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Happy Year of the Metal Tiger
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Options The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

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Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Format, Year, Notes (NR = New Release) Approx. start time
THE MOVE  Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited   Options Shazam!. Vinyl. (1970) 0:00:00 )  
SIR LORD BALTIMORE  Helium Head (I Got a Love)   Options Kingdom Come. Vinyl. (1970) from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn 0:08:05 )  
CHOOGLIN'  You Got Me Howlin'   Options s/t. CD. (2006) Midnight Evils guitarist Brian Vanderwerf & drummer Jesse Tomlinson w.Yeahs drummer Shawn Walker and Blame bassist Jeff Johnson
0:12:04 )  
NAZARETH  Razamanaz   Options anthology (1971-74). Castle. CD. 1972 0:14:59 )  
GROUNDHOGS  Cherry Red   Options Split. Liberty. CD. (2003) orig. released in 1971 0:18:21 )  
HUMAN INSTINCT  Black Sally   Options Stone Guitar. Air. Vinyl. from NZ, 1970 featuring Billy T.K., who was known as the "Maori Jimi Hendrix" 0:23:57 )  
HACKENSACK  River Boat   Options VA: Downer-Rock Genocide. Audio Archives. CD. (2000) orig. 1972 Island records B side (A side: "Movin' On") 0:30:18 )  
MOTORHEAD  Love Me Like a Reptile   Options Ace of Spades. Mercury. Vinyl. (1980) 0:34:05 )  
MONTROSE   Rock the Nation   Options s/t. Warner Bros.. Vinyl. (1973) 0:37:04 )  
BLACK SABBATH  Evil Woman   Options Warner Bros.. Boxed set. (2000) from the box set: this was a single that was left off the first album (1972)
cover of a band called Crow
0:39:59 )  
ALICE COOPER  Under My Wheels   Options Killer. Warner Bros.. Vinyl. (1971) 0:43:21 )  
BLUE CHEER  Come and Get It   Options Outsideinside. PolyGram Records. CD. orig. 1968 0:45:59 )  
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT  Gold   Options Drunken Fish. Single. (1992) cover of MC5 tune--very limited single (500) 0:49:13 )  
VENOM  Burn This Place To the Ground   Options POSSESSED. Sanctuary Records. CD. (2002) 1985 0:53:29 )  
COLORED BALLS  Heavy Metal Kid   Options Heavy Metal Kid. Aztec Music. CD. (2006) 1974 cut for Eyenoise 0:56:13 )  
HEADGIRL  Please Don't Touch   Options The Singles. Lemon Recordings. CD box set. (2007) 1981 duet w/Motorhead and Girlschool as Headgirl 0:58:31 )  
IRON CLAW  Crossrocker   Options s/t. Vintage. CD. (2009) 1:20:35 )  
WHOOPING CRANE  She's a Knockout   Options s/t. CD. myspace.com/whoopingcraneband
features Mic Lo from Creatures of the Golden Dawn -NR
1:28:17 )  
THE NAKED HEROES  Black Dress   Options 99 Diamond. CD. (2009) TheNakedHeroes.com -NR 1:32:09 )  
DUST  Ivory   Options Hard Attack. Performance. Vinyl. (1972) for Listener Mark!
