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Theme (n) - the subject of talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.

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Options April 22, 2010: Part II- Beastie Boys Sample Show- including the b-sides

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
The Beastie Boys  Shadrach   Options Paul's Boutique  0:00:00 ()
Rose Royce  Do Your Dance   Options   0:04:56 ()
Black Oak Arkansas  Hot and Nasty   Options   0:14:06 ()
James Brown  Funky Drummer   Options   0:17:02 ()
Beastie Boys  Ask for Janice   Options Paul's Boutique  0:26:07 ()
Beastie Boys  Caught in the Middle of a 3-Way Mix   Options   0:26:52 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:29:30 ()
Beastie Boys  B-Boy Bouillabaisse   Options Paul's Boutique  0:34:12 ()
Run-D.M.C.  Here We Go (Live at the Funhouse 1983)   Options   0:46:21 ()
Joni Mitchell  The Jungle Line   Options   0:50:17 ()
B-Side and Fab 5 Freddy  Change Le Beat   Options   0:54:40 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     0:58:24 ()
Love Bug Starski  Starski, Live at the Disco Fever   Options   1:04:37 ()
Scotty  Draw Your Brakes   Options   1:06:35 ()
Southside Movement  Save the World   Options   1:09:34 ()
The Isley Brothers  That Lady   Options   1:13:14 ()
Sweet  Into the Night   Options   1:18:47 ()
The Crusaders  The Well's Gone Dry   Options   1:23:08 ()
The Meters  Hey Pocky A Way   Options   1:27:42 ()
Kool & the Gang  Let the Music Take Your Mind   Options   1:32:15 ()
Trouble Funk  Good to Go   Options   1:36:00 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     1:44:07 ()
Beastie Boys  33% God   Options   1:49:10 ()
The Bar-Kays  Holy Ghost   Options   1:52:51 ()
Beastie Boys  Dis Yourself in '89   Options   2:00:59 ()
West Street Mob  Break Dance- Electric Boogie   Options   2:04:27 ()
The Average White Band  Cut the Cake   Options   2:08:17 ()
Stevie Wonder  Boogie on Reggae Woman   Options   2:11:56 ()
Incredible Bongo Band  Apache   Options   2:16:00 ()
Rhythm Heritage  Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow   Options   2:20:48 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     2:24:05 ()
Beastie Boys  And What You Give Is What You Get   Options   2:30:08 ()
Black Flag  Rise Above   Options   2:33:35 ()
The Jam  Start!   Options   2:35:59 ()
Beastie Boys  Some Dumb Cop Gave Me 2 Tickets Already   Options   2:38:11 ()
Young-Holt Unlimited  Soulful Strut   Options   2:44:03 ()
Ska Kids Entertainment  Pick It Up   Options   2:49:25 ()
The Specials  You're Wondering Now   Options The Specials  2:50:50 ()
The Specials  A Message to You Rudy   Options The Specials  2:53:37 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 4/22/10 6:02am Chuck:

Morning! Here we go!
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:02am Andy in Berlin:

Making up for last week's zone-out. Good morning everybody!
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:03am Meghan:

Morning guys! Here we go is right!
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:07am Chuck:

Say what year did this song come out? Everything is turning 70s on me of late...
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:09am Meghan:

Well the 70's would be right..... Car Wash Soundtrack I think.....
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:13am Chuck:

Ah, found it on AllMusic. 1977 on their 2nd album...
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:40am Chris - Bristol:

Morning Meghan and all, last week was amazing and today's show looks to be going the same way! Is it possible to download or burn a copy of these shows?
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:43am Meghan:

Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way..... Just listen to the archives.... maybe try to burn from there? dunno....
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:45am Chuck:

I used to be able to download an archived show if I listened to it through RealPlayer. Don't know if that's possible anymore since they've changed some things on the web site...
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:46am Dave B:

greets friends!
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:47am Chuck:

Morning, Dave! You're late. Shame, shame...
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:47am Meghan:

Morning Dave!
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:51am Chris - Bristol:

Ah well, thanks anyway, guess I best shut up and enjoy the show! Cheers
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:52am Dave B:

yeah... worked til aboiut 2:30am. Had to get a few hours sleep.

I'm pooped! Chuck - Has Meghan made a B-Boy outta you yet?
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:53am Meghan:

Ha! No worries!

