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Playlist for 03 February 2010 Options | Destiny

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Lorne Greene  Trouble Row   Options The Man 

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*   0:00:00 ()
Jack Palance  The Meanest Guy Who Ever Lived   Options Palance      0:02:59 ()
Dan Blocker  A Beatnick Out West   Options Tales for Young'uns 

Click for the full size image
  0:07:00 ()
Rusty Adams  Hippie from Mississippi   Options Plantation Gold: The Mad Genius of Shelby S Singleton (V/A)      0:10:25 ()
David Wilkins  Just Blow In His Ear   Options Plantation Gold: The Mad Genius of Shelby S Singleton (V/A)      0:14:34 ()
          0:23:01 ()
Big Blood  Heart of Glass   Options Already Gone 2 

Click for the full size image
*   0:25:31 ()
Galactic  Heart of Steel   Options Ya-Ka-May 

Click for the full size image
*   0:30:56 ()
Jaqee  Pink Drunken Elephant   Options Kokoo Girl      0:34:44 ()
Basement Jaxx  Good Luck   Options Kish Kash 

Click for the full size image
  0:37:59 ()
Kleenex  U   Options       0:42:11 ()
T-Tho  Elefantjager   Options  

Click for the full size image
  0:53:25 ()
Mexican Institute of Sound  Te Quiero Mucho   Options       0:57:50 ()
Charlotte Gainsbourg  IRM   Options IRM 

Click for the full size image
*   0:58:30 ()
101 Strings  Flameout   Options Astro Sounds from Beyond the Year 2000      1:02:50 ()
Asei Kobayashi & Micky Yoshino  Oriental Melon Man   Options Hausu Soundtrack 

Click for the full size image
  1:05:04 ()
Prisonshake  Eisbaer   Options  

Click for the full size image
  1:18:06 ()
Wax Audio  Whole Lotta Sabbath   Options Mashopolous      1:27:49 ()
Led Snoopelin  Drop It Like Its a Whole Lotta Love   Options Party Ben Gettin Stoopid 

Click for the full size image
  1:31:07 ()
Led Zeppelin  Ten Years Gone   Options Physical Graffiti      1:34:01 ()
Essential Logic  The Captain   Options  

Click for the full size image
  1:37:10 ()
Shavora  Sweet Buns of Mine   Options The Box 
  1:44:41 ()
The Clerkenwell Kid  Bathtime in Clerkenwell   Options       1:47:27 ()
Matias Aguayo  Rollerskate   Options Ay Ay Ay 

Click for the full size image
*   1:50:05 ()
Quarks  Sonntag / j figurine mix   Options Raumschiff Monika (V.A)      1:56:43 ()
Sparks  The Number One Song In Heaven   Options Disco Discharge: Euro Disco 

Click for the full size image
*   1:59:43 ()
Joy Division  Interzone   Options Heart and Soul Box      2:06:39 ()
Wax Audio  The 4th Branch (Kashmiri Mix)   Options Cut, Paste and Run 

Click for the full size image
  2:09:18 ()
John  CW Cyrus Corn Weenie Mix   Options       2:15:37 ()
Zeep  Da Caixinha   Options The Box      2:20:47 ()
Gangpol & Mit  Pocket Knife   Options The Box      2:21:36 ()
Psychedelic Horseshit  In Our Dreams / What's In Store   Options Where's the Beat? Live in the WFMU Studios (VA Comp) 
  2:31:45 ()
The Scene is Now  Habit   Options Burns All Your Records      2:40:59 ()
Galactic  Friends of Science   Options Ya-Ka-May    *   2:43:28 ()
Matmos  Zock   Options The Civil War 

Click for the full size image
  2:44:55 ()
Magnum 38  Du Machst Mich Schmutzig   Options Shitkatapult 2006 Tracks      2:49:32 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 2/3/10 9:01am Bad Ronald:

guten morgen !
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:01am texas scott:

I love Trouble.
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:01am jeanne:

thank god you're back
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:02am dc pat:

Wie gehts?
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:02am Canada Can't!:

Row, row, row your boat!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:02am Ne-guh-tor:

Wow, Lorne had a lot of soul.... Mornin', Ken! Trouble with fuzz guitar!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:03am numbatwombat:

sirrah! soon i must hie off to am appt, but place deeply gnawing request: fiendish need to hear "dharma lady" by geronimo jackson or this-dimensional analog magna carte? wouldst thou be most kind?
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:04am numbatwombat:

lorne greene invented flying motorbicycles in 1980!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:04am Dan B From Upstate:

Good morning, everyone! :-D
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:05am Parq:

Some say that my memory is going, but I still well remember Lorne Greene and his old show, Cadenza.
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:05am Bad Ronald:

  Wed. 2/3/10 9:07am dc pat:

Sehr gut. Ich habe Kaffe also ich auch wunderbar bin...r something..
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:09am numbatwombat:

"squaresville o horsey ones!" - far out!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:10am Ne-guh-tor:

Didn't beatnicks take speed as well?
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:10am Jack:

Ken, The Iliad ( Johnny Pissoff) by Ed Sanders (of the Fugs)
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:10am Manitoba Slim:

In an experimental shootout, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, scientists have discovered that cowpokes draw faster when reacting to a gol durned galut than when drawing first like some itchy fingered snake in the grass.
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:11am Bad Ronald:

Does anyone here know anything about speaker repair? Specifically re-attaching wire to a cone?
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:17am Dan B From Upstate:

I got a notice to update iTunes this morning. I ignored it. It seems I always have issues updating it.
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:20am chris london:

itunes had defaulted back to factory library settings. you need to re-point to your library. do you store stuff externally to the laptop?
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:20am Andy in Berlin:

Then you should really play "I'll Change Your Flat Tire Merl". THAT's the actual answer to Okie From whatever.
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:20am Steve Jobs:

iMmortal! iRule! Bwa ha ha ha ha!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:20am texas scott:

did I hear this playlist is brought to us via Ken's Prius?
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:21am dc pat:

I think Carl Malden needs to pull up his pants just a little more to REALLY impress Ann
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:22am John from Oslo:

I updated iTunes on my Mac G5 - it seems to work fine... Maybe this is the "annoy the Windows users" update?
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:22am Born to hear Lorne:

  Wed. 2/3/10 9:23am jeanne:

I ONCE MET mr. Greene
but a whole album?
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:24am dc pat:

I'll listen to the whole album
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:27am Vicki:

doesn't this sound just like Danielle Dax

let's hear some internet radio from around the world from your iphone
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:30am IT Helpdesk:

Have you tried turning the laptop off and back on again?
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:30am Cecile:

Ken, I love you.
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:30am otak:

This show is a helluva lot funnier than having flu on my own.
DJ Ken: have you got an actual geek there?
It should be quite easy to find your files ina iTerm.
If not just shout louder, this is the internet.
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:33am Cecile:

Okay, now heart of gold or heart of stone. LOL!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:34am Parq:

Idea for a song: "Heart of Meat".
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:34am jeanne:

If the rest of the album is as good as Trouble Row
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:34am Wendy del Formaggio:

Heart of Cheese!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:36am Cecile:

Ken, if you could slide on FoTC's Ladies of the World, that would be teh awesome
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:39am numbatwombat:

@cecile - bordello of blood! fine characterization of nearly all cryptastic italian that point i was fast asleep w/ kitty awaiting smoke monster triumphant!

off to interact with outside world! (circle of ash goes here)
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:39am Cecile:

  Wed. 2/3/10 9:39am numbatwombat:

kish kash is a klassik!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:40am paul:

just got to work and tuned in oh no what did i miss!!!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:41am Cecile:

my friend LOVES bordello of blood.
I only like dumb Will Ferrell movies. And Ran. ;D
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:43am numbatwombat:

there are no dumb will ferrell movies! i honestly am kind of anxious to see land of the lost. i suspect highly underrated!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:44am John from Oslo:

Kleenex/Liliput - One of my favorite bands - thanks Ken!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:44am numbatwombat:

of course, sigmund the sea monster is a primary role model. him and michael gira.
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:44am Cecile:

Maybe not. I am avoiding that even though I love Danny McBride.
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:45am numbatwombat:

yes to kleenex! my sister when little called it "sneeznex". go swiss ladies!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:47am numbatwombat:

dmcb is always good! jody hill is awesome! observe and report was such a completely great movie! am late for a very important date! shall return!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:47am Cecile:

It sounds like Traktor was invented by Kraftwerk
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:48am numbatwombat:

glad you got itunes working ken!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:48am Florian:

My brothers!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:49am SmokinJ:

God, now I'm thirsty! This beer's for you Ken.. Ein Prosit!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:51am topher:

yer killin me here
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:53am dc pat:

yeah, who cares about that "football" game? This is the year of the freakin WORLD CUP!!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:53am BSI:

who ordered perverts?
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:53am John from Oslo:

Traktor Pro - anagram:
Art Pork Rot
Rat Pork Rot
Tar Pork Rot
Tart Pork Or
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:53am paul:

noooo wonky cd!!!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:54am otak:

:Bad Ronald:
It's really tricky!
The cone is inside a cage, right?
You'll need a soldering iron, solder, tweezers, spotlight.
So that's at least FOUR non-coffee-shakin' hands.
Good luck!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:54am Vicki:

I think it's time for some whistling and yodelling, Ken.
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:55am bb:

the never-ending traktor issues. i have them now too, Ken (and power might be A problem...but still) with my new machine and about ready to quit on them...time to test abbleton, i guess
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:55am G:

fwiw, Elefantjager (Deutsch) = elephant hunter
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:55am BSI:

DC Pat: amen & stuff. My ManU/Arsenal hangover will be cured (maybe) by the time England plays Egypt at Wembley next month...
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:55am Wendy del Formaggio:

Vicki, it's ALWAYS time for yodelling! :-)
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:56am Cecile:

you know, hunting tigers by the Bonzo Dog Band might go well after this...
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:56am Bad Ronald:

Yup, thanks Otak!!!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:57am Cecile:

I personally am watching my favourite sporting event: RuPaul's Drag Race. AKA THE 2nd GREATEST SHOW EVER.
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:57am BSI:

out, in.
out, in.
out in india.
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:57am joerg:

Love that elefantenjaeger,n is that on one of the FMU DJ Premiums?

  Wed. 2/3/10 9:58am Cecile:

there's no use stroking them or saying puss-puss-puss
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:58am John from Oslo:

When yodel stops - bass solo begins!
  Wed. 2/3/10 9:59am dc pat:

I'm with Wendy, Vicki,

...and BSI...although I wish Ireland had not been shafted I'll have to cheer for...*gulp* the usa....
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:00am dc pat:

...und Deutschland!!!
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:01am Vicki:

Mary Schneider and the Luftwaffenmuikkorps

dot com
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:01am Bad Ronald:

Shaking? You silly goose, I'm just doing the Watusi, that's all.
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:02am Brian:

Why is it that Charlotte turns my legs to spaghetti?
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:03am Wendy del Formaggio:

Hmm, wow, I'm actually digging this C. Gainsbourg track. It's delightfully creepy!
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:03am Cecile:

dear dear dear no dear dear dear no dear dear no dear no
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:03am Wendy del Formaggio:

YES YES! Astro sounds from beyond 2000!!!
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:06am Howlround:

This is the music you play when you want to seduce a woman while slowly taking off your spaceman suit.
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:06am John from Oslo:

Vicki, Mary Schneider and the Luftwaffenmusiekkorps on the turntable, chardonnay, and silk sheets - doesn't get more romantic than that
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:07am Vicki:

you mean while slowly putting ON your spaceman suit
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:07am Vicki:

... while slowly putting on your spaceman suit, John
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:08am John from Oslo:

Oh, Vicki - please stop, my pacemaker cant handle the excitement
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:09am Howlround:

but all those hinges, and bolting, and the buckling with tinted facecover...oyveh..I'll need an aspirin
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:09am north guinea hills:

Yes! More Housu!
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:10am Spacenick:

Like, I lost my space suit in court, man.
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:11am Cecile:

Ken, do you need some Tramadol for that elbow?
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:12am Barbarella:

Yeah.. Groovin' on the ungarbin' and ungearin' in zero-G!
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:13am GNFAB:

The Trama Dolls
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:13am Steamed Peas:

Help! I'm on a bad bean dip!
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:14am recession wretch:

north guinea hills -- where did you come up with that handle?
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:14am bbell:

good morning, Ken, always a pleasure to do a headstand during your show. Take care of that elbow (no headstand for you today).
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:15am Vicki:

I'd love to hear the Bonanza album
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:15am Vicki:

well actually I woudln't
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:16am Cecile:

gandy dancer needs to be on a loop
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:16am BSI:

jeezus with the reverb, Greene.
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:16am Dan B From Upstate:

This is a big country we live in. Ever hear of a gandy dancer? When I was up around nantuckett, I spent some time on a fishing boat. I've been to many places and done a lot of things. Moving around the west virginia mines, I heard a screaming siren. Destiny. You know in my travels around the country, I met a lot of tough, two-fisted men. You know bad luck waits for some men at every corner. They sure do a lot of square dancing... ah! I lost it!
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:17am Vicki:

I sampled Lorne Greene a lot in "Wide Open Spaces", that gig CD I did with Matmos and Wobbly
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:18am Vicki:

Ken -[2003]/People-Like-Us-Matmos-Wobbly_13-Wide-Open-Spaces.mp3
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:19am Curmudgeon:

Damn hippies.
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:22am Impudent Cur:

Ham dippies.
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:26am Wimpy:

Ham Burger
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:27am dc pat:

man, last 2 songs had kickin guitars..
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:27am Weld:

  Wed. 2/3/10 10:27am Dom Deluise's ghost:

You can get ham dippies at the county fair...chocolate, caramel, BBQ, butter frosting...
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:29am jtm:

Hamburglars and their Poddamn Ding Dong Eyeballs. Yuck
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:29am Fern:

  Wed. 2/3/10 10:29am paul:

i don't think i've heard this mashup unless it's been played on this show before, but somehow as soon as the zeppelin guitars kicked in i knew i'd hear "war pigs"...
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:30am DW:

Saw Hausu last year after seeing mention on BOTB, but this morning I thought it was the new Irmin Schmidt sndtrk release, until you said it was Hausu.
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:31am dc pat:

this is a pretty spotless mashup.
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:36am BSI:

no, I'm Richard Kostelanetz.
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:37am dc pat:

is that bouncy bus pic from the Graduate?
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:37am postmanpaul:

that was a pretty potless smashup indeedy.
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:39am G:

Eisbaer = Polar Bear. What's with the German megafauna theme?
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:42am Doug in Canada:

Gandy dancers work on the construction of railways ...
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:43am Lizardner Dave:

You know what would be great? A Lorne Greene/Drunk Ken mashup.

