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Non-commercial indie-pop-rock, but with plenty of WTF? non-sequitur delightful/irritating moments; 90% stuff we've never heard before (45% you'll hate, 45% you'll love), 10% stuff we've heard before (5% you hate, 5% you love). (29 words, 6 numbers.)

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Options April 26, 2010: The April 26, 2010 Show with guest Bike Snob NYC

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments Approx. start time
Pyramids With Nadja  Into the Silent Night   Options Pyramids With Nadja  Hydra Head  2010  CD    0:00:00 ()
            Look Around You - Module 2 Water  0:10:40 ()
Francisco Lopez  Untitled #210   Options va: F  Zelphabet  2010  CD    0:16:58 ()
Harold Budd & Clive Wright  Preclucid   Options Little Windows  Darla  2010  CD    0:18:44 ()
The Instruments  Sea Chantey   Options       MP3    0:23:24 ()
Nudge Squidfish  Goodbye Princess   Options Twenty Thousand Leagues Under Nashville  Columbus Discount  2010  LP    0:34:27 ()
Fuck Montreal  I pour bees on myself   Options Winter Mange  Stumparumper  2010  7"  no, fuck washington! heh heh! sorry d.c. pat! game 6 tonight!!!  0:36:42 ()
Bitcrush  Fray the Middle to Meet the Ends   Options Of Embers  n5MD  2010  CD    0:38:22 ()
  interview with Bike Snob NYC
The Monkey Power Trio  Winifred   Options single  Pochahontas Swamp Machine  2010  7"    1:00:00 ()
Adam Ant  Table Talk   Options Dirk Wears White Sox  Columbia  2010  CD  re-issue  1:15:01 ()
pHoaming Edison  Burn / Lamps 1   Options See It! Flee It!  Marble Moat  2010  CD    1:34:25 ()
Jawbreaker  Busy   Options Unfun  Blackball  2010  CD    1:46:55 ()
Lazer Crystal  Love Rhombus   Options MCMLXXX  Thrill Jockey  2010  CD    2:01:03 ()
Denman Maroney Quintet  Udentity II   Options Udentity  Clean Feed  2010  CD    2:06:17 ()
Puta Madre Brothers  Putananny Twist   Options Queso Y Cojones  Baboso  2010  CD    2:12:16 ()
Sweet Talks  Mampam Sukuruwe   Options The Kusum Beat  Soundway  2010  CD    2:14:15 ()
Manikin  Death March   Options single  Super Secret  2010  7"    2:18:25 ()
Zeroes  Optimist   Options The Disappearance of the Sky Scraper  [no label]  2010  CD    2:27:15 ()
Owen Pallett  Tryst with Mephistopheles   Options Samper 2010  Third Side  2010  CD    2:30:28 ()
Florida  Haunted House   Options single  Shdwply  2010  7"    2:37:28 ()
Klaus Beyer  Die Glatze   Options va: Musik Oblik: Musics in the Margin 2  Sub Rosa  2010  CD    2:42:22 ()
The Half Rats  For the Sake of Love   Options single  Douche Master  2010  7"    2:44:47 ()
Dignan Porch  The Game We Made / As You Were   Options Tendrils  Captured Tracks  2010  CD    2:47:07 ()
Timmy's Organism  Don't Forget Your Pretty Stare   Options single  Douche Master  2010  7"    2:54:01 ()
Gumball Rimpoche  [various]   Options Pringles  [no label]  2010  CD    2:56:23 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 4/26/10 9:05am DKC:

Is the right channel down? Sounds great in mono.
  Mon. 4/26/10 9:13am bobw:

weird. i just adjusted the channel output level and it went back to stereo.
  Mon. 4/26/10 9:13am DetroitMac:

Hi Bob: Are you taking questions for your interview with the BikeSnob section of the show yet?
  Mon. 4/26/10 9:13am dc pat:

funny: "What are birds...we just don't know..."
  Mon. 4/26/10 9:14am Duke:

H 20? H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H?

I'm not drinking that stuff. Only Dihydrogen monoxode for me.
  Mon. 4/26/10 9:15am LizGig:

So did someone get paid to see what happens when you boil an egg? Why can't I find these jobs?
  Mon. 4/26/10 9:16am bobw:

1. google "look around you" to see the video for this amazingly demented show. adult swim has aired the series.
2. yes! questions for the bike snob nyc! email them!
  Mon. 4/26/10 9:19am LizGig:

Ah. It's British comedy. That explains a lot.
  Mon. 4/26/10 9:25am dc pat:

Excellent, bikesnob. What does bikesnob think about Alexandre Vinokourov winning Liege-Bastogne-Liege?
  Mon. 4/26/10 9:30am north guinea hills:

Where are these Instruments from?
  Mon. 4/26/10 9:31am DetroitMac:

For the Snob: 1st, Thanks for giving me so much pleasure. I quite enjoy your writings and comments on the bike scene (all hail the Lobster God - in melted butter may he lay). One point I would like to contribute: I have been a long time rider and racer, both in and out of NYC. Regardless if I am commuting or riding for pleasure, I try to wear the brightest clothing I can. Studies show drivers of other vehicles give cyclists a little wider berth if the cyclist is wearing bright clothing. I also think: " they can't say they didn't see me if the run me over". Any remarks on this, Snob? And can I ask you, have you noticed an increased hostility to cyclists since the downturn in the economy - especially this spring? I have had more than the usual number of dangerous encounters with drivers this spring, when my only crime was being a cyclist riding on the side of a country road.
  Mon. 4/26/10 9:33am paul:

lala.com used to let you swap cds with other people for a dollar each, i got hundreds and hundreds of cds that way, tons of stuff i've never even found in stores, i don't know why people were just giving them away. but then the site switched to being mp3-centric so all that ended.
  Mon. 4/26/10 9:36am LSH:

Question for bike snob: I want to get my first bike for riding in the city - mainly for getting around Brooklyn on the weekends, but also longer trips to the beach and maybe some commuting. What kind of bike should I get? I'm low on funds...
  Mon. 4/26/10 9:46am dc pat:

HEY! I just saw yer note BobW! The "CanadiENz" are going DOWN! What kind of name is that anyway??. GO CAPS!
  Mon. 4/26/10 9:51am DetroitMac:

To LSH: I can answer some of your question. If you are getting a bike that you are planning to lock on the street, get one you will not get too upset about if it gets stolen. An old used english 3 speed style bike is good for the beginner riding you plan. Do you have any bike friends to help you check the bike out before you buy? I would also recommend you try to get out to the Lehigh Valley Velodrome (Bike Track) in eastern PA for their annual bike flea market on May 8th. It is a great place to get all sorts of bike stuff inexpensively. The URL for the market is: http://www.thevelodrome.com/swapmeets.php
  Mon. 4/26/10 9:53am LSH:

Thanks detroitmac! I do have some bikey friends - they'd probably come with me to the flea market.
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:05am dc pat:

"biking" gets confused with fekkin motorcycles. cycling is it.
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:05am DetroitMac:

What club do you race for (do you do any of the local club races?) and what is your category level?
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:11am dahoned:

mr.bike - how do you feel 'bout all them dahons on the road lately?
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:14am wilson:

In the US yearly 37,000 people are killed in car accidents, and 650 are killed in bicycle accidents. In NYC pedestrians are in far more danger than cyclists, with 258 killed last year compared to 37 cyclists.
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:17am dc pat:

wilson: thanks Mr. Numbers. Those are interesting statistics, where'd you get them?
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:21am scotts:

can you attempt to make the hipsters, triathletes and other new road cyclists aware that blowing a stop sign effects the image of ALL cyclists by the driver witnessing the lack of law abiding riding.
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:24am Parq:

This came up years ago on the old FMU message board. Where does this notion come from that, if you're not with the bikers you're with the car and truck drivers? Every single person who gets around Manhattan on foot with any regularity has had a close call with a bike. And I could count on one hand the times I've seen a cyclist stop for a red light.
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:24am biketoworkdad:

who do i call if i get hit by a cab
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:25am wilson:


shows similar numbers—my stats were from 2008 but I can't recall the origin
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:25am thegock:

What kind of tail light do you run?
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:25am dale:

i ride a motorcycle and wear a dayglo construction vest over my jacket. you can get them at any work clothing place or army navy store (or walmart if you're not opposed).
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:26am thegock:

What bike forums do you follow?
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:27am thegock:

When are you doing a signing in NJ?
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:28am btwd:

hey thegock : get this http://www.knog.com.au/
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:28am dben1551@aol.com:

why are the most inconsiderate riders the one that never wear a helmet or have lights?
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:28am popo:

talk all monday AM? even if this was interesting it would not be
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:31am popo:

ok, not so bad
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:31am Randy Lovelace:

Your thoughts on the NY Times bike column yesterday? It looks to be a new column in the Times, but I'm dying to have your thoughts.
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:34am Big X Portland, Maine:

Bike Snob
Why do rides of bikes feel that they don't need to follow the rules of the road?
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:36am Scott:

I really enjoy your blog it's one of the few things taht makes me laugh out loud, however Coming from the suburbs (Hartford, Connecticut)I often find it hard to relate to.

In the suburbs we see less bikes and I'm almost viewed as a freak for commuting and running errands by bicycle. I was hit by an inattentive motorist in January who believed they had the right of way when they clearly did not. When the police came they cared very little for the accident and failed to even file on the police report that I was a cyclist.

