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Earth's only supernatural slumber-party-style call-in show.

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Options July 9, 2009: Uber, Unter, Rattle & Roll: Beyond Good And Evil!!!!!!!!!

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Annette Poindexter & Pieces Of Peace  Mama   Options
Jaques Dutronc  Hippie Hippie Hourah   Options
The Guess Who  These Eyes   Options
Wilco  I'll Fight   Options
The Archies  Sugar Sugar   Options
Yvonne Fair  It's Bad For Me To See You   Options
Pete Ham  I'll Kiss You Goodnight   Options

Listener comments!

  Thu. 7/9/09 2:10am kate:

awake... working... sad to be awake. sad to be working. be interesting! keep me awake! :)
  Thu. 7/9/09 2:12am Joshua K:

Working... bah humbug.
  Thu. 7/9/09 2:14am kate:

  Thu. 7/9/09 2:16am Spencer:

Eating pizza.... bah yumbug.
  Thu. 7/9/09 2:19am zach:

its just a distraction
  Thu. 7/9/09 2:20am kate:

mmmm want pizza
  Thu. 7/9/09 2:22am Joshua K:

I am gonna eat some tasty lean cuisine meal i got in the freezer here at work. Ohhhh boy.
  Thu. 7/9/09 2:29am numnum:

Lean Cuisine = Foodie Hell
  Thu. 7/9/09 2:33am PrestoChunge:

it was (NEE-kay) 'nike'
  Thu. 7/9/09 2:34am PrestoChunge:

greek was inflected at the time so the 'Ni' syllable would have included a rise in pitch.
  Thu. 7/9/09 2:38am G:

Greenpoint huh
  Thu. 7/9/09 2:49am Megan:

Are you aloud to say 'fuck' on the air?
  Thu. 7/9/09 2:59am kate:

  Thu. 7/9/09 2:59am Joshua K:

He would never say that! He clearly said Funk
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:00am alternateash:

actors are the most insecure people in the world
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:00am Walter:

Ethically (by the law of man) you were in the right.
Morally (in the eyes of God) you were wrong
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:00am alternateash:

wet nurses are a lot cheaper than human milk online, cos human milk's a big transmitter of AIDS.. and it's cheaper to test a human for AIDS than testing every batch of milk that's gonna go bad soon anyways.
apparently wet nurses are an "A-list accessory"
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:01am haydog:

"Snoofin" - the act of looking over someone's shoulder and reading personal conversations via his/her smart-phone to alleviate boredom on the metro.
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:01am smugger:

what was the synthy song in the beginning?
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:01am alternateash:

"Scralking" - (pronounced "Skrawking") Stalking + Screen + Walking = Walking zombie-like while staring at a screen ie. phone, smartphone, hand-held video games, GPS, etc.
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:03am Joshua K:

Shoulda just went inside and called the cops and then watch the fun.
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:08am Michael from Toronto:

I always thought ethics was a code of conduct that applied to broader social constructs

and morality was an individual thing?
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:11am alternateash:

smoking weed is not unethical or immoral. but it's illegal. as was marrying a "colored" person, or butt-screwing
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:11am Walter:

Ethics is the quantification of Morals
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:12am Joshua K:

In buddhist idea of karma, the intent of your actions also comes into play not just who is affected and how.
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:12am Walter:

A good look at morals Adam Smith - Theory of Moral Sentiments
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:17am Joshua K:

The money and wallet aren't yours ya bum.Get a job
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:18am Michael from Toronto:

i've returned three wallets in my time and nobody ever gave me a reward. being ethical blows
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:19am Toronto Jim:

Here's an idea for arguing ethics (in a way that North Americans could never really do (thank the icon of your choice):

Get a young (i.e. since, say, 1990) born-and-bred Serb and a young born-and-bred Croat, and let them talk to us (the world) about ethics. I swear it would be interesting.
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:21am Tornto Jim:

P.S. I'm no relation to "Michael from Toronto."
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:22am Michael from Toronto:

Maybe we live on the same block! Hi buddy!
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:23am Toronto Jim:

Wallets?! Dumb. Who ever said that being good deserved a reward?!
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:23am "marvin":

Here's the listing I read for your friend on the stoop:

Murder Mystery Night: An Interactive Theatrical Experience

It is December 1873 and a brother and sister are found dead at in New York’s most notorious, criminal-infested neighborhood. Can you help bring the killer to justice? Historic characters – a landlord, a shop owner, a streetwalker – bring you into the Tenement Museum and around the neighborhood to solve a murder based on the real-life Ryan Case.

