7:31am Chuck:

I think my buddy Tom Cippola (which means 'onion' in Italian) got his masters degree at U Mass...
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:32am kath:

Dave and I both had friends that went to SVA. when were you there Meg?
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:32am kath:

Yeah, no frakin' Chuck!!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:33am Dave B:

I went to SVA for a year right outta High School...
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:33am kath:

Ha, I did not know hat Dave!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:35am kath:

I went to Boston and Providence on my *first* honeymoon.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:35am Chuck:

With that many letters in the name there was sure to be a mistake, Dave! Jeez, couldn't they pick a shorter name!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:36am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Hello there Meghan and FMU listeners! :-)
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:36am Parq:

"Oh. Boston's canceled. But don't worry, it's not a big college town."
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:37am Meghan:

Morning ALF!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:37am jeff p:

I got offered a job at Harvard but they didn't offer me enough money
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:37am Dave B:

I go to R.I. monthly for my friends house concerts.

Why just the other week was the big summer blast. Local band Shacklehands along with Cordero and The Sadies...

The end of this month The Lonesome Brothers...

Now if only Connecticut would move aside, the ride would be a lot better, eh Noah?
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:38am kath:

Gotta roll on... later.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:38am Dave B:

@parq - tap reference?
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:39am kath:

Happy travels, all.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:39am Dave B:

Chuck - I'm wondering how that lake's name is pronounced. And what happens if you have a stutter?
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:40am Chuck:

Ta, Kath...
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:40am Parq:

Dave B, but of course.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:40am Dave B:

  Thu. 8/5/10 7:40am Chuck:

With that name, Dave, it's gonna sound like you stutter even if you don't! Ha!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:41am Dave B:

see ya Kath
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:42am Dave B:

Could you tell me how to get to Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:45am Chuck:

Careful, Dave! Your tongue is gonna get tied in a square knot!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:45am Dave B:

  Thu. 8/5/10 7:50am catpatz:

why bypass ct (my homestate)?
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:51am Meghan:

hehe.... it's those left hand exits....
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:51am brian:

Meghan-- I hope your NJ set includes Dave Van Ronk's "Garden State Stomp!"
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:53am Meghan:

awww, It doesn't.... the curse of only 5 songs for a set....
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:54am catpatz:

haha, ok. fair enough.
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:54am Thanley:

Mornin, Peeps!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:56am Meghan:

Morning Thanley!
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:56am Dave B:

Meghan - I think those left hand exits are a little easier than the Jersey Jug Handles... for me, its the construction on 95 that irks me...
  Thu. 8/5/10 7:56am Thanley:

This Makes Me Want to Take a Road Trip!
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:01am annie:

i think alice's restaurant took place in springfield. it's a fantastic movie. a must-see!
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:03am Chuck:

Is Virginia for next week, Meghan? I was born there...
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:03am Dave B:

Hey THanley - check it!

  Thu. 8/5/10 8:04am Meghan:

Yep, we are heading down south next week.... not getting as far due to the roadside attraction!
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:05am Chuck:

Still know nothing about Dean and Britta. Point me in the right direction....
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:05am Parq:

Must step out for a minute. If that wretched Billy Joel song is on tap, let's get it over with.
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:07am Meghan:

Billy Joel? For Allentown? I grew up there too... but no, it is not on there
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:07am jeff p:

new york state of mind
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:08am Meghan:

Turn on some top 40 station for that one....
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:09am Chuck:

I think most of these songs are about the city not the state. There is much more to NY than the Manhattan area!
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:10am Dave B:

Bollocks To You!

nice choice...
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:10am jeff p:

no, i think that's the wretched song parq was talking about.
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:11am jeff p:

well, in fairness, with billy joel, after a certain point they all became wretched
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:12am Chuck:

What's Bollocks on the periodic table, Dave? Don't have mine handy... hehe....
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:13am Meghan:

but he didn't do Empire State of Mind.... that was Jay Z
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:14am Chuck:

Explains why I don't know Dean & Britta. I don't listen to top 40 radio, as you know...
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:15am Thanley:

Cool,Thanks Dave! Gwar-B-Que in Richmond,Va This Weekend. Wish I could Go!
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:16am Meghan:

Dean and Britta are TOTALLY not top 40!
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:17am Dave B:


21 for the singular bollock
39 for the plural bollocks

  Thu. 8/5/10 8:19am Chuck:

Oh, I see now that your comment at 8:08 was not directed at me! Sorry for the misinterpretation....
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:20am Chuck:

Yeah! Glen!
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:20am Dave B:

@Jeff in the Studio, Chuck and all...