the band features Marky Ramone, AKA Marc Bell, on drums
1:34:14 )  
COSMIC PSYCHOS  David Lee Roth   Options Down on the Farm & Cosmic Psychos. Amphetamine Reptile. CD. (1987) 1:37:24 )  
CRUSHED BUTLER  Love Is All Around Me   Options CD. Jesse Hector's first band--1969- 71 1:40:45 )  
ACID EATER  Searching for Love   Options Black Fuzz On Wheels. Time Bomb. CD. (2010) -NR 1:42:56 )  
BOB SEGER SYSTEM  2+2=?   Options Eat a Cherry: Terre T's 2006 Marathon Premium. WFMU. CD. 1968 Capitol 7" that was never reissued 1:46:27 )  
OBITS  Back and Forth   Options I Blame You. Sub Pop. (2009) See the OBITS tonight at the CAKE SHOP!
1:48:15 )  
SHOCKING BLUE  Love Buzz   Options as later covered by Nirvana (Nirvana's first single which Terre sold for $250 but wishes she still had...) 1:51:27 )  
THE ELECTRIC MESS  The Grass Ain't Always Greener   Options s/t. CD. (2009) TheElectricMess.com -NR 1:55:19 )  
HACKAMORE BRICK  Oh! Those Sweet Bananas   Options One Kiss Leads to Another. Kama Sutra. Vinyl. (1970) CHECK OUT the bill tonight at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ
: Hackamore Brick, Dennis Diken with Bell Sound (WFMU's own DJ, Smithereens drummer), Doughboys and Characters!!
2:17:35 )  
DENNIS DIKEN WITH BELL SOUND  The Sun's Gonna Shine in the Morning   Options Late Music. Cryptovision. CD. (2009) Don't miss then tonight at MAXWELL's in Hoboken NJ! -NR 2:20:34 )  
THE DOUGHBOYS  Call of the Night   Options Is It Now?. RAM. CD. (2007) 2:22:58 )  
DENNIS DIKEN WITH BELL SOUND  Long Lonely Ride   Options Late Music. Cryptovision. CD. (2009) go see them tonight in Hoboken, at Maxwell's, people! -NR 2:25:55 )  
THE RECORDS  Starry Eyes   Options (1978) 2:29:25 )  
GREEN  She's Not A Little Girl Anymore   Options s/t. Lion. CD. REissue of the long outta print LP from 1986. Includes 7 bonus tracks from this Chicago band from their 1984 debut EP. -NR 2:33:27 )  
THE ABOVE  Don't Believe in the Light   Options CD-R. Myspace.com/NewYorkAbove 2:36:50 )  
CHRIS BELL  I Got Kinda Lost   Options I Am The Cosmos- Deluxe Edition. Rhino Handmade. CD box set. orig. 1978 -NR 2:39:41 )  
FALLEN LEAVES  Is She Somewhere   Options That's Right. Parliament. CD. -NR 2:42:31 )  
KRYPTONICS  Baby   Options Rejectionville. Memorandum. CD box set. 1985-92 from Perth -NR 2:44:58 )  
PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT  Portals   Options Magic Flowers Droned. Siltbreeze. Vinyl. (2007) 2:48:29 )  
UNRELATED SEGMENTS  Where You Gonna Go   Options VA: Acid Dreams. Past & Present. CD. Detroit, 1967 -NR 2:50:51 )  
OVERNIGHT LOWS  Lipstick Burn   Options City of Rotten Eyes. Goner. CD. -NR 2:53:29 )  
PISTOL WHIP  Heart Throb   Options Terminal. Smog Veil. CD. 1977, Cleveland. -NR 2:54:53 )  

