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Earth's only supernatural slumber-party-style call-in show.

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Options August 13, 2009: Genies, Rumors & Fleetwood Mac Explained!!!! Plus Animal Communication!!!

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Artist Track Album
Bernard Fevre  Fantasm   Options Black Devil Disco Club presents The New Strange World of Bernard Fevre 
Discovery  So Insane   Options LP 
Meadow House  Will U Be My Friend   Options Tongue Under a Ton of Nine Volters 
Omar Souleyman  Lansob Sherek (I Will Make A Trap)   Options Dabke 2020 
Emilio Santiago  Bananeira   Options Black Rio 2: Original Samba Soul 1971-1979 
M.I.A.  Jimmy   Options Kala 
Coralie Clément  Sono Io   Options Toystore 

Listener comments!

  Thu. 8/13/09 2:05am Joshua K:

  Thu. 8/13/09 2:05am Spencer:

Good morning, night people!
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:12am Michael from Toronto:

uh oh, i gotta hurry up on my time capsule parcel
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:19am Spencer:

Humans ARE animals.
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:22am Joshua K:

Animals are people too
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:30am steveroo:

you guys are hilarious
thanks for the company

is your garbage strike in NJ?
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:31am Spencer:

Steveroo: The garbage strike they're talking about was in Toronto. Michael from Toronto is from there.
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:33am steveroo:

oh the good ol tdot i used to live near by. it seems toronto's garbage goes on strike every 3 years
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:34am steveroo:

is this a talk show?
my first time listening
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:36am Joshua K:

Yeah lots of talking, you can call in to.
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:36am Spencer:

Well the *garbage* didn't go on strike... it was the sanitation workers.
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:37am Megan:

From Ken's show a few weeks ago:

  Thu. 8/13/09 2:42am Spencer:

It kind of looks like the grasshopper's being forced into it.
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:42am Michael from Toronto:

i am doing my part for flank palin
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:45am Spencer:

Nice, Michael! Now make some attack ads against Bloomberg.
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:47am Spencer:

I've heard from a semi-reliable source that whales can talk about an absent third party, which is pretty cool if it's true.
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:54am Michael from Toronto:

(the things I do to distract myself from real work)
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:56am Megan:

I want Dave and Sandy to get matching Sluts Unite t-shirts
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:57am Spencer:

Michael, your cartoons are awesome.
  Thu. 8/13/09 2:59am Joshua K:

They call him Sandy cause he loves the beach
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:00am Spencer:

Is Bloomberg melting or sweating?
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:00am Michael from Toronto:

Thanks Spencer! much appreciated
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:00am Michael from Toronto:

maybe both?

melting in a firey hellstorm
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:02am Joshua K:

Dolphins use audio books, we just can't hear them.
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:11am Spencer:

Cats are narcissists.
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:12am Michael from Toronto:

don't cats only wait a day or two before they eat their dead owners?

last flank palin contribution before i hit the hay

  Thu. 8/13/09 3:13am Toronto Jim:

To Michael from Toronto: Yeah, like, fer sure...

As if I care that someone might CLAIM to be anything even CLOSE to what I am...
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:14am Spencer:

Another home run, Michael!
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:20am Toronto Jim:

I just LOVE Jamie Lee Curtis! The best thing about making it with her is that her penis is WAY smaller than mine!
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:22am Toronto Jim:

People forget that she's married to Lord Haden-Guest (i.e Christopher Guest) -- and (take it from ME) he likes his pussy to have some cock to it.
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:24am Toronto Jim:

Oh yeah: PLUS -- Jamie Lee does have a nice, lovely, pretty vagina.
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:28am Toronto Jim:

Everybody has left your show -- except me.
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:29am Spencer:

No, I'm still here. Just rendered speechless by your comments. And half brain-dead, as I always am when I listen to this show.
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:30am Joshua K:

Just like hangin out with dudes nude, no gay stuff.
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:31am Toronto Jim:

"Are you gay or are you straight?" "Black or white or this or that?"

