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Keilidh [kay-lee] (n.) 1. Gaelic word for a musical gathering in celebration.

Beastin' [bee-stihn] (ger., adj.) 1. An unnecessarily extreme reaction. 2. Pwning everyone at video games. 3. Tearin' up some pussy. 4. Really, really, REALLY cool.

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Options May 1, 2009: Fill-In for Hotrod

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Artist Track Album Label Comments
Pink Floyd  Pigs On The Wing (Part 1)   Options Animals     
Beatles  Piggies   Options Anthology     
Mudhoney  Touch Me I'm Sick   Options March To Fuzz     
PJ Harvey  Reeling   Options B-Sides     
Bikini Kill  This Is Not A Test   Options Pussy Whipped     
Hole  Pretty On The Inside-Clouds   Options Pretty On The Inside     
Music behind DJ:
Lady Gaga  Money Honey   Options      
Menya  We're In The Suburbs   Options The Ol' Reach-Around     
Height  The Woods   Options      
Woodhands  Dancer   Options      
Muggabears  Busted Lip   Options      
Devin KKenny and Annual Doh  Soup   Options KKITES (summer mixtape)     
Daily Bread  If You Kiss The Police Man You'll Get Your Bike Back   Options      
Double Up Remix  Shifty Shaan (and Annual Doh)   Options KKITES (summer mixtape)     
Sigmund Droid  Liverpool Sluts   Options      
Best Fwends  Knute Rockne   Options      
Michael Jordan  Lungs   Options      
Human Host  Bathtub Blast   Options      
Gelatine  Let's Go Home   Options      
Height with Friends  Beastin the Airwaves! with Keili Jingle LIVE   Options The BEASTIEST of 2008!     
Knyfe Hyts  Smoke The Milk   Options Sword of the Lord     
Ponytail  Celebrate the Body Electric   Options Ice Cream Spiritual     
The Moi Non Plus  Ha Ha Ha   Options The Moi Non Plus // The BEASTIEST of 2008!  Subbacultcha!   
Best Fwends  House Ghost   Options      
Bonne Aparte  Come to Rest   Options   Wham! Wham! Records   
Bat Attack!  Brown Paper   Options      
Thee 50s High Teens  Don't Break My Heart   Options Punch De Beat  Tokyo No Records   
Kate Ferencz  Michael May vs. A-OK   Options One Of These Songs Is About You     
Best Friends Forever  Twins In Love   Options      
LeRug  Harold Camping   Options Sex Reduction Flower  OMAD   
Asa Ransom  Man With Tuba and Wife   Options      
Bonnie Baxter  One To Change   Options When You Are Hollow     
Dawa Riley  That Really Hurt   Options      
These Are Powers  Cockles   Options taro tarot     
Adept  Get Lo   Options   Wham! Wham! Records   
Starscream  Equinoctial   Options Fade to Fall Compilation     
Magnolia  We're Not Really Sure   Options      
Bikini Kill  Hamster Baby   Options Pussy Whipped     
Tiny Masters of Today  Hologram World   Options      
Marnie Stern  Vibrational Match   Options      
AIDS Wolf  Letter to Al Johnson   Options      
Lightning Bolt  2 Towers   Options Wonderful Rainbow     
the Hives  B Is For Brutus   Options Tyrannosaurus Hives     
Pink Floyd  Pigs On the Wing (Part 2)   Options      

Listener comments!

  Fri. 5/1/09 6:23am owen:

good morning. the link to the playlist isnt showing up on the wfmu front-page?

hope you enjoy your swearing.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:25am snstrdxtr:

good morning Keili and fellow listeners and greetings from grand rapids MI .... in like a lion today Keili , i like it
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:25am Keili:

Oh, that's weird..I don't know why...

and THANK YOU I will!
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:26am Keili:

Like a breath of fresh air in spring.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:28am tombom:

quoting somebody quoting somebody else about playlist not on main page

"DJ Bryce once left these instructions when a similar thing happened to another DJ - must to click "change playlist info," and "live show" - hope that helps."
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:29am Keili:

TOMBOM you are my saviour!! You rule!

I'm so happy to see you here!
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:30am Staubgold:

Morning everyone. Another great Friday morning :-)
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:32am Keili:

Is the link showing now?
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:32am owen:

  Fri. 5/1/09 6:33am tombom:

  Fri. 5/1/09 6:33am Keili:

  Fri. 5/1/09 6:35am Keili:

You all need to have pseudonyms. Once I see names, I get attached.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:44am Keili:

Maybe that came on too strong.... :P
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:46am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

That song opened my eyes up here at work! LOL!
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:49am Staubgold:

Staubgold isn't my real name ;-)
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:51am "owen":

it's ok. my name is secretly dave. OR IS IT?...
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:52am Keili:

Owen wins. or dave...whatever your name is.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:52am H Krinkle:

I am enjoying your show very much this morning, K Rock.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:52am snstrdxtr:

sinisterdexter aint my name ... its Adam ...... oops .... hey we know yer name
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:53am Keili:

ALF! I'm glad you like it!! Means a lot coming from you.
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:53am joshua k:

oh hey. its a keili
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:53am Maestroso:

G'morning Keili! Finally get to hear your show in real time! G'morning too to HotRod if she's out there somewhere...
  Fri. 5/1/09 6:55am Keili:

HEY JOSHUA K! I just decided to change my name to K Joshua.

