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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options May 15, 2009

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Artist Track Album Comments
Gordon Monahan  When it Rains   Options Theremin in the Rain   
Bernard Fort  Fractal V   Options Fractals   
Bernard Fort  Fractal XI   Options Fractals   
Oren Ambarchi  Cymbal Motors   Options Stacte Motors   
Kangaroo Kourt  [side A]   Options Interstellar Static from the Kangaroo Kourt   
Vittorio Gelmetti  Treni d'Onda a Modulazione d'Intensita   Options Musiche Elettroniche   
Horatio Vaggione  Ash   Options    
Arne Nordheim  Polypoly   Options    
Basil Kirchin  Part 3: Emergence   Options Worlds Within Worlds   
Basil Kirchin  Part 4: Evolution   Options Worlds Within Worlds   
Pierre Henry  [side A]   Options Cortical Art III  from a live performance he did....at the 8th International Conference of Electro-Encephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology, 1973 
Andrew Jacques  Ronco   Options Variations  va 
Joan LaBarbara  soundtrack to "Dance Frame"   Options    
Gil Melle  Strobe Crystal Green   Options soundtrack to "The Andromeda Strain"   

Listener comments!

  Fri. 5/15/09 12:10pm Carmichael:

Initial comment? Good morning, Bryce and friends.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:10pm dc pat:

as I was saying, Yuengling is good and I'd been drinking it forever being a native PAer but it's owned by a right-wing douche bag, so don't buy it.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:12pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/15/09 12:12pm dc pat:

oh..hi bryce. Sorry carrying over thought from Doug's show...
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:14pm bryce:

i'm switching to coors!
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:15pm Ike:

You lying liar-bag.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:15pm Devin:

Hello Bryce.

DCP, yea that guy is a weiner,.. But when you get the rare chance to pick up a couple cases all the way out here in Tejas..... well, ya know.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:16pm north guinea hills:

dear beer,

i miss you, can i see you during lunch?


  Fri. 5/15/09 12:17pm north guinea hills:

I think i'm coming down w/ the flu right now. t'would be funny if i give it to my gf's parents (who are visiting right now) and they bring it back to Mexico.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:20pm dc pat:

Devin: I hear ya, just spreading the word.

bryce: I forward a list of acceptable beers soon...
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:21pm Jed:

once there was a man named Oscar (Oscar, Oscar, Oscar)
and he turned on his best friend (Oscar, Oscar Oscar)
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:23pm still b/p:

"How bad is it?" contest:
I'd rather roll around naked with Ernest Borgnine in the last filthy, littered, late March remnants of mall parking lot snowpiles than drink the anemic nastiness of Coors.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:28pm Carmichael:

Don';t know about the Yuengling guy, but Joseph Coors = right-wing douchebag.

And the Standells named a song after his beer. I drink Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. If you like a good hoppy ale, you'll like it.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:28pm Devin:

b/p, Hmmm Borgnine or Coors....?

Is the Coors ice cold?
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:29pm Jed:

Oscar Madisoy
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:29pm Jed:

Oscar Madisox
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:30pm dc pat:

my current favorite beer is Brooklyn Chocolate Stout which I had in Slope Park when I was there.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:30pm Bad Ronald:

Sierra is good. I also like the Brooklyn Brewery.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:31pm dc pat:

'cept ya can't find that stuff (chocolate stout) in DC.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:31pm Carmichael:

It took me quite a while to figure out that the annoying, high-pitched squeal of a car alarm was NOT coming from outside my window, but instead from this song.

Thank you, Bryce.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:32pm Ike:

Ernest Borgnine? Wow. How about Wilford Brimley? Is that worse than Borgnine?

I hear Magic Hat is good. And since it's from VT, it's probably owned by dirty leftist hippies.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:33pm Carmichael:

Jeez Pat, it's only 9:30 AM here, and I'm already getting the urge to have a couple brewskis. Tick friggin' Tock, clock!!
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:33pm Bad Ronald:

Smuttynose and Dogfish are good too...
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:36pm Parq:

Ditto on Sieraa and Brooklyn. Also like Anchor Steam, from Carm's neck of the woods. And cheesy frat-boy though its restauarnts are, Heartland makes some good varieties. I confess, tho, that I way prefer wine to hops-based beverages.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:37pm Devin:

+1 on the Dogfish Ales....

