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Keilidh [kay-lee] (n.) 1. Gaelic word for a musical gathering in celebration.

Beastin' [bee-stihn] (ger., adj.) 1. An unnecessarily extreme reaction. 2. Pwning everyone at video games. 3. Tearin' up some pussy. 4. Really, really, REALLY cool.

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Options June 22, 2009: MONDAY CLUB

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Artist Track Album Label
Alice Cooper  School's Out   Options    
Monotonix  Summers and Autums   Options Body Language   
Adept  Get Lo   Options Adept  Wham! Wham! Records 
The Moi Non Plus  I Lie (Aux Raus remix)   Options Moi Non Plus REMIXED  Subbacultcha! 
Daily Bread  If You Kiss The Police Man You'll Get Your Bike Back   Options    
Prodigy vs. White Stripes       
Bat Attack!  Brown Paper   Options    
BangBangBang!  This Way/That Way   Options This Way/That Way   
Beluga  Amusement Park   Options    
Tiny Masters of Today  Stickin' It To The Man   Options Bang Bang Boom Cake   
Finally Punk  Boyfriend Application   Options Primary Colors 7"  ABL 
IndyGoKid  Creepy Neigbor Upstairs   Options    
Le Tigre  Tres Bien (Noveau Disco Remix)   Options Remix   
Menya  Ripe   Options The Ol' Reach Around   
Height  The Woods   Options Baltimore Highlands   
AK Slaughter  Clap Attack (Gladys Version)   Options    
Le Rug  Mammal (Pleasure Treasure Crank Dat Mix)   Options    
PJ Harvey  The Desperate Kingdom Of Love   Options Uh Huh Her  Island 
Lily  Imagine Back   Options    
Eskimeaux  School Lane   Options    
The Airwaves  Kingdom   Options    
City Center  White Shoes   Options    
Archipelago  Wrong Feelings   Options Cicadian Rhythm   
The Duke Spirit  This Ship Was Built To Last   Options Neptune   
Asa Ransom  Man With Tuba and Wife   Options   Toilet Records 
Sigmund Droid  Psychic Healer   Options   Toilet Records 
Never Heard Of Zeppelin  Top 8   Options    
Eric Lindley  Carnival   Options    
Raveonettes  Lust   Options Lust Lust Lust   
Vivian Girls  Tell The World   Options    
X  Johnny Hit and Run Pauline   Options Los Angeles   
Lame Drivers  Already Said It   Options    
Comet Gain  Love Without Lies   Options    
Modern Lovers  She Cracked   Options Modern Lovers   
Stooges  I Wanna Be Your Dog   Options Stooges   
Cause Co-Motion!  Which Way Is Up?   Options    
The So So Glos  The Fisticuffs   Options The So So Glos   
Best Friends Forever  Twins In Love   Options    
April March  Chick Habit   Options    
Abe Vigoda  All Nite And Day (Remix)   Options    
Aa  Thirteen   Options    
Dinowalrus  Electric Car Gas Guitar   Options    
Ponytail  Beg Waves   Options Ice Cream Spiritual   
These Are Powers  Chipping Ice   Options Taro Tarot   
The Blue and Red 3D Spectacular  Push and Pull   Options    
Brilliant Colors  Um...one of the tracks.   Options Highly Evolved   
Woods  Sunlit   Options Sunlit  Captured Tracks 
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart  Young Adult Fiction   Options Young Adult Fiction  Slumberland 

Listener comments!

  Mon. 6/22/09 11:16pm Pulse:

beat beat beat beat beat
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:19pm indygokid:

Woot woot
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:19pm hristo:

FINALLY FOUND THIS FEATURE THING. you guys should put it in the front page, would be ALOT easier.
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:20pm Keili:

  Mon. 6/22/09 11:21pm Keili:

Indygokid! I'm playing you tonight!
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:21pm dan in falls church VA:

yay, beastin'
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:21pm indygokid:

I HOPE you play one of your songs!
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:22pm indygokid:

  Mon. 6/22/09 11:23pm Nick the Bard:

You obviouly missed GWAR's cover of School's Out...
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:23pm Keili:

No, Nick. I didn't. Trust me.
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:24pm Keili:

No can do Indygokid. I got in a little troublez...
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:24pm Note::