Host Carlo D’Amore is an actor, educator, and playwright with over 20 years experience in the theater. He has performed at San Francisco Shakespeare in the Park, the Roundabout Theater, and Helen Hayes Theater on Broadway. Most recently, he was the writer and sole performer in No Parole, a piece which toured the country last year.

Meet at Tenement Museum Shop
108 Orchard Street, Manhattan
6:30p; $free
212 982 8420
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:24am Toronto Jim:

Yeah, maybe we do live on the same block (in geographical terms, at least). I'm at Queen and Pape. You?
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:25am Michael from Toronto:

I'm further west, Little Italy - boy the city sure smells, huh?
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:28am Toronto Jim:

It doesn't smell half as bad as it did in 2002 strike (very hot and humid then, as I recall). Weather has been mild to say the least, and people have been more or less un-garbagey. (Just spent an hour earlier today with "Mark the Garbage Guy", if you know who he is -- the guy who goes about the city sweeping garbage up (strike or no strike) for just coin. A hero!

Little Italy, eh? My girl lives there -- College and Dovercourt. Where ae you exactly, Michael?
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:31am Toronto Jim:

  Thu. 7/9/09 3:31am Michael from Toronto:

Oh yeah, I wasn't in the city back then, but I've heard horror stories. I think I'm gonna walk by Christie Pits tomorrow since I'm curious to see the mess

Ossington and College is my closest intersection!
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:31am kate:

hey, what happens if one of you really, really has to urinate during the show?
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:32am Michael from Toronto:

Forklift Palin
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:32am alternateash:

OKay.. got a good example..
The act of smoking weed itself is not immoral. It happens to be illegal. If you're smoking in the company for eg. a car of someone else who might get in trouble, due to the illegality of it.. that's unethical. the act itself is not immoral, but when you endanger another against/beyond their will, it's unethical.
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:33am Toronto Jim:

Ossington/College, eh?! Great corner, lately! Perhaps we'll see you in person at the Crooked Star, Sweaty Betty's, Communist's Daughter? Eh?
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:35am Toronto Jim:

For Toronto Michael: Of course, those bars are not strictly at College. You're gonna hafta walk for 5 minutes or so to meet me at any of them!
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:35am Michael from Toronto:

the biggest draw is that it's close to Bitondo's, my second home!
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:36am Toronto Jim:

Well, then. I'm coming tomorrow to Bitondo's, to kill you, ya mofo!
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:38am Toronto Jim:

(Everybody knows how violent Toronto is, eh?)
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:39am Joshua K:

I saw that movie... Gangs of Toronto
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:40am Toronto Jim:

Anybody else notice, on these late night WFMU shows, how the hosts never acknowledge ANY of the posts here?

There's no way they've got dope as good as our Collingwood Sh*t!
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:41am Toronto Jim:

Hey, Joshua K: Come 'ere and say that!
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:42am Michael from Toronto:

did you hear about that chinatown grocer who beat up a shoplifter and tied him up in the back of the store until the police came who's getting charged with kidnapping? that guy is the real hero of the city
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:42am Joshua K:

Its morethically wrong
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:43am Jim:

They do look at the comments on this show
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:44am ?:

TJim, you have to insult their subject matter. They acknowledged my comment that the actor/stoop story is boring. :)
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:44am kate:

oops--that last one was me, sorry. :)
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:45am Michael from Toronto:

if this was a movie, carlo would be killed by a listener for real and his performance would turn into a REAL murder mystery
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:46am Toronto Jim:

Apologies, Kate. Good on ya. I missed that, and of course, they surely can't just sit around talking about the minute-by-minute posts we offer them, eh? Fair play.
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:46am Walter:

In some states the age of consent is 16, i think in hawaii it is 14
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:47am Joshua K:

  Thu. 7/9/09 3:48am Toronto Jim:

Fack! It's too expensive to get to Hawaii! Maybe Miramichi for us, eh, Michael?
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:49am Joshua K:

This site hasn't been updated in a while.
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:50am kate:

TJim: Therefore, I recommend that you switch to an all-trash-talking-all-the-time strategy in your comments. That way maybe they'll give you the shout-out.

