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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options February 5, 2010

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Artist Track Year Comments
Giacinto Scelsi  Hymnos   Options 1963   
Giacinto Scelsi  Pfhat   Options 1974  yo 
Giacinto Scelsi  Et Maintenant C'est à Vous de Jouer...   Options 1974   
Giacinto Scelsi  Sonate No. 3   Options 1939   
Giacinto Scelsi  String Quartet No. 4   Options 1964   
Giacinto Scelsi  Uaxuctum   Options 1966  w/ ondes martenot 
Giacinto Scelsi  Duo for Violin and Cello   Options 1965   
Giacinto Scelsi  Hurqualia   Options 1960   
Giacinto Scelsi  Aïtsi   Options 1974   
Giacinto Scelsi  Konx-Om-Pax   Options 1969   
Giacinto Scelsi  Okanagon   Options 1968  harp, double bass, & tam-tam 
Giacinto Scelsi  Natura Renovatur   Options 1967   
Giacinto Scelsi  Anahit   Options 1965   

Listener comments!

  Fri. 2/5/10 12:07pm bryce:

  Fri. 2/5/10 12:08pm numbatwombat:

hi bryce! scelsipocalypse at hand???!!!!
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:08pm dc pat:

dang, scelsi day and I'm on the frekkin phone!
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:09pm Marshall Stacks:

It's completely understandable given the circumstances.
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:10pm bryce:

cmon, dc pat. there'll be other jobs.
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:11pm dc pat:

let's see...music in one ear, complex technical questions in the other....yes!
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:12pm TC:

Pat, conference them with the audio stream. One day they'll thank you.
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:13pm north guinea hills:

Scelsi rocks!

bonus points to anyone who finds a pic of him!
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:13pm Jed:

STOP YELLING! My mom is dead.
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:16pm G:

What is the sound of one note droning?
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:16pm TC:

Great music for the snowpocalypse.
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:16pm Is this him?:

  Fri. 2/5/10 12:17pm Vin Scelsi:

Fool's Pair o' Drones
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:17pm Or this?:

  Fri. 2/5/10 12:18pm north guinea hills:

That looks like good ol' Morty Feldman.
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:18pm bryce:

hahaa, ngh....or the years of any of his pieces. thos they've figured some of that out. (sorry about your *wishes*, composer guy)

jed, that's what you think

g, i'm glad you asked
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:20pm north guinea hills:

Scelsi was very reticent about getting his picture taken, and preferred to be represented by a symbol instead of a photograph or other likeness of his image. Unlike prince, he always went by Giacinto Scelsi.
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:22pm Todd 76%:

@ngh and Ith: That's Morty...here's Giacinto:
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:23pm numbatwombat:

dear bryce: the scelsi has made my day! speaking of mr. feldman, is there any chance some day you might play one of his 3 hr. pieces as one show? that would be so cool! of course, once you cave into terrorist demands you find yourself running like an all-hermann-nitsch-all-the-time-radio-station in the black forest. you know what...
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:23pm Cecile:

Bryce, Robert Riegel, the saxophonist did some nice Scelsi pieces. I don't know if you have the disc or not.
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:24pm gen ken:

can you play something that is good for a saturday night dinner?
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:24pm ?:

Little known fact: Scelsi also invented some contemporary hip hop slang

http://4.cgh.blogspot.com/LKS18417_345 JDFUIOUNJMaklu_Pfhat
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:38pm numbatwombat:

tell you what! if you guys do so well in the upcoming marathon that you have enough to purchase a bavarian annex i volunteer now to man the nitsch/forestry station. my standard of living is probably almost coverable by a free radio operation. i don't speak german anymore and do not believe in modern forest management but sure i can get by. consider this offer carefully! my people are standing by! nw.
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:39pm Carmichael:

Brycey Bryce and his funky bunch!! Rockin' to the nocturnes!
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:39pm Scelsi:

I never say yes to photo requests. I am obstinate, obsessive, and love studies in variegated monotony. My works, like life, are transitions that never finish transitioning.
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:42pm bryce:

xo, mista giacinta
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:43pm bryce:

egnekn, i find scelsi is an excellent digestive, better even than http://bit.ly/bFsVIA.

cecile, i'll check...don't know that stuff!

numwom, you know...that's been on my mind for a long time....i almost never remember hearing big feldman stuff on the radio. ps the nitschypoo was piling up as i unpacked cds the other night.
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:46pm Laure:

hi from upstairs, Bryce. Nice show!
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:49pm ken:

OMG Bryce, a Nitschian Blood Bath Marathon would be phenomenal!!!! Thanks for another great show, loving the Scelsi-Po-Looza!
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:53pm bryce:

i think fmu should do a 6-day live remote from prinzendorf. but i haven't figured out how to pitch it yet.

laure? laure laure??
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:56pm numbatwombat:

prizendorf!!!!! castle of blood! i would never come home! "live from the red carpet! what are our first arrivals wearing? cow intestines! always a slimming choice!" skilllz/billz, etz
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:56pm dc pat:

prinzendorf eh?...I hear things are more interesting here: http://bit.ly/qJ9g
  Fri. 2/5/10 12:57pm north guinea hills:

