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Non-commercial indie-pop-rock, but with plenty of WTF? non-sequitur delightful/irritating moments; 90% stuff we've never heard before (45% you'll hate, 45% you'll love), 10% stuff we've heard before (5% you hate, 5% you love). (29 words, 6 numbers.)

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Options February 22, 2010: The Feb. 22, 2010 Show

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments Approx. start time
Muslimgauze  Uzi Mahmood   Options Uzi Mahmood  Soleilmoon  2010  CD    0:00:00 ()
Madlib    Speto Da Rua - Dirty Brasilian Crates Vol. 1  Mochilla  2010  CD    0:08:28 ()
Cotton Candy  [various]   Options Top-Notch & First Rate  Teen Beat  2010  CD     
The Ex  Maybe I Was the Pilot   Options single  Ex  2010  CD     
These New Puritans  Three Thousand   Options Hidden  Domino  2010  CD     
Waterloo  Black Born Children   Options First Battle  Guerssen  2010  CD  re-issue   
Adam Franklin  Winter Girls   Options Spent Bullets  Second Motion  2010  CD     
Bongos Ikwue & the Groovies  Otachikpopo   Options va: Nigeria Afrobeat Special: the New Explosive Sound in 1970's Nigeria  Sound Way  2010  CD     
Marina Rosenfeld  Sweetest Sensation   Options Plastic Materials  Room40  2010  CD     
Sawako  Sluice   Options va: Sawako: Summer Tour Remix V1  Sawako  2010  CD     
Mara Tremblay  Le bruit   Options Tu m'intimides  Audiogram  2009  CD     
Karkwa  Vrai   Options Les tremblements s'immobillsent  Audiogram  2005  CD     
Champion  L6 (The Blooded)   Options Resistance  Saboteur  2010  CD     
Two French Notes  Un temps de lezard   Options va: J'aim CISM  CISM    CD     
Rob Swift  [various]   Options The Architect  Ipecac  2010  CD     
Foxdye  Cheesy Song Clearance   Options Magical Glimmering Rainbow  Fkdp  2010  CD     
Golden Triangle  Neon Noose   Options Double Jointer  Hardly Art  2010  CD     

Listener comments!

  Mon. 2/22/10 9:10am Charcutero:

Good Morning folks!
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:17am stingy d:

its gonna rain. makes me wanna kill a dude.
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:19am north guinea hills:

crap, i knew it was going to rain and i didn't bring my umbrealla. this makes this monday after my awesome 1-day weekend even shittier.

although bob seems to be alleviating the dread...
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:23am Doctor B.:

This is the second time I've tuned in to hear someone playing a cool mix by a Stones Throw artist. If I believed in signs...
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:24am Parq:

D, I didn't realize you were the Family Guy weatherman.
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:29am annie:

good morning all!!
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:30am seang:

World Cup comin up...Go Brasil!
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:33am north guinea hills:

I've already asked for days off of work for the days the USA will play in the world cup. If the injury situation doesn't improve, it will be a short one for them.
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:34am dc pat:

wait, what?? talking real football? Who's injured on the US team?
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:35am dc pat:

they're up against the might Deutschland first.
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:39am north guinea hills:

Davies, Onyewu, Dempsey, and a host of backup players. Actually, they play Angleterre first.
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:42am seang:

Dempsey Rules!
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:42am Cecile:

I'm personally excited about the Olympic ice dancing. *onetime figure skating geek*

And the men's speed skating because they wear tight clothes. ;D
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:42am dc pat:

jeezus. What are those guys doing getting injured w/ the WC coming up?? least the front line is ok.

Dempsey's great when he's on but he's a sloppy shot.
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:43am dc pat:

Olympics: women's skeleton is #1.
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:50am north guinea hills:

The main complaint about Dempsey is that he's more consistent for Fulham then he is for the U.S. men's national team.
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:50am Cecile:

That sport? Scary as hell.

However, ski cross? AWESOME!
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:52am dc pat:

ngh: EXACtly.

Cecile: EXACtly.

Something about women going 90 m/hr head first that turns me on...
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:53am Parq:

'Cile, I'm picturing you in a punky skate-dancer outfit, doing your routine to the MC5's "Kick Out the Jams". I'm all for it.
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:54am Cecile:

Ah, so it's your version of speed skating. :D

ngh: if that Dempsey were me I'd say "that's because you're not paying me!"
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:55am Cecile:

I personally have a great routine worked out in my head for the Stooges' "Loose". LOL! You should see the quad at the end.
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:55am c:

Fulham/Dempsey: Wonder if it's not mostly a function of the respective team around him (players, chemistry, style of play, etc.)...
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:56am Cecile:

So, Dempsey = football tofu?
(takes on the flavor of everything aaround him."
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:57am north guinea hills:

I actually can dig figure skating, but i can't quite put my finger on the nose on ice dancing. What is it really about. Although, in the early modern Olympics, ballroom dancing was a medal sport.

