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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options May 8, 2009

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This Saturday Night, 7pm–6am

NY Society for Ethical Culture
2 W 64th St. (NYC)

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Artist Track Album Comments
Nazakat & Salamat Ali Khan  Raga Megh   Options    
Parween Sultana  Raga Nandkauns   Options    
Aamir Khan  Raga Hindol Kalyan   Options    
Nazakat & Salamat Ali Khan
when they were NINE
tiny excerpt of Raag Basant   Options    
Shujaat Hussain Khan  Raga Charukeshi   Options   Raffiuddin Sabri, tabla 
Bismillah Khan  Poorbi Dhun   Options    
Balaram Pathak  Raga Mishra Pilu   Options    
Lakshmi Shankar  Raga Ahir Bhairav   Options    
Satyajit Ray  Deuxieme Jalsa   Options soundtrack to Jalsaghar (The Music Room)   

Listener comments!

  Fri. 5/8/09 12:05pm annie:

  Fri. 5/8/09 12:05pm bryce:

  Fri. 5/8/09 12:06pm Mark:

Good morning/afternoon Bryce. I missed Doug's set unfortunately, but I like the way this is heading already!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:06pm Ike:

The train coin fairy has your $0.31 in escrow, Bryce.

I also like the way this is headed.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:07pm Pearly Sweets:

Bryce, I failed to have the bryce track to battle bad ronald's billy jam track finished by today. I swear, however, it'll be finished this weekend since current huge work project's deadline is today.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:07pm ken:

Love the snap, crackle and pop!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:07pm bryce:

me too — i was scooting around underneath the earth's crust.

don't worry, this is headed NOWHERE.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:08pm dc pat:

  Fri. 5/8/09 12:09pm John:

Nowhere, man, is fine with me.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:09pm track:

bryce¿ heh?
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:09pm texas scott:

i've heard this before,somewhere.....
i just know it!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:11pm texas scott:

beautiful duet.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:12pm Jed:

Hey fugnub-stop calling my lawyer
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:13pm BSI:

aahh, sweet porcelain gas chimp, your brain is in my hands now...
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:13pm Parq:

Bryce, I was just about to say, who says this necessarily is heading somewhere?
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:13pm bryce:

i'm microwaving your lawyer
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:15pm GP:

Its lunch time..BRB
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:16pm fugnub:

Jed lawyer = toast
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:17pm Jed:

I'm microwaving my bush
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:19pm texas scott:

HOT bush...coming thru!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:20pm fcc lawyer:

that's patently offensive
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:22pm FCC:

We used to *like* Bush. Not any more!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:26pm Nudge:

I like Bush. Know wo'a'mean? Eh? Eh?
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:29pm ilieK:

BRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYCE! Where's the flaming hula hoop when we need it?!
Let's play firefighter! I be the fire fighter, you can be the dalmation!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:31pm steewS ylraeP:

New trend?
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:32pm CCF:

.em loof ot yrt t'noD
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:32pm BSI:

What in dalmation is going on in here?
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:34pm PMS:

We're on the raga. Don't bug us.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:34pm nitsaebsiK:

!tnaw I tahw od I !CCF ,uoy kcuF
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:36pm Pissed off WFMU Fan:

Can you guys play something else besides this Hindi crap please. Its sounds like a damn 7-11 at my desk
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:36pm BSI:

Whatchu tabla bout, Willis?
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:37pm bryce:

perhaps you could go fuck yourself!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:38pm Bad Ronald:

Why, that's a splendid idea!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:38pm that last guy was really Joe Biden:

You need to have an Indian accent to go into a 7-11 ( <--- a true Joe Biden soundite)
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:39pm Jimmy Safechuck:

You put the ass in Assamese.
Don't be a hater.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:39pm bryce:

i'm pantsless myself.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:39pm nitsaebsiK:

  Fri. 5/8/09 12:40pm texas scott:

what a pissed off turd!
now this show is headed somewhere,Byrce!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:40pm Perky Tweets:

I was wiki-ing(?) Twinkies a moment ago. There is no heaven right now.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:40pm Jed:

Bryce, I have that guy. I know his inner yearnings, I know what keeps him up. No sweat, I'll meld in the meld with the geld held
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:40pm bryce:

hey, youuuu!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:41pm Jimmy Safechuck:

Love the show, Bryce.
What's with trolls harshing the mellow?
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:41pm DJ Mama:

Please don't offer my God a peanut. Please be gone from my store and thank you come again!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:42pm Pearly Sweets:

Bad Ronald, I failed to supply you with a finished retort today. I apologize. We've been swamped at work, which has infected all aspects of my play time. Today is the last day, though!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:43pm Pissed off WFMU Fan:

You people are posers you at like you really listen to this music on you spare time like it is the greatest there is, when really your playing the music as a joke. You people can BLOW ME
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:43pm Jed:

When does Ted Danson make an appearance?
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:44pm J-Mar:

Aside from having a truly mind-blowing voice, I have to say that Parween Sultana also has a really awesome name.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:44pm Ravi:

Each raga has a mood -- a rasa. or savor, to use the Sanskrit term from the Natyashastra. May the mood be with you.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:44pm naM ehT:

What are you doing out of school, young lady?
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:44pm Tad Janston:

Did someone cal... oh... nevermind. This always fucking happens!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:44pm Bad Ronald:

Pearly, sorry to hear that. I was psyched...

