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Artist | Song

> Ken Freedman | Ken's Show From Paris Continues Options

> People Like Us | Like Options

> Peter Wyngarde | The Way I Cry Over You Options

> Tony Mason-Cox | The Impossible Dream Options

> Roberto Blandón & Susana Zabaleta (or Zavaleta) | El Sueño Imposible (El Ideal) - [The Impossible Dream] Options

> Ethel Merman | The Impssible Dream Options

> Ronettes | Do I Love You? Options

> Jack Nietzsche | Ebb Tide (Theme From...) Options

> Robert Powell | Once Upon A Time Options

> Yann Tomita | Air By Bus Options


> Pardon Kimura | Wave Is Life Options

> Baby Dee | Hymn to Anne Options

> Baby Dee | Little Window Options

> Erik Satie | Sports Et Divertissements (played by Teodoro Anzellotti) Options


> Alexander Gyorfi | Station De Gas Options

> The Mothers of Invention | King King (Live 1968) Options

> Derek Bailey | 1/28 Sliverfish Macronix Options

> Captain Beefheart | Flower Pot Options

> Giustino Di Gregorio | Progetto Numero 3 pt.1: Teoria Apolide Della Discontinuita' In-Continente Options

> Byrds | Eight Miles High Options

> Jefferson Airplane | Watch Her Ride Options

> After That It's All Gravy | Bluebird Options

> Kenny G | Bluebird Options

> Jefferson Airplane | Won't You Try / Saturday Afternoon Options

> Paul McCartney & Wings | Rock Show Options

> Mott the Hoople | Honaloochie Boogie Options


> Unknown Artist | Japanese Pure Poetry Recital Options

> Brion Gysin | All Those Years Options

> Vicki Benett & Pearl Frost | Rock Show Options

> Kenny G | Live and Let Die Options

> Mandy Patinkin | Take Me Out to the Ballgame - God Bless America Options

> Julia Norton | W.B.Q. Options

> Klaus Beyer | The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill Options

> Ron Geesin | Let It Be Options

> The Beatles | "A Day in the Life" Bare Backing Track Options

> Residents | Beyond a Valley of a Day in the Life Options


> Regio Duprat | Flying Options

> Frank Sidebottom | Flying Options

> Beatles | Sgt. Peppers Backing Tracks Options

> Richard Kostelanetz | No, I'm Richard Kosetlanetz Options

> Editor B | Goodnight Options

Listener comments!

  Wed. 6/3/09 12:06pm Cecile:

how's your coffee, Kenny?
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:08pm Vicki:

  Wed. 6/3/09 12:08pm giraffe-o:

So, wait - who are we listening to, now?
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:11pm Vicki:

he's an old cottager
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:12pm jan:

Welcome, Kenny- what a breath of fresh air after the company of the unwashed French.
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:12pm Cecile:


Vicki, if you don't mind giving away any trade secrets, what software do you use to make your mixes?
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:13pm Carmichael:

Hi Kenny, what country are you in??
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:14pm bryan:

Please follow this with something by Elmer Fudd.
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:14pm Webhamster Henry:

You should hear Jacques Brel's French version of "Man of La Mancha", Kenny.
Brel was a big fan of it and did the translation and sang the lead.
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:16pm Vicki:

I use PooTools
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:16pm Cecile:

  Wed. 6/3/09 12:18pm Cecile:

  Wed. 6/3/09 12:19pm bryan:

Or at least tell me you have a Muppet version of this on deck.