Schenectady representin'

  Thu. 8/5/10 8:21am jeff p:

Is that the Polynesian Flame there in the studio with you, Meghan?
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:22am Chuck:

Stop messing with the wiring, Meg and Jeff!
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:23am jjtierney:

Good morning and things of that nature.
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:23am Meghan:

@Jeff P- he said burning bright!

@ Chuck- That was jeff... standing on cords...
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:25am Meghan:

Morning JJ!
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:25am Chuck:

Try pronouncing this one, Dave: Skaneateles (it's in the Finger Lakes near Syracuse)...
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:25am Listener Scott:

It seems like every day I wake up and hear that song. Oh wait, that's not me, that's Bill Murray.
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:25am Parq:

Ah, I returned just in time for the PA Polka! Having grown up with Polish relatives is south NJ, I heard a lot of that song as a kid. I suppose that ought to make me hate it, but I'm totally nostalgic over it.
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:28am Dave B:

ska knee ah tell ees?
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:29am Chuck:

Oddly enough it's Skinny Atlas, Dave! I have friends that live there...
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:31am Dave B:


Back to Connecticut, who the hell would want to live in Mianus?
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:33am Chuck:

"I didn't get a harumph outta that guy!"
*timidly* "harumph."
"You watch your ass!"
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:34am Chuck:

Hold on, where's my bat & ball....
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:34am Dave B:

  Thu. 8/5/10 8:38am jeff p:

DC is now a state?
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:39am Dave B:

Penn 6 - 5000 was actually the number for the Pennsylvania Hotel in New York City..

  Thu. 8/5/10 8:40am Meghan:

oh, nice interesting fun fact! And no Jeff... it's not, but it is our damn capital, so we can't omit it!
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:42am jeff p:

Well heck, then, why not include a set about US territories, too?
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:42am Dave B:

Are there any songs about Guam?
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:43am Chuck:

DC may as well be a state. Technically it's in VA, but it has it's own rules that VA has nothing to say about...
Sure, Jeff P! Try and find a song about Guam or Samoa!
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:44am Dave B:

Palmyra Atoll - gotta represent!
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:45am jeff p:

  Thu. 8/5/10 8:47am jeff p:

"virgin islands paridse" by jahman
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:47am Dave B:

and if needed - Speedy West "West of Samoa"
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:47am Chuck:

My company's First Sargent when I was at Ft. Carson was from Guam. 1SGT Iwatsu!
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:48am jeff p:

k all, enjoy the rest of the week and your weekend. see you all next thursday!
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:49am Magda:

made it to work just in time.
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:49am Chuck:

Later, Jeff...
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:49am Parq:

I just skimmed this one, but it seems like it'll do.

  Thu. 8/5/10 8:50am Dirty Old Man:

Just trying to see if I can get the last comment in.
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:50am Meghan:

nope! there is one more song that will be lots of comments!
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:51am Dave B:

  Thu. 8/5/10 8:51am Magda:

  Thu. 8/5/10 8:53am Chuck:

Say "Hi" to Hackensack for me if you get around there....
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:54am Dave B:



  Thu. 8/5/10 8:54am Noah:

What about :jersey Yo" by Redman!??

  Thu. 8/5/10 8:55am Magda:

Cause chunky pam represents all of it.
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:56am don:

why only 4 songs for jersey. how is that representing
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:56am Dave B:

When we get to Wisconsin I expect CHEESE!

Wonderful cheese!
  Thu. 8/5/10 8:57am cheri pi:

im watching the video now!
  Thu. 10/28/10 3:27pm Antonio Ciccarone:

I wrote a song about Guam, my nene, finadene, and being a Haole. Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vztfhD-x57g
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