Although that's not why I wrote my comment. I really just thought the story was boring. :)
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:51am Toronto Jim:

(In fact, it'd be cheaper for the local New Jersey listeners to get to the Miramichi than it'd be for Michael and me. Off you go, if you want...)
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:52am alternateash:

yes! ethics are in interrelational, sociological, for the greater good, analytically determinable...
and morals are less tangible, personally & subjectively defined,

how about "do unto others as you would do yourself" vs. "do unto yrself as you would to others"

but be wary of binary oppositions.. e.g. logical vs emotional!! there are other distinct definable points in and out of the spectrum
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:52am Michael from Toronto:

i think ethics are more about practicality than good/bad

for instance, a doctor is given a mass murderer to stitch up - ethically, he is obligated to stitch him up. he has to treat the patient in front of him.

morally, it might not be the right choice to keep a mass murderer alive to murder again

but the hippocratic oath exists to keep doctors functioning as doctors, so they can't start making those moral decisions on who they should and shouldn't treat
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:53am Toronto Jim:

Kate: Good advice, but can't do that, I'm afraid -- too Canadian am I!
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:54am kate:

what's a miramichi? does it involve alcohol or other substances that will obliterate my work panic?
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:54am Joshua K:

Is that like Sriracha?
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:55am Toronto Jim:

T.O. Michael: You're right, of course. We must always remember that doctors aren't supposed to make moral decisions. Their oath forbids it, and a good thing that is: elsewise, we'd have doctors making decisions about abortions, etc. Bad idea. Do your job, I say.
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:55am kate:

tjim--ha, yah you Canadians are terminally polite. :) I started out midwestern, but then I went all Jersey and whatnot.
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:55am Joshua K:

Killing is karmically bad, but if the intention helps a lot more, than that good karma would way outweigh the killing but you still will have the results of the bad karma at some point.
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:56am Joshua K:

I have had too much caffeines.
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:57am Toronto Jim:

The Miramichi is a notorious area of New Brunswick, Canada (kind of like Appalachia -- renowned (perhaps unfairly, but in many jokes) as a place of, ahem, CLOSE relations within families, if you get my drift...)
  Thu. 7/9/09 3:58am Toronto Jim:

Kate: "Went all Jersey," did you? I've always wondered: would I, qua Canadian boy, be killed if I went around talking freely in Jersey, or just stared at?
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:00am Michael from Toronto:

jim - i was sort of thinking about sam mudd in my example, although i guess john wilkes booth isn't on the same scale as a mass murderer. mudd is the doctor who got tried and convicted for treason for treating booth's injury.
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:01am kate:

joshuak: feel free to offload some of your caffeine blood level. i need some but can't stomach this stupid starbucks crap i bought out of desperation.

dang, the miramichi sounded exotic and nice. now i'm thinking about highly alcoholic beverages with little paper umbrellas into them.

tjim--yah dude, you'd definitely be shot the first time you uttered the word 'aboot' in irvington. hehe
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:02am Toronto Jim:

Kate (MORE): Been to the Big Apple, and absolutely LOVED everyone I met. But that ain't Jersey, is it? Just don't know on that score.

My politics tends to get me in trouble at bars in the USA, no matter where I go. Depending on world affairs (W Bush/Iraq, Father Bush/Iraq, Reagan/Lebanon, etc), a lot of Americans just don't cotton to a Commie, ya know?
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:03am kate:

soon i won't be able to post any more comments because i'm getting too dopey to add the numbers together for the verification robot thingie.

well, when that happens i guess i'll just keep writing highly technical medical documents!
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:03am Joshua K:

We have one of those flavia machines for making mediocre coffee, but if you put it on ice and put in chocolate flavored creamer its like dessert and I keep downing them.
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:04am kate:

of course the pope's a virgin--what self-respecting chick would fuck a guy wearing a hat that ugly?
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:04am Michael from Toronto:

He's been in an episode of Oz
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:05am Toronto Jim:

Kate: You're fun! Irvington? Never heard of the place, but I'll watch my step if I'm ever there. (And it isn't "aboot"; it's "abouwt" (though it's truly hard to transcribe the actual sound of it -- trust me. The phenomenon you refer to is called, in linguists' terms by the way, "Canadian Raising.")
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:05am Michael from Toronto:

oh wow, he has a domain name
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:07am kate:

joshk: mmmm junk caffeine sugar beverages

tjim: oh, jerseyans aren't that bad. except for the ones who are. just don't cut anyone off on the parkway during rush hour, 'cause they'll bust a cap in your ass. most northeasterners are wound way too tight.
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:07am Joshua K:

  Thu. 7/9/09 4:08am Joshua K:

heres his demo reel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaDDK0JjDGE
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:08am Toronto Jim:

Kate: "Bust?...Cap?...Ass?" Not sure what you mean. :)
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:11am Toronto Jim:

On the accent front, Jeeziz, I can't imagine a worse one than Joisey. (Except maybe the infamous "Great Lakes Vowel Shift," which ONLY happens on the American side of the Great Lakes, and makes everyone from Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, etc. sound like they're extras in the Coen Bros' "Fargo.")
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:12am kate:

tjim, from Urban Dictionary:

bust a cap in your ass:
The origin of bust a cap meaning to discharge a firearm has become a general threat of violence with the implication that a gun will be involved. To threaten to bust a cap in someone's ass is also not intended to be anatomically specific, as kick ass or whip your ass are not descriptive of specific actions against someone's posterior. Ass as in "your ass" "my ass" etc refers more to the whole of the physical person.

"I'm gonna bust a cap in yo ass" "I would never bust a cap in your ass" "Please don't bust a cap in my ass" etc
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:15am kate:

agreed, the nj/ny accent is atrocious. luckily i retained my utterly neutral midwestern manner of speech. people here tell me *i* have an accent.

possibly a worse accent than nj/ny: palin's shrill glad-to-show-ya-i'm-an-ignorant-hick twang!
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:15am Toronto Jim:

Kate: ***IMPORTANT!***

Not sure if you got Canadian TV in the 70s and 80s, but there was a thing called "Hinterland Who's Who" about animals and such. Check this GREAT parady of the show from YouTube (the narrator's voice is EXACTLY like the real guy from way back when):


Trust me on this -- it's worth it!
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:16am Joshua K:

When the good doctor slapped life into Carlo D’Amore that middle-of-the-night in Lima Peru some thirty years ago, his scream could no doubt be heard all the way to Machu Pichu! He has been roaring ever since with his indomitable spirit and his uniquely theatrical style.
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:17am Joshua K:

At the forefront of a growing trend of multi-ethnic personalities, Carlo certainly qualifies. Part Incan Indian, Italian, French and Spanish with a healthy splash of zany, he has been delighting both audiences and critics alike with his unique and energetic presence from an early age.
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:17am kate:

this whole commenting thingie is both awesome and terrible for someone with virulent ADD
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:18am Joshua K:

Get back to work!
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:18am billie:

shut up kate
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:18am Toronto Jim:

Wait a minute: Midwestern? No accent? Right...

Ms Palin (whom I wouldn't trust to be my parking valet) has a much worse one, agreed.
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:18am Toronto Jim:

Now, now, Billie, you leave Kate alone now, eh?
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:21am kate:

tjim: that is a thoroughly fantastic spider video.
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:23am Toronto Jim:

Kate: See? I know about "busting a cap in one's ass," thanks to the wildlife service of the Canadian federal government!
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:27am kate:

dude, our educational system totally sucks compared with Canada's--i had to learn about caps and asses from my babysitter.
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:29am Joshua K:

They shut the AC off at night so I get to work in a stuffy cubicle alone.
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:30am Toronto Jim:

Kate: Poor you. I take it you are a woman (Kate?). I only hope that your babysitter was a fellow female. Else, I'd hate to think what you may have learned at such a tender age.
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:36am Joshua K:

Is it time for rucksack radio
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:36am kate:

joshk: cheapskate landlords! if it makes you feel any better, i'm in my creepy old office building alone with the radio turned up loud enough to drown out mysterious and undesirable noises. shoulda brought my dog over here to hang out with me.

tjim: nah, my babysitter's the one who taught me how to shoot a glock! we can't all benefit from widespread educational initiatives like the ones you guys got up north.
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:37am kate:

david byrne yay, he was fantastic at the wellmont a few weeks ago.
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:38am Toronto Jim:

Glock?! Wow! Never seen one, heard one, touched one. I have a feeling that you might actually like me a bit -- if I ever get down Joisey way (God knows why I would), I trust that you won't hurt me. Please?
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:38am kate:

wait holy crap, that's not david byrne? who're the units and why'd they crib db's sound completely?
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:39am Toronto Jim:

Glock?! Wow! Never seen one, heard one, touched one. I have a feeling that you might actually like me a bit -- if I ever get down Joisey way (God knows why I would), I trust that you won't hurt me. Please?

