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Earth's only supernatural slumber-party-style call-in show.

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Options July 8, 2010: Video Games Explained: Part I !!!!!! Feat. Dr. Jordan Blackman!!!

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Artist Track Album
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti  Are You Gonna Look After My Boys?   Options Scared Famous 
Procedure Club  Vermont   Options Doomed Forever 
Wild Nothing  Confirmation   Options Gemini 

Listener comments!

  Thu. 7/8/10 12:04am Doug:

Night Pervple!!
  Thu. 7/8/10 12:05am Doug:

Uhh... People!!!
  Thu. 7/8/10 12:09am Different Alex:

Oh goodness, this my first time listening to Night People live!
  Thu. 7/8/10 12:25am bennett4senate:

yo Sandy if you're looking for good online video game sounds check this http://www.coinopvideogames.com/sounds.php awesome home recordings of like 12yr old kids in an arcade
  Thu. 7/8/10 12:38am Kendall!:

Yo I'm playing videogames RIGHT NOW. Found a perfectly great condition Nintendo Entertainment System in the trash the other day.
  Thu. 7/8/10 12:43am Josh:

Whittle me this, whittle me that...
  Thu. 7/8/10 12:48am Doug:

Ariel Pink! Another very entertaining show thus far. I was just insincerely echoing Scharpling with my opening comment, I understand how gentlemanly the Night People are.
  Thu. 7/8/10 12:49am Indiana Jordan:

I was also a Genesis kid, but was always jealous of my friends' Super Nintendos. Although my parents had an NES when I was born. Damn Duck Hunt, the bane of my toddler years. That dog was always laughing at me.
  Thu. 7/8/10 12:56am Felix:

Please update your playlist. great music. thanks
  Thu. 7/8/10 12:56am minnesota jeff:

Is the track list just behind, or wrong? Because currently is X-Ray Spex, and before was The Wipers.
  Thu. 7/8/10 12:58am Doug:

I heard they made a roundabout with them in India.
  Thu. 7/8/10 12:59am Josh:

E.T. is the archetype of the typical bad movie game. The main problem is trying to time the release of the game with the release of the movie. They usually wind up getting rushed towards the end, and tend to suck in general.
  Thu. 7/8/10 12:59am Indiana Jordan:

I have a copy of the Atari E.T. I hope the videogame police don't come to get me.
  Thu. 7/8/10 12:59am Kendall!:

back in my day we didn't even have playlists you all should be happy
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:00am Joshua K:

stock market isn't a game, its a sport
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:04am Different Alex:

I found a child's drawing of the final level of Super Mario 3 that said "Alex - age 4" in the corner. Thus proving that I beat Super Mario 3 by the age of 4.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:09am minnesota jeff:

Odd, my WFMU feed clicked off and started playing what was next on my iTunes list after WFMU. Which was Wipers and X-Ray Spex, I thought something was odd that Night People would play 3 X-Ray spex songs in a row.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:09am Josh:

A sentient creature involved in a game isn't necessarily a player. He or she could be like one of the pieces in a game of chess, rather than the player.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:11am Aly:

Why are you hanging up on me?
Also, dictionary.com has 24 separate different definitions for "game" but you could dissect the theory game endlessly.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:13am Joshua K:

that game mancala from africa goes back to at least the 6th or 7th century AD according to the internet.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:14am Joshua K:

Heres a bit of trivia: Nintendo originally started as a playing card company
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:15am Josh:

Nintendo started out making playing cards. They sold them to the Yakuza, who never used the same deck twice, or so I heard.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:16am Different Alex:

Nintendo also once owned a chain of love hotels. I wish I was joking.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:18am The Lonliest Monk:

Diplomacy is a game of total planning and scheming. Little element of chance...
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:19am Aly:

Almost all games exercise logic. Man to computer games exercise mathematical reasoning. Man on man games teach strategy and manipulation. Chicken is not a fun game.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:20am Joshua K:

Quit playing games with my heart
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:23am Aly:

Head games, it's you and me baby
Head games, and I can't take it anymore
Head games, I don't wanna play the...
Head games
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:26am Aly:

Bagatelle games originated in the 19th century.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:27am Aly:

and it was pretty much like billiards.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:28am Joshua K:

They had pins and holes but didn't add flippers till the 40s.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:31am Joshua K:

In japan it was puckman, but it looked too much like fuckman in english so they changed it.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:32am Indiana Jordan:

He sounds like Mel Brooks.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:32am dolgo:

Yea he's a puck, puckman
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:35am Joshua K:

What was up with Dig Dug... he goes around digging and then inflating his enemies till they explode. Thats kinda violent.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:36am Danne D:

From my old fart's memory.
Rough evolution:
Space Invaders
(Ms Pac-Man really is the same game again)
Donkey Kong
Things pretty much exploded in many directions so the size of the impact after this isn't always the same
Dragon's Lair is very important too.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:37am Different Alex:

  Thu. 7/8/10 1:37am Danne D:

Mr Do > Dig Dug
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:38am Joshua K:

megaman castlevania metroid
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:39am Danne D:

getting into consoles, etc is sorta a discussion apart.
The beauty of the C-64 was that it basically was a great gaming machine, but you got your parents to buy it because it was a "real" computer

The Summer Games/Winter Games series from Epyx was awesome on the C-64.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:39am Different Alex:

  Thu. 7/8/10 1:41am Danne D:

Sports: Tecmo Bowl!

