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Earth's only supernatural slumber-party-style call-in show.

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Options June 18, 2009: Consciousness Explained!! Feat. Dr. Steve and Mark Passio!!

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format
Pete Namlock and Klaus Schulze (feat. Bill Laswell)  Psychedelic Brunch, Pt. 1   Options The Dark Side of the Moog 5  World Ambient  1996  CD 
  Track 1   Cambodian Rocks v/a  Parallel World  2000  CD 
Delaware  do_+he_haiku   Options Delaware Strikes Back    2004  CD 
Dobroudja Ensemble  Razgovorka   Options La Voix Bulgare: Mystic Chants  Fine Tune  1999  CD 
On!Air!Library!  Bread   Options On!Air!Library!  Arena Rock  2004  CD 
  Track 3   Cambodian Rocks v/a  Parallel World  2000  CD 
Lali Puna  Rapariga da Banheira   Options Tridecoder  Morr Music  2004  CD 
Inle Myint Maung and Yi Yi Thant  A Huntsman Enchanted   Options mahagita: harp and vocal music of burma  Smithsonian Folkways  2003  CD 

Listener comments!

  Thu. 6/18/09 2:05am Joshua K:

  Thu. 6/18/09 2:25am sandy:

  Thu. 6/18/09 2:25am safasdf:

  Thu. 6/18/09 3:03am sandy:

  Thu. 6/18/09 3:22am Pieter:

Good day all!
  Thu. 6/18/09 3:26am Ree Tard:

  Thu. 6/18/09 3:41am Greg-NJPRO:

Hey guys whats up??? im gonna call in soon.... what is this dude talking about?????????
  Thu. 6/18/09 3:42am Greg-NJPRO:

Check out our new site www.nj-pro.com
  Thu. 6/18/09 3:42am Joshua K:

I don't know, but hes been talking for an hour. Sounds like gnosticism or something.
  Thu. 6/18/09 3:44am Greg-NJPRO:

Sounds like I need to call in and turn this show around and talk about NJPRO's new news lol
  Thu. 6/18/09 3:45am Greg-NJPRO:

Is Dave and Sandy sleeping???? I havent heard them talk lol
  Thu. 6/18/09 3:46am Joshua K:

Its Sandy and his brother tonight,
  Thu. 6/18/09 3:50am Greg-NJPRO:

Oh Cool... Did you happen to listen to my paranormal group when we were on?
  Thu. 6/18/09 3:51am Greg-NJPRO:

What is Sandy's brothers name?
  Thu. 6/18/09 3:57am thomas:

  Thu. 6/18/09 3:58am Joshua K:

Dr. S... I'm at work so sometimes I half listen and miss things.
  Thu. 6/18/09 3:59am thomas:

ill check back to the archives later today, but looking at sandy's link this is gonna be oldskool nightpeople
  Thu. 6/18/09 3:59am josh:

im at work and i can't listen at all!
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:00am Greg-NJPRO:

This is starting to get really old lol We need something to mix this up.....fast... my brain is melting
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:02am thomas:

so greg, what exactly is getting old ?
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:02am Joshua K:

I wonder how this guys world view differs from gnostic or Buddhist ones because a lot of the basis seems the same.
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:03am thomas:

i mean, it can't be about NJPro all the time. Ps would there be a NJ Amateur around ?
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:04am thomas:

  Thu. 6/18/09 4:04am thomas:

just kidding
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:04am Joshua K:

I'd call but I am in the middle of typing up firewall configuration files for a customer's porn sites. hah
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:05am Greg-NJPRO:

LOL I it just seems like this guy is jumping around different subjects.. And NJ Amateur, no lol... Maybe that can be a sub division of our group lol.. Check out the site?
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:06am thomas:

checked it out back when you were on the show, tnx. Since I am not in NJ, i'm afraid the NJ Amateur plans dies here, unless it's NL Amateur.
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:07am Greg-NJPRO:

Whats the site????? lol.... Should I call in? I dont wanna be an ass and just switch it around... But I do have some exciting news... Now I have internal Confusion lol
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:07am Joshua K:

In buddhism humans are stuck in an endless circle of suffering and enlightenment is breaking out of the endless cycle of birth/rebirth. So its kinda similar.
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:08am Greg-NJPRO:

We have a new site up... Well its being rebuilt but it still has new stuff up and our promo video... Completely new site
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:08am thomas:

greg - disrupt relaxation radio
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:09am Greg-NJPRO:

Will they pick up while relaxing? lol
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:10am thomas:

should be a good experiment to find that out
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:12am thomas:

there should be a total opposite of relaxation radio in some paralell dimension, don't you think ? TENSIONRADIO!
love to hear that
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:14am Greg-NJPRO:

Lol Hardcore-tension-stressfulRadio
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:15am Joshua K:

In buddhism one of the realms part of the wheel of life is the god realm where you aren't really suffering anymore and you forget you are still in the same cycle and can reborn into another realm. So unless you reach full enlightenment (buddhahood) you are still destined to return to suffering when your good karma runs out.
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:15am thomas:

i might just be able to make them a little 3 minute soundfile for TENSION RADIO (should always be in all caps imho).
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:16am thomas:

and have dave & sandy scream over it to get over the noise
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:17am thomas:

josh - and what happens after your container of good karma runs out ? are there vending machines for refills?
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:18am Joshua K:

Thomas, its like every action you practice has a resulting karmic seed, so somewhere in the future depending on what you did and your intention there is a result. So as long as you are stuck in the cycle you have an existing karma because its based on action... i think karma literally means action in pali or sanscrit... I forget.
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:20am Joshua K:

Sorry i said resulting karmic seed... I mean the action is like a seed with a karmic result later. So even if you are a total hitler good stuff can happen to you from past actions.
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:20am thomas:

thanks J, so logic says that if you are passive all your life you might eventually run out of any karma.
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:21am thomas:

i'm gonna remember to say "you're a total hitler" to someone today. hilarious :D i'm not worry about the effect it might have on my karma
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:22am Joshua K:

Yeah but I think being human makes that impossible. And there is so much that happens just in a single day that unless you are fully enlightened you aren't aware you are creating bad karma. So building awareness is one of the steps to enlightenment.
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:24am thomas:

with all due respect, it's all humbug in the end in my bag ;-)
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:26am Joshua K:

Maybe during the break they will read my ramblings. heh
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:28am thomas:

at least count 'm :D :D
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:30am Greg-NJPRO:

We allllllllllllllll NEED a break from this THANK YOU SANDY!!!!
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:30am thomas:

at least it's not some rambling incomprehensible old man... or is it ?
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:31am thomas:

that one time is the only time i ever skipped a second of night people
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:32am Greg-NJPRO:

Me too hahahaha
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:33am thomas:

i'm sure somewhere someone is transcribing that interview or us :D
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:35am Greg-NJPRO:

lol I hope so... Did you check out the promo video?
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:36am thomas:

with ink a goose feather and a half molten candle in a windy attic
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:36am thomas:

im at 'work' so i can't right now. but i'll check it when i'm home greg
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:36am thomas:

  Thu. 6/18/09 4:37am thomas:

there should be a comment-counter dont you think. might help us reach that fabled 100 comments for them
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:37am thomas:

i LOL'ed http://www.njprofoundation.org/
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:41am Greg-NJPRO:

YeAA We should write the person who made the website and tell them we need a counter
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:41am Joshua K:

  Thu. 6/18/09 4:42am thomas:

oh nooo twitter !! my eyes bleed
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:42am Greg-NJPRO:

Yea the New Jersey Policy Research Organization.... They made me lol when I first made the name of the group
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:43am thomas:

im sure i can make a hack that counts all comments in a few minutes...
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:43am Greg-NJPRO:

What exactly is your "work"?
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:43am Joshua K:

Somebody needs to css and ajax this page up
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:44am thomas:

webdeveloper, programmer and graphic designer
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:44am thomas:

im like, that guy with thick black rimmed glasses
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:46am Greg-NJPRO:

Thats cool, my friend made our site. He used to work for Marc Ecko and did their web design. His name is Alan Fields.. you can google him and see his portfolio
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:46am Joshua K:

I'm the guy you yell at when you think the server is broken but its your code's fault.
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:47am Greg-NJPRO:

lol here is his website http://www.phonicsmonkey.com/
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:48am thomas:

im the guy that is not fixing your computer
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:48am Greg-NJPRO:

Im the guy in scrubs at the hospital that everyone yells at when they want to. I work in the ER and have to deal with a bunch of crap from sick whining people lol
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:49am thomas:

im the guy that sees you watching porn at work
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:49am sAndy:

70 comments yo!! i twitter too kinda... atmanone
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:50am Joshua K:

Thomas: thats actually required at my company... they force us to watch porn sometimes so we can test the sites.
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:51am Joshua K:

Oh cool, I actually searched before for "twitter night people" and got nothing. I am PlasticWig on twitter, but I just started this past week.
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:54am Greg-NJPRO:

Thats pretty awesome... The only thing that i get close to porn is changing the diaper of a 90 something year old woman who crapped herself hahaha
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:54am thomas:

no facebook for dAVE?
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:55am thomas:

speaking of porn, im making an excyclopedia of fetishes. kinda fits into the 'unexplained' theme :-D
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:55am thomas:

believe me greg. there must be people out there getting a kick out of that. thank buddha its not you.
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:57am Joshua K:

We have a customer who runs boobpedia.com
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:57am thomas:

So there is a logo ! http://tinyurl.com/l8n5ju

Now where's the t shirt
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:59am thomas:

would look good on washed out hulk green
  Thu. 6/18/09 4:59am Greg-NJPRO:

lol thank whatever that im not into that... that Night People logo is cool as hell...
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:00am Greg-NJPRO:

I wanna call in already...
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:01am Greg-NJPRO:

Boobpedia is pretty funny lol
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:09am Joshua K:

Its really raining now here in Sayreville. Made the sound seem ultra-real.
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:11am thomas:

rain is the best and easiest sound effect to achieve coziness
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:14am Megan:

This is my first time listening to the show live. Summer is awesome.
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:16am thomas:

winter can be pretty cool too
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:17am thomas:

a lot of conscious man talk tonight accroding to the playlist :D
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:19am Greg-NJPRO:

Im onnnnnn lol
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:21am thomas:

good for you
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:21am thomas:

does that mean more conscious man talk ? give a shout out from the commenters :D
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:23am Greg-NJPRO:

ok hold on an i will
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:24am Greg-NJPRO:

Ok did it
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:26am Greg-NJPRO:

i did the shout out
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:28am Joshua K:

I saw it on scooby doo once.
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:28am thomas:

  Thu. 6/18/09 5:29am thomas:

  Thu. 6/18/09 5:30am thomas:

if my script is flawless that is..
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:31am thomas:

sings hurrays for me
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:32am thomas:

next thing is a commenter that doesnt need that darn math :D
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:34am Pieter:

Congratulations !
sorry for not contributing, quite busy at work here today...
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:34am thomas:

hast thou forsaken me Greg ? Joshua ?
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:34am thomas:

same here
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:35am Joshua K:

I had a teacher one time bring in one of those singing bowls and the students thought she was crazy but it was cool
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:36am MIKE cooper:

Any messages from God or Houdini ?.Play some music for xrist sake
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:36am Joshua K:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bpw53tN6h8E add this into the show mix
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:37am Greg-NJPRO:

sorry thomas... still on the air lol its hard to type and talk
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:37am thomas:

MIKE - music sucks
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:37am thomas:

:D anyway we are over 100 comments!
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:38am mike cooper:

So does god...play something else then
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:39am thomas:

cooper? special agent dale ?
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:39am Joshua K:

Mike, you aren't a regular listener to night people are you
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:39am mike cooper:

You got it - now you know what i mean
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:47am thomas:

no i dont. but then again maybe i don't care. cooper cooper
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:48am thomas:

but there is enough non stop music on other stations ;-p
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:51am thomas:

119 comment, should be a new record right ?
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:54am thomas:

i mean.. RIGHT ?
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:55am Pieter:

could be

bye all
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:55am Greg-NJPRO:

THanks again guys!! Ill email you info when i get some... Be safe
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:55am Megan:

Shoot for 150 comments
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:56am Greg-NJPRO:

If I shoot then I'll break my computer screen
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:57am thomas:

  Thu. 6/18/09 5:58am Megan:

25 more
  Thu. 6/18/09 5:59am Greg-NJPRO:

23 more... But i only have 10% battery life left on my laptop and i dont have my charger!! boo that!
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:00am Joshua K:

Oh theres the jewish music. Times up.
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:00am thomas:

greg call upon the gods to give you more battery power!
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:00am Greg-NJPRO:

Thomas, you live in Sayreville?? I live in Old Bridge
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:00am thomas:

22 more feels like a chore
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:01am thomas:

nah the netherlands :-D
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:01am Megan:

I'm going to go to bed. Goodnight/morning.
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:02am thomas:

bed is for sleepyheads
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:02am thomas:

..greg... Greg ... ? GREG!!!!!
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:02am Greg-NJPRO:

I have been trying for the past 20 min to get more battery life... dimmed the monitor so i can barely see what im typing but to no avail its still dying
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:03am Greg-NJPRO:

Joshua k, You live in sayreville?
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:03am thomas:

jump on your bike and hook it up to the battery dammit!
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:03am Pieter:

I agree Thomas, I mean , It's noon somewhere ... why go to sleep now ...?
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:03am thomas:

now you're just guessing right, greg
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:03am Joshua K:

I wonder if I can post from my Palm Pre
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:05am Joshua K:

I live in bloomfield and work in sayreville. I might be moving to highland park in a few months if I like the apartment.
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:05am Megan:

It's 3:03am over here. I'm not tired. I want to be.
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:05am Greg-NJPRO:

I can do it from my iPhone :-)
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:06am thomas:

anyone knows the exact record we need to break?
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:06am Greg-NJPRO:

Cool i live right off of rt 18 near the hospital near ferry road
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:06am Megan:

Just go to 300.
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:07am Greg-NJPRO:

Megan, You live on the west coast?
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:07am thomas:

hahahahaha do we have time to get to 300 ? i think the show might almost be over...
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:07am Megan:

  Thu. 6/18/09 6:09am Megan:

I live on the west coast
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:10am Joshua K:

Ohh boy Dr Who theme.
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:11am thomas:

long live delia derbishire
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:11am Greg-njpro:

My computer just died and I'm posting my last comment from my iPhone. Have a good day
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:11am Megan:

  Thu. 6/18/09 6:13am Greg-njpro:

Well this is my offical last one. I'll see everyone next week. Be safe
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:14am thomas:

  Thu. 6/18/09 6:14am thomas:

158 im not sure guys, but this must be it!
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:15am Megan:

I'm going to go now.
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:15am Joshua K:

I don't know if it counts if the comments are after the show is over.
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:15am thomas:

me too, seems the show is over anywayz :D
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:16am Greg-NJPRO:

See what I started... Thomas, Josh, Megan... Ill see you guys next week.....
  Thu. 6/18/09 6:17am thomas:

sure thing but i give full credit to the night people :-p
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