She said she didn't find any that were as good as the original lol
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:25pm indygokid:

  Mon. 6/22/09 11:26pm indygokid:

The new, new
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:27pm Keili:

Names will be up in a sec, Gotta grab the titles.
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:28pm indygokid:

on that unemployment tip
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:32pm rachel jansen:

wuts up keili??? could you please play some janie jones 2nite?? thnx=)
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:39pm hristo:

the math problems and my poor internet connection are making this so much harder then it should be...
but Get Lo was awesome, not that i got to hear much after that....
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:41pm rachel jansen:

keili,,do you have any janie jones tunes 2nite??
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:43pm ancientskoollistener:

So psyched you are now beastin in prime time ! kick ass on the J-regents manana !!!
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:44pm da:

all right! Tiny Masters! The Tiny Masters of Today are the masters of me!
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:54pm Jordan:

OK Keili, I've got green eyes, I like medium-length walks on the beach or other waterfront areas, and I like DJs. Where shall I send my application and résumé?
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:55pm Keili:

123 main street, any town, USA
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:58pm BF apps administrative ass't:

Send apps here for vetting:

  Mon. 6/22/09 11:58pm hristo:

and my internet connection died right after you introduced the boyfriend application:(
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:59pm c'est ne pas une dave:

tres bien.
  Mon. 6/22/09 11:59pm Keili:

Got a radio lying around? lol NOOO
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:02am hristo:

the only nearby radio i have only knows how to speak white noise.
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:05am Jordan:

I have a radio, but I can NEVER get wfmu on it in NY. My antenna must not be cool enough. I only listen to this godforsaken station when I'm home.

application is being sent first thing tomorrow via Pony Express.

P.S. I really hope hristo is hristo stoichkov.
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:05am stingy d:

  Tue. 6/23/09 12:06am Joshua K:

Ack, now they let teenagers on the radio. Whats this world coming to.
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:13am Ipod owner:

Wut ams radioz?
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:16am a.:

I never listened to your show but I like it so far!
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:17am O_o:


prime time

  Tue. 6/23/09 12:18am a.:

P.S. if you're still taking boyfriend applications my e-mail's right there =)
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:18am HotRod:

Why you BEASTIN!?!
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:19am Keili:

i <3 U
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:21am HotRod:

It's all about you, Keili!
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:22am Billy Ray:

Don't tell anyone I said so, but

Keili totallyyy pwnz Miley
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:26am Joshua K:

Shes the indie version
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:35am Mike K:

Where are we on the play list?
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:35am 467:

yay Duke Spirit! if you have "Good To Hear" by them, play it too and I will become a fan
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:36am Keili:

This be Duke Spirit!

And thanks to Billy Ray. I've never been more complimented in my life.
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:36am Mike K:

Cool is good!
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:41am Billy Ray:

I knows a thing or three about poetry. And taking care of business.
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:43am lindsay lohan:

Keili totally pwnz me!
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:43am Sister Hairy Hymen:

Strange but good, who is this?
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:44am lindsay lohan:

and i like it!
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:44am Sister Hairy Hymen:

Sigmund wasnt sure .
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:45am Danne D:

Why it seems like almost yesterday that I last heard Keili on the radio :)

Congrats on the move into prime time, you'll be pwning Conan and Letterman in short order, I predict!
It's awesome that so many more people will get to hear you (and believe me they will). Some will come in perhaps due to the novelty of your age but were you just a novelty it would've worn thin quite a while ago. What these new folks will find out is that you bring the goods week in and week out. True talent shines through and you have it in abundance, Keili. Keep up the awesome job that you do (and I know you will).

Long Live the Legendary Keili!!!
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:46am Sam Ronson:

What happened to US, Lindsay?
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:47am Keili:

Danne! You're back! Hahaha.
Wow, thanks so much. You've had nothing but nice to say! Thank you!
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:47am Sister Hairy:

I'm a first time listener to this show. its very very good and entertaining
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:51am Mike K:

I was messed up, in Harlem and thought I was listening to you until I needed to test it out by streaming it...wrong...anyway now I'm streaming and I'm on right.
  Tue. 6/23/09 12:56am hristo:

its letting me back in again...
i think im going to go to sleep listening to whatever parts of you it lets me listen to, and download this when my internet ist being annoying since i like the playlist from what i heard.
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:01am Bob in Florida:

Congratulations on the new time slot. I hope tons of new listeners get to discover the joys of Beastin'.
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:02am dan in falls church VA:

holy cow, what's this, what a vocal sound! mournful spaghetti western drum machine folk!

