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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options January 22, 2010

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Artist Track Album
Iannis Xenakis  Concrèt PH   Options Electronic Music 
Iannis Xenakis  Persepolis   Options Iannis Xenakis (1922 - 2001) 
Music behind DJ:
Roland Kayn  Cybernetics III   Options Cybernetics III / Contrappunto Dialettico Alla Mente 
Tod Dockstader  Aerial #1   Options Aerial #1 
Bénédict Mailliard  Affleurements   Options  
Rale  Somehow   Options Whispering Gallery 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/22/10 12:04pm dc pat:

how nice is bryce, guys?? I mean, am I right. or what??
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:05pm Carmichael:

Must be Friday, must be Bryce. It's also payday, in more ways than one. Am I cryptic or what?
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:05pm bryce:

  Fri. 1/22/10 12:06pm dc pat:

Xenakis-fest? EXcellent.
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:06pm Cecile:

Hi, bryce! Hi, all!

dcp, I'm glad to know Barrence is a nice guy. He always seemed to come across that way in interviews. He's from DC, right?
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:07pm still b/p:

bryce at the HHHHHHHELM!!!!!
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:07pm jgiles:

ohhh thanks Bryce! I love Xenakis!
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:08pm dc pat:

yep, good guy all around. He's a Boston man from what I remember.
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:11pm Carla:

The one time I got high before going to class in college actually ended up being a music class and my first time hearing Xenakis. It was pretty amazing. Just thought I'd mention.
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:12pm my eye was shot out:

Persépolis = PERFECT. Thanks, Bryce! How's the Scelsi marathon coming?
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:15pm Hugo:

High on Xenakis ... hmmm ...
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:16pm Golden Sours:

Some good ol' fashioned spirit conjuring music.
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:16pm bryce:

carla, that's....AMAZING :)

scelsopolis was going to be today! but my morning got derailed by some majorly fucked-up news. it's definitely ready, tho...
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:19pm Cecile:

Oh, that's right. His first two records were with former members of DMZ and the Lyres
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:20pm Cecile:

Hey, Sours!
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:22pm Golden Sours:

Ahoy, Cecile! Work is going so slow today that I have found time to break free from my confines and become an active listener as opposed to just a silent one!
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:22pm Chris:

only one time carla? we had very different college experiences :)
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:24pm Carla:

I'm a nerd. I know.
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:25pm my eye was shot out. no, seriously.:

sorry about the bad news, bryce. this is amazing, always love hearing xenakis.
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:26pm Scott:

Sorry about the news, Bryce. Whatever it is, you're show is much much much appreciated.
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:31pm Hugo:

Listening to this Xenakis, I'm imagining an unstoppable juggernaut ...
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:32pm Jed:

email me about fucked up news if you want. You're better than they are.
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:33pm dc pat:

I'm imagining a room full of giant spaghetti flailing about like octopus tentacles...
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:34pm dc pat:

...with sparks flying out all over the place.
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:35pm drunk right now:

Everything else just sounds so lame after one listens to Xenakis.......
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:39pm stefica:

marvelous beginning, bryce! thanks!
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:41pm Todd 76%:

has anyone out there been to this current Xenakis exhibit in Brooklyn?
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:41pm Hugo:

Yes, what can follow THIS? Possibly, one of my faves, Stockhausen, "Aus den sieben Tagen". But you'll need another programme (or two) for it ...
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:43pm Todd 76%:

Here's a better link
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:44pm Chris:

hey hugo, marx is right, i hate going to the store when it's cold out.
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:49pm Hugo:

Alternatively, aircon during the hot season - it dampens activitiy, doesn't it?
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:57pm dc pat:

holy shit, what an ending!
  Fri. 1/22/10 12:57pm coelacanth:

dc pat...Amazing visual ! ---Bryce- i hope you're okay soon.
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:01pm Chris:

True, but prior to AC i imagine goning down to the seaside market to buy something just to get out of my hot dwelling. there must be records on market activity and the weather somewhere.
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:04pm Bad Ronald:

Bryce is nice and I'll say it twice Bryce is nice!
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:05pm dc pat:

I use to work at a convenience store and I use to pray for rain. NOBODY goes out in the rain for some reason.
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:05pm Hugo:

Bryce is thryce nyce!
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:11pm coelacanth:

(i Love my town...people DANCE in the rain!)
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:12pm Chris:

i love being out in the rain - i think it reminds me of being in the womb.
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:16pm Chris:

...so does this music.
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:22pm ken:

FANTASTIC SHOW BRYCE!! keep this supernova expanding,,,,,,
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:29pm murpheh:

loving the long tracks - really streching out with these pieces. so the xennakis persepolis exists only as differently authored remixes from like 59 different channel tracks into a stereo mixdown?
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:29pm numbatwombat:

dockstader is a favorite! this show has been excellent! bring the old skool!
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:30pm ken:

Also loving the LOOOOOOONG mixes today, a million thanks B!!!
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:31pm totally distracted, unable to work:

this show rules.
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:31pm ken:

his Aerial series is sublime!
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:33pm dc pat:

[Let me preface this post by stating that I NEVER use the word "awesome."]

