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From the streets of NYC and also in-studio, a unique, pleasantly insane talk show about pop culture, food, technology, the mysteries of the universe, and a whole lot more.

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Options September 5, 2009: Summer 2009 Ep. 11 - Pasta

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The Rampler  Summer 2009 Ep. 11 - Pasta   Options 0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
  "Summer 2009 Ep. 11 - Pasta" - 4 hours (broadcast on WFMU 2am-6am, Sat. 9/5/09). Topics include opening a box from Simon from Nevada, dreams, time stores, licorice Mr. Hyde monster cereal "Mr. Doha", Fonnjo Foon, 15 Minutes Ago In The Stairwell, The Arcade of Ideas (observations from the commute), torrential rain, the WFMU podcast of the show, possum innards, living in a furniture store after the apocalypse, and a whole lot more. NYC recordings: Pasta (9/2/09) 18:59, Grand Central (1/28/09) 31:15, Dream Road (with Peter) (8/30/08) 20:02, Coconut (8/25/09) 18:56. Reviews: Chex Mix Chocolate Chunk Bars, Japanese beverages ("Coca-Cola Plus - Green Tea Flavor", "Pepsi Shiso"), etc. Pinball Corner with "Haunted House", "Hawkman", and "Hercules". Phone calls with Jim Sally from Canada, Roel from The Netherlands, and Brandon from Canada. Theme song “Minimoog” by Matthias Becker and Klaus Stühlen, from “Vintage Synths Vol. 1″ ©1990 Originalton West (originaltonwest.de) - used with permission.

Listener comments!

  Sat. 9/5/09 2:00am Rampler:

Welcome to the show! There's a dream road later.
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:02am sherri:

pleased to be here!
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:03am peetyL:

¡H0la Franco! Is a dream road anything like the Rainbow Road?
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:06am Derek J:

Hi, I took a three-hour nap to stay up for the show!
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:14am JimSally519:

I took a nap too Derek, that funny, now im pumped and ready to hit the road
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:16am JimSally519:

This pasta sounds great, now im boilin =g water, thanks frank
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:16am Joshua K:

Good evening gentlepeople
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:22am Neal:

Hi. Does watching "Teenage Tourette Camp" for entertanment make me a bad person? If so, apologies in advance.
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:26am JimSally519:

Paperbacks are for babies
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:27am JimSally519:

Yum, im having scoobi doo noodles and white sauce, its so tasety, time to carbo load
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:27am Joshua K:

Jumbo potato chip you posted on twitter the other day
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:29am Joshua K:

Im gonna cook up some ziti, time to rampler charge with carbloads
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:29am peetyL:

Um...Okay, JimSally...so, a greater chance for a papercut by handling a paperback book is...for BABIES? mmmmm....kay?
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:29am JimSally519:

You ever tried a clip on book light when reading... i do that when i go to bed sometimes
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:29am Neal:

Yay! Just discovered the "pause auto update" link. I can keep up with the comments now!
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:30am peetyL:

Taking the "For Babies" statements literally is for babies
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:30am Winne the Pooh:

Thanks for the plug Frankie boy
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:30am harviek:

Greetings Earthlings from Oz!
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:31am Joshua K:

I have an Amazon Kindle and now instead of going to the library I end up pirating books... i mean... downloading public domain books
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:33am mikeymike:

  Sat. 9/5/09 2:33am JimSally519:

I love the public domain!
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:33am peetyL:

But the river (Arkansas River) is ACTUALLY pronounced like Ar-KANSAS, not like Arkansas
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:37am harviek:

the c with the hook makes the c sound an S
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:38am Joshua K:

  Sat. 9/5/09 2:38am hook on a c:

it means it sounds like an 's' when you say it and not a 'k' sound. you knew that anyway, didn't you?
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:39am Joshua K:

Yeah but Akai is taken, and its more japanese
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:40am Joshua K:

And AssHigh doesn't look good
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:42am peetyL:

I was addicted to the yellowish cylinder-shaped pieces in Doo Dads when I was a kid...they were crazy delicious!
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:43am mikeymike:

remember trail mix, i also think it was called grupp
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:44am Joshua K:

You know what I love, those mini rye breads in the party mix
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:45am JimSally519:

We called trailmix punishment when i was growing up
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:45am peetyL:

The Tropical Chex Mix is to DIE FOR...it can only be found on the East Coast or in the cities now, I guess...
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:45am ?:

Sushi is one food I was eating a lot and then stopped completely because I got really tired of it all of a sudden.
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:46am Joshua K:

But what if your future self poisoned you with replica time food from the future
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:46am mikeymike:

i could go for a peanutbutter and banana sangwich
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:46am Derek J:

Sorry, that was my comment
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:48am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

what does absinthe taste like?
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:52am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

chocula or frankenberry... or are you partial to frankberry for the FRANK in title?
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:53am alexmercado.blogspot.com:

are there any really GRAPE flavored cereals? i mean i had grape nuts when i was a kid and it tasted so horrible (nothing like grapes) i never tried it again... tasted like saw dust.
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:54am Joshua K:

Doha is also a city in Qatar
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:57am mikeymike:

eull gibbbons....grape nuts pimp
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:57am JimSally519:

FRANK Simon is on ustream chat looking for you
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:58am Joshua K:

You can do whatever you want, its like magic all purpose soap.
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:58am krampf im oasch:

the bottles are horrible, the shampoo is too fluid and it ran out too quickly.not recomended unless they take care of the formula.amen.
  Sat. 9/5/09 2:59am Joshua K:

We used to have that stuff in mint when we were a kid. I gotta find a bottle again.
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:04am Roel NL:

Good morning Frank
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:07am Roel NL:

No, there is none, there are only a few breakfast cereals available overhere, (10 20) so no whole supermarket isle filled with cereals
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:10am JimSally519:

I like lucky hARMS, i can eat a whole box in one sitting
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:11am Roel NL:

check this out frank:http://www.newislandfestival.com/
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:13am Brian Jude:

Greetings, Ramplerville!
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:16am Roel NL:

goodmorning Brian
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:17am Roel NL:

goodmorning Brian
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:17am JimSally519:

morning bj
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:19am JimSally519:

Hmm, franks not in front of the camera now, i wonder if in 15 minutes we'll find out what hes was doing
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:20am Brian Jude:

15 Minutes Ago in the Stairwell?
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:20am JimSally519:

only time will tell
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:21am Brian Jude:

Just realized that getting up in the middle of the night to listen to the Rampler has its advantages. Might be the only time I have to clean my office!
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:22am JimSally519:

Thats a good idea, im gonna do some dvd burning while im up too
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:26am Brian Jude:

Yeah, I have some CDs to throw into iTunes too. ;^) Thank you, Rampler, for making people more productive in the wee small hours of the morning! ;^)
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:27am JimSally519:

If only he did a show while i was at work too
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:27am Brian Jude:

How's it going, Roel?
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:29am roel NL:

Good, just another 3 1/2 weeks untill my vacation, how are u doing besides cleaning your office?
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:33am Brian Jude:

Doing ok. Just finished two weeks of Camo Daddy before my son goes back to school, on top of working on that movie. Where are you going for your vacation?
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:33am Brian Jude:

Coraline ROCKS! The 3D technology was great in the theaters, but not so good on the DVD.
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:35am sherri:

yes. coraline was incredible!!!
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:38am Roel NL:

Boston as ususal
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:39am Derek J:

It's one of the only movies I planned to buy on DVD this year, but declined it because of the negativity I heard about the DVD version.
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:41am Brian Jude:

Roel - Are you going to swing down to Jersey?
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:42am Brian Jude:

Derek - The movie itself is still good, if you want to buy the DVD.
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:43am Roel NL:

It in the plans, do not know exactly when though.
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:45am Brian Jude:

Cool - I will make sure to check your Twitter posts for updates!
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:46am Brian Jude:

Frank should make a song called "Listen to the Silence." Or someone should make a Rampler song!
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:47am Jan Erik:

Yeah, sounds like they need to change batteries on that smoke detector thing.
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:48am peetyL:

Are you calling the show Real Time with Frank Edward Nora now? I think that name is already taken...
  Sat. 9/5/09 3:56am Brian Jude:

My recent pic of the new World Trade Center tower: http://tinyurl.com/lcz2qo
  Sat. 9/5/09 4:08am peetyL:

Working at a grocery store is for babies
  Sat. 9/5/09 4:08am Joshua K:

Its safe harbor, the fcc says you can use profane and execretory language 10PM-6AM
  Sat. 9/5/09 4:12am peetyL:

WISH I could go to Brooklyn to hear noise and see Teenage Jesus & the Jerks reunite! I'm in the West U.S. :(
  Sat. 9/5/09 4:13am Brian Jude:

Disney will buy The Rampler some day...
  Sat. 9/5/09 4:15am Brian Jude:

I'm inexplicably fond of the aisle with the coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juices, diapers and baby food. Probably because when my son was a baby, it was a very productive aisle.
  Sat. 9/5/09 4:17am Joshua K:

I hate how stop n shop has segregated all the organic stuff into its own isle, you can't do normal shopping by what you wanna buy
  Sat. 9/5/09 4:25am Joshua K:

Why are those samoans so angry, they really need to chill out and relax
  Sat. 9/5/09 4:33am Brian Jude:

Adding The White Stripes' "Icky Thump" to iTunes.
  Sat. 9/5/09 4:33am Roel NL:

Are these the LU cookies you were talking about:http://lu.nl/ookvanlu/products.asp?id=18&rnd=9%2F5%2F2009+10%3A10%3A03+AM
  Sat. 9/5/09 4:34am Rampler:

Yeah those are the fake Pocky!!!
  Sat. 9/5/09 4:36am Brian Jude:

Fonjo Foon!!!
  Sat. 9/5/09 4:47am roel NL:

Frank, maybe the newislandfestival.com on governors island is something for you to check out
  Sat. 9/5/09 4:59am Joshua K:

Take refuge in the ikea and live of sweedish meatballs
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:06am Rampler:

The New Island Festival looks very cool!!
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:08am Brian Jude:

I might take the family to Governers Island on Monday!
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:09am Rampler:

You should go... Governors Island is amazing!
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:13am Brian Jude:

So I've heard! ;^)
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:13am Joshua K:

I've had young coconut drink from east/west market on Belleville Ave. It came with its own mini fork to poke the chunks of coconut
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:21am taylor:

thanks for those words! they helped me rock!
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:26am Brian Jude:

Is this Evil Dueling Banjos?
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:27am taylor:

RE: Pinball Corner
Haunted House? Theatre of Magic?
also... what is this awesome banjoey music?
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:29am ?:

Black Knight 2000?
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:31am sherri:

is it a caffeinated deodorant?
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:32am Dvae from England:

Hi all, late to the show today. Store brand deodorant does me fine and is a third of the cost. Anti-persperants always leave that chalky residue.
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:33am Dave from England:

hehe, spelled my own name wrong!
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:36am Brian Jude:

Are there any Star Wars related pinball games? (Have you discussed that before and I'm forgetting?)
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:38am peetyL:

Pepsi Blue tasted good mixed with Whiskey! YUM
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:38am joshua K:

I wonder if the dr who pinball game is any good.
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:39am peetyL:

Make sure the Shiso Pepsi doesn't contain a small frog. Thank you
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:41am peetyL:

Shiso Pepsi's slogan: She's S0 Pepsi.
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:41am Joshua K:

Ahh shiso is the same thing as Perilla. Theres some korean dishes with it, but I have never had it.
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:42am taylor:

what's with all the reverb?
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:42am taylor:

not that i don't like reverb
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:44am Dave from England:

Have you done Back to the future pinball yet? There's a table for sale at a measley $2,595!
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:44am peetyL:

Ugh, it's so FAMILIAR!!!
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:45am peetyL:

Oh, yeah! Mr. Do's Wild Ride?
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:45am Dave from England:

http://www.actionpinball.com/pinsale.htm Some great machines here if you got the space and the cash.
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:47am Joshua K:

Creature from the Black Lagoon, it even has a hologram on it
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:48am Joshua K:

Says Hawkman Manufacturer: Taito Do Brazil, a division of Taito, Japan
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:49am peetyL:

Hawkman = Portuguese Stephen
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:50am taylor:

this is this the best thing ever to be broadcast on the radio!
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:51am Joshua K:

I think thats like the heavy metal comic book... if it worked
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:52am Dave from England:

Hows about Gorgar the Talking Devil
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:53am peetyL:

I wish they woulda had BB Pinball games...that would be quite interesting...
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:55am Brian Jude:

Good night, all. Or good day, depending on your situation!
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:55am Joshua K:

like pachinko but with flippers
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:57am peetyL:

Great Show Frank! The Froggie Pepsi was my favorite! lol jk
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:57am Dave from England:

Great show as usuall Frank. Good bye and good morning America. :-)
  Sat. 9/5/09 5:58am the lava children:

  Sat. 9/5/09 5:59am Derek J:

See you!
  Sat. 9/5/09 6:31am Kat77:

Never forget 9/11 was their "new pearl harbor." I missed your show again. Got here during the pinball demonstration at the end. Maybe i'll catch it next week. :)
  Sat. 9/5/09 12:17pm Neal:

Thanks WFMU for setting up a podcast of this great show! I'm finding I leave to "do stuff" and "go places" earlier and earlier in the programme every week! Looking forward to hearing the whole thing on my iTelephone during the week.
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