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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options May 13, 2010

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Sunlore  side A excerpts   Options S/t  0:00:00 ()
Lata  Panchhi Ban Men   Options "Babul" sdtk, 7"  0:09:53 ()
Tiffany Shade  Come Softly to Me   Options S/t, 1968  0:12:45 ()
Jake Holmes  Leaves Never Break   Options A Letter to Katherine December  0:15:37 ()
Shit & Shine  Bass Puppy (exc)   Options 12" single  0:20:13 ()
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti  Round and Round   Options 7"  0:26:34 ()
Flasket Brinner  Rava   Options S/t, 1971  0:31:18 ()
Leif Elggren w/ Paul Pignon  Talking to a Dead Queen (excerpt)   Options Talking to A Dead Queen  0:38:27 ()
Prince Rama of Ayodhya  The Subterranean Realm: Aeolian Divine   Options Architecture of Utopia  0:48:32 ()
Elvis Presley  Love Me   Options   0:53:15 ()
No Fun Acid  No Fun Acid 2   Options This is No Fun Acid 2  1:03:55 ()
Alessandro Bosetti  Laida and Mikel looking for Rhymes (Basque)   Options Zwölfzungen  1:05:43 ()
John Terlazzo  Now That I'm Your Lover   Options Honour Among Thieves  1:10:39 ()
Mobius Band  I'll Keep It With Mine   Options   1:14:18 ()
Penderecki  Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima   Options V/a, Music From Six Continents  1:29:06 ()
Kraftwerk  Von Himmel Hoch   Options S/t, 1970  1:37:49 ()
Pedro Santos  Advertência   Options Krishnanda  1:47:47 ()
The Bob Seger System  White Wall   Options Ramblin' Gamblin' Man  1:50:28 ()
Milt Matthews Inc.  Can't See Myself Doing You Wrong   Options For the People  1:55:39 ()
US Christmas  Orgone Accumulator   Options Hawkwind Triad  2:06:33 ()
Simply Saucer  Nazi Apocalypse   Options Cyborgs Revisited  2:13:20 ()
Jute Gyte  Waves   Options Old Ways  2:16:23 ()
Ulaan Khol (Steven R. Smith)  tr 5   Options III  2:25:39 ()
Faron Young  Better Things Than These   Options Sweethearts or Strangers  2:29:03 ()
The Burd Boys  Say It's Not You   Options 7"  2:31:06 ()
Harold Granger & Henry Will  Always   Options 78rpm 7", 1/27/44  2:33:55 ()
Faust  C pluus   Options You Know Faust  2:37:15 ()
Robert Wyatt  Te Recuerdo Amanda   Options 1982-1984  2:41:27 ()
Gil San Marcos  Sterling chambers   Options Domes  2:45:07 ()
Jack Greene  I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love with You)   Options All The Time  2:46:14 ()
Venus Gang  Take me Back to my Planet   Options Galactic Soul  2:50:39 ()
Fondation  Penombre   Options Le Vaisseau Blanc  2:53:01 ()
Liz & Keili with the Hoof and Mouth Sinfonia  The Cars That Go Boom   Options WFMU Marathon 2009   

Listener comments!

  Thu. 5/13/10 12:11pm dc pat:

  Thu. 5/13/10 12:12pm dc pat:

so far, so good. Don't slip up....
  Thu. 5/13/10 12:15pm dc pat:

whoa! I like this better than Love's version. ....I feel like I'm in an empty room.
  Thu. 5/13/10 12:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'll be there soon, Pat...just finishing up listening to a local show while trolling this comments site out of sheer and utter boredom.
  Thu. 5/13/10 12:28pm dc pat:

Thumbs up on Shit & Shine, those guys really have something going there
  Thu. 5/13/10 12:33pm frank zappa:

hey, that's MY guitar tone!
  Thu. 5/13/10 12:33pm Carmichael:

Hey you guys, what's shakin?
  Thu. 5/13/10 12:42pm raga:

alright, now i'm totally ready for lunch.
  Thu. 5/13/10 12:43pm Scott:

Eating mine now!
  Thu. 5/13/10 12:44pm north guinea hills:

just finished some yummy yankee bean soup.
  Thu. 5/13/10 12:46pm Carmichael:

Think I'll go grab 1/2 a sandwich here pretty soon.
  Thu. 5/13/10 12:46pm BSI:

"what's shakin'"?!?!?
That guy!
He's shakin' like a Leif!
  Thu. 5/13/10 12:47pm Leif Galangal:

I love these sounds. Go Scott go!
  Thu. 5/13/10 12:49pm Carmichael:

Almost as strange as Bryce's show. But not quite there ...
  Thu. 5/13/10 12:51pm dc pat:

yeah, you're nailing it Scott.
  Thu. 5/13/10 12:53pm dc pat:

ooo, Prince Rama. Time to start feeling odd...
  Thu. 5/13/10 12:54pm still b/p:

Anyone ever get busted for stealing PR of A's gear a while back?
  Thu. 5/13/10 1:01pm dc pat:

Not that I heard of--just like the douche who stole Sonic Youth's gear, never caught him/her/them.
  Thu. 5/13/10 1:03pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I saw Prince Rama about 3 months ago (saw them twice pre-douchebag thievery). Unfortuntately it just wasn't the same without a rainstick to shake.
  Thu. 5/13/10 1:03pm north guinea hills:

I was going to type what dc pat wrote.
  Thu. 5/13/10 1:06pm north guinea hills:

Carlos Giffoni is playing his No Fun Acid project at Public Assembly along w/ some raster-noton guys for the Bunker party Friday.
  Thu. 5/13/10 1:08pm dc pat:

