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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options October 30, 2009

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Artist Track Album Comments
Clifford Thornton  Ketchaoua   Options Ketchaoua   
Sun Ra  Strings Strange   Options Strange Strings   
DDAA  Baltique   Options Les Ambulants   
David Cunningham  Error System (BAGFGAB)   Options Grey Scale   
David Cunningham  Error System (C pulse solo recording)   Options Grey Scale   
David Cunningham  Error System (C pulse group recording)   Options Grey Scale   
David Cunningham  Error System (E based group recording)   Options Grey Scale   
David Cunningham  Error System (EFGA)   Options Grey Scale   
The Flying Lizards  Tube   Options TV 7"   
Patrick Moraz  The Conflict   Options Patrick Moraz  wtf?? thanks, michael goodstein! 
Berlin Express  The 4:08 to Paris   Options The Russians Are Coming 12"   
Alesia Cosmos  Le Vol du Bourbon   Options Exclusivo!   
Ghostwriters  Dance of the Spirit Catchers   Options    
David Thomas & the Wooden Birds  Blame The Messenger   Options Friends of Stone   
Morgan-Fisher  Take A Heart   Options Seasons   
Hybrid Kids  Coventry   Options Claw   
Caninus  Fuck the A.K.C.   Options Now the Animals Have a Voice  a pitbull 
Eric Richards  Finalbells   Options The Bells Themselves  16 cowbells 
cows  moo   Options moooooooooooooooooo  here, have a look 
Josep M. Mestres Quadreny  Tocatina   Options Percussions de Barcelona   
Piffy the Bell Ringer  Lady of Spain   Options   here have a 
Ror Wolf  Der Ball Ist Rund   Options    
Grachan Moncur III  Blue Free   Options    
Eric Dolphy  South Street Exit   Options Last Date   
Anthony Braxton  [track A1]   Options Creative Orchestra Music 1976   
Rahsaan Roland Kirk  One Nation   Options Blacknuss   

Listener comments!

  Fri. 10/30/09 12:05pm bw:

NO comment
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:06pm ?:

nice!!!!! bryce..........
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:06pm bw:

so happy to be in bed hungover listening to Bryce.. I forgot to go to work today though..
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:09pm Ike:

Out, vodka demons! OUT! We demand to speak to the *real* BW!
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:10pm bw:

hey Ike! I thought I saw you at rekord fair in the sea of humanity was that you?
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:11pm T.E. Ford:

You forget to load sixteen tons and what do you get?
..a Bryce-bag for the head-throb and a therapeutic set.
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:13pm Ike:

BW, I was there v-teering Sunday at the swag table. Didn't see ya.

Forget to drink lots of water? Or does that not work? I'm no expert. All alcohol tastes like gasoline to me.
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:13pm bryce:

  Fri. 10/30/09 12:16pm Carmichael:

Hiya Bryce. Haven't forgotten about the Tuvan throat clearing fest, have you??

Ike, water is the great cure-all for hangovers. 1 quart for every drink you had the night before.
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:17pm BW's boss:

Um huh....

<arms cross...tapping foot>
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:18pm bryce:

  Fri. 10/30/09 12:18pm Cecile:

I'd say dilute green tea, and miso soup for now. Then go get a huge bowl of menudo or posole.
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:19pm oguH:

  Fri. 10/30/09 12:19pm LizGig:

Bryce! You're scary!
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:20pm bryce:

  Fri. 10/30/09 12:21pm Ike:

Love Bryce's show, but I'd think it would exacerbate a hangover terribly.
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:21pm Carmichael:

Junk food works for me much of the time. A big greasy burger or some chicken tacos.
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:24pm perrin:

chilli dog!
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:25pm Cartman's hand as Jennifer Lopez:

  Fri. 10/30/09 12:25pm Cecile:

Perrin, I have determined, after much thought and study, that the chili dog is my favorite food ever.
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:27pm oguH:

There's too much water in alcohol ...

Anyone tried Moutai?

Love the muzik!
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:29pm bryce:

(酱香, jiangxiang) ?????
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:29pm bw:

oh everything is better now
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:30pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

don't take that "1 quart of water for every drink" advice. you'd likely float away on your own river of pee.
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:31pm perrin:

valium works well. as do bloody mary's (but only if NOT made from the horrible premixed crap.
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:32pm Anonimoud:

What is this? Artist? Song name please?
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:33pm bryce:

  Fri. 10/30/09 12:34pm perrin:

bryce appears trapped in a space-time continuum. I can't wait for the music!
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:34pm north guinea hills:

as do the vikes i'm taking for my hand injury. that's why i've been absent all week, it's hard to slip in a wfmu comment if you're already typing w/ one hand at work.
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:34pm Carmichael:

DCE: Sorta tongue in cheek, meant more for self-analysis of the previous night's behavior.
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Oh, good then, Carmichael, no raging rivers of pee.
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:39pm Parq:

@12:25, Cartman's hand as Jennifer Lopez would be a good name for a band.
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:40pm Cecile:

I think it's better album title...
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:40pm LizGig:

DDAA reminds me of the Virgin Prunes.
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

it would have to be "The Hand Of Cartman (as Jennifer Lopez)".
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:42pm perrin:

NGH - onanism injury?
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:43pm Ike:

Perrin, I know "Bloody Marys" doesn't look right but it is. No apostrophe. Sorry, can't help... BlààààååaaÅÅÅÅÅrrrrRRRgh!