Even though cyclists have the same rights as motorists do you view were viewed as second class citizens when using the road ways?
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:36am dc pat:

Parq: I just think on the us vs them debates, their are jerks on all sides. Pedestrians regularly walk out in front of my bike against the red light and then they are SHOCKED that they are almost hit. But there are dick cyclists too.

Big X: because NObody follows any rules now. How many time have I been almost hit by an SUV flying through a red light?? Lots.
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:36am fady:

I have to say that Bob W. is doing a horrible job with this interview. Granted this is not the shedding great light on th bike snob. But this is not his medium.
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:38am dc pat:

fady: have to disagree, I'm enjoying it.
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:38am wilson:

fady: That's true! Reading his blog is approx 50 times more entertaining. He didn't even say "pants yabbies" yet!
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:40am VitoSBrevis:

Even though most of today's comments will do more to dissuade people from dusting off their bikes and giving it a go, remember to practice before you head out in traffic. If you have not ridden in years, take a few trips away from people and cars before you try to share space with them. You need to be sharp. (Also, remember that men wearing tights just sets some people off.)
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:40am fady:

Bob needed to prepare better for this interview. Ask about Contador's finger banging or Foffing off. Anything down hi aisle
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:41am Big X:

dc pat
It is true that few follow the rules but it seems that folks on bikes should at least ride on the proper side of the road.
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:42am WILSON:

when I was a bike messenger in 1999 I felt safer riding the wrong way down one way streets because then you could at least see the cars coming. I felt like the more aggressive/crazy I rode, the more visible I was and the less chance I had of being hit. Now I chilled out a bit, but stopping at red lights is out of the question.
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:47am thegock:

  Mon. 4/26/10 10:49am dc pat:

My biggest concern, as a cyclist who generally follows rules, is dirvers talking on cell phones (illegal in DC), and ignoring red lights. This is highly dangerous activity. Cyclists blowing off rules is mildly annoying at worst.
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:50am JTKMDNY:

I ride my bike back and forth to work each day. I ride frp, Staten Island to Mid-Town Manhattan. What is needed is a separate north and south bound street. While the east and west side bike lanes are good, they are very inconveniemt if you work near park avenue. This would also remove cars from the equation although pedestriams would still be an issue. Hopefully, cyclislts would provide greater respect for their rights when only battling one obstacle
  Mon. 4/26/10 10:50am DetroitMac:

Does anybody remember riding the old elevated West Side Highway after a section collapsed and it was only open to Peds and cyclists in 1976. What a fantastic commute ride from Chambers St. to 59th St with no traffic and a elevated view of the Hudson River.
  Mon. 4/26/10 11:12am bobw:

i need to prepare more for the interview? er.... i read the author's book. that's 223 pages of preparing.
  Mon. 4/26/10 11:15am dc pat:

I think it was cool bobw. EXCEPT, you didn't ask MY question about Vinokourov...
  Mon. 4/26/10 11:26am mike noble / bikewobble:

if those bikes were pipe bombs, sure was smart to throw them all on the back of a gas-loaded truck. then store them over the weekend in the middle of a police precinct.
  Mon. 4/26/10 11:33am mike noble:

dc pat-- i'm a daily bike commuter in NYC, but i might be moving to DC in the next year. is it as great as i've heard (totally flat)? will it make me want to ride singlespeed everywhere?
  Mon. 4/26/10 11:36am bobw:

ah, d.c. pat, you've gotten enough attention this morning! heh heh! but sorry that i didn't get to your question. although it may have seemed like a long interview, it went by really quickly on this side of the radio. and about the bike pipe bomb thing - i can understand the concern, but regardless, it seems a dumb way to handle the situation... unless there was a specific threat, which we would never know.
  Mon. 4/26/10 11:45am Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  Mon. 4/26/10 11:48am dc pat:

mike: it's pretty good--lots more bike lanes than when I moved here. Not totally flat though. I live up on a hill so, for instance, going downtown for me is flying down Mass Ave. but climbing back up all liquored up after happy hour is always fun.
  Mon. 4/26/10 11:53am mike noble:

DC-- as flat or flatter than NYC? i've heard people say nyc is flat, but i see plenty of hills in my travels. good condition to the roads? also, who do the caps play next round?
  Mon. 4/26/10 11:59am dc pat:

uh...let's see maybe not as flat as NYC. Roads are ok but some are bad. Always have to watch out for potholes. Not sure about the caps..not really a big hockey fan.
  Mon. 4/26/10 12:19pm bobw:

bike lights: beware the tiny knog! i lost two of them in the span of a month! and they're expensive! i went with the far less expensive version that trek makes.
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