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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options April 24, 2009

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Artist Track
Darius Dolat-Shahi  Zahab   Options
Darius Dolat-Shahi  Razm   Options
Åke Hodell  220 Volt Buddha   Options
Eliane Radigue  Kyema   Options
Tom Dissevelt  Ignition   Options
Bernard Parmegiani  La Roue Ferris   Options
Daphne Oram  Four Aspects   Options
Leo Kupper  Automatismes Sonores   Options
Erkki Kurenniemi  Sähkösoittimen Ääniä #4   Options
Curd Duca  Nervous   Options
Ryoji Ikeda  Headphonics   Options
Ø  Vastus   Options
Laurie Spiegel  Drums   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 4/24/09 12:03pm bryce:

don't even
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:03pm Jed:

Hello, my finger is stuck in the door.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:04pm BSI:

i wouldn't.
i mean..... i don't think i would...
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:04pm dc patpunk:

hi, bye.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:04pm The Man:

Just make sure you at least play all the notes. you want to. happy friday...
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:04pm bryce:

what kind of door?
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:05pm Devin:

Oh no you didn't.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:05pm Jed:

Hello, I've gotten me finger stuck in your door. Please open.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:06pm Parq:

Bryce, I'm thinkin' the kind that closes on fingers.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:06pm Glenn L:

I am a model of defficiency.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:06pm Harry:

  Fri. 4/24/09 12:07pm Carmichael:

Good day, Bryce. Good day, fellow listeners. Let's listen some more, shall we?
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:07pm Jed:

Open door. Are you deaf?
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:07pm BSI:

Pardon me, I've gotten me tentacles stuck in your doors of perception. Kindly open that third eye over there...?
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:07pm annie:

i'll be over there in the kitchen making cookies. be good, now. bryce, you know what to do.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:07pm Pearly Sweets:

A meeting ate the first ten minutes of bryce's show. How uncouth!
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:08pm HAL:

I'm afraid I can't do that, Jed.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:09pm Jed:

  Fri. 4/24/09 12:09pm bryce:

it's not a door, dig?
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:10pm Devin:

muh ha ha
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:10pm Jed:

Phew. Thanks Bryce. That was close. I may be able to save it. Can you play the theme music to that dream I had the other night?
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:10pm HAL:

Gran-ny....Gran-ny, give some solvent do,
Jed's...half...craa-zy...stuck in a dooor..of glue..
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:11pm Y O D A:

Door is maybe only in your mind
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:11pm Jed:

I have a vegetable. Sitting on my porch. The sunlight burns it. Burn, motherfucker, burn.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:13pm Cecile:

Bryce, are you wearing Scott's scalp yet?
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:13pm BSI:

Jeezus, who ISN'T wearing Scott's scalp these days?
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:13pm Frank Zappa:

Scald any vegetable..!
Scald any vegetable..!
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:16pm bryce:

not yet, cecile. got here a little late.

i'll be using a BRC.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:18pm Cecile:

  Fri. 4/24/09 12:19pm Doug from DC:

If the doors of perception were cleaned, every thing would appear to man as it is, hopelessly confusing.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:21pm bryce:

  Fri. 4/24/09 12:22pm jk:

For you magnetic collectors, Smithsonian Folkways is selling cassettes of this piece on their website:
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:23pm still b/p:

If the doors of perception were a double set, one would always have a handwritten sign saying "Use other door."
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:23pm Nietzsche:

I slapped a restraining order on Morrison's estate. That bastard owes me some dough.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:23pm BSI:

My own personal doors of perception are revolving doors. And they spin at quite an alarming rate. Watch them fingers! Thousands have died trying to obtain these doors.

Those who survive are left weeping with their WBAI BRCs...
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:24pm Pearly Sweets:

Did stingy show up to serve you today, Bryce? He made such big promises yesterday.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:25pm bryce:

i'll find him. here or no.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:26pm Dude from Last of the Mohicans:

I will find you!
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:26pm ?:

I once called WBAI in the middle of the night and said "Fuck" on the air and got a big thrill out of it. They had no 7 second delay. I was about 12. That's why God hates me.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:27pm Jed:

sorry, I meant Bryce hates me.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:27pm bryce:

dude— god does NOT listen to bai.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:28pm Devin:

Hey Bryce,

"My CD's never skip...."
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:28pm Pearly Sweets:

God just puts on his Cherry Poppin Daddies greatest hits mix and drives.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:29pm Doug from DC:

If the floors of perception were waxed, I would slip on them.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:31pm BSI:

the Floors of Conception are really sticky for some reason...
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:31pm God:

Guys, I just really dig Thin Lizzy. They are all that.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:31pm Doug from DC:

God listens to Slayer, don't you read the billboards?
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:32pm Pearly Sweets:

Floors of Conception = GNFAB
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:32pm Pearly Sweets:

God is totally rockabilly swing.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:32pm Satan:

Yeah, Jailbreak is one album that God and I agree on.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:33pm Cecile:

what does GNFAB mean?
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:33pm God:

Satan and I also really like the Stooges' "Funhouse"
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:35pm Jed (The Other Kind):

hey do you deliver? I'd like a friend egg & Taylor ham sandwich
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:35pm G.:

great name for a band
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:35pm Marshall Stacks:

GNFAB = great name for a band

I'm still wondering what BRC means. Bryce Radio College?
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:37pm drunk right now:

shores of contraception
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:38pm Pearly Sweets:

Bryce Rarely Cries.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:39pm Pearly Sweets:

But he does eat tears.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:39pm God:

But my main sticking point with Satan is the p.o.s. Dodge Charger he drives. I've had my Firebird 3-speed Hurst forever, and it will always kick ass.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:40pm Cecile:

I LOVE that acronym
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:41pm Jed (The Rich Kind):

I can buy and sell you. On the phone if I want. Speaker phone.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:44pm Doug from DC:

BRC, in connection with WBAI? Could be bylaw revision committee or black rock coalition.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:45pm Phil Lynott:

It's little known, but now I sit at the Creator's right hand.

I like Bad Reputation a little better, but who am I to argue?
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:45pm Pearly Sweets:

BRC is what Juan Atkins has in spades... Booty Room Control!
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:48pm Carmichael:

Phil! Thanks for posting. So you knocked Gabriel right out of the box, did ya. Well, fair play to ye.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:48pm Doug from DC:

It could be bra-removal confusion, or bath room call.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:50pm Starman:

Hey did the WFMU tower fall like the stock market, because all that's playing on my radio is some tone.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:50pm Bad Ronald:

Bad Ronald Contingency!
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:50pm Jed (The Other Kind of Rich Kind):

There's little piles of stuff in the street!
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:52pm Starman:

Seriously is there something wrong with the station
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:53pm G:

Sink into it, Stardude :-)
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:53pm jk:

great show today Bryce
it's exactly what I needed
gotta run thought
thanks very much
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:54pm Doug from DC:

Don't listen to them, Bryce. The Eliane Radigue track is realigning my chakras.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:55pm bryce:

thanks, jk! have a good week!!
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:55pm Ike:


At first I thought the previous track was Å but it turned out to be Åke Hodell.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:55pm Phil Lynott:

Thanks, Carmichael, and a tip of my pint to you.
There are no tears in heaven, that old dolt Eric Clapton was right, but contrary to popular belief, there are beers.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:55pm Starman:

It might be realigning your chakras, but its throwing mine out of wack. My fricken dog is going crazy
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:56pm Tears for Beers:

Don't get maudlin, though...
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:57pm Starman:

This tone is killing my dog
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:58pm Starman:

Rest In Peace Starpooch
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:58pm G:

It's the same exact noise the Crab Nebula makes when vibrating in harmony with the Milky Way. Music of the spheres!!! Check page 598247A in your star chart footnotes, Starguy :-)
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:59pm bryce:

bad news for starpooch: the other side sounds like this in quad.
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:59pm dc p:

beer rejoice club
  Fri. 4/24/09 12:59pm Carmichael:

I wish you could come see us, Starman. But you know you'd blow our minds.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:01pm Starman:

I'd like to come and see you all Carmichael
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:02pm dc p:

speaking of vibrations and tones, I heard this npr piece years ago about a guy who tuned his rooms--went around making sure all the hums from frigs etc. were in harmony with each other in each room so there would be no sub-consciously annoying discord...been meaning to do that for years.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:02pm FotC Bowie:

Doesn't that blow your mind Bryce?
It's freaky!
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:04pm Quorinex T. Zyphogliac:

Let all the children boogie.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:08pm Chris:

  Fri. 4/24/09 1:09pm texas scott:

this track mixes great with the buddha box,unlike that
electric buddha that had no rhythm...
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:10pm G.:

By the way, Starguy -- last.fm gives track time as 61:21 :-) ommmmmmm

I wonder if it's named for the city in Uganda...
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:10pm Carmichael:

Bryce, could you play a leafblower? Live in studio? About 1 tank of gas worth? Thanks in advance.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:10pm just a guy:

How do you tune a fridge?
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:11pm just a guy:

How long do you keep tuna in the fridge?
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:11pm Carmichael:

Here come the rimshots ....
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:12pm G.:

It's easier, really to tune a fish. What is the sound of one track playing? ommmmmm
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:13pm Chris:

You can tune a piano but you can' t tunafish
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:14pm texas scott:

i would like a tuna piano...
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:14pm stingy d:

hey sorry bryce, i got called in to work today. so you can't harass me and make me feel uncomfortable.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:15pm G:

That stinks
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:15pm bartelby:

can you tune a seafood combo?
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:16pm G:

Stingy, that's why he put this on. For YOU <3 how sweet
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:16pm Parq:

Aw man, D, I was looking forward to hearing about you-- maybe even hearing you-- on the air.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:17pm bryce:

hahaa! scott is literally standing in front of me right now, saying "don't know what happened to stingy."

i'm pounding my fists and screaming "MOTHERFUCKER" in scott's face.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:18pm Doug from DC:

Can you tuna salad?
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:18pm Devin:

What's the total time of this track? I've lost all percection of time and space. I like it.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:18pm GP:

Stingy, should we call your work to get you excused so you can go to the station?
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:18pm Chris:

Sorry Charlie
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:18pm texas scott:

i can mash potato
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:19pm G.:

61:21 quoth last.fm
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:20pm Watch me now!:

Can you do the twist? Come on, tell me baby -- do you like it like this?
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:20pm Devin:

Thanks G.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:20pm Doug from DC:

Let all the children mash potato.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:20pm stingy d:

yea last night at about 3:30 my boss was like... hey you gotta work i gotta go do a photo shoot. and den i set, dag sdupit, you gets to pay me up front then. and he set, aight.

tell scott, Monday!
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:22pm stingy d:

gp - if you got the number you can call but i don't think you're in the system.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:23pm Carmichael:

My next band will be called Dag Sdupit.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:23pm bartleby:

I think that you can tuna bass in a seafood combo, if you have a pitch pipe
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:23pm GP:

Stnigy, you sure you are not still hangin out with Andrew W.K. and just fibbin us?

nah...they banned me from that phone board!
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:24pm Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:24pm GP:

Whoh...Stnigy = Stingy D.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:25pm G:

Tuna's cheat on pitch, y'know. Auto Tuna.

Kyema started what, about 40 minutes ago?
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:26pm texas scott:

...but can you smoke tuna with a pitch pipe?

that's the real question...
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:26pm bryce:

t minus 17
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:26pm stingy d:

yea andy doesn't really hang out that much. he's a total home body. i am in fact working and not fibbing.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:26pm Cecile:

40 minutes ago, 40 seconds ago, 40 decades ago, 40 years ago. It doesn't matter. All time is suspended
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:27pm Chris:

Mmmm, smoked tuna
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:27pm bryce:

is that some kind of euphemism, ts? what are you people talking about?
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:27pm G:

ty, bryce, i needed to fill in my day calendar :-)

i'm actually liking it :-)
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:28pm GP:

Cool Stingy...hope to hear ya soon.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:29pm texas scott:

bryce,there are many names for weed....tuna not being one of them,unless you live in russia.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:30pm ELO:

The music is reversible, but time is not. Turn back ... turn back ....
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:31pm texas scott:

sorry.the kyema has gotton to my head.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:31pm G:

bryce has time to comment when it's 62 minutes between cues. i would never muscue either! the hard part might be remembering which player you loaded the next track into like an hour ago... :-P
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:32pm ?:

More minilism please!

Well, that did not work out as expected...font was supposed to be really tiny..just picture it that way in your minds I.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:34pm Parq:

I read something at work today where the writer used "minimalist" to mean "minimal" -- the extra syllable makes it sound so much more professional, don't you know. Btw, I'm finding today's show very conducive to concentrated work.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:34pm Glenn L:

Less minimalism is more minimalism.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:35pm Eliane R.:

Thank you for letting me do the legal ID!
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:36pm annie:

parq, it's what makes bryce's show soooooo bryce's show.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:36pm Clueless:

Usually the EAS is shorter than this, isn't it?
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:38pm annie:

and so to the mudfield, perchance to get some onions in. later all, hope you have a great weekend. parq, safe trip!
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:38pm bryce:

see ya! :)
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:39pm Cecile:

  Fri. 4/24/09 1:39pm Carmichael:

It sounds like it's winding down rapidly to a wild close.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:39pm GP:

I AM interested in aviation....how is that known?

