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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options August 14, 2009
R . I . P .

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Artist Track Album Year Comments Approx. start time
George Russell Sextet  Freein' Up   Options George Russell at Beethoven Hall with Don Cherry  1965    0:00:00 ()
George Russell  Electronic Sonata for Souls Loved by Nature — 1968   Options Electronic Sonata for Souls Loved by Nature — 1968  1969    0:12:43 ()
George Russell  Ezz-thetics   Options Ezz-thetics  1961    1:06:47 ()
George Russell  Waltz from Outer Space   Options Jazz in the Space Age  1960    1:15:35 ()
George Russell  Othello Ballet Suite   Options Othello Ballet Suite  1968    1:22:45 ()
The George Russell Smalltet  Fellow Delegates   Options Jazz Workshop  1956    1:53:57 ()
The George Russell Smalltet  Concerto for Billy the Kid   Options Jazz Workshop  1956    1:59:45 ()
George Russell Sextet  Lunacy   Options George Russell Sextet in K.C.  1961    2:04:23 ()
George Russell  Electronic Organ Sonata No. 1   Options Othello Ballet Suite  1968    2:11:46 ()
George Russell  You Are My Sunshine   Options The Outer View  1962    2:25:28 ()
George Russell Sextet  New Donna   Options Stratusphunk  1960    2:37:36 ()
The Gil Evans Orchestra  Stratusphunk   Options Out of the Cool  1961  by Mr. George Russell  2:46:00 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 8/14/09 12:09pm perrin:

got up bright and early!
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:10pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Going to play some Rashied Ali today?
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:12pm bryce:

hey, perrin!!

DCE, i may be stickin with the dead man today. :(
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:13pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well, unfortunately, they're BOTH dead.
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:14pm Hugo:

Off to a terrific start!

I'm certainly going to blog some Rashied Ali - from last year ...

bad week for jazz ...
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:15pm north guinea hills:

wow, haven't heard this before, george russel w/ don cherry
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:15pm bryce:

daaaaah!!!! stop dying stop dying stop dying!!

  Fri. 8/14/09 12:16pm perrin:

my limited linear mind would like the year of performance, if known. thanks...
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:18pm Hugo:

perrin, mid-sixties, I'd say, if you want exact details, I may have to go get the album ...
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:19pm bryce:

whoopsie! :)
coming right up....

hey, hugo, ngh!
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:26pm north guinea hills:

funny how far ahead of it's time this electronic sonata is, considering how "jazz" used to be so dogmatic....
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

something about the "60s" had that effect on all music! must have been the water.
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:30pm Hugo:

Yep, 1965, in Stuttgart, but no exact date is given in the sleeve notes. The record was out on MPS in 1973.
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:30pm Jed:

W.C. Fields just died. I read it in Variety at the candy store's lunch counter in 1910. He died of exposure on the western trail.
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:31pm Jed:

btw, this station may be thought of as free form, but this is the only true "free form" show.
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:34pm Hugo:

NGH, indeed! I'm listening to Stockhausen's "Aus den sieben Tagen" these days, also made in 1968. Very out there!
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:38pm bryce:

1965, duh.... thanks, hugo!!

  Fri. 8/14/09 12:39pm Parq:

In the midst of life, we are in death. Jed, we would seem to have different definitions of free-form. That's what makes horse-races, eh?
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:46pm bryce:

everybody! free fudge! yaaaaay
  Fri. 8/14/09 12:58pm Juddman:

this george russell is far freakin' and also way wiggin'... thank you bryce!
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:00pm Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

God. I just realized how much I have been enjoying this last hour of music. Outstanding show!
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:02pm bryce:

thanks ddggd! i must defer to the dead guy...we just pushy the buttons.

  Fri. 8/14/09 1:05pm Juddman:

'tis I!!!

Brycing out at work with Erin!!!
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:05pm Hugo:

Bryce, you're playing the whole thing! Excellent! Some early Rypdal and Garbarek in there.

Just had thai coconut soup for dinner - my fave! Yummy ...
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:11pm Marshall Stacks:

Tom yum, yum.
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:14pm Ike:

Hugo, in the U.S., most Thai restaurants are a little watered-down and slightly Americanized (e.g. extra sugar, throwing the spices out of balance), so in Britain, are they watered-down and Britishized?
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:15pm bryce:

judd, if only i'd known...i would have played something From the Heart. perhaps a nice microwave septet. don't forget to feed erin a plasma buritto or she'll leak gamma rays on the pantone books.

hugo, it's taking all the focus i have not to play 900 punk 7"s instead of 50 minute avant jazz blowouts. i'll swim through it somehow....
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:18pm Erm:

This music makes me feel The Hope more than ever! Bye bye autism! Hello JAZZ
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:21pm Hugo:

Ike, I haven't tried the tom kha gai in the UK, but generally speaking, yes, true - with some notable exceptions.

In Thailand itself, it can be fierce; beware of food from the north and the north-east - the papaya salad - ...papaya pok pok - phew ...
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:22pm Jed:

tonight's dinner: Manx
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:24pm Hugo:

Bryce, if you get fed up with 2-minute punk singles, there's always the cd version of Blue Notes for Mongezi - that was some programme!
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:24pm Marshall Stacks:

When I want non-watered-down Thai food, I cook it myself. I'm lucky to have access to the right ingredients and tools. DIY!
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:26pm Marshall Stacks:

Ya know, really spicy Thai food would go great with what Bryce is playing right now....
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:26pm BSI:

Just got back with a gut full o' Malaysian lunch and ears that must be filled with sonic stew!

man, this whole "death" thing....
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:27pm Connie:

Anyone ever been to Jitlata in Chicago? It's cheap and non-watered down. Best I had in the states!
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:28pm Larry:

Hello Bryce.