I'm totally digging this set. If it could only go on for 3 hours!
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:19pm Cecile:

I remember this song parody from Mad Magazine around the time of Jaws:

To scream the impossible scream
To argh the impossible argh
To wail while a shark drags you under
To know that you're going to ....die!
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:20pm Doggie:

Weird. I thought I was the only one to use PooTools.
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:20pm dc pat:

Audacity is free but not as powerful as some of the non-free stuff..
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:20pm Jimi Hendrix:

Is it 1983?
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:20pm AnAnonymousParty:

It's the Ethel Merman Tabernacle choir.
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:20pm Cecile:

Oh, I think it's cry the impossible cry, and
to know that you're going to argh!

correction noted.
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:21pm dc pat:

man, I'm having stream blips--anyone else?
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:22pm Carmichael:

If William Shatner doesn't do a dramatic spoken word version, he should.
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:22pm Marshall Stacks:

DCP, no blips here.
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:22pm still b/p:

Ethel was a wall of sound first...
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:22pm Carmichael:

Comin' in 5 square, DC Pat.
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:22pm Michael Jeffrey:

Hey Jimi, I thought I killed you!
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:23pm dc pat:

ok, maybe just me, on 32k mp3
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:29pm Cecile:

and captain picard created the heavens
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:30pm Denise in Washington, DC:

NNo problems on RealPlayer using 128k version.
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:30pm Lizardner Dave:

This is fucking inspiring in that guy-running-in-the-Grand-Canyon-at-sunset-poster-in-an-office kinda way.
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:31pm Lizardner Dave:

And by that I mean "GO KENNY!!!!!"
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:34pm Cecile:

all this music makes me want to be at a party with Burt Bacharach and Angie Dickinson drinking Martin and Rossi on the rocks.
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:36pm Adrian in London:

Robert Powell, a 'lousy British comedian'?! The man's a fine thespian, he was Jesusfor Christ's sake!
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:37pm Vicki:

Thank you Mr G
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:39pm Jamesie:

Sandra Bernhardt last night sang boring non boring songs in the basement of a church in Leicester Square where I got married 30 years ago. Hasnt changed much. Hello Vicki..
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:40pm jan:

laying down some great tracks, Sir Kenny. How about a reprise of one of your great transcript pieces- The weather report for a year?
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:42pm Surf Report:

This morning's dawn patrol: Glassy, but inconsistent and a bit soft on the shoulders. Still some workable lines to be had with chest high peaks on the bigger ones.
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:44pm Vicki:

Kenny IS doing the Weather Report.
  Wed. 6/3/09 12:46pm Carmichael:

Sounds like some tasty waves, bro.
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:00pm Cecile:

I love Erik Satie
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:02pm Janet H:

I am really enjoying the tunes....very nice!
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:06pm jan:

me too, I am enjoying the show but am waiting for the other shoe to drop
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:11pm jan:

request: Classical gas!
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:18pm BSI:

Shoes don't "drop" in Kenny G's world... they float to the surface like lizard eggs in a pool of diluted mayonnaise. And that is why we love him so.
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:19pm Carmichael:

Kenny: King Kong, I believe?
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:25pm Jamesie:

Flower Pot is always overlooked. So was Derek.
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:29pm Ike:

BSI, you're so disgustingly eloquent! Or maybe that's eloquently disgusting. Or elegantly disgusting. "Lizard eggs in a pool of diluted mayo": ha! I love it.
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:31pm Carmichael:

!Out far really that's
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:31pm BSI:

...or just plain disgusting, I bet!
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:32pm Marshall Stacks:

Great set, Kenny.
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:33pm Hugo:

Kenny G in Norway 1:

Nice hat there, sir ...
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:35pm Hugo:

Kenny G in Norway 2:
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:37pm Hugo:

Kenny G in Norway 3:
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:38pm Carmichael:

Now, if you could mix Blue Swede's "Hooked On a Feeling" this way, you may be able to achieve world dominance.
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:42pm Hugo:

Kenny G in Norway 4:

Schwitters sounds interesting ... perhaps I ought to make it up the coast ...
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:44pm Vicki:

number 7 in my top stats searches for are people looking for Kenny G. And it ain't the one singing "Bluebird" at the moment either
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:47pm ken:

what a hip set. the airplane -- too too groovy on this gray afternoon
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:49pm Vicki:

I was just sitting here thinking "Kenny's playing Jefferson Airplane" and the world seemed like a Good Place.
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:50pm Vicki:

I am now in heaven.
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:51pm Bad Ronald:

With my green metal suit I'm preparing to shoot up the city!
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:51pm Hugo:


Kenny G in Norway 5:

Exam topic for students of literature at the University of Oslo. Most impressive, sir ...
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:52pm ken:

and now macca.... jut alors!!!!
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:57pm Carmichael:

Mott the Hoople
  Wed. 6/3/09 1:58pm Vicki:

Kenny wait! Sending you another version!!!
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:01pm Vicki:

sent it!!!
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:01pm Vicki:

  Wed. 6/3/09 2:01pm ken:

ca plane pour moi -- ya gotta
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:01pm Vicki:

  Wed. 6/3/09 2:02pm Laura L:

Thanks, Kenny G, for Vicki's Heavenly Set--come back to earth, now, Vicki, we need more PLU! That set was super as the Brits say! Brilliant! Kenny, go for the slope!
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:03pm ken:

soundtrack from monsieur hulot... pour les french peoples
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:03pm Jamesie:

Ca Plein pour moi
Lovely show
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:04pm jojo:

play some paris instead, in honor of ken's night in paris, a cappella of course, he is always listening right?
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:05pm ken:

jonny hallyday (je crois)
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:05pm Hugo:

Nice West Coast touch there for a while. Now, a 35-minute version of Quicksilver Messenger Service doing "Who do you love" wouldn't go amiss (it does exist - right here on this computer)

Kudos for Bailey. Dig out the one called "Fictions" by Company for some extemporisation on improvisation ...
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:09pm Vicki:

  Wed. 6/3/09 2:10pm ken:

vicki, very pretty
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:11pm Vicki:

well, thank you
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:11pm Hugo:

Yeah, the soundtrack for Monsieur Hulot's "Play Time" was kinda groovy. And the musette on "Mon Oncle" was nice, too ...
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:11pm Carmichael:

I have been Motted. Thanks a bunch, Kenny!
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:17pm ken:

gotta run -- but really digging the show and the airplane/paris thing realy worked for me. i think of godard filming the airplane on the roof of a mid-60's midtown -- and how well they work with macca!!! ca marche!
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:17pm Vicki:

bye Ken :)
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:19pm Dave B:

Sorry for the interruption - whos the artist who did the mixed up version of Norwegian Wood that I've heard only here on WFMU? All the sentances are shuffled about, but the melody remains the same.

  Wed. 6/3/09 2:20pm Vicki:

Dave B - you're thinking of Mutation. I've played it on DO or DIY
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:21pm Dave B:

That's it! Thanks Vicki!
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:21pm Vicki:

the track is called Norwogian Weed.
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:23pm vanya:

yiddish! this gonna be my favorite show!
kenny g!!!! keep rocking!!!!
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:24pm BSI:

that Julia Norton thing could've gone on for weeks........ SHOULD have gone on for weeks.
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:24pm Dave B:

  Wed. 6/3/09 2:35pm Hugo:

A dub version of "A Day in the Life"!
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:39pm crom:

dude, you are doing a great job of showcasing one of the best bands of all times, the beetles. i was talking to Yoko the other night, in a dream, when she told me to tune in today at this time! the only issue i have is it seems like some of the songs aren't original versions. next time contact me and i will send you every album so you can choose. also, you should play more stuff from Lenin because he's cooler than McCarthy. you had me crackin up when you were singing along too! i just want you to know because i just tuned in for the first time when i heard your excellent homage!
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:41pm sasha:

did joe bennett stretch that with Ableton Live??
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:47pm free photo bags:

oh kenny g sing us to hypnogogic worlds in which you are also singing but for a slightly longer time
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:49pm Hugo:

"Back in the USSR" was more McCarthy than Lenin, though ...
  Wed. 6/3/09 2:58pm Richard Kostelanetz:

  Wed. 6/3/09 2:59pm cue-monkey:

I'm Spartakostelanecus!
  Wed. 6/3/09 3:00pm Editor B:

Hey, that's my baby crying. Sweet!
  Wed. 6/3/09 3:01pm Todd Rundgren:

Will the real Richard Kostelanetz please sit down?
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