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Options October 7, 2009: On a scale of one to ten, this show is in a constant state of three.

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
Neil Halstead  See You on Rooftops   Options Seasons  0:04:18 ()
Elysian Fields  Where Can We Go But Nowhere   Options The Afterlife  0:09:22 ()
Greenheart  Round the Fishtank   Options Rhubarb City  0:14:06 ()
Dana Drake  Ahoy, Columbus!   Options Dana Drake cassette collection  0:21:20 ()
Leonard Cohen  Lady Midnight   Options Songs from a Room  0:24:37 ()
The Big Pink  Crystal Visions   Options A Brief History of Love  0:27:24 ()
Oasis  The Importance of Being Idle   Options Don't Believe the Truth  0:33:03 ()
Dana Drake  Golden Biscuits   Options Dana Drake cassette collection  0:36:40 ()
Ruthann Friedman  Little Girl Lost & Found   Options Hurried Life: Lost Recordings 1965-1971  0:44:54 ()
The Clientele  Never Saw Them Before   Options Bonfires on the Heath  0:47:48 ()
fIREHOSE  Sometimes   Options If'n  0:50:27 ()
Dennis Diken with Bell Sound  Fall Into Your Arms   Options Late Music  0:53:38 ()
Eydie Gorme  The Coffee Song   Options Blame it on the Bossa Nova  0:57:33 ()
Pomplamoose  September (Earth, Wind & Fire)   Options VideoSong (on YT)  0:59:47 ()
Buffalo Springberg  Come On   Options Rarities from Ahmet's Vault  1:03:54 ()
StrayOtic  What Are You Thinking   Options self-titled  1:05:51 ()
The Bats  Daddy's Highway   Options Daddy's Highway  1:14:37 ()
Kaiser Chiefs vs. Marvin Gaye vs. The Beatles  Too Busy Thinking About the Angry Mob   Options Go Home Productions Six Pack  1:18:15 ()
Terry Reid  Writing on the Wall   Options Super Lungs: The Complete Studio Recordings 1966-1969  1:21:28 ()
Amy Annelle  Clean Starts   Options Some From the Stream II  1:26:12 ()
Lenny Welch  Just One Smile   Options Rags to Riches  1:29:06 ()
The Bird & the Bee  La La La   Options self-titled  1:31:41 ()
Herb Deutsch  Prelude & Muzurka   Options Woman in Darkness  1:34:49 ()
Trio Lescano  La Gelosia Non É Più Di Moda   Options Le Grandi Voci Della Canzone Italiana  1:38:07 ()
Mighty Sparrow  Rose   Options Volume 4  1:47:05 ()
Marching Band  Everything   Options Spark Large  1:52:44 ()
Lisa Germano  Sexy Little Girl Princess   Options Geek the Girl  1:56:21 ()
Koichi Sugii  Kyurenkan / Shanghai-no-Hanaurimusume / Marronnier-no-Kokage   Options Salon Music 1938-1941  1:59:42 ()
Peter Erskine (w/Randy Brecker & Jon Scofield)  To Be Or Not To Be   Options Sweet Soul  2:09:59 ()
Cracker  Time Machine   Options Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey  2:23:15 ()
Love  Robert Montgomery   Options Four Sail  2:25:12 ()
R. Stevie Moore  Coocoo Rocking Time   Options Coocoo Rocking Time  2:28:54 ()
Ween  Zoloft   Options Quebec  2:31:15 ()
The Pretty Things  Sickle Clowns   Options Parachute  2:35:12 ()
The Go-Betweens  The Statue   Options Oceans Apart  2:41:41 ()
Vienna Teng  The Last Snowfall   Options Inland Territory  2:46:04 ()
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour  Around the Bend   Options Around the Bend EP  2:51:37 ()
Miley Cyrus (as Hannah Montana)  Supergirl   Options Hannah Montana 3  2:55:45 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 10/7/09 3:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

3 b > 2
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:02pm AnAnonymousParty:

Three is the new four.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:03pm GP:

I give it a 3.14159265..not too shabby considering the alternatives.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:03pm PooMooDoo:

Three is close to infinity in a world run by 3.00000000000000001
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:03pm Jack Tripper:

Three's Company!
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:04pm PMD:

GP, kinda like American Pi?
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:04pm Laura L:

Father, Son and Holy Ghost, it's Irwin's show on the third day of the week, at 3pm!
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:05pm Lizardner Dave:

  Wed. 10/7/09 3:06pm AnAnonymousParty:

But if the scale represents a continuum where 1 represents 'Peru' and 10 represents 'broom', then 3 seems about right to me.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:07pm GP:

PMD - you got it, or a reasonable approximation thereof.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:10pm Janet H:

  Wed. 10/7/09 3:11pm John McCabe in LA:

I’m eating corn (weenies) dogs and caviar for lunch a staple of the unemployed elitists.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:15pm GP:

Provided you dismiss the server (god forbid, you have not had to give up your help) with a haughty wave, then John McCabe, I heartily approve.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:15pm Irwin:

Andy? Andy who? Never heard of him.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:17pm Ike:

Is it just me, or does Mr. McCabe's voice strongly resemble John Goodman's? John, do you get that often? I mean that in a good way. It's very sonorous.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:19pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Explosive as well as poisonous, greenheart does have some good qualities -- like durability that rivals teak's. Sawyers in Guyana, Surinam, and Venezuela have nasty enough work in the tropical heat day in and day out without worrying about exploding logs on top of it all. But when a load of greenheart comes to the mill, they treat the logs like a truckload of ticking time bombs.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:19pm John McCabe in LA:

no, but it may be a good evolution for the Best Show's topic that never dies "who do you look like"
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:23pm GP:

DCE, What is the last thing a Greenhart says as it is felled?

"Every tree dies, not every tree really lives."

I could not resist.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:24pm GARY:

  Wed. 10/7/09 3:24pm AnAnonymousParty:

And I thought this was going to be about Ohio. Three indeed.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:25pm north guinea hills:

That's Kurt Vile, not Kurt Weil. Deliberate play on names, i know...
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:25pm Irwin:

Yes, he is. Hence, he will not be on 7SD this evening.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:27pm Dick Kent:

Hey, what about me? I know from Columbus.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:34pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well, at least it's not "faux"asis.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:35pm fishmonkeystew:

Hi Irwin! Great show! Got any Pairdown?
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:38pm Laura L:

When I have golden biscuits my mind always turns to Niagra Falls. It's only a suggestion.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:41pm blacktooth:

Hey no pressure, but if you find yourself void of ideas or direction, i need my mark turns fixx...
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:41pm Niagara Falls:

Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch ,,,
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:44pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

5 will get you 10 you'll stick yer finger back in there again.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:45pm ?:

Susquehanna Hat Company
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:45pm PMD:

A container of wet willies?
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:45pm blacktooth:

yee-gods this story is terrifying!
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:46pm What!:

Qnly your finger? Consider yourself lucky. Why, just last week I was drinking gin, and....oh forget it...
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:46pm GP:

You had me at "cut the end of my finger off"
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:47pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

You had me at "storage facility".
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:49pm manhattan mini:

you lost me at "you had me at..."
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:49pm AnAnonymousParty:

You know there will soon be a warning label advising against placing one's fingers in the container, right next to the "do not eat" sticker.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

speaking of disclaimers, I noticed on my "Silk" coffee creamer one advising that Silk Creamer is NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR INFANT FORMULA. Just in case, you know.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:51pm notfromohio:

thank you! (fist pumping)
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:52pm GP:

I guess I will have have to start hanging out at storage facilities to see events such as the aforementioned unfolding.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:53pm annie:

yeah, in smaller print down at the bottom of that silk creamer is this.. (use nestle's infant milk powder instead) <s>
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:53pm GP:

DCE, but what if baby is DRINKING the coffee?
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:54pm AnAnonymousParty:

@DCE, it's only there because it needs to be. My lawnmower has a sticker near the grass chute, the universal "do not" circle w/slash symbol over a cartoon of someone putting their face in the opening.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:56pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well, it's human nature to stick your face in front of that thing, especially if it's jammed up!

and I guess babies drinking coffee with creamer is not that far fetched...in today's modern society.
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:59pm GP:

Dancing baby holding Grande Uber Mondo Latte.