Yeah right.... No b-boy out of Chuck! But I'll stay as a Rude Girl!
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:53am Dave B:

@Bristol Chris - Audio Hijack Pro on Mac can do what you need..
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:54am Chuck:

Not totally yet, Dave. She may be wearing me down some though...
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:55am Dave B:

True on the rude roots.
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:57am Meghan:

Next week we go back to the traditional show.... but I must say this isn't too far off.... I am just starting with the hip hop and then showing the love of what lies below!
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:57am Chris - Bristol:

Cheers Dave B - My girlfriend has a Mac although I am not allowed to touch it after I accidentially spilt a pint of water on her last laptop! If I even look at it I'm in trouble...
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:57am Dave B:

that Joni Mitchell track was kinda neat..
  Thu. 4/22/10 6:58am Meghan:

Awwww poor Chris.... that is sad....
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:00am Chuck:

Another alternative is if you have 2 sound cards in your computer, Chris. Use one to play and the other to record. I've gotten undownloadable stuff from the internet for years using that method...
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:01am Andy in Berlin:

Rush Alert!
The Rush movie premiers at the Tribeca FF on Sat night at 9:30. Band will be there.
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:02am Dave B:

A kind of audio collage...
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:06am Meghan:

Meghan will be waitressing..... fun fun.... I think I would rather be talking to Rush! (I can't believe I said that.....)
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:08am Dave B:

@chris - for windows, there is "Shoutcast Stream Ripper" - never tried it, but might be worth a peek. Also, I think you can just subscribe to the RSS feeds....
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:09am Chuck:

I can't believe you just refered to yourself in the 3rd person, Meg! Remember Ellen? Hehe...
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:11am Meghan:

HA! Meghan does remember this..... I know, I find it so strange when people do it, though it was appropriate for my use!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:11am Chuck:

Ellen: "Morning, how are WE today?"
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:14am Chris - Bristol:

Thanks Dave B and Chuck, unfortunately I am a bit hopeless with technology but I will explore both options.
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:21am Dave B:

  Thu. 4/22/10 7:23am Chuck:

Yeah, cool! Where would we be without 70s glam!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:27am Andy in Berlin:

>Meghan will be waitressing<
That's why god invented telephone interviews. Meghan can ask Michael Shelley how to fix it up. He does it all the time.
Meghan can not disappoint her fans.
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:27am Dave B:

Oh - Meghan - if you want some good stuff reminiscent of the pre-show tunes from Tuesday - seek out the Trojan Records collections. I have the "Ska Rarities 3 disc box" and a few others..

@chuck - too bad Gary Glitter jumped the Glam thing over the shark.
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:28am kath:

checking in....
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:29am Dave B:

greets Kath.
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:29am Chuck:

Morning Kath!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:30am Andy in Berlin:

Hallo Kath!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:30am Meghan:

I think I have the ska collection from trojan..... lemme double check....

@ Andy..... too funny..... I have heard some awkward interviews as well!

Morning Kath!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:31am kath:

You can work Meg, I'll go in your place!!!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:31am Andy in Berlin:

...and here's your chance to be one of them. Pleeeeeeeeeese...!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:32am Meghan:

Nope, it was the Trojan Rockers set...... trade ya!

I should be a bartender.... I would be way better... chatting people up and stuff...
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:33am kath:

Diggin' all this funk and brass!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:34am Chuck:

Been there, done that, Meg! How's your tolerance for people being drunk and stupid?
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:35am kath:

Indeed, Chuck
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:35am Dave B:

consider it done in my next missive this weekend. I have a few other good Trojan boxes too...

The Brass-o-matic 2000
"mmm, that's great brass"
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:35am justin:

Great show Meghan!! I want it to be the soundtrack to my day. Keep it coming...
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:35am Parq:

Yeah, what Kath said.
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:35am Meghan:

I deal with drunk and stupid all the time! That is where my keen sense of humor, aka SARCASM, sets in! See how much you can rank on someone before they know it and leave you a tip! HA!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:37am buck aka kath:

Depends where you work. I, unfortunately worked in dives and there were no 'innteresting monsters'.
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:37am Meghan:

Thanks Justin! Been wanting to do this show for a bit.... glad I did it!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:38am justin:

Me toooo!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:38am buck aka kath:

DB, I think I shall look to your expertise for a niice funk set, not too heavy, for a cloud visit.
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:39am Meghan:

Oh there are interesting people everywhere..... It's just a matter of how you deal with it! Luckily, I have fun coworkers that encourage my silliness! But alas, not behind bar yet.... or Bars either!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:39am Chuck:

Not to mention having to break up a bar fight, Kath! I'm sure Meg would find that most entertaining...
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:40am kath:

my place place musta been the loser magnet bar!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:40am Dave B:

@Justin - John Spade: They're my theme music. Every hero's got to have some.
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:40am Meghan:

hehe.... yeah i would! not a black belt for nothing!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:41am Dave B:

Instant A-holes...