Wow -- you guys on the FMU really are cutting the old edge of today's politics!

Nobody ever knew... until you guys brought it up!

Thank you.
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:32am Megan:

I've never touched a really black person. I've touched sort-of black people. I need to touch a black person.
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:33am Spencer:

I love the rumors about naughty secret messages in Disney movies.
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:34am Spencer:

Oh, good rumor... one that always made me laugh... The original Ronald McDonald quit his job because he "didn't want to lie to children".
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:35am Toronto Jim:

Megan: You're in luck! I happen to have a "black person" (I call him "Blackie") living in my basement. I'm not sure if he likes it there, but then, I never asked.

However, I'm a bit down on cash, so if you really want to touch a black person, mine's available at your discretion (oh, and at my convenience).
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:36am Megan:

I've got five bucks.
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:38am Megan:

I've never touched an eskimo.
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:39am Megan:

I want to ride a whale.
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:41am Toronto Jim:

Five bucks, Megan? Uhh, yeah, I think that might be enough. I just have to awaken YOU-know... (I sometimes call him "Get-up", which is kind of quaint, isn't it?).

But for a fiver, for ME... he'll do it. I'll make sure of that. Then YOU can touch a black person.

Everybody's happy!
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:42am Megan:

What do you feed him?
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:44am Toronto Jim:

I feed him unsuspecting Americans who don't realize that the term "Eskimo" is deeply offensive.
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:46am Spencer:

More offensive than keeping a black person locked up in the basement?
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:48am Megan:

I miss my maggots. I need some more.
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:50am Toronto Jim:

Spencer: I dunno -- "black"? "Person"? Ummm, I think that one might be up for grabs there. We should leave it to the US Supreme Court: oh, except they appointed that woman that nobody in the US seems to like. Who can say?
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:53am Spencer:

What do you miss most about your maggots?
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:53am Toronto Jim:

REMEMBER, everyone: if you end up with a government health care programme, you will ALL have to self-euthanize at age 70.

Oh -- and all women will be forced, with physical violence if necessary, to have their mandatory abortion, at least once a year. Good luck to you all... SUCKERS!
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:56am Spencer:

But it's FREE!
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:57am Toronto Jim:

Maybe something will happen in your life that just blows your... spine! Good luuck then...
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:57am Megan:

I liked my maggots' squirmy grossness that made people say 'ew'.

I liked watching my maggots eat steak.
  Thu. 8/13/09 3:59am Toronto Jim:

Hey Spencer: Come on up here and say that! You can beat the crap out of me, but at least I'll get taken care of -- any time of the day or night, no matter what job I have or who my bloody relatives are!

So bring it on, and I'll meet you at the fekkin hospital!
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:02am Spencer (from Ottawa):

"UP here"? I'm further north than you!
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:04am Spencer:

It sounds like you're ready to welcome some new maggots into your life.
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:05am Eck:

Mr. Peanut is creepy
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:09am Megan:

If I sent in a maggot-y peice of rotten meat, would it be rejected? Imagine opening that on the air. That would be horrible.
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:10am Toronto Jim:

Spencer: Touché. J'ai pensé que vous êtes américain. Je suis navré pour cete pensée.
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:12am Spencer:

A fair assumption! Around here, you're American until proven Canadian.
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:13am Spencer:

Megan: you could make a fake one out of non-gross materials!
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:13am Eck:

Richard Gere and the gerbil
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:13am Toronto Jim:

Poor French there, je pense, Spencer, but anyway: I'll still meet you to fekkinf fight you! Anyplace quiet in Ottawa -- i.e, anyplace IN Ottawa!
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:16am Spencer:

I accept! Duel by the Canal at dawn. If you don't show up, you are a coward.
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:17am Toronto Jim:

If I don't show up, Spencer, I've fallen through the fekking ice!
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:18am Spencer:

Only cowards fall through ice.
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:20am Toronto Jim:

Besides, Spencer, if I do show up and win the duel, you'll just call a gouvernement inquiry! A few years later, your family and mine will get a fekking "White Paper" in the mail... maybe.
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:23am Toronto Jim:

Spencer, as personal private secretary to the Minister Without Portfolio In Charge of Portfolios, shouldn't you keep off the airwaves, and start thinking about getting a good night's sleep, before your minister rethinks the concepts of "sleep" and "nighttime"?
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:25am Spencer:

Bah! I can sleep at my cushy government job!
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:27am Toronto Jim:

Fekk! You've got me there, you Ottawa bastard. Sleep away, as you all do there (they don't call it "Sleepy Ottawa" fer nothing!)