(I promise not to cut you off on the Parkway.)
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:40am Toronto Jim:

Ah! The Guess Who! Winnipeg's own! (What a fecking voice Burton Cummings had! -- second only to Van Morrison)
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:40am Joshua K:

I don't know anyone I am friends with from jersey that actually says "joisey"
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:42am Toronto Jim:

Sorry, Joshua K: that's how it sounds to us (spelling limitations considered). Kinda like how we up here always say (to your ears) "oot and aboot."
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:43am kate:

tjim-ah, i rarely put the hurt on anyone anymore. i'm old and tired.
joshk--heh. when people in kansas heard i was moving to nj, they invariably said "oh, new JOISEY." i was surprised to find that nobody here says it that way.
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:43am Joshua K:

I do however say cawfee
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:44am NjPro Andy:

Flank Palin has our vote! Www.nj-pro.com
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:45am kate:

cawfee mawall cawall bawall tawall
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:45am Toronto Jim:

Joshua K: Cawfee! Good on ya!

This is the old "cot / caught" dilemma (yeah, my amateur linguistics at work again).

To Canadians, "cot" and "caught" are identical. Not so for those from Jersey. Right?
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:46am squaw:

who do the paranormal entities support?
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:47am Toronto Jim:

Squaw: The paranormal entities (most of them, anyway) support YOU.
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:48am Toronto Jim:

Ah! The Archies! More Canadian Content! (Lead singer Andy Kim is a Canuck.)
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:48am kate:

andy, what's the creepiest paranormal phenomenon you've recorded?
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:48am Joshua K:

You sleep on a cot, but if its not yours you better hope you dont get cawt
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:49am Joshua K:

Do ghosts fart?
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:49am squaw:

noishe. now we just need to set up some equipment so they can vote.
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:51am Toronto Jim:

Very impressed by the (accidental?) proliferation of Canadian content here (you'd think it was a Canadian station, where it's the law). What next? Crowbar? Lighthouse? Teenage Head? The Stampeders? I wait with twisted limbs...
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:52am Toronto Jim:

Squaw: With your American voting "equipment," you don;t even need to go and vote: the count is already done!
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:53am Toronto Jim:

(P.S. the result? -- REPUBLICAN! Yay!)
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:56am kate:

tjim: weird al?
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:57am squaw:

hah. true. the votes just count themselves
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:57am Toronto Jim:

Sorry, everyone, for the untoward nationalism of my recent posts. I'm really not a nationalist (and for that reason, perhaps, I am glad to be here in Canada). Great show here, Night People! Greetings to all and sundry!
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:58am Toronto Jim:

And, god, am I tired tonight. What the feck time is it?... Jeeziz!
  Thu. 7/9/09 4:58am kate:

night tjim!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:00am bipsydipwater:

you touched on this very early in the show, and the accuracy was startling. if you ever happen to run for president, make andy rooney your running mate. do it fo the kids! http://www.buzzfeed.com/scott/the-andy-rooney-game
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:01am Toronto Jim:

Kate: Are you bedding down now? I think I may just do that as well. It's truly been a pleasure chatting with all of you (and especially YOU, Kate -- blush, blush).

Don't be surprised if I comment just a few more times. Also, don't be surprised if my few more posts get slightly more incoherent in turns...
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:03am Toronto Jim:

Okay, I said just a FEW more posts...

