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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options May 29, 2009

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Artist Track Album
Art Ensemble of Chicago  Theme Libre   Options soundtrack to "Les Stances a Sophie" 
Don Cherry  Eye of the Beholder   Options soundtrack to "The Holy Mountain" 
Ennio Morricone  [excerpt]   Options soundtrack to "Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura" 
David Shire  [excerpt]   Options soundtrack to "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three" 
Krzysztof Komeda  Moment Musical   Options soundtrack to "Rosemary's Baby" 
Lech Jankowski  soundtrack to "Street of Crocodiles"   Options [from brothers quay dvd] 
  Procession / Chop Chop   soundtrack to "The Wicker Man" 
Jean-Claude Vannier  The King of the Flies and the Rose Jam   Options soundtrack to "L'Enfant Assassin des Mouches" 
    soundtrack to "THX 1138" 
  Sex World   soundtrack to "Star Maidens" 
Boobie Knight & The Universal Lady  Ain't Nobody Better   Options  
Funkhouse Express  Music Makes You Move   Options  
Sam & the Soul Machine  Gun   Options  
Muchos Plus  Funky Sheriff   Options  
Revolution Compared to What  Go to Work   Options  
Carleen and the Groovers  Can We Rap   Options  
Arthur Monday  What Goes Around Comes Around   Options  
Enrique Olivarez  Al's Place   Options  
Blowfly  Butterfly Theme   Options  
Fred Wesley & the JB's  Doing It to Death   Options  
Fred Wesley & The JB's  I'm Paying Taxes, What Am I Buyin'?   Options  
TSU Tornados  Ain't Nothin' Nowhere   Options  
Herbie Thompson  Uncle Tom   Options  
Black Nasty  Party on 4th Street   Options  
Leroy and the Drivers  Sad Chicken   Options  
Primitive  Creation of Music   Options  
Wally Cox and the Natives  Zu Zu   Options  
The Soul Drifters  Funky Soul Brother   Options  
Contortions  Throw Me Away   Options  
Delta 5  Mind Your Own Business   Options  
Ut  Tell It   Options  
Jill Kroesen  I Am Not Seeing That You Are Here   Options  
Ut  Sham Shack   Options  
Judy Nylon  Dateline Miami   Options  

Listener comments!

  Fri. 5/29/09 12:07pm dc pat:

not trying to be first
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:07pm of course not:

  Fri. 5/29/09 12:08pm texas scott:

oh,good.another soundtrack!
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:09pm Bob's Country Bunker:

What the ...?!?! That ain't no Hank Williams!!
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:10pm Cecile:

I have this. It's a great record

Does anyone know when the Primavera Sound stuff from yesterday is going up on the archives?
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:10pm Mom:

Don't you dare stance on the sophie with those pheet!
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:11pm Carmichael:

I tuned into some of that last night. The sound was dropping out all over the place. Hopefully, it will be better this evening.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:12pm DeemerDave:

Who is Les Stances, and what exactly is he doing with Sophie?
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:13pm Cecile:

Carm, it was pre-taped, and so the archives should be better. They made them record, then rebroadcast.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:15pm DeemerDave:

Oh great. My water bill just went up $10 a month. The price of chlorine must be skyrocketing.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:15pm Hugo:

Soul Jazz has released the film on dvd from where this soundtrack is taken. Sounds kinda essential, given that anything by AEoC is essential.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:15pm texas scott:

oh good.

another great soundtrack!!
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:16pm Carmichael:

Hmmm, OK. I thought it was "live" live. I guess "pre" live will work just fine. As long as I can get my groove on.

Now, KEEPING it on, that's the hard part.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:17pm Devin:

Afternoon Bryce,.. everyone.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:20pm bryce:

hey, devin! hey, all!

  Fri. 5/29/09 12:21pm DeemerDave:

Morricone. SWEEEET.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:21pm Carmichael:

Morricone hits it out of the park every time.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:23pm DeemerDave:

I always thought Don Cherry was just a flamboyant puckhead. Actually that sounded like how his suits look.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:24pm dc pat:

don cherry rules---especially when he's standing next to Ornette
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:25pm DeemerDave:

dc pat:
I agree with your assessment, sir.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:26pm Cecile:

Carm, I want them to get those shows up, cause both Spectrum and the Bats were pretty dang hot.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:26pm kurt:

dear bryce,

last night i bowled a 198 and saw a wilf fox.