Now in terms of consoles it goes roughly, ignoring a number of small-time type players
Atari 2600

at this point the computers really gained more prominence and consoles waned a bit (to near extinction)
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:41am Kendall!:

if it weren't paired with Mario, nobody would have ever played Duck Hunt
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:42am Kendall!:

I don't get it is this the videogame episode or the nostalgia episode?
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:42am Danne D:

You had the TRS-80
and the Apple II
and originally the Vic-20 (quickly supplanted by the C-64)
but for the low-end you gotta love the

The Commodore Amiga was a great gaming rig but was uncommon (due to cost)

The NES saved the console btw
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:44am Danne D:

Stupidest game ever for the Atari:

Swordquest Earth World
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:44am Danne D:

Atari Adventure was awesome.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:44am Different Alex:

Slightly different era: Half-Life
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:45am Aly:

Not to mention the Aerosmith game.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:46am Joshua K:

Half-life wouldn't have been possible without Quake 1 technology wise. It used the code from quake 1 and quake 2 engine as a basis.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:47am Aly:

Didn't Metal Gear come before Half Life?
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:47am Danne D:

Actually if you want to go older school with moddable games you had the whole "Construction Set" series of games from Electronic Arts.

EA was huge in the C-64 games. Archon was awesome.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:48am Joshua K:

The original Metal Gear was on the NES.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:49am Different Alex:

Over 53,000 people played counterstrike today.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:51am Danne D:

  Thu. 7/8/10 1:51am Aly:

aside from Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Kart 4, Mario Party 7, and Animal Crossing, Game Cube really sucked. Play Station really had the best games.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:51am Joshua K:

9.9.99 never forget.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:52am Danne D:

Dreamcast was awesome and underrated :(
Every weird idea possible was on the Dreamcast - a wonderful oddness about it. If there's something with a stupid controller on the Wii, it probably was done first on Dreamcast :)
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:53am Aly:

Dreamcast was just ahead of it's time.

Then came X-Box
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:54am Danne D:

Chu Chu Rocket :)
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:55am Joshua K:

Part of the reason the Dreamcast failed was because it was so easy to pirate games for it. All you needed was a CD burner and an internet connection.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:58am Danne D:

I still have mine. I'll have to pump up Jet Grind Radio some time :)

LOL - Seaman is the game he's talking about.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:58am Aly:

Wii is marketed to the family, PS3 has become more geared to adult gamers, and X-Box is more for the teenaged bracket.
  Thu. 7/8/10 1:58am Joshua K:

The dreamcast hardware was also put into arcade systems internally.
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:01am Danne D:

thanks guys, I now have various songs from Jet Grind Radio running through my head.
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:02am Different Alex:

Can Microsoft Bob please count as a PC game?
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:03am Joshua K:

Here is a huge flowchart of game developers/publishers:
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:04am Aly:

Diablo 3 is effing amazing.

Also, Warhammer 40K games, not the table top version.
How about the shift of games like Warhammer, D&D, and Magic to the virtual world.
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:08am Danne D:

You could make a good game out of that flow chart :)

Btw, Wacky Races was awesome on the Dreamcast :)

Anyhow, good night, night people :)
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:09am Joshua K:

The budget, staff and production level of modern games is way more than it used to. In the 80s you just needed a handful of guys to come out with a hit game.
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:11am 211:

  Thu. 7/8/10 2:14am Joshua K:

To Kill A Mockingbird game rules.
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:16am Michael:

There was a christian gameboy game called "Spiritual Warfare" I think you had to hunt deamons
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:16am bennett4senate:

there was an interesting profile in the New Yorker about the guy who scores Lost also did video games
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:16am Joshua K:

There was a Noah's Ark game where you had to round up the animals
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:17am Aly:

Phoenix Wright :)
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:22am Aly:

Real money comes from a sequel to a good game.

Console games are way expensive. It's all about the computer games. Currently addicted to team Fortress 2 <3
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:37am Joshua K:

American McGee's Romeo and Juliet
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:46am Kendall!:

Nick Arcade

please watch
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:48am Kendall!:

Aly be my TF2 friend I'm nofattiesplease
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:49am Indiana Jordan:

I could hear it online.
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:50am Joshua K:

My steam ID is jhvh1
  Thu. 7/8/10 2:54am Kendall!:

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I have no idea what is going on in this radio show right now
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