You win this round, Mr. Deputy Minister. But I'll get back... I SWEAR I'll get back somehow...
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:28am Megan:

What ever happened to missile command?
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:28am Spencer:

Well why don't you just... do something typical of Torontonians! Ha!
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:29am Spencer:

I still listen to Missile Command on a regular basis.
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:30am Megan:

  Thu. 8/13/09 4:30am Toronto Jim:

And what would be "typical of Torontonians?" We're unpredictable.
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:32am Spencer:

Here ya go, Megan: http://www.wfmu.org/365/2003/246.shtml Also includes the wonderful Fly, Yar Warriors, Fly! Play it loudly... annoy your neighbors!
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:33am Toronto Jim:

Like i said earlier, come on over here and meet my "homeys' in the "hood," down here in Leslieville, and say that! Riverdale -- repreSENT!
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:35am Spencer:

You Torontonians are too rough and urban... it's intimidating to my small-town-disguised-as-a-major-city sensibilities.
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:36am Megan:

Thanks, Spencer. You can be a governor or duke or something in TOCTWSBTPWLTTORS.
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:36am Toronto Jim:

Well said at last, Spencer. Kepp in yo' own yard! You cyaan handle Trawna!
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:37am Spencer:

Megan: Fitting, as I figured out how to pronounce the name of the place

Toronto Jim: Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:38am Megan:

I'm going to go to sleep now. Goodnight/morning.
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:40am Spencer:

Yeah, same. Fun as always, all. Later.
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:41am Toronto Jim:

It's been my pleasure to have sparred verbal-graphically with you,, Spencer. Don't worry -- everyone is welcome here in the Big Smoke! We like visitors, even if they come from backwaters like Sarnia, Espinola, Timmins, or even Ottawa!

I have tro bed down now, or I'll be a mess for reveille tamarra. G'night all and sundry!
  Thu. 8/13/09 4:46am Toronto Jim:

... or Kirkland Lake, or Port Carling, or Napanee, or Bancroft, or Belleville, or Tweed, or Hanover, or Carleton Station, or Pembroke, or Haliburton, or Kapuskasing, or Moose Factory, or Picton, or Southampton, or Bala, or Brechin, or the Soo, or anywhere...
  Thu. 8/13/09 5:27am Joshua K:

Chai is litteraly the indian word for tea and its usually regular black tea cooked with milk and Chai Masala (tea spice) mixture.
  Thu. 8/13/09 5:34am jonathan:

always remembering too late for this show! you finish at a nice time for the uk. get skype sorted out!
  Thu. 8/13/09 5:35am Aly Dukes:

And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills, till a landslide took me down.
  Thu. 8/13/09 5:40am jonathan:

really fascinating listening to you choosing a skype username by the way
  Thu. 8/13/09 5:44am Aly Dukes:

  Thu. 8/13/09 5:51am Joshua K:

We need people from asia and elsewhere
  Thu. 8/13/09 5:55am Joshua K:

6:54pm Thursday (JST) - Time in Japan
  Thu. 8/13/09 5:58am jonathan:

speak to you next week guys! - fishplums
  Thu. 8/13/09 7:49am 88 Keys:

Thank you so much for getting the MP3 stream up ASAP i get to work at 7.30 and within 15 minutes i can listen on Thursday mornings!
  Thu. 8/13/09 10:55am brad:

the van halen m & m thing is in david lee roth's autobiography.
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