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Fist-pumping, air-drumming freeform mayhem. Caffeinated rock, experimental pop, oddball beats, and novelties.

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Options January 11, 2010: Put a ring on it

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Artist Track Album Label New Approx. start time
Pantha Du Prince  Sach Mal Baum   Options The Splendour  Rough Trade  *   0:00:00 ()
Silk Flowers  Wind Chimes   Options As Above So Below  Captured Tracks  *   0:06:23 ()
Panda Bear  Bros   Options Live at ATP-NY on WFMU 9/11/09  Free Music Archive  *   0:09:59 ()
Eet  Ceratothoa   Options Spookfish  Free Music Archive  *   0:20:45 ()
El-G  Tim Et Henri   Options Tout Ploie  Free Music Archive    0:26:22 ()
Lo Moda  Les Jardins (de L'bouli)   Options Gospel Store Front  Free Music Archive    0:30:17 ()
Jessie Evans  Black Sand   Options Live at WFMU on Liz Berg's show 8/31/09  Free Music Archive  *   0:34:20 ()
Custodian of Records  Korean BBQ   Options She Hate Me  Free Music Archive  *   0:38:27 ()
Excepter  Kill People   Options Debt Dept  Free Music Archive  *   0:39:28 ()
Filastine  Fitnah (feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenny)   Options Dirty Bomb  Free Music Archive  *   0:44:22 ()
Onra  Take a Ride   Options Chinoiseries  Baked Goods  *   0:47:34 ()
Mr. Chop  Main Ingredient   Options For Pete's Sake  Now Again  *   0:49:32 ()
Led Er Est  I Wait   Options Dust On Common  Wierd  *   0:52:35 ()
Monuments  Veiled Lady   Options Danza Meccanica: Italian Synth Wave 1982-1987 (V/A)  Mannequin    0:56:37 ()
Nikasaya  Siroi Ohisama   Options One Summerheim  Someone Good  *   1:08:21 ()
Supercluster  Sunflower Clock   Options Waves  Cloud  *   1:11:46 ()
Shrubs  I'm Alive   Options Forgotten How to Fall  Not  *   1:16:49 ()
Sonny & the Sunsets  Chapters   Options Tomorrow Is Alright  Soft Abuse  *   1:18:44 ()
Bird Names  The Charter of Ants   Options Twenty Charters 10''  Pecan Crazy  *   1:21:15 ()
Lafi  I'm Not Saying   Options All Out War    *   1:24:21 ()
Solhorn  Transport Band   Options Himmelbjerg  Lille Kommune  *   1:27:25 ()
Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger  Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll   Options Wild Rock n' Roll for Bad Tasters    *   1:30:40 ()
Top Cop  On the Beat   Options Top Cop    *   1:32:35 ()
Neon Indian  Should Have Taken Acid With You   Options Psychic Chasms  Lefse  *   1:36:03 ()
Mux Mool  Ballad of Gloria Featherbottom   Options Ghostly International Presents Moodgadget (V/A)  Ghostly International  *   1:38:24 ()
Rick Potts  Artforms in Nature   Options Labyrinthitis  Neurec  *   1:41:20 ()
The Quick  Don't You Want It   Options Mondo Deco  Radio Heartbeat    1:53:51 ()
Sic Alps  The Greatest   Options Split Tour 12" with Magik Markers  Yik Yak  *   1:58:04 ()
13th Chime  Sarah's Got a Chainsaw   Options The Lost Album  Sacred Bones    2:00:29 ()
Hardal  Zor   Options Nasil? Ne Zaman?  Shadoks    2:03:27 ()
3 Leafs  Dyani   Options Space Rock Tulip    *   2:06:50 ()
Coeur Magique  Madmoiselle Marie   Options The BYG Deal (V/A)  B-Music    2:13:17 ()
Thor  Lightning Strikes   Options Unchained  Ektro    2:16:03 ()
Wyrd Visions  Air-Conditioning   Options Half-Eaten Guitar  Blue Fog  *   2:18:38 ()
Shannon and The Clams  Scuffle with the Clams   Options I Wanna Go Home  1-2-3-4 Go!  *   2:40:31 ()
Love Collector  Tell Me   Options My Baby Goes Waaah! 7"  Big Action  *   2:42:54 ()
Househunters  I May Be Mad   Options Feeding Frenzy    *   2:44:38 ()
The Chickens  Side B   Options The Chickens cassette  Fan Death  *   2:46:34 ()
Okie Dokie  Capital Glad Passion   Options Okie Dokie  Aagoo  *   2:49:45 ()
Beautiful Daze  City Jungle   Options Acid Dreams (V/A)  Past Present    2:51:24 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 1/11/10 12:02pm Singer:

Corn Weenie!
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:03pm Charcutero:

LIZ'S SHOW YAY! <double pumps fist>
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:04pm Ike:

Yes, what Charcutero said.
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:07pm Chris:

just a second, my robot maid is getting me some coffee - yes, you read correctly, ROBOT MAID!
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:08pm dc apt:

alright Berg, I want to see that New column filled up with asterisks, k?
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:09pm Cecile:

NICE, chris.
Are you trapped in a time bubble at the 1964 World's Fair?
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:10pm Cecile:

that pantha du prince sounded like it could be on Kompakt
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:10pm Liz B.:

Hi to everyone, especially Chris's robot maid! This show will be full of asterisks!
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:11pm Charcutero:

Rosie was such a cool robot maid. Who was her dumb boyfriend?
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:12pm dc apt:

Great! Super! I didn't get where I am today but NOT wanting lots of asterisks in the New column...
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:14pm Chris:

it says goodbye liz (it actually means hello but its chip is a little screwy today)
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:14pm zoot:

DC Apt: Nice to see another dc person who is fond of Reginald Perrin. Sorry this comment is 11 minutes late: stalled pram on the central line.
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:15pm Cecile:

hey, Liz, if there is any new biker rock, that would be lovely to hear.
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:17pm Charcutero:

Thanks for the live Panda Bear.
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:17pm dc apt:

zoot: FUNNY. I saw the entire series a couple of times years back but the spouse and I just decided to go through it again. We're at the point where he's trying to figure out how destroy Grot.
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:22pm doug from DC:

DCers with a taste for experimental music should come to Bossa, in Adams Morgan, tonight for Electric Possible.
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:22pm zoo:

dc apt: Leonard Rossiter died way too soon. Some of his other work is still available; he even appears in 2001: A Space Odyssey, and he portrayed King John in the BBC Shakespeare series. The books that the series was based on are rather interesting. A bit darker...
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:24pm zoot:

Sorry I'm so chatty today, but dcers interested in experimental music should also check out Pyramid Atlantic in SIlver Spring this Friday - some very nifty stuff is planned.
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:26pm Ike:

I've never seen Reginald Perrin. I'll have to check it out sometime. I don't think MPT ever carried that one during my formative years when I got into Red Dwarf and Dr. Who. Or if they did, I missed it.
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:27pm Cecile:

I might not be the right person to judge this, but zoot, I don't think you're so chatty...
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:30pm dc apt:

There would be no Reggie Perrin without Rossiter. He was amazing. they tried to redo the show without him but apparently it sucked. Best. show. ever. (right now anyway)
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:32pm dc apt:

AH-! Where's the asterisk for this one Liz B?? I didn't get where I am today by NOT seeing asterisks...
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:32pm Mark L:

That Eet track was awesome. Anyone know of a site where I could give them money in return for all of it?
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:33pm dc apt:

Neither Mrs. dc apt nor I has EVER not seen asterisks.

ok I'm done.
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:33pm Liz B.:

Taking it back to '06 with the Lo Moda, couldn't resist. You can find Eet on the Free Music Archive, Mark L:
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:35pm zoot:

Thanks, Cecile. And dc apt, I trust Mrs. dc apt is not feelng a bit chesty.
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:36pm Chris:

i was listening to lo moda replica watches last night - great songs! i wonder why they haven't gotten greater attention - they blow deerhunter out of the water!
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:36pm Mark L:

Cheers Liz! I registered at the FMA ages ago but keep forgetting to visit. And Lo Moda are awesome too. I love WFMU!!
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:37pm zoot:

And by the way, dc apt, we're not "asterisk" people
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:41pm dc apt:

Mrs. dc apt is away in Luxembourg...HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! where's Joan?
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:48pm dc apt:

so my friends are mocking me because I want to go see Prince Rama of Ayodhya. Have others had this problem?
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:49pm Charcutero:

Loving that dubstep sound in this Filastine track.
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:52pm juckman:

YES!! Mr. Chop
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:58pm Chris:

dc apt - i played a PRoA cd at a diner party i went to and was surprised how much the folks with fairly conservative music tastes enjoyed it.
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:59pm Prince Rama of CoHi:

Mom, Billy's making fun of me 'cause I like Prince Rama of Ayodhya. He keeps chanting "alleluia" at me.
  Mon. 1/11/10 12:59pm GenericPlacebo:

Gr8 setlist to shop for rainbow hats to!
waoke up here to "kill people"!
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:03pm Chris:

did liz say she is running on speed?
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:04pm dc apt:

by all rights I should LOATH them...but I can't.
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:11pm Liz B.:

I wish I was running on speed, Chris! Instead, I had a half cup of coffee. Livin' large!
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:12pm Mike:

"rough trade" sounds sorta dirty.
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:17pm BSI:

Alright. I'm back. No crispy duck. But back nevertheless. And yes, I also endorse the hullaballoo at Electric Possible (dc) tonight.
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:25pm Chris:

were you able to bring any of that wonderful medical "coffee" back from california liz?
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:27pm Charcutero:

NJ votes today on medical "coffee"
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:30pm Chris:

i'm for gay marriage and all but i could really get behind the legalization of "coffee" for "medicinal" purposes.
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:33pm Charcutero:

How appropirate!
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:40pm the cleef:

Top Cop!!?! I'm arrested by Top Cop. I wish Ihad a clean record.
Neon Indian also doing it pour moi.
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:45pm BSI:

holy jumping christ, the asterisks!!!
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:49pm dc apt:

Good work Liz B. We aren't one of those DREADFUL firms that doesn't appreciate asterisks!
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:50pm BSI:

i say PEAKIN'!!!!
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:52pm dc apt:

peKAAN...although I'll eat pecan pie no matter how you pronounce it...
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:52pm BSI:

  Mon. 1/11/10 1:54pm zoot:

One seriously profound line from Reggie Perrin: What's the use of life if it isn't for those who have to live it?
Note the elegant use of the word "have."
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:55pm Chris:

you'd be surprised what you can get through airport security - don't forget to put your "coffee" in some coffee to cover the "coffee" smell with the smell of coffee
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:56pm dc apt:

mmmmmm, coffee-flavored "coffee"
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:58pm James P Caan:

Allergic to pecans. If eaten, my throat expands and I can hit amazing low-notes. Condition is treated with a rotating course of over-the-counter balms.
  Mon. 1/11/10 1:59pm doug from DC:

So what is that The Quick are eating on the cover of Mondo Deco?
  Mon. 1/11/10 2:04pm Liz B.:

The Quick are eating bananas, ice cream, pizza, a donut, and some other item I can't identify.
  Mon. 1/11/10 2:07pm Mr. October:

That other item might be a Reggie Bar.
  Mon. 1/11/10 2:09pm BSI:

...anybody got a mint?
  Mon. 1/11/10 2:11pm Stannerlee:

Good to see talk of Reggie Perrin. I actually liked the remake - it was written by the the writers of the original series. And I didn't get to where I am today without enjoying a good remake. Of course, it wasn't Leonard Rossiter but he's immortal as the wonderfully dour and insecure Rigsby in Rising Damp..
  Mon. 1/11/10 2:20pm Mike:

Thor just rocked my face off
  Mon. 1/11/10 2:23pm Mike:

Interesting, the Coeur Magique track has "Mademoiselle" misspelled. Looks like it's actually misspelled on the CD.
  Mon. 1/11/10 2:25pm God of Metal:

I am appeased dark child!!!
  Mon. 1/11/10 2:28pm dc apt:

yeah, never saw the Rigsby stuff. Have to have a look.
  Mon. 1/11/10 2:33pm Mike:

I'm famous!!! ... and faceless! thor totally took me back to my embarrassing high school days. however, i was actually moved to buy coeur magnique. that bassline was just wow.
  Mon. 1/11/10 2:40pm dc apt:

"Donner Party Picnic"?? anybody remember the Donner Party?
  Mon. 1/11/10 2:46pm Chris:

wasn't the donner party a bunch of traveling mormons who ate their companions when they ran out of food?
  Mon. 1/11/10 2:48pm dc apt:

No, no, no, of course not!! ....Well, actually they were, but they were an 80''s rock group too.
  Mon. 1/11/10 2:49pm jason:

i met kyle from the chickins this weekend, his nickname is "street kyle" and he is the real deal!
  Mon. 1/11/10 2:50pm dc apt:

new favorite band: the Chickens.
  Mon. 1/11/10 2:51pm BSI:

Actually, everybody got it wrong. It was an '80s Turkish pop group that resorted to cannibalism when they ran out of OUD...

The oud player was hungover and missed a gig and everybody went NUTS. ... It doesn't take that much for civilized ethnic musicians to descend into bloodthirsty madness.
  Mon. 1/11/10 2:57pm Chris:

Great show. Thanks Liz!
  Mon. 1/11/10 3:00pm dc apt:

bitchin guitars there.
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