The best thing about those hermann nitsch recordings done at that castle is that you can hear the voices of protesters in the distant background.....
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:00pm bryce:

i only ever made it to here http://bit.ly/9MCDOQ
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:03pm Laure:

I feel like a hip hop refrain, now, Bryce.
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:04pm numbatwombat:

after the festival, i can move to Katzenhirn and live a quiet life. was that town named in honor of fulci? maybe the other way! the one time i went to austria i was like 5 or 6 and went on a private tour of a natural history museum and saw back rooms full of fetuses in jars and things in addition to the usual persons in glass boxes. my parents went to mozart's house.
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:07pm perrin:

huge dark thing. cool
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:08pm ken:

always wanted to spend a week listening to that MONSTER Nitsch Box, marching bands, blood letting, protesters and all!!!!
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:12pm numbatwombat:

one would have to plan for it, like taking time off of work, unplugging the phone, sensory deprivation, etc. it is hard to be that dedicated. is there some sort of organ of corti dvd of this? i don't remember.
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:17pm numbatwombat:

confusingly, by "this" i meant the monster nitsch box, not the scelsi.
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:17pm ?:

freaking spectacular!
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:19pm Jimm:

some of this reminds me of selected ambient works II by aphex twin. that's good stuff
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:19pm numbatwombat:

kitty and i agree that uaxuctum has been the dopest of the extremely dope so far.
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:19pm bryce:

bat2, there is indeed. they do some funny stuff on there. i mean, funny if you're not a cow or a million tomatoes.

in general, aktionist retrospectives make the best 1st dates. guaranteed to get laid. unless your date isn't an amputee covered in raw egg and cinnabar or something. i don't know what you guys are into.
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:20pm ken:

  Fri. 2/5/10 1:22pm numbatwombat:

uaxuctum could eat suspiria whole without ever noticing!
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:23pm Jed:

this is totally amazing
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:30pm gen ken:

opps! we were going to serve Underberg!
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:41pm bryce:

that's perfect, because i'm probably going to eat your table
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:43pm Gregory:

Great show. I am hoping someone will walk into my office so I can discuss it with him or her... probably ending in fisticuffs.
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:44pm bryce:

don't even bother, just jump up and start hitting them as soon as they come in
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:54pm Wincent:

Uaxuctum, Hurqualia- bring on I Presagi (1958), already! turn this motha out- Loving the show Bryce.
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:55pm Cecile:

Whoops, it's Robert Reigle.

The discs to look out for are the Marriage of Heaven and Earth, and Tenor Saxophone.
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:56pm bryce:

yeah, man, just realizing i'm not even gonna get to most of the bonecrushiest stuff....there's just so much
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:58pm TC:

This is s a nice antidote to the yuppie rock craptacular coming from the neighbor's. Stuck at home with this because of the snow, I think I need some Underberg.
  Fri. 2/5/10 1:58pm numbatwombat:

scelsipocalypse ii: this time will just annihilate what is left of your pathetic mind?
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:01pm rodolfo:

simply astonishing
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:02pm jk:

love it Bryce,
thanks again.
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:07pm Cecile:

I have to go eat. I hate myself for my weakness.

Ah, at least there's the archives.
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:07pm jk:

hey, there's a copy of Trilogia sitting on ebay right now for only $695.00. what a steal: http://tinyurl.com/ybcemkp
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:08pm bryce:

yeah, what gives with the mammal shit, cecile?? i just snort prana off the ac/dc mirror in my rec room
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:10pm Cecile:

Dude, I have a Kiss mirror at home.
But I have trouble snorting Buddha's Delight.
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:14pm mike cooper:

You mean you cant eat and listen at the same time?
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:17pm bryce:

start with this: http://bit.ly/aVXF4u
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:21pm dc pat:

jeeze, these kids today...first it was bags of vodka, now this.

for the record, I don't have a sex pistols mirror..
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:30pm ken:

This last Scelsi set has been a psychic expander, TREMENDOUS!!!!
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:37pm numbatwombat:

literal sonic reduction to closed-eye open-mouthed agapeness. not that far a trip i concede but, like THERE nonetheless.
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:44pm Scelsi:

My American nickname:

One Note Gianni
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:46pm bryce:

jobim's ass is lucky they didn't go to the same bars
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:47pm TC:

Thanks Bryce, never heard Scelsi before today, fantastic stuff.
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:50pm Emily:

this music reminds me of The Shining
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:51pm Cecile:

How about Gianni One Note? It scans better.
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:58pm G:

I'd thought of The Shining, too. See the "Music" section way far down in the wikipedia article for a list of all the modernist music used:


Kubrick used similar modernist music in parts of _2001_...
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:59pm bryce:

y'all: ciao
& thx
  Fri. 2/5/10 2:59pm scannifunzi:

Gianni Una Nota.
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