I've been listening to your show.

Great music.

Do you have Andy Breckman's phone number? I think the two of you should talk things over a bit.

Well, that's my two cents Bryce.

Keep doing a good show.

Your friend,

  Fri. 8/14/09 1:29pm Cecile:

we have a good place near us that makes Thai street food and serves it in a more authentic style. You put in sugar, hot peppers or vinegar from a caddy on the tabke if you want to adjust the seasoning.
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:30pm bryce:

hi, larry. does andy brechmann have millet?

i love millet.
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:30pm Hugo:

Try this:


Lethal ...
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:31pm Marshall Stacks:

They say millet keeps you regular. Not sure if it keeps you punctual.
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:32pm bryce:

  Fri. 8/14/09 1:33pm Ike:

Hugo, "fierce?" The food I ate in the N and NE of Thailand was less spicy and less intense than down in Bangkok, but I prob. wasn't trying the right dishes, like som tum. (Next time!) Ate some great stuff in Nong Khai. Beautiful little town.
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:35pm Marshall Stacks:

Thanks, Hugo. I'll try that this weekend. The only ingredient I'll need to buy is the papaya.

Looks like a site I should dig into.
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:36pm Taco Bell dog:

'yo quiero?'
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:37pm BSI:

eh, crap salad.
just realized I missed the George Russel/Don Cherry piece.
sadness abounds. I'll never eat lunch again.
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:39pm Ike:

Unfortunately papaya is never half as good here as in Thailand, in my experience. Our papayas just suck. Also, the recipe doesn't mention how raw or green it should be. That's hard to gauge.
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:41pm bryce:

what if lunch was a mock ox marrow burrito wrapped in gold leaf tortilla?
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:41pm Hugo:

Yes, Nong Khai is very nice, overlooking the Mekhong, these days probably with a bridge and road connection to Laos. None when I was there. You tried the sticky rice - and the durian candy?
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:45pm Marshall Stacks:

Thai papaya salad requires raw green unripe papaya, in my experience.
We get some OK Mexican papayas here, but not like the ones in Thailand.

I once put out a bag of durian candy in a corporate meeting I attended. People love free candy.

The results were very amusing.
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:45pm Jed:

what if breakfast were an orgy of blood and semen topped off with fresh fruit
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:45pm Marshall Stacks:

Jed, served how, and by whom?

What do you leave for a tip?
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:46pm Hugo:

bryce - life is full of counterfactuals ...
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:49pm bryce:

you're all coming over for thanksgiving.
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:49pm Ike:

Hugo, the sticky rice was great but I missed the durian candy, although I enjoyed durian itself (wonderful texture). Yes there is a bridge now. Easy to get across. Laos is fantastic, except Vientiane. Food is great there too, if you seek out what the locals eat. Similar to N. Thai food. Lots of bahn mi-style sandwiches too. Pics:
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:50pm jk:

hey, I know it's not topical but since last week I found this youtube video of a Hugo Zemp video of some are'are music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVOUz6hWBHQ
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:53pm Jed's coffee table:

This month in Grind Housekeeping: Naked Inglorious Brunches -- Quentin Tarantino and William Burroughs love to entertain guests and set a signature table before noon when at their summer place together!
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:53pm Jed:

I'm off to the meth lab
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:54pm bryce:


thank you so much!! there's a picture of this guy in the liners, and i knew hugo zemp made a film of his solomon islands stuff....but it ain't exactly accessible to the likes of me. never thought to check the youb! wow wow wow, really, thanks!

hugo zemp is just brilliant
  Fri. 8/14/09 1:56pm Rampler:

Wow... that is an amazing video jk
  Fri. 8/14/09 2:11pm Ike:

Speaking of SE Asian food: Yummy Burmese food tomorrow afternoon in Briarwood, Queens!
Use E or F train. (Note: E rerouted in Manhattan, doesn't run from WTC.) I'm going around 12 noon, before it gets really hot, I hope.
  Fri. 8/14/09 2:12pm jk:

cool, there's another of Hugo's videos on there about yodeling, it's a good watch if you have the time just search hugo zemp. Bryce did you get the email that I emailed you? not sure if I sent it to the right address.
  Fri. 8/14/09 2:20pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Mr Russell sure managed to cover a lot of ground over the years.
  Fri. 8/14/09 2:22pm Hugo:

I've never tried Burmese food, though I believe I once went looking in Bangkok for a Burmese restaurant. Still, no visits to Holland is complete without trying the rijsttafel - an Indonesian specialty.
  Fri. 8/14/09 2:28pm bryce:

jk, gak! no?? er....... i hope not??

i'm not always so fastidious with my fmu email account. actually, not so good with earthly matters in general....

aw crap, so sorry. i'll find it!
  Fri. 8/14/09 2:42pm Hugo:

Sheila Jordan on vocals ... on sunshine
  Fri. 8/14/09 2:45pm jk:

no problem at all, just checking to see. I sent it through the form contact thing which I'm never sure whether it'll connect or not.
  Fri. 8/14/09 2:52pm Cecile:

dead air?
  Fri. 8/14/09 2:53pm perrin:

im hearing dead air too, just came back on
  Fri. 8/14/09 2:53pm BSI:

is that what they call "the little death"?
  Fri. 8/14/09 2:54pm bryce:

  Fri. 8/14/09 2:58pm bryce:

so long everyall

off to bust jed's meth lab....
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