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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options June 5, 2009

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Artist Track Album
OOIOO  Uma   Options Taiga 
Nurse With Wound  Yagga Blues (instrumental)   Options Funeral Music for Perez Prado 
Liquid Liquid  Cavern   Options Optimo 
Pere Ubu  30 Seconds Over Tokyo   Options  
Palais Schaumburg  Rote Lichter   Options  
P-Model  Roomrunner   Options  
Hikashu  At the End of the 20th Century   Options  
Plastics  Copy   Options Robot / Copy 
Phew  Circuit   Options  
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft  Kebab Träume   Options Kebab Träume / Gewalt 
Implog  Holland Tunnel Dive   Options  
Minny Pops  Minny Pops   Options Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement 
Ike Yard  Kino   Options Ike Yard 
Crash Course in Science  Flying Turns   Options  
Malaria!  How Do You Like My New Dog?   Options  
Instant Music  My Boy   Options  
Mau Mau     
LiliPUT  Do You Mind My Dream?   Options  
LiliPUT  DC-10   Options  
Dog Faced Hermans  Too Much for the Red Ticker   Options  
Essential Logic  Aerosol Burns   Options  
Judy Nylon  Jailhouse Rock   Options  
Delta 5     
Ixna  Me Ne Perolas   Options  
El Aviador Dro  Laser   Options  
Monitor  Beak   Options  
Ghostwriters  Sleedermauseman / Refernce to Rota   Options  
Devo  Chango   Options  
Ghostwriters  Dance of the Spirit Catchers   Options  
Die Dominas  "Ich Bin A Domina"   Options Die Dominas 
Die Dominas  Herr Ralfi und Herr Karl   Options Die Dominas 
Die Dominas  Die Wespendomina   Options Die Dominas 
Grauzone  Eisbär   Options  
The Flying Lizards  Russia   Options  
Family Fodder  Savoir Faire   Options  
Inflatable Boy Clams  Snoteleks   Options  
Glaxo Babies  Flesh   Options  
Ilitch  Peripherikredcommando   Options  
Inflatable Boy Clams  Skeletons   Options  

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/5/09 12:07pm annie:

la gatta cenerantola, my fave heartbeat!!
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:07pm still b/p:

Don't you have anything with a little energy?
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:08pm annie:

this is gonna be one helluva show!!
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:10pm ?:

woof moo in East Orange, warm food in Mount Hope
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:10pm dc pat:

man OOIOO rule. I gotta see them live.
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:11pm annie:

bryce, will you marry me??
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:13pm annie:

pat, that first bit was from the italian opera la gatta cenerentola aka the cinderella cat.. it was on a premium long ago from wfmu, only a diff production
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:13pm bryce:

hee heee! :)
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:15pm holland oats:

this song is such a ripoff
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:15pm annie:

if it stays like this, i'm gonna wear out by one. wonderful beats
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:15pm jason:

  Fri. 6/5/09 12:17pm Freddy: Formerly of West Orange Plumbing Supply:

Afternoon All
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:19pm Jed:

Bryce, I bought you a shrunken head in NO, but was hungry on the plane
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:20pm stephanie:

nice. this is a nice. nice friday show. i wish my meeting would cancel.
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:23pm Carmichael:

I have a meeting, too. And I'm hungover. National donut day is all that's keeping me alive. Oh, and this "music" .....
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:25pm annie:

headphones on. let her rip!
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:27pm Marshall Stacks:

Good morning, Bryce, Pere Ubu, and all.
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:27pm BSI:

Satan's Donuts! I've missed the first 28 minutes!
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:28pm "Time to Deal the Donuts" guy:

First dose is free @ Druggin' Donuts! Soon you're selling yourself or stolen goods to buy a couple Munchkins.
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:29pm annie:

apple fritter..... aarrghhhhh.. mmmmm
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:30pm Bad Ronald:

Hallo folks, lovely set. Bryce is nice I'll say it twice, Bryce is nice!