"They sure do a lot of square dancing"
"So you album?"
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:44am postmanpaul:

salutations ken, city slackers and officionados, just touched down, woooo - very agreeable show.
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:44am jeanne:

but you've got a lot of folkloric knowledge, ken
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:46am BBC:

The wolverine, a predator renowned for its strength and tenacious character, may be slowly melting away along with the snowpack upon which it lives.
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:46am gigantor:

Ah, the theme song to the Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour!
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:46am Ken:

What melody is this?! This Shavora track... Meet The Mets?
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:47am Wendy del Formaggio:

...tonight what heights we'll hit, on with the show, this is it!
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:48am Lizardner Dave:

This is the Bugs Bunny-Daffy Duck show theme song, isn't it? Overture, cut the lights,...
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:51am BillyJam:

Morning all including Bad Ronald, Cecile, Parq, DC Pat, Wendy, Lizardner Dave - perfect soundtrack for a snowy New York morning Ken!
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:54am gigantor:

Lizardner, you're right--Bugs/Daffy, not Bugs/Road Runner. On with the show, this is it!
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:55am Cecile:

hola, billy jam!
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:57am Wendy del Formaggio:

Good morning, BillyJam!
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:57am bennett4senate:

hey Ken, do you know my friend Steve Lambert who is pictured in the Talk About Anything pic?
he is a talented artist
  Wed. 2/3/10 10:57am Lizardner Dave:

Good morning Billy Jam!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:00am dc pat:

Hey Jilly
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:01am BillyJam:

hey Dave! What's good in Da Land of Cheese Wendy? Cecile, mailed your WFMU prixe out on Monday. - Hey Bennet4Senate - where is that pic of your friend Steve Lambert taken and what's the background on him?
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:03am Bad Ronald:

Morning Billy!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:03am dale:

morning ken and company. pernell roberts just died - he's probably the only bonanza star who wasn't on an album (please prove me wrong).
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:04am Cecile:

thanks, Billy! I'm looking forward to it!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:05am Vicki:

this Sparks track is so fantastic
I love tracks that were made for vinyl - like 12" versions
just looking for my space suit
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:06am Carmichael:

@Cecile: looks like yesterday's request finally came through!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:08am Cecile:

yeah! I was thinking that!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:11am bennett4senate:

Immortal Technique! wow Ken do it
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:16am Dan B From Upstate:

Corn Weenie!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:16am Carmichael:

Really really!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:16am BSI:

scorn wee-wee!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:17am cribley:

I've only been listening for the last hour, but GREAT SHOW today Ken!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:21am Ghengis Jung:

Little Boxes!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:24am Carmichael:

And they all look just the same.
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:26am Chris:

Ever hear of a gandy dancer?
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:28am DW:

I wish the cuica sounds were actually an animal call.
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:30am Back in Nagasacki:

Salt water ticky tacky woo.
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:31am Carmichael:

Where the men chew tobacky,
and the women wicky wacky woo.
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:32am BSI:

Jack D. Ripper has spoken!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:34am Peter O'Toole:

Then you're the greatest man that ever BREATHED...
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:38am jeanne:

"For each stroke, a worker would lift his gandy and force it into the ballast to create a fulcrum, then throw himself sideways using the gandy to check his full weight (making the "huh" sound) HUH!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:38am Chris:

Hey Ken,do you still want edits of the Lorne Greene intros? I've got the songs, I just need to cut them up.
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:39am Mark:

Sax abuse
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:39am numbatwombat:

this psyhs number is like "sex bomb" - "sex" (ie louie louie)
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:41am numbatwombat:

this now makes me want to hear trouble funk!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:41am Ken:

Chris - YES!!! Please!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:43am trs:

Lorne Greene was on my mother's "he's a Canadian, you know?" rotation list. In case we ever forgot?
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:46am Chris:

Will do! - in loving memory of Comander Cartwright.
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:47am numbatwombat:

yay for the civil war! such a rad matmos album! they are all rad.
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:48am -max-:

I am now sharing my office with an assistant, unable to use headphones, and I cannot raise the volume the way I would like to. Though I need the help with the workload, this is really cutting into my enjoyment of Ken's show. Damn-it-all!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:51am Ken:

Chris - High quality audio please - 228kbps or better please! Thank you muchly!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:56am Listener Wes:

Hi Ken! Great show, as always. Thanks for being you...Work the good up keep!
  Wed. 2/3/10 11:59am Gander:

Ever cast a dandy glance at a gay gandy dandcer?
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