Just add alcohol!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:44am Dave B:

@kath - will see what I can put together on that. I need better tags in my library. It's getting unruly!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:45am kath:

when your in the moood...
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:49am Dave B:

end of May?!?


Can we campaign to keep the show going?
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:50am kath:

ya, what's up with that???
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:51am Meghan:

You can always campaign for the keeping of my show! =) I am not as worried as I was last time, but we shall see.... You never know! The schedule shifts twice a year to let in some fresh blood, so who knows! Maybe I'll be put in a better slot! Send your love of my show to Ken!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:52am Chris M:

"Out of the Blue" Viva -Roxy Music Live" for your inside out theme
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:52am Chuck:

You've got it!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:53am kath:

Wearing The Inside Out, Pink Floyd
Turn You Inside Out, REM
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:53am eric:

Love the show! Hope it stays on! For next week's show, it may be a bit obvious, but one of my favorite bands from the late 80s-early 90s - The Mighty Lemon Drops - the song: Inside Out! Duh, huh?
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:54am kath:

Wearing The Inside Out, Pink Floyd
Turn You Inside Out, REM
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:54am Chris m:

the intro and the outro -bonzo dog
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:54am Meghan:

Oh nice ones..... I love that Mighty Lemon Drops were mentioned! That was the one song that made me think of for the theme too!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:56am kath:

oopps! oh and Feist - Inside and Out
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:57am kath:

time for me to scoot...
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:57am Dave B:

My one spoiler here -

Love You Inside Out - The Bee Gees

The rest, the usual method.

  Thu. 4/22/10 7:57am Chuck:

Inside Out - The Chameleons! You missed them on a previous theme...
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:58am Meghan:

Ha! Dave...... See you Kath!
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:58am Dave B:

L8r kath
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:59am Meghan:

What one did I miss them on? I squeezed them in last minute for crying....
  Thu. 4/22/10 7:59am Andy in Berlin:

Better slot? Hey from where I sit this is a GREAT slot! But seriously when you think of how much comment action you get when most people are still in bed, a slot when people are actually awake (and can get you on the radio) is a mind boggling concept.
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:00am Chuck:

Inside Out And Upside Down (With You) - The Cramps
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:01am Chuck:

Ooops! You're right, Meghan. I forgot the last minute part. Think I was expecting them earlier in that show...
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:03am Meghan:

HA! No joke Andy! Other DJ's ask me about my comments and are amazed at how many I get! I just tell them it's all about the interaction!
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:05am Chuck:

And your listeners don't know how to shut up! Speaking of which where's Jeff P?
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:05am Dave B:

And to be able to be out by 9am-ish is pretty key.

We (on the east coast) can be pretty chatty @ 6am, hmmm...
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:06am Meghan:

Good question..... where is Jeff P? LOL

I made sure my show was about listener participation. It's not just MY show. I like that you all have input!
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:09am Dave B:

This west street mob track used to get mixed a lot with something like a Herb Alpert track back in the day. Can't remember that tracks name.
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:14am eric:

After the Bee Gees track (Love You Inside Out) - Feist's version - Inside and Out - from Let It Die.
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:16am Chris - Bristol:

Upside down - Diana Ross: "boy you turn me inside out"?
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:18am Meghan:

Thank you Chris! That was the other one that was stuck in my head..... total roller skating song....
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:18am Dave B:

THIS is the track that the West Side Mob one was mixed with, during some of the breaks.. Cuttin' the record back and forth, back and forth....
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:19am Meghan:

Good thing I played this to ease your mind!
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:20am Dave B:

music calms the savage beast....
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:23am Chuck:

Ah! For a part of the cheese set, Inside Out-Upside Down by The Archies!
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:29am Dan:

May 9
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:30am Andy in Berlin:

well in honor of the cheese set - Inside Out by Bryan Adams. Yikes!
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:31am Dan:

I hope your mom wasn't listening. Also, good morning Meghan.
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:31am Meghan:

ha! Scaring yourself with your own suggestion!
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:31am Dave B:

And for Mothers Day - the Legion of Rock Stars doing Danzig's "Mother"

  Thu. 4/22/10 8:32am Meghan:

Meh, she knows me.... so I am forgiven! Morning Dan!
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:33am Andy in Berlin:

heck I scare myself all the time
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:49am Parq:

Miss Meg, your ol' Uncle Parqbench remembers the original top 40 release of "Soulful Strut". Hearing that is tied with hearing the Nevilles for the biggest treat I had on this show.
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:52am Dave B:

For some wicked tight japanese ska, seek out the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:54am Parq:

Perfect ender.
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:54am Meghan:

It was supposed to be..... still had a little time.... meh
  Thu. 4/22/10 8:56am Parq:

No worries. Singin' along here.
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