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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options September 11, 2009

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Artist Track Album Year Comments
Orphan Fairytale  [side B]   Options Ladybird Labyrinth  2009   
Kuupuu  Aava   Options Kulta Sulka  2006   
Kuupuu  Myrskylaulu   Options Kulta Sulka  2006   
Kemialliset Ystävät  [track 13]   Options Varisevien Tanssi / Silmujen Marssi  2001   
Lau Nau  Pläkkikanteletar   Options Kuutarha  2004   
Avarus  [excerpt]   Options II  2006   
Anaksimandros  The Bones Tell Me Nothing   Options River of Finland  2004   
Anaksimandros  White Oasis   Options River of Finland  2004   
Nurse With Wound        what the hell? this isn't the right cd 
Nurse With Wound  She and Me Fall Together Like Free Death   Options She and Me Fall Together In Free Death  2003   
Six Organs of Admittance  Invitation to the SR for Supper   Options Six Organs of Admittance  1998   
Cotton Museum  Pus Pustules   Options Pus Pustules  2009   
Luc Ferrari  Unheimlich Schön   Options L'œuvre Électronique  1971   
Loga  620   Options An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music  2008   
Panasonic  Telako   Options Osasto  1996   
Panasonic  Johto 3   Options Aaltopiiri  2001   
Arcane Device  Montage   Options Devices 1987-2007  ?   
Philip Sanderson  Under Press of Sail   Options Reprint  1980   
Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget  Stück 37   Options Low Tide Digitals III  2009   
Es  Ennen Oli Huonommin   Options Kesämaan Lapset  2009   
Astral Social Club  [tracks 1 & 2]   Options #15  2007   
Vibracathedral Orchestra  Rainbow Whirlwind   Options Wisdom Thunderbolt  2007   

Listener comments!

  Fri. 9/11/09 12:07pm Cecile:

bryce! what is the vibe going to be today?
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:07pm Carmichael:

Hi Bryce. Taunting kazoos are always a nice way to open a show.
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:07pm bryce:

rabbit hole!
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:08pm ?:

uh . . . Bryce? I think I am tripping.
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:08pm Hugo:

Mellow (by the sound of it) ...
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:11pm homer simpson on insanity peppers:

the softer side of schizophrenia? still waiting for Scelsi day.... (taps foot)
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:11pm still b/p:

Campaign slogan: Taunting kazoos and Brycester, too!
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:15pm jon:

so glad to see you back Bryce!
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:15pm dc pat:

I'm with homer.
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:16pm dc pat:

not that this inside-some--crazy-dude's-head shit isn't good...
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:16pm ?:

I'm starting to hear funny colors, man. seriously.
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:18pm homer simpson on insanity peppers:

agreed, this is great to work to... kaleidoscopic multi-task tripping... i'm flyyyyying.... no, wait.... woah, the cube walls are totally breathing....
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:23pm Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

I am going to track down the sheet music for that last piece. I'm gonna learn to play it myself.
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:23pm greebler:

no doubt. I'm supposed to be adding and dropping students in various courses but instead I'm, like, graduating them. Because it's all so beautiful.
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:28pm jk:

greebler, I know what you mean. I'm supposed to be adding students to specific security clearances but I'm giving them complete run of everything.

loving it Bryce, do you have any Aekie? They're from Finland too
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:28pm fabio:

Brycee, you're the cats meow!
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:29pm Ike:

Any second now, the cube walls will start giving me dating tips.
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:33pm dc pat:

I'm going to start a one-man-band and only play crazy dude music...
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:45pm Carmichael:

Go for broke Pat, and start a no-man band. Think of how much cooler that would be.
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:45pm mike d:

bryce you always make my friday
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:46pm Ike:

Can a no-man band have a couple of trained seals and a dog in it? They're not men.
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:46pm Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

the no man band will have to have a name full of vowels like these artists today.
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:47pm dc pat:

is OOIOO a no man band?
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:50pm homer simspon peaking:

gibby haynes on fox news:

  Fri. 9/11/09 12:52pm craig:

so was it Nurse with Wound?
sounded excellent
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:52pm stingy d:

  Fri. 9/11/09 12:54pm dc pat:

dang my mouse stopped working....must ...see....gibby!
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:57pm Carmichael:

He has men in his group. How good could they be??
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:58pm bryce:

where's my lye ganache cupcake tower, stingy?
  Fri. 9/11/09 12:59pm Little Fyodor:

The other half says, "See -- I like 'noise'!!!"
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:00pm bryce:

hey craig, yeah sorry! just wasn't what my ears were looking for (cd was in the wrong case). but it was from "funeral for perez prado," for the record.
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:07pm dc pat:

eh, gibby wasn'tt that interesting.. I like the older, scarier gibby. like the older scarier Henry Rollins...actually he's still scary.
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:08pm homer:

agreed, dc pat... just not the same... what has the world come to if gibby is on Fox?
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:18pm bryce:

clear the decks!
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:22pm Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

"Pus Pustules" is a great name for a song. "Cotton Museum" as the name of a band, not so much.
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:29pm Parq:

The little crunching sound was like small animals eating. It was making me hungry. Then I looked at the title of the piece, which totally killed my appetite.
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:29pm texas scott:

the sound of popping pustules...how nice.
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:29pm cubicle carl:

Cotton and pus have been associated together in the past, though.
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:30pm bryce:

