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Options February 4, 2010: It's always better with Two especially with Damon and Naomi, an interview and live set

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Buster Carter & Preston Young  A Lazy Farmer Boy   Options Anthology of American Folk Music    0:00:00 ()
Jerry Garcia & David Grisman  Jackaroo   Options Shady Grove    0:03:55 ()
Johnnie & Jack  (Oh Baby Mine) I Get so Lonely   Options     0:07:48 ()
Rodick Twins (Verna & Verda)  Answer to You Are My Sunshine   Options     0:09:50 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore       0:15:22 ()
Godley & Creme  An Englishman in New York   Options Freeze Frame    0:16:13 ()
Kristian Hoffman  Devil May Care (with Russell Mael)   Options &    0:21:55 ()
Chas & Dave  Rabbit   Options     0:26:30 ()
Pooka  Rubber Arms   Options Spinning    0:28:59 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of the Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk       0:33:57 ()
Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan  Girl of the North Country   Options Wanted Man- The Very Best of Johnny Cash    0:40:39 ()
Crosby & Nash  Immigration Man   Options CSN Box    0:43:48 ()
Tom Jones & Janis Joplin  Raise Your Hand   Options     0:46:56 ()
  Interview with Damon and Naomi (Part 1)       0:51:40 ()
Damon and Naomi  Ueno Station   Options Live at the 92Y Tribeca  www.92ytribeca.org  1:14:20 ()
Damon and Naomi  Turn of the Century   Options Live at the 92Y Tribeca  www.92ytribeca.org  1:21:02 ()
Damon and Naomi  A Second Life   Options Live at the 92Y Tribeca  www.92ytribeca.org  1:26:44 ()
  Interview with Damon and Naomi (Part 2)       1:33:50 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach       1:56:12 ()
Sinn Sisamouth & Pan Ron  Brojom Knea Park Sea   Options Sisamouth Duets    1:57:45 ()
The Peanuts  Quien Sera   Options The Peanuts    2:00:05 ()
Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto  A Felicidade   Options Carnegie Hall Concert    2:02:21 ()
Rodrigo y Gabriela  Tamacun   Options Rodrigo y Gabriela    2:05:12 ()
Amadou & Mariam  Pauvre Type   Options Je Pense a Toi    2:08:34 ()
  Sounds From Coney Island Boardwalk       2:14:04 ()
Annette Funicello & Frankie Avalon  Beach Blanket Bingo   Options     2:17:17 ()
Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson  Sing, Little Birdie   Options     2:19:08 ()
Debbie Reynolds & Carelton Carpenter  Aba Daba Honeymoon   Options     2:21:26 ()
Tallulah Bankhead & Jack Carson  Baby, It's Cold Outside   Options     2:23:56 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore       2:26:11 ()
Sam & Dave  Hold On I'm Coming   Options Stax-Volt Singles Vol. 1 59-68    2:27:57 ()
Cheryll & Pam  That's My Guy   Options Destroy That Boy! : More Girls With Guitars    2:30:01 ()
Larry Williams & Johnny Watson  A Quitter Never Wins   Options Okeh- A Northern Soul Obsession    2:32:06 ()
Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham  A Lover & a Friend   Options Voodoo Soul (Deep & Dirty New Orleans Funk)    2:34:47 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk       2:37:21 ()
Tegan and Sara  Back in Your Head   Options     2:39:50 ()
Elvis Costello & Daryl Hall  The Only Flame in Town   Options     2:42:42 ()
Lydia Lunch and Rowland S. Howard  Some Velvet Morning   Options     2:46:58 ()
David Bowie & Cher  Young Americans Medley   Options     2:51:16 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 2/4/10 6:03am Chuck:

Guten Morgan! Any ardvarks is the studio today, like on the FMU homepage? He's cute...
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:04am Meghan:

I know! He's really cute right? Who knew baby aardvarks would be so darn cute!
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:06am Chuck:

Don't mess with the middle claw though! Digging up ant mounds is rugged work!
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:07am Meghan:

Remember the aardvark cartoon? what was that on? Mighty Mouse?
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:08am Chuck:

Don't remember... The ant always got the better of him anyway...
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:09am Chuck:

I remember they gave the ant a Bing Crosby voice though... And the aardvark was a middle aged jewish guy! Funny....
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:10am Chuck:

Any Flat & Scruggs in this set?
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:11am john:

The aardvark was on Pink Panther and was voiced by Jackie Mason
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:11am Meghan:

man, I need to find that again.... Nope, had to dwindle the music down a bit this week due to interview and live set.... so hard!
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:12am Meghan:

Ahhhh Thanks John! That was going to bother me.... what about the strange super heroes that one was cuckoo man, baby man, rope man... was that pink panther too?
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:13am Joshua K:

Sunshine? Whats that?
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:13am Chuck:

Think that was a cartoon all on it's own, Meg... Didn't last very long...
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:15am john:

can't help you there, i don't remember that one. love your shows, we are listening down here in Jamaica.
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:15am Dave B:

  Thu. 2/4/10 6:16am Chuck:

Morning Dave! Looking forward to your take on UWTP...
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:16am Dave b:

mines on the 7th. and if anyone has any friend-ly tunes, send em along!
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:17am Meghan:

Oh Jamaica.... I want to be in Jamaica! Warm, relaxed.... I should do a Jamaican remote! ha! Thanks John!
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:19am Dave B:

Meghan, that was a short lived Bakshi cartoon "The Mighty Heroes" used to watch that as a kid
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:21am Chuck:

"Ain't No Friend of Mine" springs to mind, Dave... Any version...

Ralph Bakshi did that show!? Amazing that I didn't know that...
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:21am Meghan:

Knew someone would remember that.... I remember the cartoon from being a kid, but the name and where it showed always lost me....
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:26am Andy in Berlin:

OMG! Tuned in just in time!
BTW are you going to do any Ferrante and Teischer in the cheese section?
It doesn't get much cheesier.
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:26am Dave B:

You got it chuck!

Bakshi also did a reboot on Mighty Mouse in the 90s (along with John K from Ren and Stimpy)

Funny thing is, I think BOTH of them were on CBS - Maybe that's why I fit in there...
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:28am Chuck:

Still want to get a hold of "Fire & Ice"... Bakshi's collaboration with fantasy illustrator Frank Frazetta... Haven't seen it since the early 80s....
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:30am Meghan:

morning Andy! Wow.... nope.. they didn't make the cheese set... but wow! This show is short on tunes, so it will be attacked again!
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:30am Dave B:

and here's something I didn't know - from Wikipedia "In an episode of Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures, also produced by Bakshi, the Mighty Heroes retired and became accountants with a firm called "Man, Man, Man, Man & Man."

I've got "American Pop" as an AVI file, if anyone wants. I could pop it into the MediaFire Cloud

ooooh. POOKA!
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:31am Andy in Berlin:

I guess they used to listen to the Charlie Mingus record Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus.
(as played here last week)
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:32am Chuck:

Ha! Pooka is one of G'Kar's knicknames!
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:35am Dave B:

This song is REALLY good with headphones. And the video is pretty mstrange too. It really fits the name Pooka - a mischievous spirit from celtic lore.
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:37am Chuck:

Yup, pooka's could change themselves into horses, dogs, rabbits and sometimes goblins... If you beleive any of that there are elves in Iceland too! Right, Meghan...
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:38am Dave B:

I cannot stray from the theme of the theme show. Send in any ideas...
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:42am Chuck:

Did George and Tammy make the cut, Meghan?
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:43am Meghan:

Nope... had them there, and they aren't anymore.... had to cut nancy sinatra with lee hazelwood too... so sad
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:47am Chuck:

Sad indeed... Time is limited... I've got Nancy singing with Mel Tillis too! Should have sent that along...
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:48am Andy in Berlin:

No doubt about it, you have to do a follow up.
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:50am Chuck:

I think we all concur on that, Andy... Th
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:50am Andy in Berlin:

Janis Joplin and Tom Jones - I wouldn't have imagined it but heck they're both real belters.
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:54am Meghan:

You know me... I will totally follow up on this theme. It didn't get a full enough attention!
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:56am Maestroso:

That must be from his TV show in the late 60's, right? I remember him doing a duet with David Clayton Thomas too.
By the way, isn't that an anteater, not an aardvark, on the home page?
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:58am Dave B:

@Maestroso and Chuck -
Here's the evil anteater:
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:59am Meghan:

aardvarks and anteaters are the same thing....
  Thu. 2/4/10 6:59am Chuck:

Technically, you're probably right Maestroso... Both eat ants and termites though, sooo... He's still cute regardless of the exact species...
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:01am Parq:

Hmm. I woke up this morning with a song from one of my daughter's old kids shows (from the 90s) stuck in my head. Turns out I was prescient.
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:01am Chuck:

Ever see any of the giant anteaters? Bigger than Bosco, Meg!
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:01am Meghan:

  Thu. 2/4/10 7:02am Dave B:

And Aardvarks have that cool Dutch style double A!
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:05am Dave B:

aardvarks - Order Tubulidentata (the only member of this order)
anteaters - Order Pilosa (anteaters and sloths)
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:05am Chuck:

Wow! Didn't think the show was that far in the past, Meg... 69 to 71?! God I'm getting old!!!
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:08am Meghan:

I know! I do remember seeing it as a kid though... so go figure
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:10am Chuck:

Of course, few out there remember "Super Car" or "Gigantor" cartoons either... Ah, the memories...
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:14am Dave B:

I used to rush home to watch Gigantor after school. Granted, it was probably in reruns..
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:16am Chuck:

Me too, Dave! Filmed in glorious black & white! The first Japanimation series!
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:18am Chuck:

Anyone remember "Kimba" or "Marine Boy" in the same vein?
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:19am Dave B:

A few years ago some oddball channel was running them at some ungodly hour. I have a few DVDs i recorded, if just for nostalgia.

Kimba - yep. I also recall Felix The Cat was on the must see list.

  Thu. 2/4/10 7:22am Chuck:

"Super Car" is the one I always stump people on... It was the first show to use "SuperMarionation (sp?)"... Meg, tells me those types of shows always creeped her out... If you look at the characters, you'd probably be also... Wierd....
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:24am Meghan:

anything with marionettes are freaky....I remember watching one with a submarine.... I think we all were at a loss of sleep, We made our own narration to it
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:25am Chuck:

Ah! Must've been "Stingray"... I remember all of them, it was great entertainment for a 6 year old...
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:27am Dave B:

Ah - Super Car - I do vaguely recall that, kinda like Thunderbirds
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:29am Chuck:

Damon & Naiomi not withstanding, I'm gonna have the theme songs from all those shows stuck in my head for the rest of the day now....

I actually had a toy "Super Car" back then, Dave... I've got old super 8mm film my dad took to prove it! hehe....
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:29am Meghan:

I remember Thunderbirds....

Another death of the new year.... the creator of Gumby and Davy and Goliath

  Thu. 2/4/10 7:32am Dave B:

What would god say?

And from wikipedia on the Gerry Anderson trademark sequence -

The series inaugurated what would become an Anderson trademark, the launch sequence. Every one of his series up until Space: 1999 would include these – in Supercar's case, the charging of port and starboard engines, the activation of an interlock, the opening of (overhead) hangar doors, and finally the vertical take-off.

  Thu. 2/4/10 7:34am Dave B:

Chuck - if you have that track, please send it along? I don't seem to have it in my collection (57k songs and climbing)
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:35am Jonathan:

Hey Meghan, thanks for the Woody Guthrie tip on Twitter. I only got into him recently after reading about his upbringing/experiences with Huntington's,
Nice work with Chas & Dave too! (R.I.P.)
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:37am Meghan:

Ah no worries Jonathan! Really you can't go wrong with most of his stuff, but that one in particular is quite nice.
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:37am Chuck:

Damn! The theme music from "Captain Scarlet" is now imbedded in my brain! Play something Meg! Make it stop!

@Dave: Which version would you like? Hell with it I'll send all, just gimme an address...
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:37am Parq:

@Chuck, 7:16 - didn't Astro Boy precede Gigantor? (Bigger than big, stronger than strong, ready to fight for right --- against wrong!) And I well remember "Supercar". Apparently, more of you are my age, or close to it, than I realized.
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:40am Chuck:

Possibly, Parq... Gigantor is just the first one I remember... Yeah, I smash into the big 5-OH come May... (How the Hell did I get HERE!!!)
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:43am Meghan:

Should we change that to 5-DOH!
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:44am Chuck:

You wouldn't be wrong in doing so... HA!
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:44am Dave B:

Chuck - dropped you an email, with UWTP in the subject, in case its getting filtered.

As for age, I enter the shady side of 40 on Sunday, and am taking a dip in the frigid Atlantic, to raise money for Make A Wish

  Thu. 2/4/10 7:47am Chuck:

You're a braver man than I, Dave! I hate cold! In spite of my advancing years I've got no "natural insulation"... Still the same weight I was in '78...
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:49am Meghan:

oh hells no! You would never get me in that water! Granted, I am used to swimming in the Maine water, but you go in and wait for a part of you to get numb, then go further in.... but it has to be 90 degrees out!
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:50am Parq:

Well done you, Dave. Just be careful:

  Thu. 2/4/10 7:52am Dave B:

I was conscripted! And thanks Parq!