btw - the sarcasm tag is gaining wider recognition:
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:31pm bryce:

hi everybody! even carmichael!
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:32pm BSI:

the apple fritters at Saxby's Coffee (vermont ave & K st, dc) are roughly the size of a marmoset. $2.10 if memory serves. Got one this morning & just finished it. Big sugary marmoset.
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:33pm Bad Ronald:

MMMM - Marmoset...
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:33pm annie:

damn your hide BSI!!
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:33pm dc pat:

wfmu commenters--always ahead of the curve <s>
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:34pm holland oats:

ironically i am working on a boring video project for canon copiers right now - very prescient bryce!
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:36pm bryce:

i know
  Fri. 6/5/09 12:58pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/5/09 1:02pm stingy d:

i'm in your house
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:02pm uh huh:

now bryce is channeling other dj's :-P
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:03pm annie:

whenever i hear word fugues like this i think of this amazing video i saw back in the 70s. it was four rows of people standing on risers and passing balls from one to the other to an amazing beat, up and down the rows, perfect timing. . magical and mesmerizing..
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:05pm BSI:

Channel my inner marmoset, damn you -- I CAST YOU OUT, big sugary marmoset! There is not enough coffee in the WORLD to neutralize your lingering effects!
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:05pm stingy d:

how do you titillate an ocelot?
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:06pm Matt:

This is getting weird, even by FMU comment board standards.
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:07pm bryce:

olive loaf
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:07pm BSI:

Not weird enough. And if the ocelot in question has at least one glass eye, we've discussed THAT randy sumbitch already.
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:07pm stingy d:

oscillate it's tits a lot!
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:08pm ?:

is now the time on sprockets when we dance?
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:08pm Matt:

Hair pie
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:08pm Ike:

I'm not in a yard.
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:13pm Pepper Pot:

  Fri. 6/5/09 1:14pm Paul McCartney (alias Ramone):

My Boy does it good.
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:18pm J-Mar:

awesome show. I'm gonna have to make my lunch-break errands as quick as possible so I can get back to my desk and keep listening.
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:19pm stingy d:

yo b! lemme get a dolla
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:20pm Brobdignagian:

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do mind, since you asked.
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:21pm ang:

Annie, I think that was performed live at someplace like the Kitchen or DTW. It is called "Ball Passing" choreographed by Charles Moulton with music by A. Leroy (aka Dick Connette).
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:23pm annie:

ang, holy shit!! maybe so!! wow.. i saw it once and it's been burned into my brain since i was 18. i'll check it out!
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:25pm Janet H:

i dig....
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:26pm annie:

ang... you win... wow..
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:29pm stingy d:

how about some mo-dettes asshole!
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:29pm Janet H:

annie, I'm watching it now... that is awesome
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:30pm annie:

sorry bryce,. but this is right up your alley, check it out when you have time..
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:31pm Janet H:

i wonder how many times they had to practice that until they got it right....hmmmm
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:35pm bryce:

oh annie, i'm dyin to....just running around -- walked in with no records today.

hey stingy, do we have any here?? did a quick look...no dice...
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:37pm ang:

wowwww, Bryce is on an early 80's kick. I found out about YOU!
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:37pm stingy d:

what ocelots? or mo-detts?
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:39pm stingy d:

it don't matter... i gotta skate. maybe i see ya next week. nice stuff you fanatic.
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:45pm BSI:

That ocelot's gotta be old as hell by now.
It could totally sport the king-size '80s shoulder-pads, I'll admit.
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:49pm SusieQ:

I love this !
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:49pm Meshie:

Glassy-eyed ocelots tremble when they hear my name.
Your marmosets got nothin' on me!
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:54pm Get funky!:

Play some Perrey/Kingsley! Digging the show.
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:55pm dc pat:

Recordings of a guy talking in his sleep:

  Fri. 6/5/09 1:56pm yeas:

Devo...America's finest.
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:58pm annie:

sex is nice, but music is better.
  Fri. 6/5/09 1:59pm Mike G.:

Hoof & Mouth Sinfonia 2010 = impLOG cover band.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:00pm BSI:

DCP: sounds lovely. Downloading now. Hoping for greatness to plunder....
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:01pm Carmichael:

Well, I see I missed Devo. I missed Bryce playing Devo. I missed my reaction to Bryce playing Devo.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:04pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/5/09 2:05pm detached:

i missed my own life
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:05pm dc pat:

unfortunately I'm listening to sleeptalking guy--gotta stop but...can't....ok, back to bryce.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:06pm dc pat:

actually, I don't think sleeptalking guy is ligit. It's too lucid.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:06pm c lavender:

excellent show! i'm dissapointed i have to leave for work now and can't listen more!
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:07pm Janet H:

Bryce you're my fav so far...
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:08pm bryce:

wha happen?
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:13pm Carmichael:

Wow. I actually like Die Dominas.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:14pm dc pat:

sounds like she's talking in her sleep...
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:14pm bryce:


it won't happen again
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:15pm dc pat:

well, it's plain and simple "Ein Domina ist ein Domina!" stupid....
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:16pm em:

this is an amazing track by die dominas bryce. i love it. x
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:16pm BSI:

ich bin ein marmoset.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:17pm esch oder anarchie!:

Ich bin Obama.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:18pm dc pat:

correction: Ich bin EIN Obama.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:19pm Cecile:

hola bryce, hola all
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:19pm JFK:

I am not from Berlin!
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:20pm JFK:

I am a Jelly Donut!
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:21pm JFK:

I am err-uh a jelly donut, for national donut day
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:22pm BSI:

Laminate von kinderscheise mit apple fritter 'n stuff.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:22pm Janet H:

Happy National Donut Day!.....i got my free donut today...
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:23pm Fat cops:

Hey honey, stop workin our side of the street.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:26pm Carmichael:

Perhaps I was too hasty with my initial assessment of Die Dominas.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:27pm steve:

Nah...you were right the first time.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:28pm dc pat:

They're kind of a perfect group--all their songs are about the name of their group. meta-rock
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:29pm El_Eighch_Eye:

  Fri. 6/5/09 2:29pm doug from dc:

It's Manuel Gottsching (sp?) and Rosi Muller from Ash Ra Tempel. I didn't suspect, but I can recognize the voice.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:29pm Carmichael:

And you can love 'em, hate 'em, and care less about 'em all at once.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:30pm steve:

right. imagine a world where this album doesn't exist. Where those German ladies did not chant the name of their group over spacey bubbly electronics. sad.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:30pm bryce:

i'm in the care less camp myself. bye now!
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:36pm Carmichael:

Boy, I haven't heard from the Lizards in many a decade. Is this old or new music?
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:37pm dc pat:

yes inded steve...hey I forgot all about Flying Lizards. I use to listen to them all the time when I worked in the hippie store in college...
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:37pm Dieter from Sprockets:

Today's fine set has both repelled and intrigued me. I shall dance and vomit.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:37pm Parq:

Has anybody seen my skinny tie?
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:37pm doug from dc:

which hippie store, pat?
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:38pm dc pat:

ah this was in State College, PA
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:39pm Carmichael:

This music is cooler than Don Johnson.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:40pm Joe:

Yay! Fodder!
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:42pm Parq:

Hello Mudder, hello Fodder.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:44pm apathetic:

  Fri. 6/5/09 2:49pm Bud Abbott:

Yer fodder's a mudder!
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:52pm street person with sign:

Would Have Worked for Fodd.
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:57pm Parq:

Oh man, I was gonna request this In/Boy Clams track, but I was afraid it would be too obvious. Thanks, Bryce!
  Fri. 6/5/09 2:57pm not backwards:

digging this show today! the excellent obscure sounds of that era....
  Fri. 6/5/09 3:01pm bryce:

see you everyone! thanks for the happy vibes!
  Thu. 6/18/09 8:48pm Rena:

Bryce - Are you mad at us? Where are you? We miss you! You have to meet the baby!
  Fri. 6/19/09 8:59am bryce:

WOWWWW, i just dreamed about you two!!

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