I can wait another week but now you've upped the ante!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:46pm bryce:

come down here, so i can blow you!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:46pm Pearly Sweets:

I have my vocal sample snippits finished and the synth work down. I just need to tweek around, maybe add a pulse to it. I am trying to give it the feel of a track that you might hear on a bryce show. Which, considering I usually like to record dense/packed and at 120 bpm is proving to be a fun challenge.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:47pm ilieK:

I'm such a celeb now that I'm on Home Instruction. Just like Britney! And Miley! and... that abe lincoln guy with the big hat. He learnt on a big piece a slate and he became a big celebrity!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:48pm Bad Ronald:

Sounds excellent, do you have a working title?
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:48pm Ha!:

Cute points, Keili Teaser...
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:48pm Pearly Sweets:

I heard that Abe fellow is totally into steampunk now. Oh how celebrity changes a person...
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:48pm Jed:

I have him. I went to school for this.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:48pm texas scott:

now Bryce,do you really want to do that?
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:49pm Pearly Sweets:

Not yet. I was trying to think of a good acronym for B.R.Y.C.E., but by the time I am finished with work my writing brain has just about had enough. So nothing in stone yet. If anyone has any ideas, however, I’d love to hear them.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:50pm Bad Ronald:

Well alright Keili. Maybe you'll end up on a penny too!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:51pm ilieK:

Bryce! Don't be that girl!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:51pm Jed:

Bilbo Raggins, Yes! Church eggs...
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:51pm texas scott:

i got a loaded blow-gun if you need it.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:52pm Bad Ronald:

Bad Ronald You Crumble Easily
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:52pm B R Y C E:

But Ragas Yield Comments Excitement!!!!!!!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:53pm Parq:

New Yorker cartoon for Miss K. Parents sitting in front of TV in spacious living room. Way over on one side, row of folding chairs, empty except for one. Boy sits there, suit, hair combed nicely. Mom looks over shoulder, offers him "another soda". Caption: "Johnny attends his home-school prom."
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:53pm illieK:

Blowing Yuppie Commenters Eternally!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:54pm annie:

i love that cartoon parq....
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:54pm Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

Bryce, I hoping you don't mean what you said to that DOUCHE NOZZLE
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:54pm Pearly Sweets:

Hahaha yes to all of the above!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:55pm dc pat:

Bowling Rewards Your Cluttered Ego
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:56pm Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

If they doesn't like the music, they can change the DAMN station, instead of being a Douche
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:56pm Marshall Stacks:

Rock'n'Roll Home School!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:56pm KEILI:

My lil' Bro is off limits people! He's the shit and he has madd hot toddler chicks runnin' after him at pre-school! Anarchy in the PRE-K!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:56pm annie:

ok, how do you know this listener is really pissed off? maybe s/he doesn't know about the <s> addition..... huh?? maybe it's really kenny g tugging your chains!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:57pm Marshall Stacks:

Freddy, does W.O.P.S. even *sell* douche nozzles anymore?
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:58pm BSI:

Bowel Rotation Yields Critical Enzymes.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:58pm Aamir Khant:

This is pretty good, but I've hit better high notes. Does anyone have some Pepto Bismol? Thanking you all most kindly.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:58pm bryce:

i am NOT blowing kenny g.
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:58pm texas scott:

But Really,Yes,Cantered Everyone!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:58pm Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

Just got some back in stock Marshall Stacks
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:58pm ilieK:

Johnny is singing, "What's gonna work? Team Work!" I think we should all take a lesson from him!
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:59pm Disappointed:

would make good audio.............
  Fri. 5/8/09 12:59pm BSI:

good point.
my first thought was, hell, this is Bryce having some kind of un-medicated external dialogue thingie.... not impossible?
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:00pm Freddy:

I'm sorry if any of the words I used offended anyone.
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:00pm annie:

i tend to take all these comments at face value.. you never know who is who...
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:01pm Bad Ronald:

Wha-wait "hot toddler chicks"???
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:02pm Ike:

Nah, BSI, Bryce would insult himself more cleverly than THAT.
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:03pm Freddy:

I just don't want to offend
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:04pm FCC:

Dear Mr. WOPS,

Do NOT say "nozzle" again. Thank you for your cooperation.
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:05pm Parq:

Keili, I always tell little brothers of girls, "be nice to big sister, one day you might want to date her friends." In your case, I'll make it "be nice to your little brother's girlfriends, one day you may want to borrow clothes from them."
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:06pm BSI:

Hot toddler nozzles? eh?
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:06pm ilieK:

Naaaah, cuz when they're 16, I'll be 30.
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:07pm Quagmire:

When do we get to borrow girls' clothes? I'm there. Giggity...
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:09pm ilieK:

Would you TALK already!?! I have to go clean my room!
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:10pm BSI:

I'm just living for the next throat-clearing... this is fully awesome.
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:12pm annie:

bryce, i love you, but i really have to go now and participate in another part of my day...
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:13pm Bad Ronald:

Hey, this guy sounds like he's getting blown!
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:14pm dc pat:

BR: lot of blowin' going on today I guess. Can I get blown?
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:15pm Bad Ronald:

Yes - free head for all!!!
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:16pm Kansas:

All we are is dust in the wind.

So, yeah.
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:25pm Dylan:

Everybody must get blown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:26pm Bad Ronald:

I had a blow me sandwich for lunch.
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:26pm Don McLean:

Tell Andy B. I at least need a dick autograph
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:35pm Playlist Predictor:

Next up:

Aalihn Khuk, "Cheekahn Teekah Masala"
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:37pm J-Mar:

OK, correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think that the rasa for any one of these ragas involves oral sex.
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:38pm bryce:

a picture says a thousand words...

  Fri. 5/8/09 1:38pm Bad Ronald:

No, aural sects.
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:39pm J-Mar:

well, blow me down!
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:40pm dc pat:

  Fri. 5/8/09 1:41pm texas scott:

oh,the Bhayānakam of it all!

good show,old chap!
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:41pm Vatsyayana:

Check the Kamasutra before making definitive statements. :-) Ancient civilisation = ancient perv traditions.
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:43pm dc pat:

  Fri. 5/8/09 1:44pm dc pat:

say, where'd all the women on this comment board go?
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:46pm Jed:

Freakish thing-my intestines just won a Grammy
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:46pm Marshall Stacks:

They, er, blew away.
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:47pm bryce:

don't be scared, ts, i've got balloons!

wait, i just scared myself.
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:47pm Bad Ronald:

wicked tabla playing!
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:48pm bryce:

hahaaaa, yeah no kidding, mr. stacks!
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:48pm Pearly Sweets:

  Fri. 5/8/09 1:50pm texas scott:

yea! balloons!
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:51pm Where did they go, Pat?:

Three words: Ladies who lunch.

Hi, Pearly!
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:52pm Bad Ronald:

Yeah, Pearly's representing.
  Fri. 5/8/09 1:58pm Pearly Sweets:

Hey! Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:00pm GP:

mmmm, droney
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:02pm BSI:

speaking of which,
still eagerly awaiting my DRONE ZONE swag item........
...it would be like a portable Bryce infusion. Better 'n a colonic irrigation.
One MUST get irrigated, must not one?
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:08pm Pearly Sweets:

Bryce always gets the EBS test....Lucky!
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:09pm EAS:

I can drone with the best of em! WATCH OUT, I'm baddd, and I'm up in ya house!!!
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:09pm GP:

BSI, Stingys working there today from what I hear, puttin stuff in the mail as I type.
Got my T-shirt and sticker the other day.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:11pm bryce:

BSI, premiums are still being burned and stuffed, by bloody-fingered chumps with low self-esteem!
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:11pm Chris:

WIsh I hadn't settled for Subway, which was awful, cause now I'm really hungry for a nice curry or something.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:14pm bryce:

i'm gonna bottle you, EAS. you better sleep with your lights off.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:16pm BSI:

Burned and stuffed by bloody chumps! Righteous!

and hell yes, chris....... after this show, I'm envisioning a prawn vindaloo w/onion kulcha & lassi......
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:16pm Not a Paid Endorsement:

Psst, Chris -- Jackson Diner, all you can eat Indian buffet, tomorrow afternoon...
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:19pm Ike:

Jackson Diner? No way, that lost its luster a decade ago and is coasting on reputation.