Listener comments!

  Sat. 2/13/10 3:15pm jodi:

Terrrrrrrrre! Ole!
  Sat. 2/13/10 3:36pm Listener Teddy:

PLEASE tell me that "Hackensack" is actually from Jersey! ..?
  Sat. 2/13/10 3:40pm Chris L:

I'm gonna have huge muttonchops by the time this set is over.
  Sat. 2/13/10 3:41pm frenchee:

Hi Teddy, Terre says, sorry, not from Hackensack...maybe from Sweden?
  Sat. 2/13/10 3:42pm keef:

Terre-Montrose-you rock-get on yo' bad motorscooter girl!!!
  Sat. 2/13/10 3:48pm keef:

oh, man now the coop. keep dialing it up!! maybe a little dictators??
  Sat. 2/13/10 3:49pm eyenoise:

This set needs Coloured Balls.
  Sat. 2/13/10 3:50pm Mark:

Play some Dust!
  Sat. 2/13/10 3:58pm Chris:

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ - For Terre, Velentines Day and VENOM!!!
  Sat. 2/13/10 3:59pm Chris:

...and FUCK THE FCC!!!
  Sat. 2/13/10 4:02pm eyenoise:

  Sat. 2/13/10 4:10pm mick:

hahaha.....newcatle brown ale.......
terre t is brown bottle....
and yes, that rocket from the crypt thing was amazing.
  Sat. 2/13/10 4:13pm Chris:

Why did Terre's "Newcastle" accent sound German?
  Sat. 2/13/10 4:21pm ?:

Feng Shui, people! Terre - you know I'm a believer.
  Sat. 2/13/10 4:23pm Vinnie from ROT SHITE:

Terre!!! I am in SF and I just wanted you to know [if you haven't already realized it] 40 years ago TODAY, the 1st Black Sabbath LP came out. Play NIB for me!!!
  Sat. 2/13/10 4:33pm frankie b:

nice song
  Sat. 2/13/10 4:37pm Mike Sin:

re: Sir Lord Baltimore

The band name actually reveals that they were NOT from the UK... or didn't understand the use of formal titles! "Sir" and "lord" are two different British titles. They would never be used sequentially in a single address.

That said, the band probably got the title from a section of dialogue from the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”

Re: Hackensack

This band was from the UK.
  Sat. 2/13/10 4:42pm Listener Teddy:

"This band was from the UK"
Yeah, as obvious as it is that any band from anywhere in 1972 could be fetshizing chooglin' down the Mighty Mississippi, I was hoping maybe they actually WERE talking about the Hackensack River.
Oh well!
  Sat. 2/13/10 4:45pm frenchee:

Terre and I thank you, Mike Sin!
  Sat. 2/13/10 4:47pm matteo(rudie war):

cya Terre I like Crushed Butler
  Sat. 2/13/10 4:47pm jahna:

Kick ass show, Terre!
  Sat. 2/13/10 5:25pm eyenoise:

Thanks for playing my request earlier. That Hackamore Brick track was a gem!
  Sat. 2/13/10 5:30pm frenchee:

Looked up the Chinese New Year info: some say this is 4708; some say 4707; some say 4647. Pick your favorite, don't eat any cut-up white food, and party on!
  Sat. 2/13/10 5:36pm Joe Steele:

I just texted a girl I know to see if she wanted to go to Maxwells tonight and she replied "Who is this?" FML
  Sat. 2/13/10 5:49pm Listener Jumpy:

Another good show!
  Sat. 2/13/10 5:51pm Listener Jumpy:

There was a Lord Baltimore. Just appeared in some novel.
  Sat. 2/13/10 5:53pm matteo(rudie war):

cya poppeggiando
  Sat. 2/13/10 5:55pm Listener Jumpy:

Where You Gonna Go!~too much
  Sat. 2/13/10 5:56pm Wikipedia:

Cecilius Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore, (Lord Baltiromore) was an English coloniser who was the first proprietor of the Maryland colony.
  Sat. 2/13/10 5:57pm Listener Jumpy:

A real Jumpy song.
  Sat. 2/13/10 5:59pm Listener Jumpy:

Joe Steel: means she deleted you number! Sorry. What did you tell her?
  Sat. 2/13/10 6:01pm jahna:

@Joe Steel

Could mean that she got a new phone. Just answer and she what sheshe says.
  Sat. 2/13/10 6:01pm slovenlyeric:

Great Show!! Thanks!
  Sat. 2/13/10 6:02pm Joe Steele:

Oh it got straightened out. Hell we've been e-mailing each other all week. I actually thought it was kinda funny.
  Sat. 2/13/10 6:02pm Listener Jumpy:

If she turned down tonight's Maxwells show, forget her.
  Sat. 2/13/10 6:05pm Listener Jumpy:

don't mind me Mr. Steele!
  Tue. 2/16/10 11:30am Big Sir:

Thanks for the airplay and props, pussycat! You're the best!
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