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Options July 8, 2009: Once upon a time, before Ritalin...

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
Fountains of Wayne  Supercollider   Options Welcome Interstate Managers  0:03:49 ()
The BellRays  Have a Little Faith In Me   Options Grand Fury  0:08:38 ()
James Morrison  Nothing Ever Hurt Like You   Options Songs For You, Truths For Me  0:11:03 ()
The Young Lions (Lee Morgan, Wayne Shorter, Frank Strozier, Bobby Timmons, Bob Cranshaw, Louis Hayes)  Peaches and Cream   Options self-titled  0:17:20 ()
Amanda  Up Against the Wall Redneck Mama   Options Amanda from the YouTubes  0:25:47 ()
The Homosexuals  Walk Before Imitate   Options The Recommended Sampler 1982: 25th Anniversary Edition  0:29:20 ()
Mull Historical Society  Live Like the Automatics   Options Us  0:31:54 ()
Bernie Worrell  New Boss   Options Improvisczario  0:37:51 ()
Peggy Lee  You've Got Possibilities   Options Big Spender  0:46:16 ()
World Standard  Papaya Freeway (Cowboy Mix)   Options Tipsy Remix Party  0:48:59 ()
The Bran Flakes  Dear Mom and Dad   Options I Don't Have a Friend  0:53:07 ()
Amanda  Baby Bite the Dust   Options Chaos (1987-1989)  0:57:01 ()
Teh B tl s with Am nd  W t L tt e H lp Fr m M Fri n s   Options   1:00:09 ()
Lester "Roadhog" Moran & The Cadillac Cowboys  The Saturday Morning Radio Show No. 2   Options The Complete Lester "Roadhog" Moran and the Cadillac Cowboys  1:09:23 ()
Al C. Bailey  Go On Home You Communist   Options Black Talent Workshop (Ron Paul Records)  1:18:33 ()
Fountains of Wayne (with Robert Randolph)  Hung Up On You   Options Welcome Interstate Managers  1:21:04 ()
Sons of Maxwell  United Breaks Guitars   Options youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo  1:25:23 ()
Wilco  Bull Black Nova   Options Wilco (The Album)  1:32:32 ()
Foom  Soon   Options No Fidelity Audio  1:37:58 ()
The Dukes Of Stratosphear  You're My Drug   Options Psonic Psunspot  1:43:47 ()
Mickie Most & The Gear (JPage: gtr)  That's Alright   Options 1965 recording  1:46:58 ()
Tim Finn  Shiver   Options Say It Is So  1:49:03 ()
Ogyatanaa Show Band  Saman Poriwa   Options Voodoo Funk: The Ghana-Nigeria Connection (Frank Gossner's 2009 WFMU marathon premium CD)  1:57:36 ()
Madeleine Chartrand  Ani-Kuni   Options Total Freakout Volume 3: Qu├ębec-France-Belgique 1968-1975 Psyche Jello  2:02:11 ()
Area  With Louise   Options Agate Lines (A Retrospective)  2:05:35 ()
Henry Phillips  Hey Mr. Postman   Options Number 2  2:09:38 ()
Sam Phillips  Power World   Options Omnipop (It's Only a Flesh Wound Lambchop)  2:16:58 ()
Veruca Salt  Yeah Man   Options Resolver  2:20:38 ()
Liquorice John Death  Everything I Do Is Wrong   Options pseud. Procol Harum (1970 sessions)  2:24:08 ()
Nana Grizol  Stop and Smell Thee Roses   Options Love It Love It  2:27:19 ()
Mighty Sparrow  Wood in the Fire   Options Mighty Sparrow Vol. 2  2:29:29 ()
The Format  Time Bomb   Options Dog Problems  2:32:13 ()
Amanda  Brass Bikini   Options Rarities  2:40:45 ()
Bowling for Soup  1985   Options A Hangover You Don't Deserve  2:44:01 ()
Petra Haden and Bill Frisell  I Don't Want To Grow Up   Options self-titled  2:47:14 ()
Detektivbyran  Om Du Moeter Varg   Options Wermland  2:50:49 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 7/8/09 3:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

must be Wednesday!!
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:06pm Dave B in NYC:

