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Theme (n) - the subject of talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.

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Options December 10, 2009: Mmmmmm how about a nice steamy cup of coffee....

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Claude Gray  I'll Just Have Another Cup of Coffee   Options Hey! Look What I Found (Vol. 6)  0:00:00 ()
Bill Strength  Black Coffee Blues   Options The History of Country & Western Music Vol. 19  0:02:26 ()
Larks  Coffee, Cigarettes and Tears   Options   0:05:06 ()
Lefty Frizell  Cigarettes and Coffee Blues   Options   0:07:37 ()
Johnny Cash  A Cup of Coffee   Options Everybody Loves a Nut  0:10:21 ()
Don Williams  Some Broken Hearts Never Mend   Options 20 Greatest Hits  0:14:54 ()
The Bottle Rockets  Coffee Monkey   Options Leftovers  1:21:22 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     1:21:22 ()
Mike Pedicin  Burnt Toast and Black Coffee   Options King New Breed Rhythm & Blues  0:25:42 ()
Hank Ballard and the Midnighters  The CoffeeGrind   Options   0:26:00 ()
Bill Haley And His Comets  Forty Cups of Coffee   Options   0:28:52 ()
Danny Overbea  40 Cups of Coffee   Options Delicious Doo-Wop and Tasty Treats  0:30:38 ()
Lee Andrews & the Hearts  Sipping a Cup of Coffee Blues   Options   0:33:16 ()
Bob Dylan  One More Cup of Coffee   Options Desire  0:36:09 ()
The Guess Who  No Sugar Tonight   Options   0:39:55 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     0:45:23 ()
Arnette Hanshaw  You're the Cream in My Coffee   Options   0:51:11 ()
Michael Speciale  A Cup of Coffee, A Sandwich, and You   Options   0:53:47 ()
Boswell Sisters  Coffee in the Morning   Options   0:57:50 ()
Fred Waring  Let's Have Another Cup o' Coffee   Options   1:00:45 ()
Dick Reinhart & His Lone Star  Truck Driver's Coffee Stop   Options   1:03:58 ()
The Ink Spots  Java Jive   Options   1:06:31 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     1:09:26 ()
Tony Alvon & The Belairs  Sexy Coffee Pot   Options Soulin' Vol. 3  1:18:57 ()
Otis Redding  Cigarettes and Coffee   Options The Dock fo the Bay: The Definitive Collection  1:20:52 ()
Brook Benton  Another Cup of Coffee   Options Brook Benton- Forty Greatest Hits  1:25:11 ()
Tampa Red and Lucille Bogan  Coffee Grinding Blues   Options Tampa Red  1:27:45 ()
Mississippi John Hurt  Coffee Blues   Options Newport Folk Festival Best of the Blues 1959-68  1:31:15 ()
Lightnin' Hopkins  Coffee Blues   Options Blues Train  1:33:58 ()
Billy Childish  Iodine in My Coffee   Options   1:36:34 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     1:39:43 ()
Black Flag  Black Coffee   Options Slip It In  1:48:10 ()
Red Hot Chili Peppers  Coffee Shop   Options One Hot Minute  1:53:13 ()
Big Black  Grinder   Options The Rich Man's Eight Track Tape  1:56:00 ()
Dethklok  Duncan Hill Coffee Jingle   Options The Dethalbum  1:58:23 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     2:00:41 ()
Ogden Nash  Coffee with the Meal   Options   2:02:10 ()
Merv Griffin  Five Cups of Coffee (Five Cups of Tea)   Options   2:03:54 ()
Frank Sinatra  The Coffee Song   Options   2:06:05 ()
Allan Sherman  Makin' Coffee   Options My Son the Box  2:09:32 ()
Nat King Cole  You're the Cream in My Coffee   Options   2:12:00 ()
Bobby Darin  Black Coffee   Options Bobby Darin Collection  2:14:29 ()
Omar Kay  Turkish Coffee   Options Las Vegas Grind Vol 6  2:18:21 ()
Edmundo Ros  The Coffee Song   Options   2:20:27 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     2:23:21 ()
Twin Peaks  Twin Peaks Coffee   Options   2:27:38 ()
Soul Coughing  Coffee   Options   2:29:13 ()
K.D. Lang  Black Coffee   Options Just Say Yo  2:31:40 ()
Squeeze  Black Coffee in Bed   Options Singles  2:35:01 ()
Blur  Coffee & TV   Options The Best of [Disc 1]  2:41:01 ()
The White Stripes  One More Cup of Coffee   Options The White Stripes  2:46:17 ()
The Alta Tension Singers  Caramelitos de Cafe (Coffee Toffee squares)   Options Outtakes from the 2003 365 Days Project  2:49:28 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 12/10/09 6:03am Chuck:

Morning! Hope you've got some java yourself this time... Wouldn't be right to do a coffe show without it...
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:04am Meghan:

Yep, I was smart this week... coffee with me... big ol' thermos!
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:05am Chuck:

The brew in my cup is fresh ground, baby!
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:10am Joshua K:

A guy I know roasts his own beans out of his house and sells them: http://www.blackdogcoffee.net/
Fresh roasted coffee is crazy good.
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:10am Meghan:

He have a place on University?
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:11am Meghan:

Or is that Grey Dog.... Might be Grey dog coffee....
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:13am Dave B:

A timed brew of beans, and chumby alarm clock is truly "the best part of waking up.."

Morning folks!
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:13am Chuck:

Got Otis Redding's "Cigarettes and Coffee" in the pot this morning?
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:14am Meghan:

silly Chuck... of course! Morning Dave!
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:16am Chuck:

Good! Otis is always cool...
Morning everyone...
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:18am Dave B:

Tchibo Coffee's mail order slogan at one time was:
"A New Experience Every Week"

Kinda apropos
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:19am Meghan:

Kinda like my show.... hehe
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:23am fbaube:

"This coffee tastes like dirt !"

"Well! It was fresh ground this morning !"
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:25am Joshua K:

This reminds me of this:
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:27am Chuck:

Mushrooms taste more like dirt than anything... But it's really GOOD dirt! hehe...
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:27am fbaube:

"It's mount 'n groan !"

"NO NO NO! It's Mountain-Grown !!"
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:30am Chuck:

Yay! Bill Halley!
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:33am Dave B:

wonder who determined that 40 cups of coffee was the magic number...
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:36am Chuck:

I just know I need 40 T-strips for one of my current projects... Meghan knows what I'm talking about...
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:36am Joshua K:

I was thinking the same thing... 39 cups is still a lot of coffee
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:37am Dave B:

Anyone remember this old SNL short, "Java Junkie"? starring Peter Akroyd and Teri Garr:

  Thu. 12/10/09 6:43am fbaube:

I'M a coffee achiever !
YOU'RE a coffee achiever !
We're ALL coffee achievers !
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:43am Chuck:

No sugar! That coffe is too hard core for me...
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:44am Joshua K:

If I wasn't on a night schedule I would be all over some fresh coffee right about now. The breakfast show made me hungry, this ones making me crave coffee.
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:44am Meghan:

Yeah, not sure about the 40 cup limit.... it's an odd number.... (meaning strange)
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:46am Chuck:

Wouldn't consider 40 a "limit"... That's OD-ing!!
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:47am Dave B:

"they checked me into this place - "Maxwell House", and after seven weeks I was fully decafinated, and ready to re-enter society"
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:47am Chuck:

Wonder how much caffene is lethal?
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:50am fbaube:

Coffee quotes:
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:50am Dave B:

@Chuck - from Wikipedia:

In cases of extreme overdose, death can result. The median lethal dose (LD50) given orally, is 192 milligrams per kilogram in rats.[2] The LD50 of caffeine in humans is dependent on weight and individual sensitivity and estimated to be about 150 to 200 milligrams per kilogram of body mass, roughly 80 to 100 cups of coffee for an average adult taken within a limited time frame that is dependent on half-life.
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:51am Chuck:

Wow! Who would drink such an amount? Thanks for the look up ,Dave!
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:53am Meghan:

God, that is insane... You wouldn't leave the bathroom!
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:54am Dave B:

Just get a coffee pipe right from the brewer to the bowl, I guess!
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:55am Chuck:

Guess that means the 40 cups they sang about leaves you only half dead! HA!
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:56am Joshua K:

I think the less coffee in espresso thing is about the roasting method. When you brew it espresso style its stronger and I think more caffeine is extracted, but you you drink it from a smaller cup.
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:58am NS Andy:

I love the show- perhaps your best ever!
I must take issue with your claim about espresso, though...
Espresso has a much higher CONCENTRATION of caffeine. That's why it is drank by the shot, rather than the cup. An 8 oz cup (which is really small relative to what a cup of coffee means to most people) would blow your roof off with its possibly 800 mg of caffeine; 8 oz cups of drip coffee vary all over the place, One number out there is 130 mg. So it would take 6 - 8 oz coffees (48 oz!) to equal one "cup" of espresso.

Just sayin'

Request: Sonny and Brownie Maxwell house song, please
  Thu. 12/10/09 6:58am Joshua K:

around 100 mg caffeine per shot of espresso vs 130mg for an 8 oz cup of coffee, so if you hit the double or triple espresso you are off to a flying start.
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:00am Joshua K:

I've got one of these gadgets at home for making a quick cup of strong coffee:
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:02am Dave B:

@Joshua -

That's like a complete java junkies "works" !
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:03am Chuck:

I'd get the "shakes" after one of those! Think I'll pass and stick to the regular stuff...
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:03am fbaube:

Mmmmmm... Pie........
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:05am Joshua K:

I got hooked on espresso after visiting my uncle in Miami and having cuban style coffee, cafecito
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:10am Dave B:

I got the jones from Turkish style coffee back in 77 in Tehran. I have one of those brewing pots, but MAN is making it a pain in the ass...
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:10am Chuck:

I was wondering which version of this you were going with, Meg... A fine a choice blend...
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:11am Dave B:

meant pain in the ass to make!
(although the pot itself could be a pain in the ass, if you're not careful!)
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:12am Maestroso:

The Forties is a rich period to mine for this theme, isn't it!
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:14am fbaube:

<flamebait> Here me now! Sugar in coffee is an ABOMINATION in the eyes of the LORD! The flavors do not mix, it's like oil on water! </flamebait>
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:15am Chuck:

As long as they didn't put any cabosil in it, Meg!
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:19am Derek in DC:

Seen in a chat room: "Sleep is just an inefficient substitute for caffeine."
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:19am fbaube:

Maxwell House puts the Madness in Mad Men
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:21am Joshua K:

I heard the quote "Sleep is a symptom of coffee deprivation"
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:22am Chuck:

Does anyone bother with decafe? Seems a waste to me... I want coffee FOR the caffeine!
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:23am eric wheelis:

I know you're gonna play "BLACK COFFEE" by Ike and Tine Turner! Eric - Madrid, Spain
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:25am Parq:

Just in time for the soul set! And coffee's what I need.
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:29am Meghan:

Hey Eric.... sorry, no Ike... got a different version..... twice actually
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:32am Adrian in London:

Hmm, think I'll have a nice cup of tea
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:36am eric wheelis - madrid:

too bad -- kick ass giutar -- looking forward to other versions -- saludos! here I take it CORTADO!
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:38am Dave B:

I've always loved this slogan and poster:
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:44am fbaube:

Camille, "Katie's Tea" http://www.last.fm/music/Camille/_/Katie%27s+tea
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:45am Joshua K:

My grandpa always has a thing of Postum in his closet. Pre-decaf coffee substitute
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:46am Joshua K:

I guess not anymore, wikipedia says Postum was discontinued in 2007
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:46am Dave B:

And then there's that abomination of coffee they serve at Cafe du Monde, with Chicory. A depression era way to stretch your coffee stash
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:47am Chuck:

Yeah, I've had Postum myself years ago, Joshua... Think it was made with molasses and wheat germ of all things...
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:50am fbaube:

Rocks in my coffee
Rocks in my head
Gonna pound down the coffee
Til I'm freakin' or I'm dead
  Thu. 12/10/09 7:51am Dave B:

  Thu. 12/10/09 7:53am fbaube:

The Ultra Bimboos, "Coffeebreak"
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:04am fbaube:

Choosy cheese-choosers say "Cheese, please" when choosing the cheese of their choice on ... Meghan's Show
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:05am Dave B:

kawfee wid a meal...
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:09am Meghan:

hehe.... love me the cheese!
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:09am Chuck:

Too funny! I was going to suggest this one, but didn't think you'd play it , Meghan... Guess nothing is off the table...
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:13am Parq:

Well now. I was familiar with Sherman's "Taking Lessons". Who knew he did two "Makin' Whoopie" songs.
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:15am Meghan:

We have Randy to thank for the Allan Sherman.... sent it over to me and everything!
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:15am fbaube:

(geek inside joke)
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:17am Julian:

I take a sip of my cup everytime they sing "coffee" ;)
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:18am jeff p:

it's like a jittery drinking game!
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:19am Meghan:

ha! I would be drunk on coffee already then.....
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:21am fbaube:

Attention gamblers! Drink lotsa java and play "Operation"...
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:24am Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

Track 12 added on Latter from Cream 1st record *Fresh Cream* can up load to you if you don't have it ...
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:27am jeff p:

"she'll be my cantankerous jew" OMFG! OY!
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:31am fbaube:

This is like some sort of definitive coffee show! A classic in the genre! Many many thanks! Maybe I'll just put it on a loop by the office coffeemakers.
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:32am Julian:

fbaube: Apropos Java, have u heard The Java Posse - Java jingle? :D
http://blogs.sun.com/dcb/entry/java_jingle <-- mp3
Meghan will u play it? :))
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:35am Chuck:

Meg, you haven't gotten to Squeeze doing "Black Coffee in Bed" yet... Are you?
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:35am Meghan:

ha! I'll see if I can fit it in.... still trying to get in the "REAL" coffee songs.....
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:36am Meghan:

Ha.... it was already next Chuck....
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:38am Chuck:

An inadvertent bit of clairvoiance on my part... hehe...
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:39am Dave B:

so next week more food? Any particular meal?
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:41am Meghan:

We are going for lunch.... soups, salads, etc..... sandwiches....
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:41am EC:

No Milk or Sugar!
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:42am Chuck:

Don't forget some pizza!
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:43am Julian:

Pizza and coffee? ... but why
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:43am fbaube:

Spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, coffee, and spam
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:44am Chuck:

I was refering to next weeks lunch theme, Julian...
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:44am Dave B:

A sandwich is a sandwich, but a SAM'MICH is a meal!
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:44am Meghan:

Spam already taken care of in the breakfast show....

Pizza is for next week Julian
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:45am Parq:

Meg, long-term, are you going to do any sort of holiday theme this month?
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:45am Meghan:

ugh, i am hungry..... and this coffee isn't fully waking me up either....
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:46am Meghan:

You know, I haven't fully decided yet.... that is kind of why i have left it open....
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:47am fbaube:

A-ha! So for a balanced diet, I must snarf down old playlists. I hope you'll have covered all five food groups -- salt, sugar, grease, carbohydrates, and alcohol
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:48am Chuck:

More caffeine, please! But, keep it under 800mgs, please...
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:48am Meghan:

Haven't hit alcohol yet....That will be coming soon....
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:49am jeff p:

hmmm. lunch songs. How about... "I Need a Hero"?
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:50am Meghan:

oh wow Jeff..... that is bad and hilarious all at the same time
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:50am fbaube:

Sure, go have a drink after the show! It'll be five PM in Moscow!
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:51am jeff p:

I just want to give the listeners a taste of what they can look forward to when I sit in in a couple of weeks
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:51am Chuck:

The suggestion could make me "lose my lunch", if you take my meaning, Jeff...
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:52am ?:

Waiting for "a cup of coffee" by johnny cash (Everybody loves a nut LP) or Bob Marley's 1st (?) single "one cup of coffee"
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:54am ?:

oh--my own coffee hasn't yet kicked in--I see the whole show was caffeinated! A you already hit Johnny Cash…
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:56am Julian:

uh! Lunch :D I recommend "Weird Al - Girls Just wanna have lunch"
  Thu. 12/10/09 8:57am jeff p:

how about a "giving" show on xmas eve?
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