Excuse me, I had to induce brain-vomiting to get all the bad apostrophes out. THEY HAUNT ME! Put them all in a volcano NOW!
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:45pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

right, because "Bloody Mary's" shows ownership...what does Bloody Mary own, the mix?
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:45pm oguH:

43% (v/v) Moutai Liquor: a mild drink
Rich wine body
mild tastes
A brief account:
This variety of Moutai Liquor is made by advanced brewing technology and a scientific method to reduce its original contents of alcohol. It is characterized by a typical Moutai Liquor style, special sauce--flavor,mild taste and mellow wine body, pleasant aftertaste and no muddy phenomenon in water or ice being added in it

Approx. USD100 at the Beijing airport

A box with two small glasses comes with the bottle

(glug, glug)
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:46pm perrin:

I use punctuation as a secret code to slip ideas past the NSA. Its a 128 bit hash encrypted morse code of missing punctuation.
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:46pm Trey Parker:

How about - "The Hand Of Cartman in Jennifer Lopez" the movie?
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:47pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 10/30/09 12:47pm perrin:

yeah - I own G*D D*M BLooDY Maries !
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:49pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

so "Maries" is now the plural for "Mary"? I don't think all the Marys would like that.
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:50pm bryce:

i am for scientific method
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:50pm perrin:

would plural Blood Marys' work?
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:50pm oguH:

Poetry on a Friday afternoon:

Nature gives Moutai Liquor tender feelings
It is bright as moonlight
Well--brewed mild Moutai
You send out fragrant small continuously
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:56pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

"would plural Blood Marys' work?"

Only if more than one Bloody Mary was showing ownership!! Consult your textbooks, people!
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ooh, is that dessert? or something that came out of my ear?
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:58pm Carmichael:

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

No punctuation necessary. Bryce should accentuate this conversation with Zappa's "Apostrophe".
  Fri. 10/30/09 12:59pm perrin:

it appears I don't have to consult a textbook. I'll just queue up all my grammar questions and ask them here's.
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:01pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that egg has the right idea
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:01pm oguH:

Double Distilled Arrack!
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:03pm perrin:

bryce, can you play something from "The secret Dub Life of the Flying Lizards"?
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:05pm bw:

I see where that egg is going!
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:07pm Chris:

Sounds like Bryce EVP recording.
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:07pm oguH:

Play something by Egg!
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:08pm YB:

Ovum Under Sideways Down!
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:10pm perrin:

nice! thanks bryce!
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:13pm Carmichael:

Dwight Yoke-em
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:15pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

That synth sound could fry an egg!
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:16pm Cecile:

Guh. You should play some RIck Wakeman from White Rock if you're going in this direction. At least it kind of moves.
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:17pm bryce:


  Fri. 10/30/09 1:20pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

More Azz, less Conflict!
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:20pm Carmichael:

Or some Tarkus. It's bloody regal, it is.
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Tarkus will put some conflict in your tukus.
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:21pm north guinea hills:

This Patrick Moraz is awesome! never heard of him. what year is this?
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:22pm Cecile:

he was in Yes for a while. I think after Wakeman split? Why the hell do I know this?
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:22pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

it's almost 2010, if you can believe it!
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:23pm Patrick Moraz:

SIgh . . .
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:23pm oguH:

It's a morass!
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:23pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

he was in the Moody Blues later on too...he's kind of the guy who replaces everybody else in the Brit prog synth scene.
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:25pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

though for some reason I think he's actually French...?
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:27pm bryce:

ngh, '78! juuust after he slithered out of Yes. schhhwomp
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:38pm perrin:

wow, friend of stone!
  Fri. 10/30/09 1:50pm Chris:

Awesome, how about some Hatebeak as well as Caninus?
  Fri. 10/30/09 2:00pm Cecile:

  Fri. 10/30/09 2:01pm bryce:

daaaa! i dropped the ball. saweee....
  Fri. 10/30/09 2:01pm Ike:

These cowbells are right on.
  Fri. 10/30/09 2:07pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Mooooosic to my udders.
  Fri. 10/30/09 2:07pm Chris:

I coulda used a little more...oh never mind.
  Fri. 10/30/09 2:09pm Homer Simpson:

d'oh! forgot to sell my pumpkin futures again...
  Fri. 10/30/09 2:14pm Ike:

That was the funniest track in the whole show so far! Oh wait, that was Bryce.
  Fri. 10/30/09 2:22pm Parq:

Wait, I missed Caninus AND cows? Dang those lunch breaks!
  Fri. 10/30/09 2:24pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Da, der ball IST rund!
  Fri. 10/30/09 2:24pm perrin:

is there Henio(sp?) in our future?
  Fri. 10/30/09 2:25pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

There may be Henio, but there's definitely a hernia.
  Fri. 10/30/09 2:26pm armai:

meine ball ist Nyet Runt, aber it ist Pervectly Skvarish!
  Fri. 10/30/09 2:27pm Unclear on the Concept:

Why are these guys talking funny?
  Fri. 10/30/09 2:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Nothing funny about the German language.
  Fri. 10/30/09 2:39pm Germans:

  Fri. 10/30/09 2:41pm bryce:

  Fri. 10/30/09 2:53pm Carmichael:

These are some cats who know how to swing.
  Fri. 10/30/09 2:54pm Roberto Benigni:

Whereas Italian is a scream.
  Fri. 10/30/09 2:59pm bryce:

y'all: ciao!
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