Ah, my favorite day of the week!
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:07pm Lizardner Dave:

I love this Fountains of Wayne song. Unironically, I might add.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:08pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

musically, maybe, otherwise, HUH?
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:10pm Dave B in NYC:

is it just me, or are others experiencing stream rebuffering?
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:11pm postmanpaul:

lizardine dave, me too. timewarp wise.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:12pm GP:

Before looking at the playlist , thought this was Oasis...just for a second.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:12pm Cecile:

I'm not. I'm listening to ...something else
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:12pm AnAnonymousParty:

The streamream is worworking fifififine for fine for meme me.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:12pm Parq:

Agree with Dave on the FOW song, and the entire album it came from. Is the listener who did the "Dr Chumley" post late in Maria's show still here? That may well be my favortie post of the past several weeks.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:12pm Cecile:

actually, that BellRays is a great song, in that version and in a version from a couple of years back.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:13pm postmanpaul:

lizardner dave, apols for misssspelling your moniker.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:14pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

streaming fine here...I also thought FOW sounded a LOT like Oasis on that one.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:17pm GP:

Dave B..no problem on the 32k MP3 stream, but I have not tried the others.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:18pm still b/p:

Parq - 'at was me gettin' a little pooka-delic in Maria's closing minute.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:19pm Lizardner Dave:

No worries. It's a weird online handle but Ken gave it to me although he doesn't know it. To make a short story short, I was once one of the many "Listener Daves" until one morning on Ken's show he played a Rush song and referred to people who like Rush as "reptiles". So there you go.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:19pm Cecile:

very nice!
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:20pm Jenn:

  Wed. 7/8/09 3:20pm Cecile:

well, LD you're at least not one of the insect people.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:20pm GP:

Irwin, thanks for the email forward from last week
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:26pm postmanpaul:

ken gives more than he knows!
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:27pm Ike:

GP, try the 32k AAC+ stream if you have a decent player like Winamp or Foobar. It sounds a lot better than the 32k MP3 stream. (It's mislabeled as 24k AAC+ at the top of every playlist.)
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:29pm The Log Lady:

Bah, I hear the tape printing out, but there was no tones.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:29pm Spankyflop:

I just lent "Songs in the Key of Z" to a guy I work with. It turns out that you bought some Raymond Scott charts from him. So far he loves the book!
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:29pm fishmonkeystew:

Use fire to fix it.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:29pm Lizardner Dave:

@Cecile: That's true, then I might be Insecter Dave or Roachener Dave or Buganer Dave or something. That would be weird.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:29pm WaveyDavey:

Now I'm worried the "end of the world" will come and I won't notice.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:29pm PMD:

Hi. I love Amanda.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:29pm Cecile:

true, that.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:30pm AnAnonymousParty:

Perhaps it really is the end of the world when the 'end-of-the-world' machine is inoperable? Anyway I'd rather hear the machine that goes "Ping!"
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:30pm Ike:

Yes, yes, kick the End of the World Machine! Let's hear it screeching and modem-noising into oblivion! HA!
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:30pm GP:

Thanks Ike...trying it now..Amanda sounds better already!
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:31pm Amanda Fan Club:

Wonder how Amanda's trip to NY was. Jerserf?
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:31pm Spankyflop:

I use the flashplayer version here at work. It hiccups once and a while, but it sounds better than the 32k version. And my boss can't block it!
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:32pm PMD:

Lizardner Dave, I always wonder how some people get their names. Verrrry clever.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:32pm Parq:

Stil b/p, loved it. "In this world, you must be oh so smart, or oh so pleasant. Well, for years I was smart; I recommend pleasant."
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:32pm The Log Lady:

AnAnonymous Party has a point. Perhaps the world ended and nobody told us? That'd be a major bummer for an otherwise nice day.