>Eric Lindley Carnival ? who's this, what's this!
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:03am dan in falls church VA:

no! the mournful spag-wag drum machine folk was the raveonettes! i actually have that!

  Tue. 6/23/09 1:04am Joe B:

Great Raveonettes track! Love that album. Good luck with the new time slot.
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:05am lindsay lohan:

i don't remember, sam, but i know it was your fault!!!
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:07am damianna:

Who did that wonderful jazz version of "Smile" between 12& 1"00am June 23rd?
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:13am damianna:

If it helps, Smile was from the CD called "Blessed"
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:14am a.:

holy hell, X, Jonathan Richman & now the Stooges. I'm now a fan.
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:25am Mike K:

Yes, i found this radio station from some artist profile on the fractured recordings website. Went like this: East Village Books NYC -> Helmut Newton Web Album -> Wiki about Helmut Newton -> Helmut Newton Foundation website -> designer's of Helmut Newton foundation's webdesigner Rebels in Control who's portfolio has Fractured Recordings who features artist Jason Forrest Myspace -> HERE!!! getting some shut eye...bye, thanks for the goody tunes...
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:26am Joshua K:

Keili do you do the twitter thing
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:27am Danne D:

Yay for Modern Lovers btw. Always a soft spot for Jonathan especially as pertains to FMU :)
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:30am hristo:

still alive!
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:32am Keili:


And yes Joshua I do tweet every once in a while. :)
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:33am Keili:

ok let me change that. I signed up, but that's pretty much it.
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:42am fred:

Hey Keili, great set again! (and no complaining from upstairs so far, she must be a new fan of yours). It was nice hearing X again after the bad news from Exene earlier this month. I liked BFF quite a lot too.
Do you plan to host live sets in this new slot?
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:45am dave:

WOW, that ponytail song is great.
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:46am Keili:

FRED! I'm so happy you're hereeeeee~! Yeah, she has cancer...so sad...
And yeah, I'm definitely gonna be having a lot of artists come in.
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:49am fred:

I think it's multiple sclerosis, not cancer. Still sucks, though.
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:50am Keili:

Oh, wow. I thought it was breast cancer..Either one is horrible.
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:51am Dance Commander:

Hiya Keili aka Miss Monday Night! Good luck w/ this new slot! And keep it beastly!
-yr former Sat nite transition guy
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:52am Keili:

Daniel! I miss you!
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:56am eric:

I am an old fart in ohio that likes listening to your show, congrats on new time slot. I am always amazed someone at your age knows so much good musical history. Give me ammo to people that say all the best music has already been written. I need to prove them wrong! Also wondered how you had such a latenight spot at such a young age! by the way, i got your cd this year at the money round up for the station
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:58am Danne D:

Keili has her own paramilitary security force Eric ;)

Anyhow, congrats on Summer Show #1 Keili. :)
Farewell fellow beasters ;)
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:58am Dance:

Don't worry- one day soon Trent will b'dcast from a porch in Tanzania and I'll be there helping out and it'll be just like old times! Promise!
  Tue. 6/23/09 1:58am Keili:

Awesome! I hope you liked it!
I was raised by atheist punks, and my mom comes with me every week! :)
  Tue. 6/23/09 2:04am hristo:

lol @ "Um...one of the tracks."
not sure if thats the track name or if your uncertain, but i like it and its name.
  Tue. 6/23/09 2:05am Keili:

hahaha I was unsure. really.
  Tue. 6/23/09 11:58am esch oder anarchie!:

Great show ... even archived. And congrats on the fresh slot.
  Wed. 6/24/09 5:18pm KD:

Keili - enjoyed the new show and nice to see you getting a lot more interaction on the comments than in the early hours. Now you follow Trent I have my two favourite shows of the week back-to-back. Have not heard from DJ Mama for a few weeks now - is she grounded? She was always my favourite guest interviewee - please let her back on air! Looking forward to next week.
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