Bye Annie
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:39pm Michael Jackson:

don't miss the end!!!!!!!!! annie are you ok, are you ok annie?
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:40pm Pearly Sweets:

zoom zoom, up in the air, zoom.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:41pm G:

Do I detect the start of a crescendo???????
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:41pm G.:

My bad.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:43pm Pearly Sweets:

Wait... did it just end? My hum is gone?
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:43pm Chris:

Nah, that was just the tuna repeating on me.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:45pm dc pat:

there he goes again--bryce is by far thee most hilarious dj
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:48pm Pearly Sweets:

Bryce... as a comedian... when was the hardest you've ever laughed?
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:49pm bryce:

i never understand what's so funny.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:52pm Pearly Sweets:

That was also my problem with it.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:52pm dc p:

  Fri. 4/24/09 1:53pm Pearly Sweets:

I can't say I wouldn't watch it again, though
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:53pm G:

What's the track time on this one? :-) Set your alarm and take another nap. Sounds like it might help :-P

Cool show...
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:54pm Carmichael:

Bryce, could you play a pylon pounder? Live in studio? About 8 hours worth? Thanks in advance.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:56pm G:

It's part of a battle of the nonbands between him and maybe Fabio, for the bragging rights of DroneMaster Supremo.
  Fri. 4/24/09 1:59pm bryce:

fabio and i share clothes. one day, fabio will take a nap in my freezer.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:00pm Pearly Sweets:

Sounds to me, G, like you are demanding us all to take sides in this war. What happened to U-N-I-TEE-why? Why must the Brycian Soldiers march upon the Fabist Federation? Why must we wear your ears and teeth as necklaces as a badge of honor? Let’s just have some tea and have a think-in instead.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:01pm Jed:

What do you mean someday? Fabio "sleeps in your freezer" every night and the sooner you accept that the sooner you'll get better
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:01pm Cecile:

Pearly, you read my mind. As always.

Except the ears and teeth part. Dude, that was cool
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:01pm G.:

OK, just set up a cam feed for that!

I take no sides. I just want entertainment, Sounds like an FMU version of the Real World, Bryce locking Fabio in a freezer before a live audience.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:02pm Fabio with the hair:

Can I not believe it isn't butter?
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:02pm Cecile:

That sounds like a Hoof and Mouth sinfonia slot for next year!
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:03pm Pearly Sweets:

Do you really think your Holland will stand after the on-coming drone war, G?
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:07pm J-Mar:

My co-workers are curious, and perhaps a bit concerned, about the sounds coming out of my office right now. To her credit, though, my boss gets the idea that heavy-ass drones can in fact increase productivity.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:09pm still b/p:

If air college is like air guitar....man, did I play the sheee-it outa that thang for four years. Playing the air income today to prove it.

Heavy Ass Drone = G...
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:09pm Carmichael:

It sure increased mine. I got some detailed, heavy-ass legalese documents out just now.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:11pm still b/p:

..Drones, plural, that is. A foursome.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:11pm Flandrew:

there's a balloon in my noodle or this is very banoodling... either way - xcellent show bryce
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:11pm Pearly Sweets:

It allows me to write heavy ass copy at 220 bpm gabba fest.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:12pm bryce:

thanks, phlannedwrue!
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:15pm Bernoulli:

Do you know my principle?
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:15pm Carmichael:

If your 1st name is Peter, I do.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:17pm Ike:

G., re: Dronemaster Supremo, don't forget Dan Bodah. He'll pour out some thick gluey drones. He even has a drone-centric podcast (unfortunately, the last time I checked it out, the sound quality was very harsh and trebly). Still, I think Fabio might win. Bryce gets a different title, like Minister of Funny Noises, and/or Vice President of Tongue Clicks and Mouth Beeps.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:19pm Cecile:

I would love Fabio back on days, but that would mean someone I loved on days going to nights. Phooey.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:20pm Pearly Sweets:

The dart board would have to decide, Cecile.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:20pm Chris:

And of course the Dronecast.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:21pm Cecile:

I know! Or the lotto ball shuffler thing
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:23pm Carmichael:

They may have to hold a drone-off.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:24pm G. O'S.:

A Drone Again, Naturally
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:24pm Chris:

There can only be one.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:24pm stingy d:

oh bryce! i bought the golding insitute record yesterday! thanks for hipping me to it.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:25pm Pearly Sweets:

funny noises? More like artistic statements. Bryce is the music version of Dave Emory.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:26pm bryce:

competition is for lizards!