Hi, I love Amanda too.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:32pm Cthulu:

I'll let you know when he end of the world arrives thank you very much.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:33pm Dr Strangelove:

You know, ze end-of-the-world machine loses its deterrent power ven its action goes unnoticed.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:33pm Lizardner Dave:

May I request another playing of Amanda's cover of "Bad" in honor of MJ's funeral/media circus?
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:35pm postmanpaul:

irwin, what would your tune-of-choice be for an endoftheworld warning?
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:35pm Parq:

L-Dave, how about this? Be a famous romantic pianist-composer who is reincarnated as a very observant Jew. Then you could be Davener Liszt.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:36pm PMD:

I always thought she was saying "I'm mad"
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:36pm Jenn:

I have not been about to get "Bad" out of my head since I first heard it on your show. THAT is the greatness of Amanda.

"I'll make you eat my pee"

Can't argue with lyrics like that.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:39pm postmanpaul:

mj put the morphine metamorphosis.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:40pm AFC:

It is MAD not bad. Although I bet she was pretty bad in her day.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:40pm The Log Lady:


Thank ghod it's not the end of the world.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:40pm PMD:

I'd like to hear Amanda cover the test of the emergency broadcast system.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:40pm gumby:

Irwin, we were duly alerted that time
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:41pm Chicken Little:

The sky is falling!
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:41pm Lizardner Dave:

Parq, that's just too hard to type.

But enough about me, this should all be about Irwin, the EAS, and Amanda.
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:42pm GP:

Parq you said Davener Liszt.....laughing here, that was a good one
  Wed. 7/8/09 3:45pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

nice drumming here!
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:00pm PMD:

What if I want to panic?
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:03pm Jenn:

I am not EVUH gonna make Amanda cross with me.
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:04pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks for playing Amanda each week.
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:04pm Dave B in NYC:

  Wed. 7/8/09 4:05pm Parq:

Irwin, if you get a chance, could you re-post the keywords (besides "Amanda") needed to find Amanda on Youtube?
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:06pm Jenn:

Did I hear the theme to Hawaii 5-0?
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:07pm Irwin:

  Wed. 7/8/09 4:08pm AnAnonymousParty:

It's like the Tasmanian Devil, Cornholio and Cartman were all victims of some bad Star Trek plot involving a transporter accident that melds them all together.
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:08pm tom:

it was just 4:05:06 7/8/9 great show Irwin!
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:14pm BSI:

Just got back from a meeting with demons about demonsy stuff! And already I've missed a pair of Amandas! Hell's cookies!
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:16pm AnAnonymousParty:

Hey Irwin, you got any Tex and Edna Boil?
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:17pm bruceleh:

gotta ge me somma dem crack eggs
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:20pm Parq:

"Roadhog" forever.
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:20pm Lizardner Dave:

Mighty fine, mighty fine.
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:22pm Mr. Davies:

Predictable, that's the word of the year.
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:23pm Roadhog:

Remember the past,
live the present,
and trust the future.
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:23pm annie:

logging on and listening in... so far i see i missed two amanda pieces..
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:27pm BSI:

I'll need a steady dose of Amanda's magic(k) to squash all the f*kkin' michael jackson earworms I've got crawling in me skull..... Let 'em loose, Irving, I can handle it!
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:27pm Lizardner Dave:

I just ordered the Roadhog compilation. All right all right.
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:28pm BSI:

what the hell PILLS am I on?

Irwin.... sorry... amanda?
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:28pm Tim Serpas:

Say, what sort of fish could you catch with earworms?
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:30pm Cousteau:

A migraine haddock.
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:30pm Glenn L:

  Wed. 7/8/09 4:31pm anyone to tim serpas:

a hungry one
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:32pm Parq:

Amazon page with some good background info on Roadhog and the Caddies.