This is awesome.
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:33pm trent:

hey man i think you forgot to turn the fader up
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:35pm ken:

( let me preface by saying I NEVER use the phrase "this fucking rocks")
This fucking ROCKS!
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 1/22/10 1:40pm TC:

I overuse "awesome." but this is. well, you know.
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:43pm TC:

That's "is, well..."
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:43pm Ike:

Yes. Yes. Yes yes.
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:43pm dc pat:

all is, well...
  Fri. 1/22/10 1:52pm tape is a-ok:

  Fri. 1/22/10 1:56pm mike cooper:

Can anyone tell me why my internet connection goes when the lift comes up in my apartment block? How is that possible?
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:00pm raga:

the lift is obviously constructed entirely of dark matter. duh.
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:01pm dc pat:

hey mike cooper, is it wireless?
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:02pm mike cooper:

  Fri. 1/22/10 2:02pm annie:

sure wish i was able to hear the show today... clogged up ear on one side and low brycean tunes... well. bad combo.. but i did the vibe, man.
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:04pm dc pat:

huh. Interesting. I have no freakin clue.
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:05pm mike cooper:

Thanx :-))
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:06pm homeland security:

mike cooper we are watching you closely.
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:06pm dc pat:

would a big metal object interfere with wireless signals? Do elevators emit magnetic fields?
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:08pm rosko:

I'm gonna get on my pirate shortwave kit and play the entire 3cd Dockstader "Aerial" set all night.

Too bad nobody listens to shortwave anymore.
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:08pm ken:

the hits keep coming and coming and coming, PHENOMENAL SHOW BRYCE, I really needed this today!!!!
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:08pm mike cooper:

I hear you knocking but you cant come in
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:12pm mick:

yep, phenomenal !!
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:14pm numbatwombat:

cosmic tones for astral therapy
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:15pm Rick Pickle:

  Fri. 1/22/10 2:15pm numbatwombat:

it is totally righteous that you are playing, like, the whole darn aerial #1!
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:18pm homeland security:

agreed, this Aerial #1 is better than catching dudes with explosive undies.
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:21pm mike cooper:

Yes - sounds really great in this lift as well - must be the confined space
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:22pm Carmichael:

@mike cooper: if it's a "local" wireless, like from room to room within your flat, then the lift could very well be blocking (or reflecting) the signal as it travels through it's path. If your device is portable (like a laptop), then try sitting somewhere else and check the signal strength.
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:23pm ken:

Aerial,,,,THE WHOLE THING!!!! Your my hero Bryce, King of the Loooooong play! I will never never forget the mind blowing Daniel Menche Beast Resonator hour of power from last year!!!!
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:24pm Hugo:

Music for imploding universes ...
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:28pm mike cooper:

Thanx carmichael - Im on the top floor and the lift doesnt actually pass me unless Im in it - which Im not when on line - the router is in the same room as my computer about three feet away - the same thing happens when Im in another room (further away from the router ) Im wondering if its a power drop? Im am in Italy where power can drop ever so slightly.
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:30pm Hugo:

I just purchased a little more than half an hour ago, c/o a well-known auction site, a record by the Johnny Rondo duo plus Mike Cooper.

There is no such thing as coincidence ...
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:32pm mike cooper:

I am very happy and hope you enjoy it :-))
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:35pm Hugo:

I have never heard it, but it has to be good with you, Lol Coxhill and Dave Holland. Anything else is inconceivable.
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:35pm BSI:

holy heck, I'm forever cursed to catch just the last half hour of the Bryce Mind Expansion Session. ... sure, there's always the archives, but time travel gives me the purple hiccups.
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:39pm mike cooper:

Hi Bryce - sorry to talk geekspeak over your program - nice show - FYI the Scelsi Foundation is now open here in Rome if you ever visit. Lok forward to your Scelsi show.
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:41pm Hugo:

If you look out to your right, you will notice Uranus whizzing by ...
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:42pm ken:

Soooooo lucky to catch this show in real time,,,,,AND, this archive will be in heavy perpetual rotation!
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:44pm tape head:

ken - i'm with you! bryce archives are GEMS.

mike - i have been bugging bryce about a Scelsi show. i have faith that he will stun all of us when the time comes.
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:44pm S:

I keep drifting off and thinking this is just the inside of my head playing. I kind of wish it was.
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:46pm mike cooper:

Scelsi and Alvin Curran would be a great show
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:48pm ken:

Bryce's archives are SOLID GOLD,,,,, jeeze, what did we do in the dark ages before the archives, those days of snooze you lose radio!
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:49pm Hugo:

The ultimate Bryce long play was two hours and forty minutes of "Blue Notes for Mongezi". But that's just me ...
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:50pm Benedict Mailliard:

That. Was. Great.
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:51pm coelacanth:

BSI - dont get those...i think that's what woody had in the original "casino royale". (he exploded)
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:52pm TC:

Killer show today, and I'll be heading to the archive next.
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you can layer other of his compositions over this if you like
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:55pm numbatwombat:

full-on scelsi marathon!
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:57pm ken:

I also remember a massive Yoshi Wada 70 min wall of sound,,,,sonic heaven!
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:58pm Hugo:

Yes, that was spectacular, too.
  Fri. 1/22/10 2:59pm bryce:

hey, holy shit! i thought for sure there would be no one left alive.... been doing some serious wall merging today.

scelsipocalypse is on its way......
as is.......................................
.............................MY 2009 PREMIUM.

no shit. i went kind of stoopid on the packaging, but it's done. should be mailed next week?

btw, if anyone gave up on it and chose a different one, drop me a line — i'll send it to you anyway...
  Fri. 1/22/10 3:01pm BSI:

Cool on the premium. Looking forward to it!
And here I thought I must've offended thee.....
  Fri. 1/22/10 3:02pm drunk right now:

the news about your premium is the best I've gotten all week.

what was on it again?
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