I think for SY it was more of a catastrophic event in that the said douche got all the guitars and equip they'd been writing songs with for some 20 years. had to be more than 15 guitars..
  Thu. 5/13/10 1:14pm Some Guy:

Sonic Youth recoverd some of their guitars though. Someone found it in a pawn shop or something years later. Still didnt catch the thief though.
  Thu. 5/13/10 1:30pm north guinea hills:

I loves Penderecki! yum!
  Thu. 5/13/10 1:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

all aboard, this train is leaving the station
  Thu. 5/13/10 1:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Thu. 5/13/10 1:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

every hipster loves this Bob Seger System....I'll give it a fair chance.
  Thu. 5/13/10 1:54pm Looms:

I can't get enough of these psychotropic sets. Thanks!
  Thu. 5/13/10 1:54pm Scott:

That'll happen when Terre T puts the album cover on a t-shirt. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jdalton/4434155383/in/set-72157623496000641/
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:05pm Cecile:

Neurot, sign of quality.
You mean the tributes that are more Ptolemaic Terrascope than Alternative Press, Scott?
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:08pm Scott:

  Thu. 5/13/10 2:09pm BSI:

This version Orgone Accumulator has a very awesome (space-ritual-worthy) instrumental bit ... Most of these tributes lose me on the vocals but this project sounds like it's got good heart, guts, & space...
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:09pm Chris from DC:

There are a couple of PT friendly bands (Kinski and Bardo Pond) who do great things with Hawkwind. Loving this U.S. Christmas.
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:10pm BSI:

(clearly a HW nut, no apologies.)
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:12pm Scott:

I think vox are/should be an afterthought w/ HW. As long as leg and head can both go numb with the constant bouncing, I'm good. And cosmic splooshes never hurt anyone
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:13pm Joe:

dammit, Scott, cosmic splooshes killed my father!
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:14pm Cecile:

That's what I meant. No Alternative Press. Yes Ptolemaic Terrascope.
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:14pm BSI:

Of course bob calvert didn't have immaculate pitch, but we love'him...

oh CRAP, there's simply saucer. Must go to my special place now...
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:14pm Scott:

Oh man, dude, Joe, I am SOO SORRY!
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:15pm Joe:

oh man, oh god, oh man oh god, oh man, oh god, oh man OH GOD!
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:16pm Guy Man Dude:

  Thu. 5/13/10 2:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hey guy, you're not my friend...hey friend, don't call me guy.
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:21pm Cecile:

"dinnertime at the Lohan household"
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:22pm Joe:

I'm not your pal, buddy.

I'm not your buddy, guy.

I'm not your guy, friend!
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:24pm Buddy Guy:

don't drag my ass into this!
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:29pm bennett4senate:

hey scott! hi everyone. Computer speakers, gooooooooooooo
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:33pm bennett4senate:

...btw SO SORRY I misconstrued Troll 2 as "Goblin" the other week - i was in a rush to get that first comment. though Troll 2 does take place in the town of Nilbog
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:35pm still b/p:

I was thinkin'..."Waves" sounded like the conversation I might have later with the installer who disconnected and pulled my in-use-every-day sat. dish off the roof yesterday -- deciding it was "unused for years" -- and dropped it 30+ feet to the ground to put a new tenant's dish in the same spot. Oy. Oysome.
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:35pm ?:

just reading through the comments, and I have to say, belatedly, that whoever stole Sonic Youth's gear was trying to do humanity a favor and ought to be given a medal. But I suspect those be fightin' words 'round these parts . . .
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:39pm dc pat:

like or not, you don't steal a guy's guitar, and that's final.
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

how 'bout "thou shalt not steal", not to get all biblical on y'all
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I would give Faust a B- on this track.
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:42pm BSI:

"I still keep digging the 14th Commandment: 'Thou shalt not goof.'”
-- Lord Buckley
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:43pm dc pat:

it's worse than stealing some one's bike.
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:45pm bennett4senate:

@pat what if the bike is more expensive
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:46pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you play a guitar, a guitar plays you, it brings out the good and bad. a bike is just a tool.
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:47pm C:

tough crowd today. i liked that faust song. and the one just now too. i hate it, but i steal things sometimes. not a guitar or bike yet luckily.
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:47pm dc pat:

..which would definitely be the case for me. But guitars are harder to come by. I have a Telecaster that I paid $450 for but to replace it for under $1000 would be almost impossible. Besides, you just don't steal a guys guitar!
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:48pm dc pat:

..and what DCE said...although I'm pretty freakin attached to Lars (my bike) too...
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:49pm bennett4senate:

tell you what @D.C.E. you can stand on the pegs and rip a wicked solo while I pedal us to safety across a post apocalyptic landscape
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:49pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

so what's your guitar's name then?
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:49pm BSI:

Funny... me & BATGIRL didn't think anybody else named their bikes....
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:50pm dc pat:

Emma, and Vic, and "the Voxx" My other bike's name is Lanky...but now I've probably just given out too much information...
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:50pm BSI:

She's a great old lady... kept me speedfreakin' in tucson, bangor, & dc...
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:52pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

but your dog is probably just called "dog".
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:53pm bennett4senate:

this is good and heavy
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:53pm dc pat:

3 guitars, 1 bass, a premiere drum kit, a mountain bike, a bitchin road bike, and a Batman #19 from 1943. That's all my kids are going to inherit from me...
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

the robber barons will take those from you as well.
  Thu. 5/13/10 2:54pm dc pat:

..from my cold, dead, teeth...
  Thu. 5/13/10 3:00pm jeremy the listener:

best background tracks for 'your dj speaks' ever.
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