  Wed. 7/8/09 4:36pm Mrs. Paul:

Fish Styx
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:38pm Lizardner Dave:

Seeing Wilco on Monday and a week from Saturday. Looking foward to it.
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:41pm anyone to lizadner dave:

are they sold out?
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

sounds like they figured out how to rock again
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:41pm Johnny:

Never Mind the Pollock...
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:45pm Lizardner Dave:

Neither show (Coney Island on Monday or the Hudson Valley Renegades ballpark in Wappinger's Falls) is sold out according to wilcoworld.net. Yo La Tengo opens at Coney Island.
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:46pm Rogue Lizard:

I like this song very much
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:49pm BSI:

groovy... haven't heard Dukes of Stratosphear in ages......
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:52pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

they're havnig a "hot rod" show in the parking lot where I work, and they're all rolling in now...goes well with this tune!
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ha, some schmuck just drove in in his yellow BMW convertible...ha!
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:56pm anyone to dead corporate eyes:

are there any rat rods?
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:57pm Andy Serkis:

Of the many "Martin Hannett" Stories, my particular favourite is about when he once fell asleep over the mixing desk, his gigantic belly spreading and pushing the faders across the board, so that the sound went berserk -- the band stopped playing, and woke him up telling him that the levels were all over the place. "Bollocks," he replied, "that's the best you've sounded all f---ing day."
  Wed. 7/8/09 4:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

there's a little bit of everything here...here I go to drive my Saturn home and get laughed at!
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:02pm Bees, hornets and wasps:

Watch your back, human.
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:07pm anyone to everyone:

this song is great
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:11pm Happy Listener:

Thanks for playing Area's "With Louise" today, Irwin. It was a very important song for me, about 15 years ago.
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:18pm PMD:

Irwin will you be my friend??
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:19pm annie:

pmd- i was just looking for him...
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:21pm Laurie:

You know what, this Sam Phillips song is pretty great.
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:21pm Irwin:

You are all my friends. Virtually.
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:25pm annie:

i asked and poked anyway, irwin... if you friend me i will listen to amanda!
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:41pm GP:

If you like Pina Coladas..oh oh oh, getting caught in the rain...that one Irwin?
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:42pm Cecile:

hey, annie!
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:43pm annie:

hi cecile!!! i'm still here!!! woohoo!
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:44pm BSI:

I knew you wouldn't let me down....
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:44pm Laurie:

What is Amanda anyway?
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:44pm GP:

Amanda Amanda Amanda Amanda
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:45pm Cecile:

Yay! I'm enjoying other music in the background. Lovely robo-techno!
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:45pm darue:

who or what is Amanda? I've been unable to find any info, someone please hit me with the clue stick?
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:46pm C:

how this didn't make it on to Chaos i'll never know
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:47pm annie:

i've been listening actually since about an hour ago or so....great tunes... so far.... meh.
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:48pm jan:

Irwin: i was in a meeting and missed part of your show! It's so annoying when I have to miss your show for work. Same thing happened last week- fortunately on another day I can listen. Please post the amanda youtube links again.
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:49pm Cecile:

I think I have to eventually own just about every record on the Kompakt label. Their robot voices and songs soothe me.
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:49pm AFC:

She's hardcore! Thanks Irwin. Waiting breathlessly for some new Amanda tracks...
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:53pm GP:

Darue and Laurie,
Amanda is from a bunch of kids recording stuff. Look for Jerserf on the comments board. He is one of the brothers who made the original recordings...beyond that I don't know anything else.
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:56pm AFC:

Here ya go - Amanda is found here:
  Wed. 7/8/09 5:58pm Lizardner Dave:

Thanks for another great show. Kept me at work 15 minutes later than I needed to be but worth it. Now to escape before Andy hooks me in. That's what archives are for....
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