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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options October 16, 2009

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weeeeeeaaaaaa weeep wahhhhhh

Artist Track Album
Spiridon Shishigin  Osuochaj   Options Soul of Yakutia 
Tran Quang Hai  Jews Harp Harmony   Options Jews Harp of the World 
Tran Quang Hai  The World of Harmony   Options Jews Harp of the World 
Mera Khan  Solo de Guimbarde Morchang   Options Inde: Rajasthan: Musiciens Professionnels Populaires 
Moong Duc Thang  Hroong jew's harp   Options Bamboo on the Mountains: Kmhmu Highlanders 
Moong Thi Sy  Dav Dav bamboo tuning fork   Options Bamboo on the Mountains: Kmhmu Highlanders 
  Solo on the Dao buzzing fork   Vietnam: Musiques des Montagnards 
  Ntuc Kra (solo on the Goc bamboo jews harp)   Vietnam: Musiques des Montagnards 
Pak Artika & Pak Meji  Genggong Duet   Options Bali 
  Sekehe Genggong: Pemungkah / Frog Song / Flute Solo   Music from the Morning of the World 
  Metal Jew's Harp    
  Bamboo Jew's Harp    
  Jaws Harp - Speik River, Papua New Guinea    
Mahisu  Harmonic Recital with Sago Beetle   Options Music and the Dispel of Thoughts 
Makigami Koichi & Anton Bruhin  Tokujo   Options Electric Eel 
Karlheinz Stockhausen  Sternklang   Options  

Listener comments!

  Fri. 10/16/09 12:03pm BSI:

I'm ready for my telepsychic spirograph, your honor...
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:05pm anyone to everyone:

I and I a record. I like excell thely drecord. I noterrater mislike anship, am punctual, and I'm pent behave cluttelly ally all the er miscue cluttely and I ally CD's and hell the clutter mislike er.
I anship, am pent pent behave excell-precorder skip. I'm anship, and helly CD's notellent pent penmand I'm al, and haver. I never. I'm pent punctual, welpful, anship, always not punctualways and heal, welpful, I and dislike cluttessed. My and do notellenmany ord. My am and hellenmand dred. I dred, an
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:12pm paul:

  Fri. 10/16/09 12:12pm barney:

I need to dig out my jews harp again so I can play along.
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:13pm BSI:

THERE we go... (2nd track of Tran Quang Hai)... that's the ol' telepsychic spirograph....... lovely.....
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:18pm Jed:

this reminds me of my aunt's bra
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:19pm MYSTERY OF THE HILLMEN:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0wSU9daIgI - 3:43
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:20pm Stuart Troutman:

Is it true that these are accurately called "jaw harps"?
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:22pm Ike:

I'm really glad that it's a jew's harp kind of Friday.
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:23pm Jed:

I used to pull on the strap and...what was I doing with my aunt's bra? FUCK YOU.
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:26pm coelacanth:

what was she roundin' up ?...nevermind...i cant think about this {--whimper---}
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:27pm coelacanth:

  Fri. 10/16/09 12:34pm coelacanth:

thanks for the mouth harp, Bryce....but now i'm psyched for gamelan.
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:38pm Cecile:

have any tapani varis? (Finnish jew's harp player)
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:41pm brewmaster:

some dijeridoo, maybe?
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:41pm BSI:

Have any prawn vindaloo?
crab malabar?
onion kulcha?
hot tea?
jeezus, must be lunchtime...
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:43pm Cecile:

any daniel higgs?
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:44pm coelacanth:

is that Popeye, puttering in the kitchen ?
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:44pm NS Andy:

This must be Bugs Bunny's experimental period...
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:46pm Bugs:

What's outre, doc?
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:46pm bryce:

hey, C! don't have mr. varis handy, but that's a great one! he plays some really weird super-low harps on that one.

stuart - people in the, er, community started calling them jaw harps a few years ago, because jews harp sounds weird to say, especially considering that jews are one group that seem to have never had any. i've heard "juice harp" too, but that's just goofy.

the best is the italian word, scacciapensieri — "thought dispeller!"
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:47pm coelacanth:

Bugs,& Popeye greatly influenced George Crumb.
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:51pm BSI:

  Fri. 10/16/09 12:51pm Rob W:

Bryce, you're killing me! (By the way, I thought we did have a cd from Tapani Varis in the FMU library, a US release by Northside label - but maybe not?)
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:52pm Cecile:

that's where I remember him from, Rob.
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:53pm Ike:

Oh yeah, the marathon premium. I'm covering the outside of the Monty building with a thick layer of millions of petrified Sago beetles, locking you in, Bryce, until you finish the damn thing.
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:53pm coelacanth:

a thousand years,Bryce?..i'll be waiting...still un-evolved
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:54pm bryce:

hey rob! we dohave that?? doi, i shoulda known...
btw, remember lena strayhorn? she's coming for a visit soon! trying to get her to bring her indonesian field recordings...
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:58pm Rob W:

Really? Hey Brice, you could consider having her on your show, that would be great! (Folks, Lena is a another jew's harp maniac, she was on FMU a couple of times before she skipped town a few years ago.)
  Fri. 10/16/09 12:59pm BSI:

speaking of marathon beetles...
whatever became of the locked-groove LP? Last I heard the test-pressings were approved, yeh? Should be nearing the birth-canal any time, yeh?
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:02pm bryce:

oh coelacanth, you'll always have legs to me. vavaVOOOOM

rob, oh ho don't worry — i'll be handcuffing her as she gets off the plane!
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:02pm Cecile:

I would tune in for another harp show, for sure.
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:05pm perrin:

b-town tuning in. friday morning happy happy.
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:06pm bryce:

hey perrin!