I saw on their website awhile back that the brewmaster and the owner have a beer-geek hip hop act. You can see their vid on youtube.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:37pm Ike:

I prefer ginger beer (like Maine Root) to real beer. What's wrong with me and how can I fix it?
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:40pm dc pat:

I'm on the fence about Dogfish. They're normal beers are over-hopped messes. The good ones are WAY too expensive.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:40pm dc pat:

  Fri. 5/15/09 12:40pm Carmichael:

Just went to the Brooklyn Brewery website. Wow, great choices! For me, it would be the IPA, the Pennant Ale, or the Brown Ale. The Blunderbuss sounds interesting, too.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:42pm drunk right now:

I love dogfishhead- the owner is awesome.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:42pm BSI:

Joining the conversation late, and suddenly very thirsty.

BSI endorses the Brooklyn Brown. That is all.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:43pm zoot:

Brigand from Belgium.
Your mouth will love you forever.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:43pm drunk right now:

Anybody here like Six Point? I have had a beer made by them...
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:44pm dc pat:

well if we're going to talk Belgium we'll be here all day. I like this northeastern-USA focused discussion.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:45pm dc pat:

I think Brooklyn Brewery is amazingly consistent. Not the best beer I've had but all of them are really good.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:46pm Carmichael:

Here's my 2nd home: http://www.rubiconbrewing.com/
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:46pm Devin:

dcp, yep, "their" as in a form of the possessive case of they.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:46pm zoot:

It's all northeast to me.
Reunite Gondwandaland.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:48pm bryce:

us laurasians'll kick your pansy gondwanna ASSES
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:50pm zoot:

Can't we all get along? See ya in Pangea, buckaroo.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:51pm BSI:

Nobody's better at the old Glandular Scrabble.
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:51pm dc pat:

Devin: I corrected myself, sheesh! What, are you the new Ike?
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:52pm Carmichael:

Bryce, throw a tarp over the turntables, will ya?!? It's raining, fer Christ's sake ...
  Fri. 5/15/09 12:55pm Devin:

I dont THINK I want to be the new Ike... :)
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:02pm Ike:

Hell, I usually only rain down the grrrrr and arrrrgh for apostrophe abuse. They're/their is small taters, not worthy of my, um, exalted attention.

I even held back from pointing out to Bongohead that "get's" is wrong at 11:54 a.m. The new old Ike?
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:05pm Carmichael:

A kinder, gentler Ike.
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:05pm Devin:

Mmm small taters... so hungry...
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:07pm zedprophfer:

i give that mic break 11 out of 10
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:08pm bryce:

we like to keep things professional.
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:08pm Cecile:

it sounds like Bryce is putting out his recycling.
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:10pm nic:

i love this show
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:11pm Carmichael:

I'll bet Horatio took a lot of abuse on the playground with a last name like that.
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:11pm Ike:

I give that mic break whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat? out of HA HA HA <garbled>.

I am digging this Horatio Vaggione thing.
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:11pm Form A:

what album is this Vaggione from?
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:17pm Jed:

Felix Unglut
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:17pm Cecile:

Vaggione Dentata
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:18pm bryce:

yeah, sorry about that, cecile, they won't take plasma crystals in my town.

hey, that vaggione track was from, like, a 5-cd compilation: "archives grm." i think you can get the discs separately, though.
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:19pm bryce:

ah! here ya go.... http://tinyurl.com/pwlsjj
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:20pm Jed:

Felix Unger
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:21pm Form A:

  Fri. 5/15/09 1:22pm jeff m:

hi hello. really like this polypoly. seems really utopian this afternoon
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:26pm Carmichael:

Today it's definitely soft tacos for lunch. Definitely.
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:27pm bryce:

hey, jeff! it's Freon Friday.
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:39pm jeff m:

that it is
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:39pm Carmichael:

I wish I was named Basil. I would be so much more cool.
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:51pm Parq:

Carm, you're Irish -- what could be cooler? Who needs an Irishman named Basil?
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:52pm Feral Cat:

I knew a cat named Brazil...that's a cool name also.
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:53pm BSI:

goddammit who has carrot cake?
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:54pm Jim:

this music has conjured up several floating ghost heads from the pre-revolutionary war era in my bedroom.
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:55pm bryce:

dress-up party!!
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:56pm Feral Cat:

I think it's waking the ghost of Typhoid Mary over here!!
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:56pm ERic:

I named my friends cat Photon. It stuck.
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:57pm Bad Ronald:

My cat's name was Captain Cat.
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:59pm Ike:

Zero-G (short for the Amazing Zero-Gravity Cat).