Woah, hey Maestroso. Yeah, I'm pretty excited to be alive during my own show, as well.
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:04am Joshua K:

Ever listen to YMCK?
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:05am Keili:

No, what's that?
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:06am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Japanese Rock?! That brings back memories when I was in Okinawa
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:07am Joshua K:

Japanese 8-bit group, maybe you will like: http://www.ymck.net/
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:07am Keili:

I just got back from Japan!
But I didn't go to Okinawa, heard it's really beautiful. But really different. How was it?
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:08am Keili:

Joshua, that sounds awesome! Two of my favorite things!
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:09am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

I was there for three years. Didn't want to leave. It's somewhat like Hawaii but better in my opinion.
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:13am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

You meant to say "WHAT......THE .......FRAK??!!"
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:19am Keili:

OMG ME TOO. I cried when I got home, literally.
Yeah, that's what I thought it might be like from description.
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:22am pauldepiperssonintheberlinbubble:

wow im 2.25 times older then you and am still young;). went to the nymag article your mom recommended. good work. i djed for a pirate radio station in dublin, ireland, with an anarcho liberalist agenda. It was great. we were called radioactive. you were 3 then. I live in berlin now and still dj and make music. Once it hits you it never leaves you and ruins your life, in a good way;)
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:27am Keili:

Oh, good, I love ruining my life in a good way. Nothing better.
Thanks for this message, it's always nice to connect with the audience. That's what's awesome about WFMU, it's really connecting us all. And it actually feels human, not like those robotic commercial stations.
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:27am Parq:

G'morning, Miss K, a nifty surprise to find you on the puter stream this AM. And don't worry, "Parq" isn't my real name.
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:29am Keili:

Goodmorning, "PARQ." I think your fake name is a nifty suprise.
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:32am snstrdxtr:

i like that knife hits ..... looking forward to the live show
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:33am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

The one thing that was cool about Okinawa was that guns weren't allowed on the island. The only people who have guns is the U.S. military. Also, you wouldn't have to worry about people stealing your car, because where are you going to take a car on a island which is only 100 miles long and 75 miles wide?
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:35am daniel:

why am i not awake earlier onmondays...
i like this show.
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:40am Keili:

Cool, love that world over there in Japan. Except for the schools. They have a maddd strict education system.

So, did you get a job there? What's it like actually living there, 'cause I was just on a luxury vacation and stuff so it seemed like THE LIFE.

  Fri. 5/1/09 7:40am snstrdxtr:

ah.. with a "Y" oops
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:41am Keili:

Hahaha it's alright, common mistake.
I'm glad you liked it!
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:44am Keili:

oh, and here's some more Japanese 50s rock for you, ALF
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:48am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

I was in the U.S. Air Force stationed at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa. Did you know that you can tell what grade the girls were in by the length of their skirt?
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:50am Keili:

oh, wow.

NO WAY! I thought that girls always mess with their skirt...I guess not...

I just love the kindergarten and all those younger grades' uniforms! So adorable! I would get up in the morning and just see a bunch of yellow or blue hats and red backpacks marching like little chicks.
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:50am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Most clubs and bars over there stayed opened throughout the night over there, unlike here in the States where most places closed at 2am.
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:52am PLJ:

U rock K! Best show EVAHHH - Papa, Lulu, Johnny
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:53am Keili:

  Fri. 5/1/09 7:53am pauldepiperssonintheberlinbubble:

nice stuff. are all these bands doing young person shows. they all sound great. anyway i emailed you some links to some of my own experimental dj mixes. enjoy. i think my sister pauladepipersdaughterinthelondonlabyrinth is going to be in touch shortly. bye bye
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:54am PLJ:

We {heart} U
  Fri. 5/1/09 7:59am Keili:

  Fri. 5/1/09 8:00am jen v:

how nice it is to hear you at this hour, keili! you are the best.
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:01am Keili:

oh, Jen, you're the best-er-est
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:02am PLJ:

best-er-est = beast-i-est
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:04am Keili:

now, why didn't I think of that....
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:05am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Does anybody know who plays Heavy Metal music on WFMU?
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:06am PLJ:

Cuz yer busy playin music and what not.
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:06am jen v:

ALF -- diane kamikaze usually plays some metal on her show.
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:07am Lemmy:

Define "heavy metal"...
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:07am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Thanks Jen!
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:12am Guerrilla Lou:

Good Morning Keili! Awesome picks so far!
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:13am Keili:

  Fri. 5/1/09 8:15am Bad Ronald:

Morning folks, diggin' the show!
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:17am DJ Mama:

Home safe and listening. Don't forget your super special ending song! (always being a mom)
It's fun to be a listener, not a helper, for once! Although I love helping with your show.
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:18am DJ Mama:

I think I love Adept best.
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:24am Parq:

Alf, Prof. Dum Dum on Sundays at midnight.
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:31am DJ Mama:

Johnny wants you to give him a call now.
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:41am Lurlene:

Hey Keili! Luvin' the show today! So glad I discovered your show! Definitely gonna listen tomorrow night for Knyfe Hyts.
Is there somewhere we can find out who some of your future guests will be?
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:43am Keili:

Yeah, you can check out my show myspace:
I also have my blog up there, and I list all my upcomings!
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:47am Guerrilla Lou:

  Fri. 5/1/09 8:53am Maestroso:

Wow, really energetic stuff; sure is keeping me alert. So this is how you stay awake during your late nighter.
Great show, Keili!
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:56am Keili:

thank youuu! Keep beastin' everybody!
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:57am "owen":

hey, fun show keili. will try to tune in to the regular slot in the future.
  Fri. 5/1/09 8:57am tombom:

great show!
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