  Fri. 5/29/09 12:27pm texas scott:

yes indeedy.mister bryce.say hello to pseu for me...
I miss her.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:27pm kurt:

wild. it was wild. the fox.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:31pm Devin:

Where in Texas are you Scott?
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:31pm bryce:

i got in trouble for visiting wilf sites at work
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:32pm stingy d:

hey bryce
hey everybody even
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:32pm Drummer Some:

I, for one, absolutely ADORE Don Cherry. He is (was) about as far away as one could get on this earth from being some sort of poser. A genius, I say.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:32pm bryce:

hot damn!
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:33pm Backwoods Dave:

I'd like to meet up with a wild fox... if you know what I mean, he he.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:33pm stingy d:

don cherry? the fella from the pictures?
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:35pm dc pat:

I'm with Drummer Some.

I saw a coyote one morning in suburban Philly last year. And it was wilf.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:35pm stingy d:

i was under the premonition that actin was the destinition of posing. in a certain sense of the way. you's know?
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:35pm John Wensink:

I agree, Drummer Some.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:36pm Stan Jonathan:

What's a poser?
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:37pm Cecile:

I think DeemerDave is talking about Hockey Night In Canada's Don Cherry, a notorious blowhard.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:37pm Terry O'Reilly:

Damn, tripped over that stupid blue line again!
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:39pm DeemerDave:

Yes Cecile.You got it.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:40pm JK:

I just watched the movie Broken Blossoms the other night, silent film from 1918. That has a pretty good soundtrack to it, including a song that tom waits directly lifted from. I recommend.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:41pm DeemerDave:

Is this the old sountrack for "Pelham"?
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:42pm texas scott:

fort worth,Devin.
if you live in texas,you're required to say that.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:42pm DeemerDave:

I enjoyed Broken Blossoms. I'm in love with Lillian Gish.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:44pm texas scott:

oh good,, another.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:44pm jk:

DeemerDave: you, me and the yellow man
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:45pm DeemerDave:

  Fri. 5/29/09 12:45pm J-Mar:

Great show. Gotta step away from my desk here in a minute to watch the pie-eating contest here at work -- part of the Pie Day festivities. The soundtrack to "Rosemary's Baby" seems, somehow, quite apt.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:46pm Janet H:

I knew it....it is from "Rosemary's Baby"
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:47pm Parq:

Since it may have gone unnoticed at the tail end of Drummer Some's playlist, I'll repeat; I totally want to work in J-Mar's office.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:47pm Devin:

Scott,.. I'm in Denton,... YEEEHAAWWW
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:50pm Hangzhou Deluxe Manufacturing:

Mr. d of stingy: Please for hasteful contactual in the possibiliting of employments with our excellence of company, making the compose of safety English instruction for toys which are package. Respect shall joined with fullmost affection.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:50pm Janet H:

Ok i'm new to Bryce .......now does bryce always play sounds from soundtracks?....b/c i can dig this...
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:51pm DeemerDave:

Wish I had a Pie Day at at my job. Actually, I wish I had a job.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:52pm J-Mar:

It's good times here, today, Parq. I got hired in the middle of last summer, and I have been waiting for almost an entire year to experience my first Pie Day. Even without the pie, though, it's a pretty great place to work -- inside a symphony hall, just across the street from the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in downtown Nashville. And, following all the comments in recent weeks from folks who've either been getting laid off or watching their co-workers get laid off, I feel lucky indeed.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:52pm kc:

i have tried in the past to purchase jankowski to no avail - any idea where i can get a cd of his work - bro's quay in particular?...thanks so much!
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:55pm DeemerDave:

Hangzhou Deluxe Manufacturing:
Spam deleted.
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:57pm bryce:

hey janet, not usually! it's generally more unpleasant around here....

deemerD, yup, that was from the original pelham

kc, lech jankowski's apparently really adamant that his music NOT be separated from the movies it's for. the brothers quay convinced him only once to allow a soundtrack to be released: Institute Benjamenta. doubt anyone still has it , tho -- quays pressed it themselves, like 11 years ago...
  Fri. 5/29/09 12:59pm holland oats:

this is truly a satanic set - i can't work from freaking out
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:00pm DeemerDave:

Thanks, Bryce.
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:03pm Parq:

D, don't take their offer! I know a Nigerian entrepreneur who can let you in on the ground floor of an internations currency exchange that will put you in the running for billions of dollars for just a small five-figure investment. And hey, some weird yellow thing just appeared in the sky, blotting out its usual comforting grey color. I'm off to investigate.
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:03pm Janet H:

I want to see the new "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3"...comes out on june 12.
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:05pm DeemerDave:

Send me the Nigerian's info. I'd like a piece of that pie. ;-)
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:06pm Maggie from Rock Tavern:

Janet, have you seen the original? I'm kind of worried the new one will not hold up or be very generic and not New York-centric like the old one.
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:07pm DeemerDave:

Sounds Wellsian to me. Wathch out for thow Martians in NJ.
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:09pm Janet H:

Maggie from Rock Tavern, no i haven't ,but i should check it out b4 i see the new one....
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:10pm Grubby Crime Ridden NYC:

Here I am, peeps! Don't call it a comeback!!! I been here for years!!!
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:10pm Disney:

*yanks leash*
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:11pm Maggie from Rock Tavern:

Yes, do! You can get a copy anywhere, I just ordered one for a gift through amazon.
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:16pm kc:

high and low - masaru satoh
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:17pm Carmichael:

No matter how good the new Pelham may be, they will never re-capture the world-weary frustration of Walter Matthau.
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:17pm stingy d:

who is the fuck a hangzhou is?
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:17pm Marshall Stacks:

Just tuned in - happy to learn that you played a track from Les Stances a Sophie, sorry I missed it! Great album - I have it on vinyl and just ordered it on CD. The track feat. Fontella Bass's vocals - Theme de Yoyo, I think it is - is a standout.
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:17pm dc pat:

Yinz have soundtrack from 10th Victim? weird stuff
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:17pm mully:

would love to hear alejandro jodorowsky holy mountain or el topo OST...
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:18pm peter:

great theme show, mister bryce.
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:20pm Marshall Stacks:

I have the 10th Victim on VHS. Great, great film. Marcello Mastroianni is terrific in it.

Ever notice all the 10th Victim references in the first Austin Powers film?
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:21pm Maggie/Rock Tavern:

Carmichael: That final close up is a classic. How are they going to top that?
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:24pm Janet H:

Maggie, I just watched the trailer on amazon....i definitely have to watch that one first...
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:25pm Carmichael:

My point exactly, Maggie. And THX1138 is one of my favorite "downer" movies. I love the robot cops chasing Duvall up the ladders: "You have nowhere to go."
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:25pm Maggie/Rock Tavern:

Janet, if you're a native New Yorker, especially of a certain era, you'll love it. (Hope you do anyway!)
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:26pm dc pat:

Stacks: it's a classic unknown film, yeah Mastroianni is perfect. AND the odd music really makes the film for me. I never really saw all of the Austin Powers film...I did but I was otherwise occupied...
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:27pm dc pat:

whoa, good call Carm.
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:28pm holland oats:

sex world - finally a philosophy i can believe in
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:28pm Janet H:

Maggie, I'm not even close of being a new yorker....i'm from NW Indiana....but i'll see it though!
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:29pm texas scott:

sex world...always overrated!
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:29pm still b/p:

I will have my Pie Day in Sex World, please.
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:30pm holland oats:

10th victim now in netflix queueueue - thnx for rec
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:33pm Marshall Stacks:

You're welcome. We aim to please.
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:37pm dc pat:

I'm looking into Star Maidens now..didn't know about that...
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:45pm Maggie/Rock Tavern:

Janet, Carmichael - I gotta go. Co worker with OCD's work is effecting (affecting?) mine. See you guys later, hope you enjoy Pelham 123 - meanwhile, I think a viewing at home is in order this weekend!
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:49pm Janet H:

Bye Maggie.....i'll try to get that movie in this weekend....
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:49pm Ike:


If anyone ever says the words "Keyword Country" to you, RUN AWAY. Or smack them.

That is all.
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:49pm zedprophfer:

you're very funky today, bryce
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:53pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/29/09 1:54pm texas scott:

no bryce.YOU ARE FUNKY.
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:55pm Carmichael:

I dig this crazy ass stuff. Reminds me of Baretta.
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:56pm texas scott:

hey ikey..Keyword Country!
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:56pm DMQ:

I guess keyword country is like the keystone state. Or something
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:58pm the rabblement:

txs for sharing, Bryce, we usually are too!
  Fri. 5/29/09 1:59pm Carmichael:

Fred Wesley! I used to dig The Horny Horns.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:01pm The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:

Hey! Don't mess.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:03pm Marshall Stacks:

I, for one, am having a Funky Good Time.
Thanks, Bryce.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:06pm bryce:

where's my chicory?
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:06pm Carmichael:

  Fri. 5/29/09 2:10pm Cecile:

Bryce, could you play Rapper's Delight.
Sometimes you need to hear that.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:12pm ZZB:

Bryce is the JB's-knees!
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:14pm stingy d:

fuck that i'm outta here i got shit do man. with that. step off man fuck. suckin ass meatpost.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:17pm Cecile:

damn stingy
it's a dog eat dog world
and you got milk bone underwear.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:17pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/29/09 2:18pm stingy d:

to eat his own.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:19pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Uncle who?
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:19pm suckin ass meatpost:

stingy,you're my man.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:24pm Cecile:

stingy did you have anything amazing to eat lately? You should do a restaurant guide.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:26pm Cecile:

Aw, I thought you were going to play that one Meters chicken song where they crow, I think it's called Chicken Strut.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:27pm mully:

stingy like silas stingy or stingy like ow my boo-boo is stingy?
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:27pm ZZB:

Bryce-avera Festival!
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Sissy Strut
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:28pm Free Range Check In:

  Fri. 5/29/09 2:29pm Cecile:

nope, not sissy strut. Chicken Strut
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:29pm J-Mar:

Well, you can't go wrong with any of the Josie Records-era Meters stuff. But I hear ya on "Chicken Strut," Cecile. My son went through a phase where that's all he wanted to hear (in between his "Monday, Monday" phase and his "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" phase).
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:29pm bryce:

stingy, what's up? you really annoyed??
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:29pm Parq:

. . . and the Meters play me back in from my lunch hour -- ey-la!
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:30pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

guess they did more struttin' than I thought
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:32pm dc pat:


yeah, what's eating stinggee?
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:33pm Cecile:

I need to start collecting chicken songs, J-mar, but I'm kind of lazy.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:33pm Janet H:

Where do you want the day to go?
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:34pm Carmichael:

Yeah, 1 of each strut. I'm a Ziggy Modeliste fan (there I am with the names again, Pat).

Lunchtime! Thanks, Bryce! You're odd, as always.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:34pm texas scott:

what's not eatin the stinge.He's all eat up!
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:35pm bryce:

i really like the guy! i'm just confused.....
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:35pm Ike:

I want the day to go somewhere other than into the toilet. It should just go away, fast. This day is a swirly.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:35pm timotato:

I'm really groovin' on the groovy groovin' grooves today. Thanks Bryce!
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:36pm dc pat:

I want it to go straight to 4 o' so I git out of here and git a beer.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:38pm clyde stubblefield:

Right on Bryce- this does make the afternoon funk a litlle deeper than 3 hours of drones and white noise
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:40pm J-Mar:

Hey, I think funk and drones have the same effect: It's all about freeing your mind (and your ass will follow).
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:41pm Ike:

What about white noise funk? Or blue-eyed drones?
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:41pm Parq:

'Cile, this is your lucky day! Go to April Winchell's blog (yes, the ventriloquist's daugter) and check out her music downloads. There is a whole, substantial section devoted just to chicken songs. Miss Winchell's elegant explanation: "I don't know why, okay?" Couldn'ta said it better.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:41pm m:

speaking of funk, the new unreleased j dilla album is on the nets today! COP THAT BRYCE
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:42pm Janet H:

I was enjoying the sound from the soundtracks better.....but i can groove on this music too.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:42pm bryce:

hahaa, don't get used to it, clyde!
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:42pm Cecile:

I love the j dilla. I can't believe how much I've played donuts
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:43pm Cecile:

Parq, thanks! I will when I get home!
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:49pm raga:

I beg to differ. Stimulation of a healthy retina merely engorges the practical tradecraft. Distinguished? Apoplexia? A tasty morsel subdued by encounters with a catastrophic expectation, certainly.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:51pm Cecile:

Didn't Mofungo have a song called "the last days of Ut?"
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:54pm Hugo:

Nice hearing that Delta 5 tune again. I forgot about the band, but still remember the tune. UK post-punk classic sort of thing there. Bryce goes funky, eh?
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:56pm Transition Police:

The last two hours or so have been a very thoughtful Billy Jams lead-in.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:57pm bryce:

billy's dead, man
miss him miss him
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:57pm texas scott:

nice show bryce...wait,...did I just say that?
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:57pm Liz B.:

Oye Bryce! Dile Jeff Mullan que debe usar el Campfire para comunicar con nosotros en Barcelona.
  Fri. 5/29/09 2:58pm bryce:

mais oui!
  Fri. 5/29/09 3:00pm Cecile:

no jilly bams today
you have to celebrate 4:19 in your own way.
  Fri. 5/29/09 3:01pm clyde stubblefield:

More experimental than most- I love the drines and bleeps- as a matter of fact , I am circuit bending a Buzz LightYear doll as we speak or funk so to speak- It just helps time go by at work- I save the drones till around 4 am when it is high tide and i am on the Hudson- with no other boats!!!
  Fri. 5/29/09 3:03pm Fawlty Towers:

I'm so sorry—he's from Barcelona
  Fri. 5/29/09 3:03pm Jessica:

so very, very on.
  Fri. 5/29/09 3:04pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/29/09 3:04pm Ike:

This is great radio. I am laughing my buttocks off. Thank you for making my day less of a SHIT FACTORY.
  Fri. 5/29/09 3:05pm Vicki:

nice chair, Bryce
  Fri. 5/29/09 3:06pm Laurie:

I like it when you talk over Ken, Bryce.
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