This piece sounds like the bowels of giant robot cat.
  Fri. 5/15/09 1:59pm Ghost Hessen from 1773:

  Fri. 5/15/09 2:00pm BSI:

  Fri. 5/15/09 2:00pm Carmichael:

Parq, you're absolutely the voice of reason. Pardon my regretful musings.

My dog was named Barney. He was pretty cool already.
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:00pm Feral Cat secret spy:

Very distinguished! Does he sail, fly or scratch eyes out for a living?
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:01pm Carmichael:

Are these EVP mash-ups?
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:02pm Parq:

What the heck ever happened to the Hessians, anyway? How come you never see a nice little Hessian restaurant? Why does NYC not have a Hessian-American Parade?
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:03pm Cecile:

I am cooking some good fake caponata.
Pretty much cleaned out the contents of my fridge with an eggplant and some rassins in to a pan. Will report back in a while.
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:03pm grey gardener:

i think this is the one album the homeless cat lady from the Simpsons made...
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:04pm George Washington:

What are you talking about? Our Hessens are currently stationed at Valley Forge to repel the Royalist Army of the British Isles.
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:04pm Jed:

I am not posting Felix Unger. He is a wannabe. WAANABE!
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:05pm Jed:

I posted Felix Unglut. And Oscar Madisoy
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:05pm jeff m:

hessians / prussians became part of germany or the Weinar Republic around 1880 ish or so. Dont rember too well. But part of what became modern Germany... or Im just making shit up.

I would liek a nice fried Hessian sandwhich at the moment
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:11pm Ike:

Feral Cat, if you are inquiring about Zero-G, she is semi-retired, as her powers to defy gravity have declined slightly at the age of nine. But she still sometimes climbs six feet straight up and stands guard over the apt. from her lookout, and does a better job than any blasted Hessian, that's for sure!
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:24pm Deropa:

Rumor has it that Bryce's great grandfather was born in Prussia, mid 1800s. Explains a lot, doesn't it?
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:24pm zedprophfer:

this is rad
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:26pm Cecile:

the caponta was awesome.
Eggplant and raisins, you would think but yes, it works
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:27pm John Today:

Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah'm not even close to the first remark on this show! Whoop Whoop!
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:29pm nic:

this is amazing
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:29pm BSI:

Oddly, haven't heard any Pierre Henry before, 'cept his record with Spooky Tooth (ceremony) -- This is much nicely far-fracking-outwise audiogrification, my implements to the chef, etc!
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:32pm bryce:

it's no rumor. grandbrycer was prussian.

zzzzrebdpriphtfer! where have you been?

bsi, there's sooooo much pierre henry, almost all of it super lovely. that spookytooth thing's a goofy one. :)

nightshades all around
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:39pm Staubgold:

Those Electro-Encephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology conferences ain't what they used to be...
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:42pm Cecile:

you know it bryce.
with a little ricotta and on a Post Office Lavash, it is a sandwich for the ages.
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:47pm Jed:

Tony Randall
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:48pm still b/p:

Postal Lavash = GNFA solo act.
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:50pm zedzurfacenoisepopforpigfluinjapangagagaquincetrr:

bryce, i can tell you one thing; i've really missed listening to the show!
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:58pm doug from dc:

Finally got my iPhone, and just listened to the show while walking back from downtown. Walked past the White House listening to Pierre Henry, watching the Tamils protest Sri Lanka.
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:58pm bryce:

hey, i'm checkin' out — have a great week!!
  Fri. 5/15/09 2:59pm Cecile:

you too!
  Fri. 5/15/09 3:00pm doug from dc:

Thanks, Bryce! Great show.
  Fri. 5/15/09 3:03pm lamech from Toronto:

tremendous show, thanks Bryce
  Fri. 5/15/09 3:05pm Deropa:

BK-Bitte, diene Eltern einrufen. Danke!. Auch, glucklich geburtstag!
  Fri. 5/15/09 3:10pm Derpapa:

Der Oooops. Ich bin der papa, nict der opa. Auch, ich gemeint "anrufen," nicht "einrufen."
  Fri. 5/15/09 3:14pm Derpapa:

Der Ooooops wieder. Ich gemeint "nicht." (Eine kleine typo meine)
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