But it's for a good cause, and this kinda thing is on my bucket list. I plan on jumping out of a perfectly good working plane this spring..
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:55am Chuck:

Folks do that skydiving thing up this way in Gardnier... You won't get me out of the craft unless it's gonna crash!
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:56am Dave B:

Good interview Meghan! Sorry I missed their gig...
  Thu. 2/4/10 7:58am Meghan:

Thanks Dave! It was fun talking to them!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:00am Meghan:

And I would totally jump from a plane. That has always been something i have had on my list. More so than bungee.... I think cause the ground isn't SO close!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:01am Chuck:

Still looking for the earings, Meg? hehe....
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:02am Dave B:

heh! There's a spot out east on L.I. that does it as well. Now to conscript some people.

As for bungess jumping, no thanks. A friend just broke his foot doing that.
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:02am Meghan:

I AM! I will always be looking. I was joking with her after the show about them. We told her she should open her own jewelry line selling them!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:06am Chuck:

Well, Dave, consider "Skydiving the Ranch" it's about a 10 minute drive from my place...
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:07am Meghan:

It is beautiful up there in New Paltz. Then you can go climb the Gunks!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:08am Dave B:

Gainsbourg & Bardot coming up?

I will consider that as well Chuck. Thanks for the tip.

This gang rocks.
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:08am jeff p:

jackson & tipper say hi
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:09am Chuck:

Or do a bit of spilunking at Bontaqueue... It's a fun place when the weather is good....
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:10am Meghan:

Awwww Bosco says hi back! he's tipped over by where you were sitting... staring at me and trying to sleep.
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:15am Chuck:

Thanks, Meghan! I thing Amadou & Mariam finally got rid of the supermarionation themes.... Until later, of course.... They'll probably be back later... *sigh*
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:19am Meghan:

Well if it doesn't... Beach Blanket Bingo WILL!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:19am Chuck:

Ha! Annette & Frankie! Does it reek of Da Cheez, or is it just me? HA!!!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:24am Dave B:

when I go karaokeing, and cant follow the words, I'll often use "aba daba" as my filler lyrics.

Now I'll have this in my head all day. Thanks Meghan!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:25am jeff p:

Interspecies cohabitiation? It sounds... dirty!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:25am Meghan:

Yeah today's cheese set will stay in everyone's head!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:26am Chuck:

The Debbie Reynolds cut must be from one of her films... Which one, Meg?
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:29am Meghan:

It just says MGM 30282
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:30am Chuck:

Hmmm... Requires a further look up... Yeah! Got the Stax-Volt collection, it's totally awesome!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:36am Parq:

Mr. Google to the rescue:

Aba Daba Honeymoon with Debbie Reynolds from the film "Two Weeks With Love"
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:36am PKNY:

That Eddie Bo is making my day, excellent choice!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:37am Dave B:

Aba Daba Honeymoon - 1914 by Arthur Fields

That sheet music image is classic!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:37am Meghan:

Yay Mr. Google!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:38am Chuck:

Thanks for the research, Parq! Now I know which film to avoid... hehe...
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:50am jeff p:

thanks for another "wtf is this?" from my coworkers on this one
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:51am Chuck:

I'm blanking... Who did the original version of this song?
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:51am Parq:

"Some Velvet" was a creepy song to begin with, and this version makes me want to hide behind the sofa. (None of that is meant as criticism.)
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:52am Meghan:

I love how the comments go quiet and then one song sparks it all back up again!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:54am Dave B:

I gotta get ready to get to work. My boss is cool, and knows I'll be late on Thursdays.
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:54am marcus:

wow, this velvet morning version was aweful :D
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:55am Andy in Berlin:

No Bill Murray comedy routine could have ever topped this
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:55am jeff p:

holy crap this medley is horrible!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:55am Parq:

  Thu. 2/4/10 8:56am Andy in Berlin:

oh sweet pain!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:56am Dave B:

See ya next week!
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:57am Chuck:

About what I expected from Cher anyway... Bloody awefull...
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:57am jeff p:

and that Witchie-poo laugh! WTF???!???
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:58am Andy in Berlin:

If you think this is awful, you should see the wig she's wearing
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:58am Parq:

Where is Irwin's "Atrocious Music" segment when we need it?
  Thu. 2/4/10 8:58am jeff p:

  Thu. 2/4/10 9:00am Andy in Berlin:

amen to THAT brother!
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