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Options December 18, 2009: Live from BLIP FEST 2009 at the Bell House - Friday



Full schedule available HERE

DJ Trent between sets

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Artist Track Comments
DJ Trent  Warming up for DISASTERPEACE   Options  
Disasterpeace  LIVE AT BLIP 09   Options  
DJ Trent  Warming up for STARSCREAM   Options  
Starscream  LIVE AT BLIP 09   Options Share photos on twitter with Twitpic 
DJ Trent  Warming up for FIGHTER X   Options  
Fighter X  LIVE AT BLIP 09   Options Share photos on twitter with Twitpic 
DJ Trent  Warming up for LITTLE-SCALE   Options  
LITTLE-SCALE  LIVE AT BLIP 09   Options Share photos on twitter with Twitpic 
DJ Trent  Warming up for I, Cactus   Options  
I, Cactus  LIVE AT BLIP 09   Options Share photos on twitter with Twitpic 
DJ Trent  Warming up for NULLSLEEP   Options  
Nullsleep  LIVE AT BLIP 09   Options mp3s available at the Free Music Archive 
DJ Trent  Waming up for RAINBOWDRAGONEYES   Options  
Rainbowdragoneyes  LIVE AT BLIP 09   Options mp3s available at the Free Music Archive 
natty  chatty   Options  
DJ Trent  Warming up for PATRIC C   Options  
Patric C  LIVE AT BLIP 09   Options  

Listener comments!

  Fri. 12/18/09 7:19pm el cubo:

1:18 european time, why not..
  Fri. 12/18/09 7:22pm fuxter:

trent getting us warmed ))
  Fri. 12/18/09 7:32pm Didderdrum:

  Fri. 12/18/09 7:33pm pompei:

ew, there's crunk hip hop? why?
  Fri. 12/18/09 7:34pm fuxter:

yeah! i'm ready to dance my ass away on my kitchen
  Fri. 12/18/09 7:37pm trent:

sorry pompeii. it's not my fault if you can't handle gucci and usher in the same damn song.
  Fri. 12/18/09 7:37pm disassembler:

What is this? It sounds familiar.
  Fri. 12/18/09 7:39pm trent:

that was goth star - pictureplane
  Fri. 12/18/09 7:42pm Dylan:

Did you do something to the stream? My client won't take it today. :(
  Fri. 12/18/09 7:43pm Calitar:

My client just crashed, but that's probably unrelated.
  Fri. 12/18/09 7:44pm Calitar:

Now it keeps stopping (using a different client too)
  Fri. 12/18/09 7:44pm trent:

sorry everyone, getting some streaming issues worked out - should be 128k mp3 stream solid now.
  Fri. 12/18/09 7:45pm fuxter:

trent, switch from aac to mp3 on live
tsk, tsk, tsk...
  Fri. 12/18/09 7:45pm Dylan:

Sweet it's working! :D
  Fri. 12/18/09 7:52pm fuxter:

hey, what's playing now? i've heard it comewhere
  Fri. 12/18/09 7:53pm trent:

  Fri. 12/18/09 7:54pm fuxter:

maybe i've heard it on dailybeats
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:01pm Josh:

when will trent be playing?
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:02pm Calitar:

What was that German song that just played?
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:02pm dummy:

fuck yeah. megabus was 2.5 hrs late so I'm gonna miss most if not all of tonite... but the streams via wifi will work I guess... :|
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:04pm dummy:

trent pls kick pswimm in the nutz for me
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:04pm chupathingy:

Tell David Viens I said hi.
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:06pm dotdummy:

i'm buying david viens a drink when i get there. CHIPSOUNDS 4LIFE!
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:08pm fuxter:

  Fri. 12/18/09 8:10pm wizwars:

  Fri. 12/18/09 8:12pm fuxter:

pics go go go!
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:13pm Jing:

fyi on the dj voiceover, there seems to be some phasing/doubling going on. everything else sounds good though.
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:14pm fuxter:

sound is amazing for me
could be a bit louder
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:16pm LASTKNIGHT:

  Fri. 12/18/09 8:19pm trent:

wow i hope y'all have your subwoofer arrays set up at home
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:22pm fuxter:

Disasterpeace ROCKS HARD! and fails abit )))
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:24pm Tim:

thank you sooo much for streaming the festival!
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:28pm Steve:

  Fri. 12/18/09 8:31pm trent:

you are welcome! this guy is fucking killing it all around town. dang.
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:32pm Steve:

Visuals look sick
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:33pm fuxter:

i don't want him to stop EVAR
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:35pm Steve:

Live drums, too?!!
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:36pm fuxter:

drummer is awesome!
though too much compression
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:37pm trent:

yeah so live they managed to compress him down to 8 bits :-p
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:38pm fuxter:

  Fri. 12/18/09 8:46pm fuxter:

guys, i'm gone mute!
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:49pm expl0123:

had to refresh.
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:50pm pexel:

w00t! @-@!
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:53pm fuxter:

three cameras on stage! we'll get nice video later, i hope
  Fri. 12/18/09 8:55pm fuxter:

this one is nice
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:21pm expl0123:

excited for fighter x.
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:23pm infradead:

Fighter X!!! Pacific Northwest in the house!!
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:24pm expl0123:

hey infradead, saw all you guys in the last lo-tek resistance video. good stuff.
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:39pm xl:

it's sounding great on the WFMU live stream out here in california! wish i could be there!
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:42pm trent:

awesome. the future is amazing.
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:42pm Kat:

Are people dancing to this? I would.
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:43pm trent:

zomfg more crowd surfing than i have seen since a pearl jam video
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:45pm meowypurr:

i'd be going nuts about now... x)
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:46pm Kat:

Wow. It's cool that people are responding on both the visceral and cerebral level.
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:47pm warry:

This epic.. I hope I'll be able to get there tomorrow.
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:49pm trent:

  Fri. 12/18/09 9:50pm meowypurr:

if it doesn't snow until after 6 tomorrow than i can still go.. any time earlier and I'm out of luck... =( this sounds so awesome !!!!
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:51pm warry:

Same here... fingers crossed.
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:52pm renaekathleen:

I thought that listening to the live stream would be a little satisfying since I wasn't able to go, but it's just making me more disappointed that I'm not there!
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:54pm expl0123:

I didn't want to ride the subway or even walk through NYC by myself, or I would've gone. Not much of a people person. lol
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:55pm Rolf:

Well so much for their transitions :P
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:56pm renaekathleen:

!I was waiting for Taiko Child! Hooray!
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:56pm D::

this is so bad :/
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:56pm zomg_blip:

fighter x done his set already?
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:56pm marty mcsorley:

stoaked, im on my way dawg
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:57pm Rolf:

I must say though, I am pleasantly surprised by how well their set is going. Best so far! :D I wasn't expecting much based on what they've released recently, but this is great. My Blipfest party is awesome, even though there are only two of us.
  Fri. 12/18/09 9:58pm expl0123:

Fighter X is finishing right now.
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:00pm mr.carberra:

yeahhhh,,,fuck. fighter x break the party. good job guys!
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:01pm expl0123:

sound quality is great, DJ could use a little tact though! :p
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:01pm meowypurr:

will the afterparty be broadcast too ?
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:05pm o_o:

Dj too drunk to reply kthx
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:07pm trent:

oh come on guys. i can chat, just no talk IRL. dunno yet about afterparty will let you know ASAP.
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:09pm chad w:

Got a text from Mr. Magfest: "Blipfest?" Wish I could be there, instead I"m at home doing X-Mas cards. Thank you WFMU!!
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:10pm infradead:

OMG its little X
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:11pm expl0123:

almost as good as disaster-plan. lol.
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:13pm infradead:

8bc IRC

join us talking and listening
irc://esper.net #8bc

  Fri. 12/18/09 10:19pm fuxter:

hey, i'd love to know what he's using. his lauchpad?
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:27pm o_o:

volume got low
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:32pm fuxter:

some vidz online
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:34pm BSK:

I was sleeping, I wasn't able to listen to Fighter X's sound...
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:36pm trent:

@BSK my chip hero...can't imagine you sleping
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:37pm expl0123:

I wonder if USK will post again tonight.
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:42pm expl0123:

pumped for I, Cactus and Nullsleep. What a night!
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:43pm Saitone:

littlescale is awesome.
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:43pm USK:

someone called me??

Little-Scale act was great!!
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:44pm Tent is drunkz:

what you playing mate!?
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:45pm trent:

if u can't handle dead kennedys vs. janet jackson then u can get off da stream
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:47pm trentz is drunkz:

we love you trent. but the volume is low.
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:47pm expl0123:

Hi Saitone and USK, big fan of both of you!
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:48pm Rolf:

Volume's fine for me. And if it gets turned up, my recordings will clip and be ruined :P
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:50pm brisko:

dont forget to upload your recordings =)
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:51pm meowypurr:

yeah Rolf, where will you be uploading them? i can't stay for the whole thing and would like to hear the rest..
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:51pm trent:

official, hi-res (UN-DOUBLE-COMPRESSED!) files will be uploaded to freemusicarchive.org ASAP w/ artists' consent.
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:53pm meowypurr:

oh, cool =D does freemusicarchive.org have sets from previous years too ?
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:55pm Matthew:

Oh man, new I, Cactus! This almost tipped me over the indecision fence of actually going to Blip physically.
  Fri. 12/18/09 10:56pm brisko:

plz dont forget the condom extra (last show tonight) trent,
thx for everything :) gn8 u all
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:00pm expl0123:

USK should release pikakpia/complete world so we can buy them.
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:03pm pexel:

0mg v3ry g00d!!
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:03pm Leave Luck to Heaven:

Yeah i agree
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:07pm pexel:

  Fri. 12/18/09 11:08pm Leave Luck to Heaven:

Woot! I love usk!
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:14pm Cube:

  Fri. 12/18/09 11:15pm expl0123:

you crazy kids and your chit-tunes! lol
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:15pm fuxter:

i loved that pee-peww
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:16pm Cube:

USK and BSK get the Fuckoka Bros together and come to blip next year.
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:18pm meowypurr:

nullsleep!!!! =D
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:18pm YES!!!!:

Fuckoka needs to come blip!
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:21pm wizwars:

I, Cactus fucking ruled.
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:22pm chupathingy:

Fucking epic
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:23pm Rolf:

I'm sure it's been asked, but will you be streaming the Condom & Hally stuff later?
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:26pm trent:

  Fri. 12/18/09 11:26pm pexel:

!!! ahhh yesh... <3
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:27pm :/ meh:

when does this song ever start?
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:29pm nullsleep:

don't believe the hype.
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:31pm john:

NULLSLEEP SUCKS! he's putting everyone to sleep! *yawn
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:32pm fuxter:

  Fri. 12/18/09 11:32pm masayuki:

  Fri. 12/18/09 11:33pm trent:

yall a space alien just tried to rush the stage and a bouncer kicked his ass off it
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:35pm CRAP!:

  Fri. 12/18/09 11:35pm who:

  Fri. 12/18/09 11:38pm ?:

How was i, Cactus? I recorded it, but I've yet to listen in.
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:45pm expl0123:

http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-jtg-show live video from ustream
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:47pm Hi:

Nullsleep is overrated! HE SERIOUSLY SUCKS!
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:51pm Leave Luck to Heaven:

Has fighter X played yet anyone know?
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:52pm meowypurr:

yes, fighter X played already
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:52pm infradead:

fighter x already played
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:53pm expl0123:

Yes Fighter X has played. It was badass.
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:53pm expl0123:

  Fri. 12/18/09 11:54pm Leave Luck to Heaven:

Are you serious i missed Fighter X!!!!!!!!! That is the only reason why im listening!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:56pm expl0123:

alot of people are recording it. maybe you can ask someone in IRC.

esper #8bc
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:56pm infradead:

people are recording and hosting bootlegs if you look around
  Fri. 12/18/09 11:58pm fuxter:

oh god! it's test drive 6!
  Sat. 12/19/09 12:02am seanhey:

  Sat. 12/19/09 12:03am Leave Luck to Heaven:

Infradead can you help me find Fighter X
  Sat. 12/19/09 12:04am sean:

now i likes it
  Sat. 12/19/09 12:04am infradead:

get on IRC www.mibbit.com/chat Server: Esper.ner Channel: #8bc and i can tell you where to look.
  Sat. 12/19/09 12:08am trent:

  Sat. 12/19/09 12:09am Rolf:

The video feed is still going! Go there while listening to this audio stream! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-jtg-show
  Sat. 12/19/09 12:09am fuxter:

man, he's scary
  Sat. 12/19/09 12:09am paul:

happy chipcore!!!! <3 <3 <3
  Sat. 12/19/09 12:09am Leave Luck to Heaven:

Its not working infradead
  Sat. 12/19/09 12:11am meowypurr:

oh man.. soooo wish i was there now...
  Sat. 12/19/09 12:12am infradead:

http://mibbit.com/chat/ select esper net as the server. then enter #8bc as the channel. or is mibbit not working for you?
  Sat. 12/19/09 12:12am BSK:

  Sat. 12/19/09 12:15am Leave Luck to Heaven:

infradead im there!
  Sat. 12/19/09 12:19am expl0123:

rainbowdragoneyes is like dragonforce meets andrew w.k. had a kid with bomberman.
  Sat. 12/19/09 12:36am paul:

  Sat. 12/19/09 12:37am :D Skee-lo sez::

I wish I had another effect but reverb
  Sat. 12/19/09 12:37am :D Skee-lo sez::

I wish I had another effect but reverb
  Sat. 12/19/09 12:40am trent:

you (me) (everyone) doesn't need another one
  Sat. 12/19/09 1:05am expl0123:

Patric C apologizes for nothing!
  Sat. 12/19/09 1:22am xl:

so... did people get tired of taking photos for the playlist page?
  Sat. 12/19/09 1:29am paul:

fuckin nyc speedcoooooooooooooooore!!!!!!!!
  Sat. 12/19/09 1:34am paul:

oh fuck its total DHR '95 right there!!!!!!!!
e-de-cologne!!! ec8or!!!!!!!!!
  Sat. 12/19/09 1:35am fuxter:

ok night guys. it was a great day! thanks a lot trent!
  Sat. 12/19/09 1:36am Chester:

So you're not streaming the Condom show? :(
  Sat. 12/19/09 1:37am WTF!!:

No Hally + Condom? Thst's MEAn
  Sat. 12/19/09 1:46am infradead:

ah man.. bummer
  Sat. 12/19/09 1:41pm W.T. Snacks:

DJ Trent played Ceephax and Hally took pictures of me dancing to it. Yes!
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