C: well, yeah, the U.S. is noted for it's ball possession skills.
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:59am north guinea hills:

C: i mean, NOT noted for their ball possession skills.
  Mon. 2/22/10 9:59am dc pat:

c: I think that's legitimate. I think Donovan kind of blows unless he's feeding shots to Altidore. Maybe that's a little rough on him but he sucked during the last WC.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:00am dc pat:

ngh: I was gonna say...
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:00am Cecile:

I think it's more pure skating - not athletic in the traditional blood and thunder mode. Also, the costumes in the early 90s? That did it for me.

But I swear I squeed when I saw a couple do about 15 killer steps off one push and one edge. That is as hard as a quad to do perfectly.

  Mon. 2/22/10 10:03am north guinea hills:

I've really taken to curling. someone should open up a curling bar here in nyc. they have bocce bars, why not curling?
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:05am Chris:

winter olympics = pot smokers
summer olympics = steriod users

winter olympics win
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:07am stingy d:

lost on me parqer
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:10am Cecile:

They have curling clubs here in Mpls. You should see if there is one in NYC. As for an "ice bar" large, heavy objects, competition and booze are not such a great idea.

@Chris - THIS.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:15am Chris:

@ Cecile
what is THIS?
Im a little retar...er, I mean developmentaly slow.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:18am dc pat:

curling has grown on me too. Yeah I can see some broke ankles in a curling + bar situation...
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:18am Cecile:

Winter Olypics = Win.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:19am BSI:

EGAD, the 1970s Citizens Bank of MD jingle. ... I will now revert to my traditional adolescent fetal position...
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:24am north guinea hills:

@ Chris:

THIS=I agree w/ this statement.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:25am north guinea hills:

@dc pat: yeah, i thought about the liability issues w/ a curling bar, but drunk people tossing bocce balls isn't much safer....
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:28am play us:

hey b.w.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:28am dc pat:

shit yeah! New The Ex!
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:28am Chris:

THIS - you kids and your hip lingo...I need to wash my dentures.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:29am dc pat:

they got a new singer and ditched the low end.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:30am annie:

ngh- how about issuing penalties for tossing the ball higher than the knee, akin to "sticking" which is raising the hockey stick higher than the shoulder. (?)
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:31am dc pat:

ngh: I'd say it's about 40 pounds safer.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:32am stingy d:

who made this beat, eminem?
BOBW: it's d.j. food!
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:32am dc pat:

damn, the Ex just keeps getting better and better. Terrie + Andy = Pat's Punk Paradise.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:39am north guinea hills:

@Annie: well, then an employee of the bar would need to referee. I haven't seen any bocce injuries at Magnetic Field in Brooklyn.

but, if drunk canadians can play curling w/ maiming themselves, then maybe a curling bar might work.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:42am north guinea hills:

don't say the "P" word....
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:43am Cecile:

family Guy is just not funny, except for occasional bits with the dog and baby.
I'd be annoyed. But that's me.

Awesome, Bob. The US pairs are great!!!!
And that was a great routine.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:43am stingy d:

you checked out ice dancing inbetween periods.... really?
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:45am stingy d:

is the p-word "period" or "pause"?

i'm just ribbing you bob... hiyoooo!
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:45am suitma:

the ice dancers who wore the cowboy ish were brother and sister i think.. it was impressive.. but weird.. the southern country attire was a strange twist..
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:47am dc pat:

ngh: I'd definitely go to a curling bar. Way more interested in that than bocce. I went to magnetic field once. It was ok. The beer was better than the bocce.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:49am bobw:

1. i agree that the dog and baby are the only funny bits about family guy, and;
2. hell yes i checked out ice dancing between periods! at the rink where i referee, they often have public skate on the rink next to us (it's a twin outdoor rink with no walls or roof in central park) and blast out horrible pop music. i often find myself doing a little two-step skate to the beat. embarrassing.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:49am suitma:

shuffleboard is the ticket though
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:49am Chris:

The way Sarah Palin uses her kids to get into fights makes me think she might hold them between her and an assassin's bullet if it came to it.
- in no way am I condoning the assassination of minor political figures.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:49am north guinea hills:

i felt the Family Guy portrayal of the Down's girl was not only favorable but empowering.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:50am Gina Kamentsky:

Ouch! that hurt!! What's wrong with looking gay????
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:51am annie:

ngh- yes, i agree...
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:53am Parq:

I agree with Gina - could we please stop using "gay" as a synonym for "lame"?
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:54am stingy d:

yea lets use "phil collins"
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:56am stingy d:

i watched skate dancing after and before having a male period, i assure you it was not phil collins.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:56am bobw:

looking gay, acting gay and being gay are all OK! great, in fact! i didn't mean "gay" gay. sort of like saying, "that's retarded." uh oh... i've started it again. I'M SORRY SARAH!!!! i'm sorry twig, or whatever you call your son! hey - i just realized that sarah and zappa have something in common... how they name their kids!
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:56am suitma:

phil collins throwin down with bone thugs.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoLB_U0YPOg ..
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:57am Chris:

sd - since phil collins actually does mean gay it's still the same problem.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:58am Cecile:

suitma, there was a US non-bro/sis team, and also a similarly garbed English team, who were brother and sister. And then the French team, who looked like a cross between Lt. Blueberry and Lil' Abner.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:58am stingy d:

you guys know about wild'n out?
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:59am Parq:

I confess I realy like "Something Happened on the Way to Heaven" -- it's a great pop song - but I am entirely in favor of D's proposal ("Jesus, could that wrapping paper possibly be more Phil Collins?")
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:59am Cecile:

As for gay, there's not enough gay in ice skating.

I watched some old Toller Cranston and John Curry programs and wanted to weep from the beauty. If they had a triple Axel or quad (and were 30 yrs youner or in Curry's case, alive) they'd win it all.
  Mon. 2/22/10 10:59am Chris:

I don't know stingy, sounds gay. What is it?
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:00am bobw:

fair enough - using gay for lame is so hetro. very breedy. didn't mean to offend.
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:01am Cecile:

If manlove = artistry (which incidentally, I don't believe it does, witness Kurt Browning, Scott Hamilton and others), give me moar!
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:02am suitma:

i lived on scott hamilton street once.. shit was phil collins
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:02am Gina Kamentsky:

Thanks bob!
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:04am stingy d:

well it helps if you know the song "wild out" by the lox.... but anyway... wilding out is slang for going crazy. but its better when you decide to secretly know that wild'n out is slang for cumming.

so, you know, this gay dude was fucking the shit out of this gay girl for like five hours and he didn't even wil'out!
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:05am stingy d:

phil collins is also a nice substitute for when you want to call someone a motherfucker, but its inapporpriate.... like say, you have a boss.

"i'll get that document for you, phil collins"
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:05am Cecile:

How about just lame? wack? lousy? campy-but-not-in-a-good-way?

or Phil Collins.
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:07am Chris:

As someone who has a family member who suffers from mental health issues can we please not use the word crazy :)
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:09am Cecile:

Johnny Weir was robbed! I also liked his tribute to the Grateful Dead's American Beauty album at the end of his program. ;D
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:11am reno:

The marathon isn't a few weeks away. A week from this morning!
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:13am Frank Footer:

Bob W, the background music has to go. I am walking around telling people that i am having dreams of f****** an R&B B*****. :P
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:21am suitma:

killin it bob w
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:22am bobw:

1. oh yeah! the marathon is one freaking week away!!! agrazhaaaa!!!!!
2. i always worry that the background music becomes annoying. i try to change it up, and not use the same track every week. but, yeah, changing it up within the show is good. fresh background music for the next mic break!
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:22am north guinea hills:

Yes Cecile, I agree. Weir might be a little over the top, but the kid has talent, and is fun to watch.

Crackers! i missed marina and sawako! both good people and amazing musicians....
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:22am stingy d:

when they remake edward scissorhands in 15 years, this will be the main theme
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:28am dc pat:

yeah, what ever phil collins...

hey I like that.
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:32am Chris:

Can we please not use agrazhaaa!! as a way to express frustration...it's a serious condition with about 1.5 million of the population suffering from it.
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:42am Chris:

Fuck the FCC! Go for it Bob.
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:43am Frank Footer:

Bob, I was only playing. I like the background music. Just makes me think of that Biggie song which i would to hear on the radio bc it would be one longs series of beeps.
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:44am Frank Footer:

...and me'z Engrish are awesome!!!!
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:46am bobw:

nah, i don't like stale background sound. not a fan of hearing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. i typed that all out - no cut and paste! so, you know that i mean it!
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:46am north guinea hills:

i'm really digging this new rob swift album. i believe he's having an album release party thursday at Legion in Brooklyn.
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:49am Cecile:

I have pre-ordered the Architect. I'm very excited.
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:51am north guinea hills:

knock knock?
who's there?
philip glass.
knock knock?
who's there?
philip glass.
knock knock?
who's there?
philip glass.
knock knock?
who's there?
philip glass.

(ad nauseum)

(i love early philip glass organ pieces)
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:53am Frank Footer:

Bob, Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! (sorry, so amazed about your sincerity, my jaw dropped onto "o" button) :P
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:54am Charcutero:

Blink 182.....on MICRODOTS!
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:55am north guinea hills:

Happy Hardcore!
  Mon. 2/22/10 11:58am Chris:

This GT sounds like they borrowed from Go go's Vacation
  Mon. 2/22/10 12:01pm kim:

fun to hear foxdye on the radio from ny, just danced to her a few weeks ago in sf!

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