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Earth's only supernatural slumber-party-style call-in show.

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Options July 16, 2009: Man's Journey To The Moon: Michael Collins Explained

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Beaver & Krause  Peace Three (Recap)   Options
Wendy Carlos  Genesis   Options
Science Fiction Corporation  Industry Computer   Options
Droids  (Do You Have) The Force Part 2   Options
Lullatone  A Carousel On A Slide Projector   Options
John Fahey & His Orchestra  Dry Bones In The Valley   Options

Listener comments!

  Thu. 7/16/09 2:05am Spencer:

I'm sending this message into the vastness of space... hoping it might reach some other restless soul out there... in the expanse..
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:07am Joshua K:

  Thu. 7/16/09 2:09am Spencer:

PING! Like a ping pong ball!
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:13am Spencer:

Yeah, I heard you on Seven Second Delay, Dave. Your phone voice is different than your radio voice... which doesn't really make sense, does it?
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:16am Indiana Jordan:

When I was younger, I saw a radio personality in real life who looked nothing like I'd imagined him. And I lost all faith in everything I had believed in up to that point. And that's a true story.
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:16am Spencer:

I'm going to keep commenting, even if I'm aaaaall alone... just so I don't doze off in front of my laptop with my headphones on, like last week.
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:16am Ken From Hyde Park:

SNAFU = Situation Normal, All Fouled Up. I don't know the source of that, though.
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:18am Indiana Jordan:

I missed Tax.
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:19am Spencer:

That's a sad story, Jordan. How did you ever rebuild your world after that?
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:20am Indiana Jordan:

Lots of therapy. And drugs. I basically funded the entire pharmaceutical industry for a while there.
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:22am Spencer:

So now that you've been through all that... what do you think would happen if you saw a picture of Dave and Sandy and they looked nothing like you expected? Are you in a place now where you'd be able to cope with that kind of shock?
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:25am Jordan Eash:

I'd like to think I could, but only because I've refrained from picturing them at all. To me, they're just disembodied voices floating around New Jersey somewhere.
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:28am Spencer:

Wow... well, then wouldn't finding out that they had a corporeal presence at all be an EVEN bigger shock? It seems you have yet to get to real root of your problems...
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:29am Spencer:

Good topic! It's the 40th anniversary this year :)
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:30am Spencer:

...and of course that's the first thing they mention...
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:32am Joshua K:

Laika was the russian dog
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:33am Spencer:

The Russians sent a dog named Laika... first earth-bound life-form to go into orbit.
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:34am Spencer:

Keep gettin beaten to the punch!
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:35am Joshua K:

The distance around the entire earth is longer than the distance to the moon. So thats not the furthest someone has gone... just the furtherest from the surface.
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:35am Indiana Jordan:

Laika was a stray dog. And she was lost out there in the darkness...
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:36am Spencer:

Good call Joshua.
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:36am Joshua K:

  Thu. 7/16/09 2:37am Joshua K:

Oh wait I was wrong!!
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:37am Joshua K:

The decimal point they stuck in messed me up.
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:38am Indiana Jordan:

The moon wins again!
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:39am Joshua K:

There is a reflective property of the moon's surface which makes it look lit.
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:39am Spencer:

Well, has someone gone around the earth 10 times in a row? Cuz that would beat a moon-trip.
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:41am Indiana Jordan:

I think a seat on the Virgin Galactic costs around 500k.
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:42am Joshua K:

I think the space station orbits the earth.
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:44am Indiana Jordan:

Debunking the conspiracy theories: http://www.clavius.org/
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:44am Spencer:

Yes it does. So ... there you go!
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:46am Spencer:

Moons over my hammy...
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:56am Joshua K:

  Thu. 7/16/09 2:57am Spencer:

Those pictures are great... love the level of detail.
  Thu. 7/16/09 2:59am Joshua K:

NASA is supposed to make an announcement tomorrow, possibly about lost Apollo 11 tapes they have since found.
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:02am Spencer:

That would be great! Of course... they'd be fabricated... just like all the other "evidence" that man has gone to the moon. So really, this is just gonna be like "Apollo 11: Director's cut"
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:04am Joshua K:

They can release it on bluray with even better special effects
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:06am Spencer:

Maybe even toss in a CGI Jabba the Hut for good measure.
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:09am Joshua K:

http://wechoosethemoon.org/ is gonna have some "live" thing at the same exact times as 40 years ago
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:10am Spencer:

Buzz Aldrin punches out a moon-hoax theorist! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdZd30FHiBo
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:11am Ken From Hyde Park:

Evolution Control Committee - http://evolution-control.com/index.php has an mp3 file about the moon. It isn't FCC compliant, though (one or two swear words, used repeatedly). Ken has played their Star Spangled Bologna mashup before.
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:11am Joshua K:

I find it hard to believe those guys had to fake all that stuff for days straight without screwing up while people on earth sat there not knowing any better. Even the NASA employees.
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:12am Spencer:

Woah... that looks really interesting. I've bookmarked it for later... when my brain can process anything beyond Night People.
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:14am Spencer:

As with most conspiracies, the sheer amount of people that would need to be compliant make it totally unfeasible. It'd be easier to go to the moon and back than to trick the world into thinking you have.
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:16am Joshua K:

How about how he screwed up that quote and said "one small step for man" instead of "one small step for A man"
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:18am jorge:

hellos from spain, what about the flag ? i have listened to a couple of stories about how the america flag moves on the moon on that video, for some people that should prove that they neve go there, weird i guess

sorry for my CRAPPY english
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:18am Spencer:

Yeah... I have a hard time deciding which version I like better. "A man" makes more sense... but "man" seems more poetic somehow.
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:20am Spencer:

The flag moves because the astronaut moves it.
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:20am Joshua K:

There is solar wind up there that causes it to move. That was one of the things they were experimenting with.
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:25am Spencer:

I've never heard that before, Joshua K. I'm gonna need some source-citing pleeeease.
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:27am Joshua K:

OK solar wind has nothing to do with it, thats not actually wind. But I found this article about the flag:
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:30am Spencer:

Hey Joshua K... is this you?
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:35am joshua k:

I'm a cartoon!
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:43am Joshua K:

Rent an air balloon
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:43am Spencer:

Broadcast from Everest.
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:47am Spencer:

Radio calisthenics is a real thing! Japan used to have it in the 60s... maybe they still do..
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:53am Megan:

There were two flies buzzing around, so I caught them in a plastic water bottle and now they are both laying eggs.
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:53am Spencer:

Man... so the actual 40th anniversary of the landing date is this upcoming Tuesday! I want to celebrate somehow... maybe with some sort of moon-admiring party in the park. Any ideas, night people?
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:54am Spencer:

That's both cool and gross, Megan. Keep us posted.
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:55am Joshua K:

I wonder what fly caviar tastes like
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:56am Megan:

The internet says that they'll hatch in a day.
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:57am Spencer:

  Thu. 7/16/09 3:57am Megan:

I'll have a bottle of maggots.
  Thu. 7/16/09 3:58am Spencer:

Hmm... I think they might need some food to survive though.
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:00am Megan:

I have spagetti.
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:02am Joshua K:

Give them some honey
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:02am Megan:

I'll have a bottle of maggots and meat sauce.
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:02am Spencer:

Do maggots like spaghetti? Just don't give them rice or you won't be able to tell them apart.
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:03am Ken From Hyde Park:

Nixon won the 1968 election and went into office in March, 1969. About five months before Apollo 11 took off.
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:11am Joshua K:

I recently watched a special about the soviet dolphins they trained for military purposes. Now they use them for swimming with children with disorders.
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:12am Spencer:

That's... very beautiful actually!
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:15am Spencer:

Those darn satanic entities! Always keepin us organics down...
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:17am Joshua K:

No outside horses?
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:18am Spencer:

Aw, they should've kept that guy on. He was cool.
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:22am Joshua K:

The moon orbit isn't a circle so it depends when you went.
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:23am Indiana Jordan:

Good night, everybody!
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:24am Spencer:

I've never listened to the show live this far in! This is pretty neat. I'm accomplishing my goal for the night. Just can't fall asleep!
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:24am Indiana Jordan:

Good night, moon!
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:25am The moon:

Good night, Indiana Jordan
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:26am Joshua K:

Frank Edward Nora thinks the moon landing was staged, so tune in to the rampler Friday night/Saturday morning and he will probably talk about it from that perspective.
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:27am thomas:

has risen from sleep
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:28am thomas:

moon tastes like cheese
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:28am Joshua K:

You can't spell thomas without om
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:28am thomas:

hmm creepy muzik
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:30am Joshua K:

They should get the soundtrack to the movie solaris. it rules.
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:31am Spencer:

This music reminds me of the scores those old NFB educational films had
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:31am thomas:

definitly a good idea
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:36am Spencer:

I can feel my body starting to shift into sleep mode... but I shall resist! I'm resorting to washing my room mates' dishes as a means to stay awake and alert. This music is too dreamy!
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:50am Joshua K:

3 more hours of work, I wish I could be asleep.
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:52am Joshua K:

  Thu. 7/16/09 4:52am Spencer:

One man wishes for sleep, while another simply refuses to sleep for no good reason.
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:56am Spencer:

What's with the link Joshua?
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:56am Joshua K:

I put in night people and it gave me the info for that movie
  Thu. 7/16/09 4:59am Spencer:

yeah but WHY?
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:02am Joshua K:

I guess thats an alternate title for the movie.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:05am Ken From Hyde Park:

I'm normally asleep at this hour, but there was some leftover pizza and a 2-liter of Mountain Dew in the break room at work late yesterday. I kind of dozed off between 12:30 to 2:00, but awake as can be now. Good thing I didn't slam too much of that Dew. I may need to find some more caffeine later today if I expect to stay awake. Hoo boy.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:05am Spencer:

Interesting... that story has had a lot of titles!
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:08am Spencer:

How much longer do you have to stay awake, Ken From Hyde Park?
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:10am Megan:

I'm from the west coast
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:10am Spencer:

I don't know if I'm a fan of the pre-recorded idea... part of the magic of the show comes from the fact that everyone on it has the Midnight Madness going on.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:10am Joshua K:

Of america?
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:12am Joshua K:

  Thu. 7/16/09 5:13am Joshua K:

I don't know what all this stuff means.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:13am Ken From Hyde Park:

If I can swing it, until 10PM Thursday. I hope to catch part of Dave The Spazz's live show. Listening to it on radio...won't be at Lincoln Center.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:15am Megan:

Do flies sleep?
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:17am Joshua K:

  Thu. 7/16/09 5:18am Spencer:

Ah, that's doable... it's MOUNTAIN DEWable
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:20am Megan:

I should name my flies.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:20am Spencer:

Don't get too attached, Megan.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:22am Megan:

I should build a house for my flies.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:22am Megan:

Then I could get more files and build a city.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:23am Spencer:

You should introduce them to your parents.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:24am Megan:

"Mom, Dad. These are (name) and (name) and we're going to start a new life together."
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:26am Spencer:

Name them Dave and Sandy.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:26am Megan:

"These are all of our maggot children."
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:28am Megan:

I could name the maggots after nightcallers.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:30am Spencer:

You might end up with more maggots than there are listeners though...
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:31am Megan:

3 maggots to each caller.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:33am Spencer:

Or divide them up according to the time they've spent on the air. It'd be a lot of work, but it'd be worth it.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:36am NS Andy:

What work with insects? Do tell... I have a graduate degree in entomology
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:38am Spencer:

I'm celebrating making it through an entire show! Prematurely, of course... but I think I got it pretty locked down at this point.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:39am Megan:

What are you doing to celebrate?
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:41am Spencer:

Making it through an entire live broadcast of Night People without interruption or falling asleep...
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:42am Spencer:

The celebration is to do what it is I'm celebrating... it's the best I can come up with.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:44am jonathan:

kinda tempted to phone in from the uk. guys, start using skype!
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:47am Megan:

I'm going to celebrate my maggots' birthdaies (birthdays?). I will give them cake. Do maggots eat cake?
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:47am Spencer:

Hear hear, Jonathan. I'm in Canada and I'd like to call in sometime... but the long distance rates....
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:48am Spencer:

If it's made out of dead things, they will.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:49am Megan:

Raw hambuger cake?
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:49am jonathan:

raw hamburger headset
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:51am Spencer:

My mom has a great recipe for raw hamburger cake.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:51am Spencer:

You should call collect, Jonathan.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:51am Joshua K:

Hawaii they walk around with ripped up shorts with a rope belt like the hulk
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:55am jonathan:

this is the first time i've listened to this show. i'm digging the awkward banter. you're all insomniacs.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:56am Spencer:

PURPOSEFUL insomniacs.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:57am jonathan:

are you spencer krug?
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:58am Spencer:

No... just another Canadian Spencer. I do like his music though!
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:59am Joshua K:

Night people has ended, the world can return to normal once again.
  Thu. 7/16/09 5:59am jonathan:

congratulations for being the most dedicated of the insomniacs. you should buy some sleeping pills as a little trophy.
  Thu. 7/16/09 6:00am Spencer:

And I can honor my body's requests for sleep.
  Thu. 7/16/09 6:01am Megan:

And I can honor my flies.
  Thu. 7/16/09 6:01am Spencer:

Haha... well, I won't need them. I'll have them bronzed (I live across the street from a trophy shop!) and then fall asleep... but perhaps not in that order. Goodnight everyone! Same time next week?
  Thu. 7/16/09 6:01am Spencer:

Goodnight you little maggots!
  Thu. 7/16/09 6:02am Megan:

  Thu. 7/16/09 6:03am Megan:

That was the maggots.
  Thu. 7/16/09 6:04am Spencer:

They've learned to type! My how they grow up so fast...
  Thu. 7/16/09 6:04am jonathan:

goodnight all! (you've all put me in the mood for an 11am nap.)
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