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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options July 17, 2009

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Toshio Hosokawa  Ferne-Landschaft II   Options   0:00:00 ()
Toshio Hosokawa  Landscape I   Options   0:14:37 ()
Maki Ishii  Cho-etsu   Options   0:28:17 ()
Toshiro Mayuzumi  Mandala Symphony   Options   0:46:05 ()
Luigi Nono  A Pierre, dell'Azzurro Silenzio, Inquietum   Options contrabass flute, contrabass clarinet, & electronics  0:58:27 ()
Liviu Dănceanu  Glass Music   Options   1:08:23 ()
Doina Rotaru  Troite   Options   1:21:25 ()
László Dubrovay  Variácók Egy Oszcilláló Vonalra   Options   1:37:00 ()
Krzystof Penderecki  Capriccio for Violin and Orchestra   Options   1:48:41 ()
Horaţiu Radulescu  String Quartet No. 4   Options   2:01:28 ()
Earle Brown  1991   Options   2:51:11 ()
Earle Brown  For Ann   Options   2:52:37 ()
Earle Brown  1980   Options   2:57:17 ()

duck raw blood - vietnam

Listener comments!

  Fri. 7/17/09 12:05pm Carmichael:

Hi Bryce! German titlw, Japanese artist. Mui bueno.
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:09pm bryce:

guten morgen gozaimasu!
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:15pm BSI:

where the hell is all the wheat gluten?
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:17pm dc pat:

mmmmm...wheat gluten....
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:18pm Ike:

The clamor at the beginning of this track was also heard inside my torso on Monday. I was sicker than a three-eyed two-legged dog. I can't remember ever catching anything that nasty before. (Better now!) Watch out folks, take your vitamins! And if you experience unusual nausea or lightheadedness, well... you're screwed.
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:18pm bryce:

sup, BTVPI!
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:20pm BSI:

dammit, man, I need to go protein snortin' but this minimal sonic landscape has me by the Bovrils!

No matter! I'm running out for a pillow-case full of gluten!
Who's with me??!?!?
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:21pm bryce:

aw crap. sorry, ike!

thanks again for the burmeseness last week. nice to hang out!
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:27pm Carmichael:

Did you guys eat Burmese food last week?! I've been drooling everywhere since our discussion a few weeks back.
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:30pm Ike:

Glad y'all came, Bryce! Still trying to figure out if the next Burmese fest (in Briarwood, Queens), which is NOT on broiling tarmac, is on Aug. 8 or if it's Aug. 15.

Now I'm contemplating the Red Hook Ballfields. I wish Newark had some exquisite Latin food truck gathering like that. And why are those food trucks SO GOOD?!
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:34pm Rampler:

hi bryce!!
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:36pm north guinea hills:

is there any other burmese places besides Mingaya on 7th st & 3rd ave and the sister restaurant on 72nd & 3rd ave?
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:38pm Carmichael:

Man, I'm hungry.
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:40pm bryce:

F.E.N., what's up!

carmex, yeah yeah we wound up heading to that junior hs lot and were deep fried on the spot, holy CRAP. but there was lots of nice food & beautiful burmese folks. so lovely to have a metropolis at one's disposal.
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:41pm Ike:

NGH, no, and the one on 7th St. is terrible. (I don't know the one on 72nd. Anybody?) That's why the Burmese festivals are especially notable.
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:41pm roguenkatz:

I'm only getting audio from the right channel.
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:44pm bryce:

dahh!!!!!!!!!!!! FUUUUUU'UCK.

thanks much, roguenkatz. shit and shit. apparently, TT 1 is douched. fat bummer, that. sorry.....
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:44pm roguenkatz:

That's better!
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:47pm BSI:

[cue revised scene from Barfly]

A mountain of GLUTEN for all my friends............
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:52pm Ike:

Ah ha! Eatingintranslation.com reports that the Myanmar Baptist Church Fun Fair this year is on August 15.
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:55pm mike from studio c/the kitchen:

very eerie, I enjoy this
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:55pm north guinea hills:

the one on 72nd may not be there anymore. i used to eat there when i was in grad school at hunter 7 years ago.
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:55pm bryce:

ngh, only went to mingaya once, and it was pretty sad. there's mandalay on broome st. it's all right. there was one (rangoon?) on the UWS, but i think it's history...

i've had pretty good burmese in DC, tho! & never been, but heard great things about a "Rangoon" in philly....
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:56pm bryce:

hey, mike above!
  Fri. 7/17/09 12:58pm perrin:

I guess I'm having sushi for lunch (dolphin and turtle friendly of course)
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:07pm roguenkatz:

This reminds me of the soundtrack for The Shining.
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:15pm jeff_m:

beautiful today sir (i say this every time I comment?)
music is just floating through the air over here
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:20pm bryce:

jeffem! wow, thanks— YOU need to be doing more shows! seriously, really really really enjoyed your last one...