Bipsydipwater (welcome to North America, my foreign friend, by the way): Andy Rooney is a perfect choice for VP -- he'll die in the middle of the campaign! Talk about sympathy votes! (Feck Palin, man...)
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:10am bipsydipwater:

She's an amusement! I don't understand why people can even have the capacity to be angry at/annoyed with her. It's like being angry at your high school home ec teacher.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:11am kate:

tjim--nope, i am still trying to get this *&^$*%(#*@#^*$*%( project done. it's punishment for something horrible i must have done in a past life. or this one.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:12am Toronto Jim:

Who the feck wasn't angry at their home ec teacher, eh? (I still say I wouldn't trust her to be my parking valet, let alone anything to do with running the biggest mofo-ing country on earth!)
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:15am Andy NjPro:

Hey guys think we can we get a plug this week? "New Jersey Paranormal Research Organization" (NJ PRO)Www.nj-pro.com
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:15am Toronto Jim:

Kate: Oh, my Kate! You aren't nodding off after all! Project? Hmmm, what project? (No, never mind, love -- try to get it off your mind (while you still do it, of course.)) I myself am at the office (YES!), but with nothing to do work-wise (I simply got a bit drunk down the road and decided not to repair all the way home.)

AHEM! I shall stay up with you, dear Kate, until this bloody project is DONE! YES!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:16am kate:


i'd like to think she's a harmless amusement, but she still seems to have a lot of influence over a large proportion of the electorate. i don't think it's exaggerating to say some of her comments during the campaign were terroristic in nature.

i don't want an apocalyptic fundamentalist religious zealot with her finger near the red button. she scares the crap out of me.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:16am Maia:


PS: He is also a born-again Christian!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:17am Toronto Jim:

Why does the station have to plug "Paranormal Research"? Just "paranormally" plug it yourself! It's MAGIC!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:21am ?:

tjim: definitely considering heavy drinking at this point myself. and hiding under the bed for the next few days. feh!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:23am Toronto Jim:

About that fecking Palin person: I was listening to the bloody NPR yesterday, and THEY wasted an hour of their air-time on her, fer chissakes!

Everyone in the mass media knows EXACTLY what she is planning, but they just can't break their cocktail-party oath! She's going to be a bloody talk-show hostess! The next Sally-Jesse Raphael! The next E. Morton Downey (or whatever his name was)! The next Ricki Lake! Huzzah!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:25am Toronto Jim:

Kate: You're tired. You're turing into "?" again. Get a grip on yourself -- this project has to be DONE, and SOON! Or else!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:25am kate:

talk show host would be the best-case scenario in my book. as long as she stays out of politics i couldn't care less what she does!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:27am kate:

jim--true dat. need to either acknowledge this isn't getting done and bail, or stop being distracted and get this done. boooooooo
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:27am Toronto Jim:

Kate, you're right about HER. But, man, I can't help but think that she's just what American politics always needs -- a moron. (I remember the 2000 election as if it was yesterday...)

And you guys elected HIM TWICE!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:30am ?:

tjim--don't remind me, i cried both times gwb got elected. (well, i still think they stole the 1st one, but whatever.)

i hope and hope that the obama election is a signal that merit/intellect is now a consideration in us national politics, but we'll have to see.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:31am Toronto Jim:

Kate, I was actually wondering just how much work you are getting done -- this THING is fecking impossible to tear your eyes away from. Gotta keep track of all the fecking posts, eh?...
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:31am Joshua K:

What kinda work could you be doing
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:32am Toronto Jim:

Stole the first one? Yeah, true. But the majority of you guys totally forgot the old Scots adage: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on ME."
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:33am kate:

i wasn't kidding before--i'm a hardcore add'er. this is like crack for me! bad.

joshk--nothing much, just writing a detailed analysis on a highly technical topic. heh.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:35am Joshua K:

I can go back to slacking off as soon as I make the customers happy.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:36am Toronto Jim:

Oh, and Kate: About crying at the Dubya elections -- tell us about it! Up here, we were all fecking bawling our eyes out. It wasn't just because of his wins -- it was because of how the American people LET him win and MADE him win.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:41am kate:

no flip flops? i never heard of such a thing.

i'm a girl, and i like the way my dude looks in flip flops.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:42am kate:

tjim-i hear ya. well, there were plenty of us who tried to keep it from happening both times. just wasn't enough to turn the tide. :(
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:43am bipsydipwater:

If I see a guy in flip flops, I usually assume he's on the gay side. Crocs, and I assume he's about to recieve a punch in the face from yours truly.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:44am Joshua K:

its too early for lunch, he should be called breakfast
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:44am thomas:

im in london now.. all hail Night People
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:45am Joshua K:

I've heard of london
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:45am bipsydipwater:

ba dum chh
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:45am Toronto Jim:

Male or female, I can't stand the SOUND that flip-flops make.