(that's why i dropped out of high school)
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:26pm Pearly Sweets:

I'd rework thursdays some ;X
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:27pm bryce:

stingy, awesome — can't believe you found that shit! brilliant

let's just all get together and rework scott.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:28pm Cecile:

the final relaxation...
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:29pm Cecile:

how? Thursday is pretty perfect - daytime is.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:31pm Cecile:

I love Scott's show.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:34pm stingy d:

i went to other music about a month ago and asked them if they could get it, and they were kinda like, "no, but we're the coolest so we'll try"... and i said, "oh ok you tall ass skinny ass fuckin record store clerk, i'll actually appreciate it if you find it, cocksucker" and then on monday, long after i had given up, this guy called me and told me they got it!
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:36pm Cecile:

that brings a tear to my eye, stinge.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:36pm Glenn L:

See what happens when you ask nicely.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:38pm stingy d:

you know what i mean tho?! i don't give a damn how half-asian you are! that not treating people normal shit is out man.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:39pm Cecile:

I know exactly what you mean
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:39pm Chris:

Sounds like Ride o fthe Valkyries? I'm picturing Robert Duvall blasting this from his helicopter.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:42pm Joe Pesci:

So, you really got somethin' from my book, Motherfuckin' Shopping Tips?
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:42pm BSI:

Just got back from a lunchbreak which went horrendously out of control due to atmospheric conditions and a prolapsed pineal gland........ what did I miss?
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:43pm GP:

Oh there are some LOW hertz in here
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:44pm Nazareth:

Love hertz.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:44pm Avis:

We try harder
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:45pm stingy d:

this is AWESOME!!!!
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:45pm Sound:

Hertz sometimes, don't it?
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:46pm Fletcher Munson:

Depends on the curve!
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:47pm Juan Melloncougarkamp:

Hertz so good...
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:48pm BSI:

only when i laugh...
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:49pm Thurman Munson:

I caught a lot of curves in my day.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:49pm Devin:

Why does it hertz when I pee?
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:49pm Mamie Van Doren:

So did I, Thurm.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:49pm Uma Thurman:

I'm carrying a few.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:50pm Pearly Sweets:

I'm guilty of usually listening to old shows about half the time on thursdays between 3 and 6. I always make sure I come back for Clay, though. He's one of my three I can't miss.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:50pm Wilt Chamberlain:

Me too, dude.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:50pm bell hop:

cecile - r u the 13th floor elevators cecule?
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:51pm Thurman Munson:

My number 15? That stood for 15Hz.
Man, that's a low pitch to catch.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:52pm Cecile:

yup - from yesterday? Yeh.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:54pm Pearly Sweets:

Daniel Blumin is quickly becoming my fourth I can't miss though... I usually can't do all of his show live. However.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:54pm bell hop:

i found a download of some early demos. today...ill see if i can find the site again
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:54pm north guinea hills:

damn, i love null set, but it's really hard to find his stuff. this is mika vaino's side project, right?
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:56pm bell hop:

cecile: http://rockrevolt.blogspot.com/2008/12/13th-floor-elevators-paradise-found.html -- cool 13thfe stuff
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:57pm Chris:

Awesome show today. I'm audi.
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:58pm bryce:

ngh, yeah yeha! mr. v

seeya chris...seeyallzyizall......
  Fri. 4/24/09 2:58pm Cecile:

I like Diane a lot, I really like metal the metal that I like and midwestern 80s punk, which she brings. We have a lot of overlap in our record collections.

bell hop, thanks!
  Fri. 4/24/09 3:01pm Cecile:

ta, bryce!
  Fri. 4/24/09 3:03pm Pearly Sweets:

I enjoy metal, but Diane's show tends to be really hit or miss with me. But in thinking who I would replace with Fabio, that's my answer. Still, I listen to her show more than I don't.
  Fri. 4/24/09 3:03pm Cecile:

that's fair enough.
  Fri. 4/24/09 3:04pm Cecile:

  Fri. 4/24/09 3:05pm Ike:

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