hey, perrin! you ever coming out this way? haven't seen you in, er....10+ years?
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:23pm stingy d:

i'm finally recovering. hey bryce!
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:26pm perrin:

hopefully we will visit nyc in spring!
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:27pm bryce:


stingy, what happened? oh shit, did you get the polydactyly?? i had that.
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:30pm stingy d:

yea polydactyly thats what it was... probably see ya next week.
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:35pm just a guy in a chair in a cube:

wait a minute doesn't that mean you had extra fingers? Is this to do with that famous NJ tapwater?
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:37pm stingy d:

nah i think it was my time spent in greenpoint. it might have been my time spent on bergen street last night tho.
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:40pm doug in dc:

Three thumbs up for polydactyly.
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:44pm BSI:

I thought we had that in my neighborhood last night but was just a police helicopter... drag, man...
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:46pm stingy d:

there were definitley some fingers laying around
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:49pm BSI:

This Dubrovay piece is like everything Corigliano must've been trying to do with his Altered States soundtrack, but dinna come close..... just a theory.
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:55pm Chris:

I kinda hear that with the Pendericki, interestingly enough. It's been awhile since I've seen the film, though.
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:58pm BSI:

I was thinking that about Penderecki as well, with the big farty blasts of low brassy goodness.

....or was that the gluten speaking? *urp*
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:58pm jk:

Bryce, are you cooking something in there? I can smell bacon.
  Fri. 7/17/09 1:59pm jk:

just kidding, I love the sound of crackly vinyl. great show as always
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:06pm bryce:

seriously, someone must've opened a durian on this thing! gotta steel wool it off when i get home.
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:08pm bryce:

BSI, won't you whip me up a mock haggis franz liszt bust?

i realize YOU technically still own ME, but roll reversal is exciting.
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:15pm BSI:

Liszt (sp?) wasn't much in the BUST department, if you dig.

...... now Rimsky, that sumbitch had some bodacious haggis.
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:19pm Ike:

Mmmm, durian bacon haggis.

Re: 12:55, Mandalay on Broome St. is gone (but you can get great Vietnamese bánh mì [subs] last time I checked at 369 Broome).
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:22pm Carmichael:

OK, Viet it is. I'm out to lunch (hangs sign). Thanks Bryce!
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:24pm perrin:

a local Vietnamese sandwich shop has a "pork meatball" sandwich, it is really yummy, and I'm glad I don't know whats in it (and its only $2.25!!!)
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:26pm reality check:

the 2.25 pricetag tells you what's in it.
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:27pm perrin:

yeah, but its all ground up and spicy so who cares?
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:32pm stingy d:

for 2.25 it sounds like there is heaven and virgins in it. what i'm trying to say is... i'd take the dive.
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:32pm ?:

arf. I care! arf arf.
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:35pm stingy d:

get outta here pooch. none for you. wait wait wait... come here poochie, here poochie poochie...
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:36pm BSI:

...why does this haggis taste of rawhide?
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:40pm ghost cow:


gimme that back, i need it in the next world!!
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:41pm Ike:

Bánh mì is about $3.50 or $4 on Broome St. and at the renowned place on Mott St. and I promise you it's real pork. Rob me, kick me, break my heart, fine, but don't insult my favorite foods! ;)
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:44pm Rampler:

I get the vegetarian banh mi at Boi Sandwich here in midtown but it is a lot more expensive than $4
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:44pm bryce:

futhermucker, i gotta get at some tiết canh.

  Fri. 7/17/09 2:44pm stingy d:

my banh mi game is ridic!
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:45pm stingy d:

i would definitely holla at some tiết canh right now.
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:46pm bryce:

it's on. i'll get the ducks next fri.
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:47pm BSI:

Waiter! Where's my bloody soup!?!?
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:48pm dracula:

do you sell that in quarts, or better by the gallon?
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:48pm Chris:

There's a bahn mi place just outside of DC--cleverly named Bahn Mi I think--that makes the bread fresh. Tempted to sneak out for one now if it weren't the better part of an hour away in Friday traffic. Reportedly it's sublime.

Not too big on bloody soup myself.
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:48pm perrin:

with that soup, you would be happy to see a fly!
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:51pm Ike:

FEN, yeah, bánh mì has spread uptown but they always charge way more for it. Broome St. is often cheaper (or works out the same) *including* round-trip subway fare!
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:52pm stingy d:

aight tho, i'm finta skate on em. i'll check ya'll out later!
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:52pm BSI:

...it's so expensive due to the time-consuming practice of mosquito milking.

alright, I'll shutup now.
  Fri. 7/17/09 2:57pm bryce:

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbye to people
  Fri. 7/17/09 3:00pm dan in falls church VA:

holy cow, am i enjoying this! i am either new to your show or new to it in this timeslot...gotta love the stuff you're playing!
  Fri. 7/17/09 3:00pm ?:

bryce, with the shortest total playlists on FMU, plays the longest-average-length tracks.
  Fri. 7/17/09 3:05pm bryce:

i win the golden icepick!
  Mon. 7/20/09 12:10pm Erik:

Archive listener representin'. Sublime show, once again! Thanks, Bryce!
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