Thanks for Eydie!
  Wed. 10/7/09 3:59pm blacktooth:

my girlfriend recently pointed out to me that the slogan "america runs on dunkin'" is false advertising. no one who eats dunkin' donuts can run during or afterwards.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:00pm Denise in Washington, DC:

But they may *get* the runs . . .
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:01pm AnAnonymousParty:

Yeah, what could possibly go wrong when sticking your head inside a running lawnmower? Well I'm off to Mickey D's to get a coffee, brb.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:05pm Denise in Washington, DC:

Pick up a sandwich, too, Anonymous.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:05pm PooMooDoo:

Hey - dunkin' donuts are the best! (former rhode islander speaking)
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

is this the only band you deliberately f* with their name? why you pickin on these fellas?
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:06pm PMD:

Irwin, I dare you to play John Denver.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:07pm Irwin:

DCE: There's a reason. Explore.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:08pm AnAnonymousParty:

I burned my hands with the coffee, dang that stuff's rocket hot, why, they oughta warn ... oh, nevermind.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:08pm Clancy:

the bea&&kles are another. similar reason I suppose
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:12pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'm ashamed to say my internet detective skills are well below average.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:14pm GP:

<"do not" circle w/slash symbol over a cartoon of someone putting their face in the opening>

I could think of some other places where this would be appropriate.

LOL. AAP...."may contain hot liquid" A bit ambiguous I must admit.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:15pm Denise in Washington, DC:

DCE . . . there's this website? It's called Google?
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:17pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I used "Blackle" which is supposed to be a black version of Google. Not as in "African American" but it's a black screen that supposedly uses less energy.

But I'll try the white Google if you think it'll help.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:19pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah, the white version is the same but whiter. First three hits are Irwin's playlists, and nothing else. I don't believe the secret is going to be revealed by the playlists.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:20pm Confucius sez:

3rd rate search engine yields 5th rate answers.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ah, so.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:22pm Denise in Washington, DC:

I used Dogpile, and I got *four* relevant hits.

But they were all links to Irwin too.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:23pm north guinea hills:

I tried earlier w/ different search engines, and I too just found Irwin links....
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:24pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

so Irwin, either we all suck, or your secret is very well hidden.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:24pm GP:

Actually that Blackle thing is kind of cool and easy on the eyes although not in a Scarlett Johansson kind of way.
It uses Google as its search engine, so we are cool with that.

Densie, but did you try Dogle, everthing is in black and white on their pages.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:25pm Denise in Washington, DC:

GP, I actually fell for that.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:26pm GP:

Ha LOL...I am in a weird mood today! I think it should have been Doggle....: )
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

...like the BS&T version better...
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:31pm Denise in Washington, DC:

Hm. I like this cut. Never heard it done by anyone but Dusty before.

Yes, GP, that spelling would have been more convincing.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:35pm AnAnonymousParty:

@GP, humorous applications notwithstanding, if you can foresee where warning stickers might be needed, then you are not actually a member of the target audience.


LCD screens use the same amount of power whether black or white (backlite is always on) CRTs are another story, but who uses THOSE in the 21st century?
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well that's a damned shame.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:37pm GP:

10-4 on that AAP.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:38pm Denise in Washington, DC:

I've heard the same thing about LCD screens, AAP.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:39pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'll keep using Blackle in an effort to maintain diversity in search engines, though.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:40pm GP:

Fight the man DCE! , fight the man.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:40pm AnAnonymousParty:

"infinite diversity in infinite combinations", good for you.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:41pm The Man:

Anytime. Anyplace.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

*backs out of comment section quietly but quickly*
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:43pm Those against The Man:

Pssst, The Man has a glass jaw, FWIW.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:43pm The Man:

Hold on...the lunch money. Give it to me.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:43pm PHXPat:

Always late...love Irwins show
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:43pm annie:

DCE-this is why i lurk
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:44pm The Man:

I know about you too, Ms. Annie.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:44pm Denise in Washington, DC:

No, dammit! (pushes The Man into the path of the swing set)
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:44pm GP:

Irvin, Moog...now I know how to pronounce it..all this wasted time.
(I always though it was Moog..like the sound a cow makes, but I must admit I don't think I ever heard it pronounced until now.)