BSI, can't blame me for THAT! these fmu people....they have no sense of responsibility.

disgusting, really.
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:08pm BSI:

i just wanted a reason to say BIRTH CANAL.....
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:12pm coelacanth:

you say birth canal, i say baby-shute....(let's call the whole thing off.)
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:13pm BSI:

There's a vas deferans between those terms, if you think it ovary...
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:14pm annie:

BSI- you win!!!
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:17pm coelacanth:

i don know. sumpin happens- next thing, i'm layin eggs.
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:18pm Stuart Troutman:

Is Stockhausen himself playing one of the instruments here?
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:23pm coelacanth:

Thank you Bryce.'got to go work in the possiblerain....Long Live Stockhausen!
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:23pm perrin:

dammit bryce, when I tune into your show I learn things. And I no longer want to learn things.
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:24pm bryce:

stuart, nopes, not on this one — but his son, markus, toots a bugle.

coelacanth, see ya you cretaceous motherfucker

perrin, it's cool! just push something else out. plop
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:36pm graham:

brycey-baby- yo comin' to rosie and daddy g's b-day bash tomorra?
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:38pm bryce:

tomorrow?? NOOOOOO!!!!!!! :(

don't you mean......sunday? tomorrow's my sister's birthday...
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:40pm graham:

  Fri. 10/16/09 1:45pm bryce:

can i convince you all to crash my sister's? we can all get completely shitfaced and play with her toddlers!
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:45pm coelacanth back to get the dogs:

helluva pickle there,Bryce...gotta do it sitcom-style....'always works.
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:46pm Ike:

Bryce has a sister?!?!

Is she also seven feet tall with a shaved head?
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:48pm bryce:

no, but she *can* squirt air through her tear ducts. audibly.
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:49pm annie:

you guys are weird.. i say that in a loving way..
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:52pm Cecile:

loving but slightly terrified, annie? You can level with me...
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:54pm coelacanth:

OUCH! i cant do it...i CAN squirt tears through my air ducts,though....so,Bryce- is there a tape somewhere of the sound that makes?
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:54pm jk:

oh no! tuning in late and I missed your Tran Quang Hai marathon! his metal xomus tracks kill me.
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:54pm Cecile:

I think that has been the last two hours of this show.
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:55pm annie:

well, i just want to say that i would be happy to be stuck in an elevator with such a cool bunch.. as long as someone brings the chamber pot.. y'all have a good weekend, maybe someone will show up at this thing tomorrow, i'll be the one with the weird grey hair do.. it's the sticky-up style.. see you all wednesday!!
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:56pm Cecile:

oh, annie, have a great weekend in the big city! have some extra fun for me!
  Fri. 10/16/09 1:59pm coelacanth:

....all this time been thinking this was soprano sax or carinet,when it was tearduct...o-k -this time for real.Cheers,mates!
  Fri. 10/16/09 2:24pm ?:

@ anyone to everyone:

is that a translation of Bryce's playlist header into dialect? I once saw the UN's translation of the Declaration of Human Rights into Nigerian Pidgin English. Very funny in a guilty, un-P.C. way . . .
  Fri. 10/16/09 2:31pm doron:

I am very sorry to report we have to take the streams down for a few minutes for maintenance. We should be back up soon.
  Fri. 10/16/09 2:33pm bryce:

  Fri. 10/16/09 2:45pm Ike:

  Fri. 10/16/09 2:48pm C:

bryce, save those feelings for the billy jam transition
  Fri. 10/16/09 2:51pm not him:

hey C: are you a magician?
  Fri. 10/16/09 2:51pm BSI:

classic stuff, that poor dead corn....
  Fri. 10/16/09 2:56pm Cecile:

that's Sternklang is a long-ass piece. Just sayin'
  Fri. 10/16/09 2:59pm bryce:

yo karlheinz, i'm happy for you and imma let you finish...
  Fri. 10/16/09 3:01pm C:

yeah, how'd you know?
  Fri. 10/16/09 3:02pm Bad Ronald:

Hell Yeah!!
  Fri. 10/16/09 3:04pm ISSAC:

LA MAMA DE BRYCE ..................... ME HACE ABRIGOS
  Fri. 10/16/09 3:04pm korgms20:

listen since years wfmu. and its bryce. hey why wfmu.org save files in *real media. its a dubious money firm, and wfmu saving not so many space with *.rm. was just looking for old playlist, but i need a real media player. Hmm, NO. And now i cant listen Palais Schaumburg. When u need a automatic decoder and coder to mp3 or space ask me. At least Im not english so my english,...
  Fri. 10/16/09 3:04pm Fanny Brice:

Forget "My Man." I'm dedicating this next song to Bryce's Fanny.
  Fri. 10/16/09 3:05pm korgms20:

since years the first time
  Fri. 10/16/09 3:05pm Transition Fan:

duet 'til you're satisfied...whatever it is.
  Fri. 10/16/09 4:23pm mvr:

it is just unbelievable and deeply touching, what you brang together on a regular friday afternoon. greetings from berlin, germany!
  Thu. 6/30/11 6:18pm Stungo the clam:

Hahahahaha! And they said it couldn't be done! Time is BENT!
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