Bipsydipwater : I don't know how things are where you come from in the Himalayas, but here (at least HERE) we don't punch people just because we suspect they are gay.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:46am thomas:

what about just being the official appointed Dictator of New Jersey
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:46am thomas:

joshua- it actually exists!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:47am Toronto Jim:

Self-appointed dictator of NJ? Oh, him you can punch.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:48am thomas:

you can actually punch someone because they are wearing crocs, no matter who it is
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:48am Joshua K:

is everyone talking about torchwood over there
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:49am bipsydipwater:

Crocs ain't flip flops, and only indicate bad taste, which in my mind is a punchable offense. And i've got nothing against gay people, i just don't tend to approach them for romantic encounters as i am not of that persuasion. and flip flops seem to be a good indication of that, in my mind. they can also indicate filthy hippies and people who just don't care how the heck they look.
from pennsylvania, by the way. but close!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:49am kate:

i used to work with a woman who wore flip flops all summer, and she would walk-run around in an extremely officious manner all day long. her flip flopping sounds were terrifying.

i wear flops as much of the year as possible, but i try to keep my foot slapping sounds to a minimum. :)
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:49am thomas:

68 comments so far

  Thu. 7/9/09 5:50am Toronto Jim:

Kate, I think Thomas over here might be in Joisey. Might even be on the Parkway. He's into punching people.

And Kate, at least you could hear when your terrifying boss was coming round the corner!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:51am thomas:

I have been boxing, but i am in london and im not wearing crocs
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:51am Toronto Jim:

Up here, we wear boots a lot.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:51am thomas:

im more inot punhcing in comments
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:52am thomas:

  Thu. 7/9/09 5:52am Toronto Jim:

In London, eh, Thomas? Must be a West Ham fan then, or Millwall.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:52am bipsydipwater:

also, i am not doubling as thomas, and happen to be female. what confusion! punching though? totally into it.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:52am kate:

but bipsy--how else would i show off my airbrush/glitter/rhinestone pedicure?

tjim--nah, she was a poor peon who was always on the run from her scary boss.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:53am kate:

boxing=funnest training ever

maybe that makes me violent, not sure.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:53am Joshua K:

Fatburger in Jersey City doesn't open till 10AM.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:54am thomas:

or a tourist. you decide
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:55am thomas:

bipsy is just jealous of my night people t shirt
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:56am Toronto Jim:

Okay, Thomas. I won't tease you about Millwall. But feck, what the feck time is it there? 11:00? Jeeziz, we are stupid on this side of the pond, where it's fecking 6 a.m.!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:56am kate:

bye all--nice procrastinating with you. :)
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:57am bipsydipwater:

huh? i didn't even say a thing. why's everyone picking on me? i have a right to hate on a flip flop! maybe you're just jealous of my engineer boots! jeesh!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:57am Toronto Jim:

Bye-bye, Kate. Sleep tight -- for about three hours.
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:57am kate:

engineer boots=hot!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:58am k:

thanks tjim--that's about all i'm gonna get, but it's something!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:58am Toronto Jim:

Kate = hot!
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:59am bipsydipwater:

you people don't know what you're missing not working second shift. *strolls away with eleven hours left to kill before she has to do a darn thing*
  Thu. 7/9/09 5:59am Joshua K:

  Thu. 7/9/09 6:00am k:

aw shucks. :)
  Thu. 7/9/09 6:00am Joshua K:

I get to go home at 8AM and try and sleep during daylight hours with noisy neighbors.
  Thu. 7/9/09 6:02am Toronto Jim:

Ah, Kerouac! I've got this one on vinyl -- the box set. Just fecking love it...
  Thu. 7/9/09 6:02am Joshua K:

Time to say goodbye, this live playlist will close in a minute.
  Thu. 7/9/09 6:03am k:

bye all!
  Thu. 7/9/09 6:04am Toronto Jim:

Good night to all.

I mean it. Thanks for aggravating my insomnia. But like my doctor told me when I complained of it: "Ah, well, don't lose any sleep over it."
  Thu. 7/9/09 6:07am Joshua K:

maybe we can dual playlist
  Fri. 7/10/09 12:34am girl on broome street:

we laughed at you afterwards.
  Sun. 7/12/09 12:51am Megan:


Wow, 200 comments. 201, now.
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