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Sounds from the archive of the future, sonic drilling into the past, dissonant rumbling, lyrical melodies, noises (human, animal, mechanical, digital) inscrutable yet honest, desultory but consistent.

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Options June 26, 2009: Celebrity Appreciation Day

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
        0:00:00 ()
Don McLean  American pie   Options     0:03:11 ()
Jackson 5  Skyrwriter   Options Skywriter    0:10:00 ()
Jackson 5  Reflections   Options Get ItTogether    0:13:00 ()
Dionne Warwick  Message to Michael   Options     0:17:10 ()
Ted Schred  Michael Jackson vs Cookie Monster   Options     0:20:17 ()
James Kolchalka Superstar  Show Respect For Michael Jackson   Options Monkey vs Robot    0:21:44 ()
Obscure RM  Michael Jackson Is in Heaven Now   Options     0:22:29 ()
The Minutemen  Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing   Options Double Nickles on the Dime    0:27:18 ()
Negativland  Michael Jackson   Options Escape from Noise    0:28:33 ()
Michael Jackson  Don't Stop Till You Get Enough   Options The Jacksons Story    0:30:43 ()
Spectrum Meets Captain Memphis  The Lonesome Death of Johnny Ace   Options Indian Giver    0:41:40 ()
Sir Mack Rice  Muhammad Ali   Options v/a: Hits and Misses - Muhammad Ali and the Ultimate Sound of Fistfighting    0:50:05 ()
Tom Ze  Brigitte Bardot   Options Todos Os Olhos    0:53:46 ()
Don Simon, Klimperei + Telefunken  Sideburns and Fried Ears   Options 25 Songs Looking for Ears    0:58:42 ()
Bow Wow Wow  Louis Quatorze   Options     1:02:13 ()
Boys Next Door  Roman Roman   Options Door, Door    1:04:50 ()
Piggy  Emma Goldman   Options     1:06:35 ()
Jas Duke  Leon Trotsky   Options     1:09:04 ()
The Sniveling Shits  Bring Me The Head Of Yukio Mishima   Options I Can't Come    1:09:27 ()
Billy Bragg and Wilco  Ingrid Bergman   Options Mermaid Avenue    1:13:34 ()
Garland Jeffreys  Lon Chaney   Options Garland Jeffreys    1:15:22 ()
Mike Lupica and The Hoof and Mouth Sinfonia  I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives   Options wfmu marathon finale 2005    1:19:17 ()
Sharkquest  The Rosetta   Options Gods and Devils    1:29:27 ()
Les Volcans de la Capital  Oya Ka Jojo   Options v/a African Scream Contest (Raw and Psychedelic Afro Sounds from Benin and Togo)    1:37:25 ()
Compton Jones  Shake Em On Down   Options v/a Afro-American Folk Music from Tate and Panola Counties, Mississippi (Lib of Congress, Archive of Folk Culture)    1:44:07 ()
John Zorn  Luminous Visions   Options Filmworks XX: Shalom Aleichem    1:45:48 ()
Hoyt Axton  San Fernando   Options My Griffin is Gone (reissue)    1:51:53 ()
Terry Callier  Average Joe   Options Occasional Rain    1:59:15 ()
Chris Knox  Dunno Much About Life..But I Know How To Breathe   Options Meat    2:06:33 ()
The Seeds  Falling Off the Edge of My Mind   Options Evil Hoodoo    2:08:08 ()
Meadow House  My Window Cleaning Days are Over   Options Tongue Under a Ton of Nine Volters    2:16:11 ()
Dokaka    Human Interface    2:18:48 ()
The Termites  Tell Me   Options v/a: Destroy that boy: more girls with guitars    2:19:03 ()
Liverpool  Tao Longe de Mim   Options Por Favor, Sucesso    2:22:59 ()
Iggy Pop  She's a Business   Options preliminaires    2:25:07 ()
Janek Schaefer  Extended Play - Radio Jodoform   Options Extended Play  Based on WW2-era "Jodoform" system of system of secret musical messages, broadcast by BBC World Service to the Polish Underground  2:28:19 ()
Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation Des Samples  Samplecredits / Duell der Kommentaristen   Options Circulations    2:32:07 ()
Lee Hazlewood  Mother Country Music   Options Movin On    2:34:00 ()
John Cale  Fear   Options Peel session 1975    2:36:27 ()
Ikue Mori  Master of Deception   Options Class Insecta    2:39:34 ()
Satyajit Ray  Pather Panchali   Options The Masterworks of Satyajit Ray    2:44:08 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/26/09 3:04pm HAL:

Dave, although you took thorough precautions in the pod against my hearing you, I could see your lips move.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:04pm Fun, fun, fun:

Now that daddy took the T-bird away, now.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:05pm frenchee:

Ah, the strains of Mr. Tight Trousers intro...
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:06pm Lee:

  Fri. 6/26/09 3:07pm Listener James from Westwood:

Always a pleasure to have you back on, David!
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:08pm channeling Andy:

Dude's just angling for penis autographs. Trust me here. Don't buy the schmaltz.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:08pm Ross Bagdasarian:

Alvin Pie!
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:08pm Marlon Jackson:

I wish it would have been LaToya!
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:09pm Janet:

Bad boys don't mean a thing to me.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:10pm doug from dc:

Chipmonk pie? Or mini-pie? American tart?
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:11pm maybe:

Speed slating
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:11pm I remember..:

The day the music did dexedrine.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:12pm Chris:

78. We want 78.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:13pm Snarkmeister:

possibly aka "Celebrity Dissing Day"
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:14pm stynx:

This sounds like Styx precursor music.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:15pm Anal Cancer:

It wasn't me. I have an airtight alibi.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:15pm Demerol:

Uh, yeah, me too.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:16pm Michael Jackson:

So this is heaven? Neverland was cooler. Where's that baby Jesus? He's awful cute. I've seen pictures.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:16pm Farrah's Corpse:

In the name of Lee Majors, WHY!
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:17pm this frikkin' extreme green color:

I did it.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:17pm Michael Jackson:

It's ok about the offcolor comments, guys. I was offcolor myself.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:18pm National Weather Service:

I am the *original* audience chaser.

