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Earth's only supernatural slumber-party-style call-in show.

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Options June 10, 2010: Sandy Has A Baby!!! The Life & Times Of Goose Zadora!!!!

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Artist Track Album
Yakuza Heart Attack  Imperial Rainbow   Options Yakuza Heart Attack 
The Pretty Things  Grass   Options Parachute 
Secret Cities  Pink Graffiti   Options Color 
Los Hijos Del Sol  Linda Munequita   Options The Roots of Chica: Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru 
WIlliam Carlos Williams  Poems   Options Cassette I Kind Of Accidentally Stole From My Middle School Library (Side 1) 

Listener comments!

  Thu. 6/10/10 2:03am Doug:

Night People!?
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:04am Nicole:

Last one!
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:06am Kaiser:

this sounds like its from a clockwork orange
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:07am Indiana Jordan:

I think you mean last one at this ridiculous hour, Nicole. Surely not the last one FOREVER!
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:09am Nicole:

It is the end of an era, Indy.
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:09am Doug:

Actually it was a generic version, not Kool Aid
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:09am Doug:

  Thu. 6/10/10 2:11am Indiana Jordan:

Flavor-Aid was a big part of my childhood. Now I feel historically relevant.
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:14am Nicole:

A guy who I thought used to bully me in high school is now one of my most favorite people, and I thank Twitter for that.
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:22am Nicole:

He's dating a 22 year old Australian actress.
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:24am Nicole:

that is so odd that I typed that at 2:22 am. Weird.
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:32am Heleni:

HAY night person that was just talking about unneeded things centraling themselves in ones life: Do you own or drive a car??
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:33am Nicole:

You have paid your dues. Fo sho.
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:36am JJ:

I like making tea during the theme tune, please don't change it!
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:41am Nicole:

Total bologna
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:47am Indiana Jordan:

I'm quite familiar with the horrors of dentistry: Only three or four of my baby teeth fell out on their own. For the rest it was the dental pliers.
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:49am Nicole:

I haven't been to the dentist since I went off my mom's insurance. Now I'm scared to go. I did get nitrous oxide when they pulled my wisdom teeth though. It was great.
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:51am GO:

Okay, if Dave says I should maybe I'll finally have the willpower to floss everyday.
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:52am Nicole:

you should floss every day. people who floss every day/regularly have longer life expectancy.
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:52am Indiana Jordan:

Night People: Saving the world's teeth and gums (and lives), one listener at a time.
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:53am Nicole:

Tooth Fairy=Jesus? You be the judge.
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:55am JJ:

Yeah the bacteria that makes dental plaque is related to the bacteria that makes plaque in arteries so you're more likely to have heart attacks and stuff if your teeth are plaquey
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:56am minnesota jeff:

My uncle died because his arteries got blocked with teeth.
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:56am Nicole:

That's really sad. He must have eaten teeth for years.
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:57am minnesota jeff:

Every morning he would have a big plate of bacon and teeth for like 20 years.
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:58am Nicole:

Jeez. You know, they only quit when they want to. I quit eating teeth when I was seven.
  Thu. 6/10/10 2:59am minnesota jeff:

I will have teeth every once and a while, but I ain't made of money.
  Thu. 6/10/10 3:09am Nicole:

hahahah Andy.
  Thu. 6/10/10 3:22am Indiana Jordan:

Congratulations, sAndy!
  Thu. 6/10/10 3:23am hamburger:

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this makes a bizarre start to the morning
  Thu. 6/10/10 3:33am Rebecca:

There's talk of a new Three Men and a Baby movie. It's gonna be called Three Men and a Bride. No joke.
  Thu. 6/10/10 3:35am Nicole:

Hey Becca :D
  Thu. 6/10/10 3:36am hamburger:

Three men, One Cupple
  Thu. 6/10/10 3:39am Rebecca:

Hey Nikki! Thanks for tweeting about the show. I totally would've forgotten about it. I have no idea what's going on.
  Thu. 6/10/10 3:41am Nicole:

Dave and sAndy had a baby. be grandma.
  Thu. 6/10/10 3:46am danny:

The french think of everything first "3 Men and a Cradle"
  Thu. 6/10/10 3:46am Rebecca:

Call in? I'd be so nervous! I've never called FMU before except for the marathon
  Thu. 6/10/10 3:46am Nicole:

Tom Scharpling says, "Do It."
  Thu. 6/10/10 3:51am hamburger:

baby alone in the woods will just get adopted by some wolfs and grow up and start some empire
  Thu. 6/10/10 3:54am Rebecca:

Oh man. You got me there. Do they even still want a grandma? Maybe I can be a CPS officer instead.
  Thu. 6/10/10 3:55am Rebecca:

I'm blushing!
  Thu. 6/10/10 3:57am Nicole:

C'mon! It will be awesome.
  Thu. 6/10/10 4:01am Nicole:

It's the last night people be a part of history!!!
  Thu. 6/10/10 4:01am Rebecca:

What's the number?
  Thu. 6/10/10 4:02am Nicole:

  Thu. 6/10/10 4:14am JJ:

Teach him Kung Fu!
  Thu. 6/10/10 4:18am JJ:

He should start listening to Ween soon
  Thu. 6/10/10 4:23am Rebecca:

This show is so weird! Good one to go out on.
  Thu. 6/10/10 4:39am Nicole:

This is so fun.
  Thu. 6/10/10 4:40am Rebecca:

It's nuts! Did I die already? I'm so overwhelmed!
  Thu. 6/10/10 4:50am Rebecca:

I gotta go. Grandma's dead anyway. I'm kinda sad that Goose never actually existed. Grandma out.
  Thu. 6/10/10 4:58am hamburger:

what's on his tombstone?
  Thu. 6/10/10 4:59am Nicole:

Becca, that was amazing. I am so glad you finally called.
  Thu. 6/10/10 4:59am Rebecca:

Pepperoni and sausage
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:00am Rebecca:

I'm glad you told me to "Do IT!" That was fun.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:00am Fiero:

  Thu. 6/10/10 5:01am Nicole:

Seriously surreal. I don't think you and I have talked on the phone in months. And, sAndy told you to call too!
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:01am minnesota jeff:

Goose would totally sell pot from that car!
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:02am Nicole:

I'm exhausted. I don't know how they did that every week for 10 years. Dave and sAndy are the bomb.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:02am Rebecca:

I know! I was called out, I had no choice. I thought about that too. You and I haven't talked on the phone in awhile and calling into Night People is how I hear your voice on my phone. Bananas.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:03am Nicole:

(Sorry guys, she really is my best friend) In 2012 we'll have been friends for 20 years, right?
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:06am Rebecca:

I'm sorry, wha?!?! You're right. We were 12. I swear it was just the other day I threatened to punch a cake we had just so lovingly baked and frosted. How did you put up with me?
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:09am Nicole:

I should have stuck up for myself or let you punch it. That's what I would do if you did it today but that was also mother's day and the whole American Pie should be remembered, too.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:12am Nicole:

Such an interesting tape to accidentally steal from a library.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:13am Rebecca:

I think I actually just wanted to punch the cake and was trying to use you as an excuse. It's like James on the Best Show. The cake was so beautiful and loved, I wanted to destroy it. It's sick. Wait, was that the day we stayed up all night and exercised with Gilad at daybreak?
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:14am Nicole:

I think so. I did not sleep that Mother's Day. And what a weird cake: spice cake with confetti icing?
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:14am Rebecca:

This tape is interesting. Especially when she said "twitter" a couple times. It's weird to hear that term used in a time way before capital T Twitter existed.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:15am Nicole:

Is it a woman? At any rate, the performance is incredible. Any person who almost comes to tears while reciting poetry is really being moved by something. I agree about the twitter thing.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:21am Rebecca:

The next time we hang out, can we make that cake? When I visited you in CT that first time, didn't we make a strawberry cake? I'm pretty sure you hated that cake.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:22am Nicole:

I hate making cakes because it reminds me of that fight. I don't think we should make cakes anymore.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:23am Nicole:

We should have new traditions like listen to Night People or whatever. They should be organic.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:24am Dan B From Upstate:

I just got my hours at work switched to where I could call in during relaxation radio, then your time slot had to go and get changed!
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:27am Nicole:

Yes! Slumber party! What to wear...
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:28am Rebecca:

Alright, forget that cake. Forget all cakes! We shouldn't be eating that crap anyway. When is the sleepover? I wanna go. Me too, me too, me too!
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:29am Nicole:

Yes! Becca wants to come. Imagine spending the night at WFMU? Having a slumber party with sAndy and Dave? So awesome.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:32am Nicole:

Think of all the new callers. I can't wait. It's gonna be nutz. All those teenagers.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:34am Rebecca:

It's weird that everything is changing. Tom's on an hour later, no Evan breaking in at the end of his show. Does this mean the end of Relaxation Radio?
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:36am Nicole:

They said they're going to figure it out as they go. I feel so lucky to have experience the last couple months of this.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:41am Nicole:

I'm just really happy and proud for them. I guess things could change after summer but whatever. I'm hoping the best for this show.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:43am Rebecca:

I can definitely see this show taking off. Better time slot and more sleep for the hosts... recipe for success.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:44am Jonathan:

any chance on some skype?
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:44am Dan B From Upstate:

Right now, this is my third, or fourth, or fifth favorite show on the station. I'm hoping the schedule change will make it my second, or third, or fourth favorite show.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:45am Nicole:

They can just both call me from 2am - 6am on Thwendeays after the show. It will be great.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:55am Nicole:

I heart you guys. Nice run. See you next midnight.
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:57am dave from knoxville:

Happy trails
To you
We meet
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:57am dave from knoxville:

Hey! Will you still play music in the new incarnation of the show?
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:57am Rebecca:

End of an era. Good work guys!
  Thu. 6/10/10 5:58am dave from knoxville:

Hey Nicole.....when do you sleep?
  Thu. 6/10/10 6:00am dave from knoxville:

So many unanswered questions! It's like Lost!
  Fri. 6/11/10 1:22pm Kendall!:

Holy god this is disturbing and hilarious and disgusting. I for one am excited about the earlier showtime because then I can listen live more often.
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