I see you Annie!
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:45pm annie:

been cleaning, playing go, cooking, etc... i see you gp and i raise you ten!
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:46pm The Man:

waaaaaah ... Mommmmmie!
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:46pm GP:

Irvin = Irwin
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:47pm annie:

i love wallace shawn..
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:48pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I think that equation is unbalanced.
Irvin < Irwin
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:49pm Perl expression:

Irwin = Irv . v . in
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:50pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

does that also mean Irwin= Ir v2 in ?
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:51pm haystax calhoun:

Used to avoid the old calypso hour, now I look forward to the little snacks. Limbo lower now!
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:51pm GP:

I love Pie!

V + V = W ? Yes, I think so.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:52pm LOL cool cats:

I R win!
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:52pm doug from DC:

Unless you are Wavves.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:52pm AnAnonymousParty:

So why is 'w' called double-u when it is clearly double-v?
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:53pm Latinvm:

  Wed. 10/7/09 4:53pm PoogMoogDoog:

So, GP, is it then G(oog)P(oog)? Silent g?
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:54pm AnAnonymousParty:

For values of V = W / 2.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:55pm GP:

<scratching head - shrugs>
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:55pm Tax Avery:

I didn't get my W2 from my employer yet.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:55pm doug from DC:

Becaves, the U character was vsvally spelled with a V in ancient times, I svspect.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:55pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

nobody told me there would be math here.
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:56pm GP:

HA ha Oog Poog - I'm liking it
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:56pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Tax Avery, I'm guessing that would actually be your v4
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:57pm PMD:

BTW, I think in Spanish or German, they do say it double v for W
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:58pm Mel Brooks:

You guys are nuts N-V-T-S nuts!
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:58pm AnAnonymousParty:

Well, there is math just BEFORE you get here ;)
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:59pm John Hartford:

It's knowin' that your door is always open and your math is free to grok...
  Wed. 10/7/09 4:59pm doug from DC:

DCE - Yov can't post here withovt doing svm math.
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:00pm Janet H:

  Wed. 10/7/09 5:00pm GP:

Mr. Brooks, you beat me to it..
Classic, I still use that one, the younger set looks upon me as crazy and wonder what the hell I'm talking about.
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:01pm GP:

Thank you for Koichi! Love the vinyl clicks and pops.
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:01pm Mel Brooks:

Only a miracle can save you now GP.
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:02pm annie:

janet; that's something i would have done... really funny.
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:04pm GP:

LOL.. < shouts> "M I R A C L E"

Janet, can't see. The IT Poleizi have me banned from that site.
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:08pm Janet H:

  Wed. 10/7/09 5:10pm GP:

Janet, That is my kind of answer!
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:10pm lydia:

anyone ever been to the Lit Lounge in manhattan?
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:11pm PMD:

Janet, these days the kid would get an 'A'.
Did you do the Ken thing this morning with the squirting milk?
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:13pm GP:

Lydia at the Lit Lounge, not to be said 3x fast.

I have not been there.
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:15pm Janet H:

PMD.....nah that wasn't my work of doing...
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:17pm ?:

whoa, just tuning in to . . . WBGO?
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:17pm AnAnonymousParty:

Diggin' the Brecker, Erskine & Scofield.
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:31pm PhXPat:

I like pie. Apple mostly, But any kind is good
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:38pm the tantric twinkie:

I smell a slippery slope in the near distance: Will post-constructivist philosophy students who question the validity of their personhood in light of shifting cultural contexts, and the primal inter-subjectivity of all identity, soon have to relinquish their facebook pages? Fie!
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:39pm Bad Ronald:

This Pretty Things track rawks!!!
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:44pm texas scott:

this show was...WAS in a constant state of three, until we heard the go-betweens
dang shit shot up to leven
metaphysically speaking : )
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:49pm Dominick:

Speaking of 3, the 128k MP3 stream has been tipped about 3dB to the left all day. Listening with iTunes 9.0.1
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:56pm doug:

holy crap does that stink.
  Wed. 10/7/09 5:59pm GP:

Irwin, thanks.
  Wed. 10/7/09 6:00pm JT:

I didn't know this was Hannah Montana, but I did know as soon as i heard this rotten piece of autotune that it was Irwin's show.
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