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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options January 8, 2010

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Artist Track Album
Horace Tapscott    The Dark Tree 
Mal Waldron with the Steve Lacy Quintet  Blue Wee   Options Mal Waldron with the Steve Lacy Quintet 
Melvin Jackson  Dance of the Dervish   Options Funky Skull 
Brother Ah  Beyond Yourself (The Midnight Confession)   Options Sound of Awareness 
Lech Jankowski  soundtrack to "Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies"   Options  
Jenny Scheinman  The Frog Threw His Head Back and Laughed (for Jim Woodring)   Options 12 Songs 
Frank Pahl  Portrait of a Woman...   Options Remove the Cork 
Frank Pahl  Ruth Perry's Pictures   Options Remove the Cork 
Lau Nau  Maapähkinäpuu   Options Nukkuu 
Au  Life   Options Au 
Au  Ask the River   Options Au 
Simon Wickham-Smith & Richard Youngs  [track 2]   Options Red and Blue Bear 
Yximalloo  Fela #7 + #11   Options The Worst of 1981 
Dokaka  Dance Dance   Options Human Interface 
Phlegm  Polynesian Fertility Dairy Chant   Options Poppin' & Milkin' 
Ass Baboons of Venus  Headache for Sisyphus   Options Phuket a la Bum Bum 
OOIOO  Uma   Options Taiga 
Asa-Chang and Junray  Xylophone   Options Tsu Gi Ne Pu 
After Dinner  Kitchen Life I   Options Paradise of Replica 
Wha-Ha-Ha  Akatere   Options Wha-Ha-Ha 
Afrirampo  [track 2]   Options Afrirampo 
Bob Log III  [track 9]   Options Trike 
Bob Log III  [track 10]   Options Trike 
Bob Log III  Shinkasen Teh!   Options My Shit Is Perfect 
Plunderphonic  Dab   Options Plunderphonic 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/8/10 12:23pm greebler:

I have to plough through a stack of paperwork that is 3 inches high. This show may help.
  Fri. 1/8/10 12:23pm greebler:

plough is a special business term meaning plow.
  Fri. 1/8/10 12:26pm bryce:

as long as you get a cheque out of it.... enjoy the shew
  Fri. 1/8/10 12:30pm W. S.:

...and the taming thereof.
  Fri. 1/8/10 12:35pm dc apt:

say, what colour is that plough??
  Fri. 1/8/10 12:37pm greebler:

thee plough is browne and tanne
  Fri. 1/8/10 12:37pm Carmichael:

Puh-POW! Hiya Bryce. Thanks for bringing in your phonograph player and those hi-fidelity records.
  Fri. 1/8/10 12:38pm bbob:

heart bryce
  Fri. 1/8/10 12:39pm Hugo:

Lo-fi is the new hi-fi
  Fri. 1/8/10 12:43pm Carmichael:

Then by your logic, Hugo, is no-fi the new quadrophonic?
  Fri. 1/8/10 12:45pm AUTOpilot:

tis submarine ish
  Fri. 1/8/10 12:49pm Hugo:

No-fi is fi-ne ... no?
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:04pm bryce:

  Fri. 1/8/10 1:05pm bryce:

excuse me.
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:07pm bryce:

  Fri. 1/8/10 1:13pm Ike:

Wow Bryce, did you cough up the entire alphabet there? That's impressive.
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:25pm Jeff from St.Paul:

Whoa, I missed a song that was dedicated to Jim Woodring?! I guess I will have to listen when this is archived.
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:26pm bryce:

yay :)
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:35pm ?:

Bryce omitted the letter 'k'. Coincidence? Hardly. I know you know what I'm talking about.
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:40pm bryce:

  Fri. 1/8/10 1:42pm bryce:

go on, tell them
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:42pm Ike:

Oh, "?," everything's always a conspiracy with you anonymous types. Don't be silly. We all know that Bryce merely left out the letter "K" as a secret message to Kay, a sexy MI-6 spy (and FMU volunteer) who needs his help to bring down Major League Baseball's spy satellites. Simple and obvious.
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:43pm Jed:

coke, smoke.........
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:44pm Me:

This music sucks
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:44pm Carmichael:

Who are the dorks in the playlist pictures?
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:46pm a guy in a chair in a cube:

The one in purple is Prince.
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:47pm bryce:

it sure does, Me. don't forget to keep listening!
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:48pm Jed:

Hey Me, I got that WMD
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:49pm Me:

Hi Bryce, do you have any normal music?
Like the Beatles?
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:49pm Jed:

Me sounds a lot like a DJ I know
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:49pm bryce:

  Fri. 1/8/10 1:50pm Jed:

: (
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:51pm Me:

The only reason I'm here is because I can't find many 20k internet stations.
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:53pm bryce:

the only reason i'm here is because i'm completely unemployable
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:54pm J-Mar:

this music is the only thing standing between me and a total anxious flip-out over getting my work done and also discovering that one of my co-workers appears to have a borderline personality disorder. so thanks. I can always count on Bryce to help me keep my cool on a Friday.
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:54pm Me:

Yeah, but are you DRUNK yet?
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:56pm Greg:

exceptional set today, Bryce!
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:56pm Jed:

I had a little Stretch Armstrong when I was a youngin'
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:57pm Jed:

  Fri. 1/8/10 1:59pm dc apt:

they make veggie monkey brain? NOM! NOM! (as Cecile would say..)
  Fri. 1/8/10 1:59pm Mike Fun:

so what happened with the 2009 Bryce premium?
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:00pm Carmichael:

Hey Bryce, don't forget about the Tuvan throat singing you promised Annie and me. Can we look for that in 2010, my broth-uh?
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:00pm Me:

These math problems are too hard. Don't you have any Calculus?
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:02pm Mike Fun:

Q: What is the first derivative of a cow?
A: Prime Rib!
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:03pm perrin:

checking in late from berkeley. red and blue bear is fun.
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:09pm annie:

did i hear my name??? yeah, what he said, bryce..
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:12pm dc apt:

I'm still waitin for the veggie version of prime rib dammit...
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:14pm Mike Fun:

16 portabellos stacked up and tied with string?
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:14pm perrin:

wow, acappella techo - now I have heard it all
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:15pm dc apt:

I have a buddha box sitting right next to me. It was suppose to be a present but it got lost in the mail. Should I send it on......or.....keep it?....

ACK! There are only so many portabellos a guy can eat...but interesting idea...
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:16pm annie:

dokaka...... yes! seitan, apt, aka wheat gluten
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:18pm Carmichael:

I heart Dokaka. I think Ramblin' Man is sheer genius.
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:19pm annie:

carm, i <3 them too..
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:23pm Mike Fun:

Keep the buddah box. I would. Better yet, send it to me instead.
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:26pm still b/p:

What would Buddha do?
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:26pm dc apt:

annie: you are correct, but how should it be treated to make it taste like real prime rib--that is the rub..or rib..or..

I love seitan..
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:29pm annie:

you might have to marinate it.. herbs, .... use miso?
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:29pm doug from DC:

All hail seitan!
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:29pm i love this piece...:

yes, i admit it, but i love throat singing too
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:32pm dc apt:

the trick with seitan is you have to make it with the herbs etc....and then worship it on a full moon....
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:32pm sinister dexter:

woohoo japan! i love your show Bryce! thanks lots!
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:37pm Jed:

  Fri. 1/8/10 2:39pm postmanpaul:

hi bryce - just arrived, nice show. don't know what its all about but i like it.
new years salutations annie and everypeoples.
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:40pm annie:

pmp. always a pleasure to see you here.. you snowed in?
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:41pm J-Mar:

OMG, I have totally been missing out on a discussion about fake meat -- one of my favorite topics. (Was busy typing and proofreading song texts for spirituals.) I made a big gluten roast before Thanksgiving by combining vital wheat gluten flour, nutritional yeast and herbs (thyme, sage), then adding a mix of pureed tofu, almond and peanut butter, reconstituted shiitake mushrooms and soy sauce. Then I molded into a giant round shape, put it into a Dutch oven, and slow-cooked it in a broth made out of shiitake mushroom broth, soy sauce and some other stuff. At least, I think that's how I did it. You gotta cook it a long time. Then you can slice it and fry it up in the pan with some oil and/or nut butter if you want it have that greasy, fatty meat-replicating sensation.
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:43pm annie:

sounds like a much better version of tofurkey if i ever saw one!!
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:45pm dc apt:

holy crap J-Mar!! That's cool, I have to do that some day.... That's gotta be the prime rib of the seitan world..
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:46pm Marshall Stacks:

Nice jerkin, Bryce.
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:47pm dc apt:

I like the idea of adding almond/peanut butter in there. Not too peanutty??
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:51pm J-Mar:

Well, you gotta find the right balance of ingredients. I'd like to say I can send you a recipe, but I kind of made it up as I went along after reading a bunch of other recipes. One good thing about almond butter is that it has that creamy, nutty flavor but it's also a little more subdued and complex than peanut butter, which makes it great for a fake meat recipe. I think the inspiration for my own recipe came from a recipe that someone sent me from The Farm Cookbook.
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:53pm postmanpaul:

annie - old fashioned tv interference crackled across our screens last night and then, wow, the snow queen suddenly appeared! from noplace! and said welcome to Nania and now we are all at her mercy and lots of other scary limb-shivery things. all is lost.
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:53pm J-Mar:

Wow -- vague coincidence! I'm proofreading the lyrics for a Michael Jackson song ("Heal the World") to be featured in an MLK Day concert coming up here in Nashville.
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:55pm dc apt:

J-Mar: cooking w/out recipe is the only way to go. Good work. I'll give 'er a go someday when I have a lot of time and a lot of beer...
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:56pm bryce:

hey, all! sorry to not be checkin' in.....just running back and forth to the library today.

happy wah wahhhh and cetera!
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:57pm Bad Ronald:

Beer? Yes please.
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:58pm dc apt:

it's beer thirty Bad Ron...
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:58pm Carmichael:

I'm heading that way now (to beer, not the library). See you all!
  Fri. 1/8/10 2:59pm annie:

pmp- just go to the happy place...and take some beer!
  Sun. 1/10/10 11:21am miketp:

gary null would smile with the seitan and vegan talk
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