Some chowhounds are currently saying that the best Indian restaurant in NYC or maybe even in the U.S. is Southern Spice, at 143-06 45th Ave. in Flushing. There's a lot of amazing food in Flushing, but damn, that's a long way out in Queens. Unfortunately Indian restaurants often decline in quality VERY quickly (so say my Indian co-workers). This makes these places confounding: Even if it was really good a few months ago, it may not be good anymore, so older reports are utterly useless.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:20pm Chris:

Sigh, now you tell me.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:21pm Pondering...:

What about people who want to eat rather than long for somewhere good?
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:21pm BSI:

I'm one of those DC scumbags, (ergo, Jackson Diner a bit out of reach), but I'll take a bad curry over a good anything-else, any time...
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:23pm Ike:

I admit that BSI has a good point.

BSI, have you been to Thai Square in Arlington? Or Sakulthai?
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:23pm cecile:

hola, this has been great shii to trip in and out of percoset fog in...
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:25pm Chris:

Thai Crossing on Fla Ave is the nexus of Thai food in DC. But call ahead, there are eight seats and every order takes 45 min. Trust me, it's worth it.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:25pm bryce:

hahaaa!! :)

how you makin' out, cecile??
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:25pm Melissa:

this has been an incredible show today. amazing music. Just what I'm in th e mood for.... thanks
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:26pm bryce:

thanks, melissa! hooray for good timing!
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:26pm Ike:

Pondering, you have a point, but I'm not afraid of the #7 train -- are you?
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:27pm It's China Horning In For A Sec:

Hey, Percosettian -- Is that Shii? or Chi?
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:27pm Ike:

This music is audio percocet.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:28pm BSI:

I don't get to Arlington/NoVa too much (esp.with the demise of Orpheus Records), but we've got a new curry source in my 'hood (Fusion, Georgia Ave between Petworth & Columbia Heights) -- Bombay Bistro in Rockville MD also good for suburban wilderness trekkin'...
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:30pm Pondering...:

7 train to the end was my first ever teaching gig, in 1986. I was pondering that the approvable Indian food seemed to recede into the irretrievable past even as one read about it, and that when it comes to actual "eating food" (as opposed to discussable food), something passable is probably better than an inaccessible ideal.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:31pm Chris:

Bombay Bistro is as good as anything in the area. Go for the buffet, it's a great deal. In thre realm of nonfood, really nice show today.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:32pm dc pat:

Indique in Cleveland Park. It's upscale Indian food though but really good.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:35pm bryce:

thanks a lot, chris! wish y'all could be around for the all-nighter tomorrow. it's really lovely.

hey ike, ever made it out to edison, nj? went to a place called Moghul with donna a ways back....it was quite special, wow.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:38pm Pearly Sweets:

All of this food talk makes me want to go to mr. yum yum's tummy tum shack.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:39pm and with the show:

coming to a close,he whirled his hoveround towards the door and burnt rubber,shouting'ADIOS,mother fuckers!
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:41pm BSI:

onion kulcha.... onion kulcha...
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:43pm Ike:

Bryce, I haven't had a chance to get to Moghul yet. It's on the list.

BSI, last time I went to Thai Square, it was awesome. Worth a trek.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:43pm Porky Beets:

I had some sugarsnaps for lunch today and I think I want round two for dinner. They hit the spot with a mighty jab jab, duck, jab, straight, jab, dodge, block, dodge, jab, homosexual, jab, uppercut, jab, jab, ja....
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:46pm Gay Pea:

Not to be confused with GP, but thanks for the props Porky!
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:46pm Ike:

Pondering, yes, I'm impractical and idealistic. I'd usually rather make my own food than pay for mediocre or decent-to-goodish food. If I go out, I want it GREAT. Unless I have really good company.

One example of killer culinary greatness: Kamil's in Clifton. That is some *outstanding* Lebanese/Turkish food. I want to find the Indian version of that place and not just settle for E. 6th St.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:48pm BSI:

Thanks Ike....
I'm always up for a good Thai. I work downtown-ish, within lunching range of Thai Tanic on 14th, which may not be awesome, but it serves the craving... Thai Square is next.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:49pm Chris:

BSI, also head for Nava in Wheaton. Pretty darn good and supposedly pretty authentic.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:55pm Poorly Lit Streets:

I love Indian DnB.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:58pm BSI:

Of course now it's time to watch a wretchedly awesome, over-the-top Bollywood from the early '70s. ... Jai Santoshi Maa or Don or something (two very different examples) -- very inspirational show, Bryce. You've planned my whole weekend for me.
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:58pm bryce:

yall: seeyall
  Fri. 5/8/09 2:59pm Marshall Stacks:

Is this the same Satyajit Ray that directed the Apu Trilogy?
Seems unlikely, but I thought I'd ask.
  Fri. 5/8/09 3:00pm Marshall Stacks:

I guess it is.
  Fri. 5/8/09 3:00pm late:

Bad Ronald's Yodeling Coach Escaped, Blame Rowdy Yiddish Carpet Elves, Butter Rum Yogurt Cures Edema
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