You're very welcome.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:20pm Liz B.:

David, you beat me to it! This Dionne track was gonna rule my radio show on Monday! Better to hear it now, though!
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:20pm Michael Jackson:

Hell is scary, kind of like my video for Thriller.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:21pm grump:

With at least that particular number, Reflections, The Jackson 5 managed to do what white wedding bands usually do -- suck the life and character out of Motown music.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:22pm frenchee:

Awwww, this is a great tribute. Beautiful song....poor Liz B though! David's gonna be startin' somethin', I guess.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:23pm Ike:

There was life and character in Motown music? Really?

  Fri. 6/26/09 3:23pm The 10 year old MJ:

By 1969 Motown had to compete for that exploding bubblegum market. Voila, a career. {bows}
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:24pm Ed.:


  Fri. 6/26/09 3:25pm annie:

  Fri. 6/26/09 3:29pm Ike:

All right! Now this is my idea of a groovy MJ tribute. Go David go!
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:29pm annie:

MJ heaven!!
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:31pm annie:

crap, thunder storm coming. might get cut off.. drat!
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:32pm Observatron:

Finally, Elvis gets to meet his ex-son-in-law.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:32pm Thunderstorm:

It's not nice to fool mother nature.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:33pm north guinea hills:

the only thing that i like about fatboy slim is where they sample this negativland track. imagine, too bad negativland didn't sue, the irony would have been nice....
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:35pm MJ:

I'll be there! Just look over your shoulder, honey! When you wanna be creeped out. Every breath you take, every step you take.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:35pm Ike:

NGH, that wouldn't have been ironic, just hypocritical... right? I hope Fatboy Slim paid generous royalties. Are you sure it was original Negativland material or did the sample contain samples?
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:36pm the force:

i'm pooped
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:38pm The Samples:

We were more generations removed from the original than MJ's 2005 nose.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:39pm Shemp:

c'mon........enough of this
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:40pm ?:

Nyuck nyuck nyuck
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:43pm just a guy:

I think those samples came from that weird religeous cult that would call down hellfire on popstars as part of their like regular services.

Church Universal & Triumphant (now also known as "The Summit Lighthouse")
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:44pm Shecky Groan:

When is it bedtime at Michael Jackson's house? When the big hand is on the little hand.
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:45pm ?:

this music is not nearly as fun as my last visit to Dr. Zizmor. I want my money back.
  Fri. 6/26/09 4:00pm frenchee:

ZOMG, my film club just watched LORD LOVE A DUCK and now .... You're airing Ruth Gordon from that wakkkktastic flick! Lord Love a David!
  Fri. 6/26/09 4:07pm Louey the 13th:

I was one bad luck loser.
  Fri. 6/26/09 4:09pm darue:

  Fri. 6/26/09 4:10pm G:

yes, darue, that came out yesterday, and he's still dead last they checked in the morgue :-(
  Fri. 6/26/09 4:11pm Leon Trotsky:

Don't be a hata, tovarisch.
  Fri. 6/26/09 4:12pm Nyuck nyuck nyuck:

He left his seed tho...
  Fri. 6/26/09 4:14pm darue:

ya yesterday, not "just" sorry, didn't see anything about it til just now. Here's hoping he's found his Escape after all.
  Fri. 6/26/09 4:29pm Syd Barrett:

I didn't really know where I lived.
  Fri. 6/26/09 4:31pm Ike:

"Setting your alarm clock?" You can't set an alarm clock for Lupica's show. Unless computers have alarm clocks. Is there an alarm clock program out there? (Maybe a Winamp add-on?) That would be cool.
  Fri. 6/26/09 4:36pm G:

google "internet alarm clock" or similar -- there's not a lot of large-user-pool internet stuff doable that multiple people haven't already done -- if not always exactly the way one would prefer it done...
  Fri. 6/26/09 4:53pm Kitty Mambo:

Thanks for not playing an all Michael Jackson set, it's a relief to hear something else, but why the silence about Sky Saxon?
  Fri. 6/26/09 5:04pm Ike:

G, yeah, good point, I should've asked if anybody can recommend a *good* Internet radio alarm, pref. for Winamp or Foobar. I'll go googling later.
  Fri. 6/26/09 5:06pm Julie B:

really digging the clips from Lord Love A Duck, I will have to watch that one again soon!
  Fri. 6/26/09 5:07pm Audio:

NSFW. Or for a LOT of things :-P
  Fri. 6/26/09 5:08pm Jed:

lord love a duck!
  Fri. 6/26/09 5:09pm Jed:

George Axelrod!
  Fri. 6/26/09 5:10pm Jed:

way to go david!!
  Fri. 6/26/09 5:52pm your DJ:

Kitty Mambo? Greetings. MJ dying was surreal (Diana-like, minus the conspiracy theory), but Sky Saxon was just sad.
  Fri. 6/26/09 5:56pm Ike:

Satyajit Ray! Awesome. Thanks David.
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