  Fri. 9/11/09 1:32pm texas scott:

true dat,cc

hey,bryce,what's for lunch?
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:35pm bryce:

mechanically separated tapir
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:36pm Parq:

"Mechanically Separated Tapir" would be a good name for a band.
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:38pm texas scott:

i love connective- tissue chicken,
dentally separated
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:47pm bryce:

let's see you do this http://bit.ly/FgPs3 with your teeth.
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:47pm Sven:

By the way, I'm wearing all gray today.
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:50pm bryce:

how did you know??
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:51pm texas scott:

i didn't know chickens had rings
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:55pm BSI:

Metro malady at Dupont Circle! Dear god, I've missed so much Bryce already...... damn the archives, i've lost THE MOMENT, man!
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:57pm doug from DC:

When is the DC metro without malady, BSI? Be glad if you are unscathed.
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:57pm Sven:

I only wear gray.
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:58pm Air Supply:

I've Lost the Moment -- good name for a song. We'll be back to you shortly.
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:58pm Chris:

There was a "loose cable" at Woodley Park it seems. I get the Metro e-mail alerts. Pity us Red LIne riders.
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:58pm doug from DC:

What do you get when you cross a McNugget with a donut? McDonugget?
  Fri. 9/11/09 1:59pm doug from DC:

Chris, my fifteen mile commute into town took an hour and twenty minutes this morning. Next week I'm contacting my real estate agent and starting the re-urbanification project.
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:01pm BSI:

Doug & Chris: I was picking up copies of the District of Noise vol.2 comp, BTW. Got snared on the redline returning.

Cover printing came out great. Will blast it on the 'phones after Bryce. Should be worthy of some future FMU airplay!
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:02pm still b/p:

...when you cross McNugget with donut? A blue-ribbon occlusion?
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:08pm Chris:

Right on, Doug. That's why I moved from the styx to Bethesda, and now it seems even that's too far from town.

I'm dying to hear the comp, BSI. The stuff I've heard is most worthy of airplay.
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:11pm bartelby:

Hi, I missed the beginning of the show. got laid off on tuesday and I'm still adjusting to this schedule
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:15pm Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

that blows. sorry.
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:16pm miserable stupid toe:

dj, bring that beat back!
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:18pm BodegaMan:

that "Telako" piece by Panasonic just hit me where it counts. droned out all the gunk in my head and I can think much clearer now.
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:19pm Cecile:

Ah, it's the alien stripper with 16 eyes music.
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:20pm annie:

listening intently, waiting for the show to start.... ;P
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:22pm bryce:

hahaaaaa :)
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:22pm planet earth about to be recycled:

  Fri. 9/11/09 2:23pm annie:

my ears are on hiatus. so maybe they're missing something.. no, but seriously folks, i've been here, really.
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:29pm BSI:

  Fri. 9/11/09 2:33pm Chris:

BTW I meant sticks not styx. Up way too late last night.
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:35pm Sheb Wooley:

alien stripper with 16 eyes...that sounds like a good song seed. I'll be back to you shortly
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:37pm miserable stupid toe:

that bring back beat, dj!
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:39pm Chris:

Is this the latest Es? It's great.
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:40pm Parq:

@ WDC commenters: I endure living with a wife and kid in a small three-room apartment with massively inadequate storage space. In return, I have a four-block walk to work. Well worth the price, I say. ("Transit strike? Oh yeah, I heard about that.")
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

@Chris--yeah, this just came out. i downloaded it from Fonal last week. Great stuff if you like ambient drones!
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:43pm BSI:

I diggit, Parq: I'm all walk or bus (hooray for finally living downtown), my metro usage is maybe once in 2 months. And it never fails to disappoint.
...at least I got back in time to hear THIS crazy-assed sound. wheee!
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:43pm Chris:

Why yes. Yes I do.
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:44pm still b/p:

And there's Parx's Commutist Manifesto.
My walk/bike = 1.4 miles = fiiine.
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:46pm postmanpaul:

hi bryce, nice show, just how do you do it?!
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:48pm dc pat:

wow, guess i better chime in--I bought a tiny house in DC with no storage I have a 20 minute bike ride to a job outside the city. BIKES ONLY.
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:50pm postmanpaul:

AND (...don't normally resort to caps) A BLANK MONITOR SCREEN!!!
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:50pm bryce:

thanks, ppaul!! :)

really, it's a piece of cake around this place....building's full o' tunes......
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:52pm pr:

  Fri. 9/11/09 2:57pm doug in DC:

Pat, yeah the car is going to go, too, if I can make the move. I'm looking at a couple of months work on the house before it's market-ready.
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:57pm postmanpaul:

yeah!. and you get to have your cake, and eat it; your modesty becomes you bryce. regardless of what others might say!!!
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:57pm Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

I did not like Rainbow Whirlwind at first. I must admit that it has grown on me, muchly.
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:58pm bryce:

good weeks to all!
  Fri. 9/11/09 2:59pm postmanpaul:

this is tummy tingling stuff or i'm a banana.
  Fri. 9/11/09 3:00pm TJ & the S:

Here she's numb now, say Droney Droney...

...I say Yeah (Yeah) Yeah (Yeah) .........
'Cause you make me feel
(Droney, Droney)
(Droney, Droney)
(Droney, Droney)
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