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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options April 17, 2009

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Artist Track Album Comments
  Orchestre de Lukeme et Chanson   Ouganda: Aux Sources du Nil   
Leewo Sitaata Sozi  Wedding Dance at Bukoloota Village   Options The King's Musicians: Royalist Music of Buganda-Uganda   
  Akasozi Bamunanika   Royal Court Music from Uganda   
  Warumbirigwe   Secular Music from Uganda   
  Lwakuba Abataka   Secular Music from Uganda   
  Musique pour la danse Muwogola   Music of the Baganda People   
  Hfaf Finien Kien Lo Lay-Nu   Burkina Faso: Savannah Rhythms   
  Gourmantché Praise Music   Burkina Faso: Rhythms of the Grasslands   
  Nya-Be And Yo Bon Maa   Burkina Faso: Rhythms of the Grasslands   
  Doohi des enfants de Soboullé   Burkina Faso: The Voice of the Fulbe   
  Doohi et Jimi Rewbe de Soboullé   Burkina Faso: The Voice of the Fulbe   
  Doohi et Jimi Rewbe de Kouyé   Burkina Faso: The Voice of the Fulbe   
  Pakapaka (a, b, c, d)   The Fulani  Benin 
  Flagellation (a, b, c, d)   The Fulani  Benin 
  Music in Praise of Oru Suru   Benin: Bariba and Somba Music   
  Ale Ile (for Egungun)   Yoruba Drums from Benin, West Africa   
  Olomelekan   Yoruba Drums from Benin, West Africa   
Haruna Ishola  Kafowo Komo Niwe   Options Yoruba Street Percussion   
Amodatu Anike  Omo Olodun   Options Yoruba Street Percussion   
  Arrivée de Tambours   Senegal: Musique des Peul ed des Tedna   
  Brass Band   Rhythms of Life, Songs of Wisdom: Akan Music from Ghana   
  Wiiks and Mpintintoa   Ghana: Ancient Ceremonies, Dance Music & Songs   
  Kassena-Nankani Festival   Ghana: Ancient Ceremonies, Dance Music & Songs   
  Nantoo Nimdi   Master Drummers of Dagbon, vol. 2  Ghana 
The LA Drivers Union Por Por Group  Aayoo Samiah, "Today I Got You!"   Options Por Por: Honk Horn Music Of Ghana   
The LA Drivers Union Por Por Group  Por Por Horn-to-Horn Fireworks   Options Por Por: Honk Horn Music Of Ghana   
  Ampampa Mewo Bi   Akom: The Art of Possession  Ghana 
  Nya Kum Dum   Akom: The Art of Possession  Ghana 
  Parago   Drums of Death  Ghana 
  Kouco Solo   West Africa: Drum Chant & Instrumental Music  Mali 
Group Doueh  Sabah Lala   Options Guitar Music from the Western Sahara   
Group Inerane  Awal September   Options Guitars from Agadez   
Tinariwen  Amassakoul 'n' Ténéré   Options Amassakoul   
Néma Mint Choueikh  A Rabeta El Housni   Options Mauretanian Music from the Trarza Region   
Ibrahima Gaya  Sourougueï   Options Touareg du Mali   
Group Bombino  Issitchilane   Options Guitars From Agadez, vol. 2   
Group Inerane  Nadan Al Kazawnin   Options Guitars from Agadez   
Lassina Coulibaly & Yan Kadi Faso  Soundjata   Options Musiques du Burkina Faso & du Mali   
  Duo De Harpes, Bolon à trois cordes   Guinea: Music of the Mandinka   
  Kontoron n'est-t-il pas venu?   Guinea: Music of the Mandinka   

Listener comments!

  Fri. 4/17/09 12:09pm Cecile:

First Comment, again?
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:10pm bryce:

sean is dead, man
miss him miss him
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:12pm John Lennon:

I buried Sean.
I mean, Cranberry Sauce.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:13pm Elliot Carlin:

how did I get here?
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:13pm Pearly Sweets:

I huff bryce to get my kicks.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:13pm Ravi Shankar:

It sure as hell wasn't me.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:14pm Pearly Sweets:

Let me take you into my nostrils!
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:15pm Bob Dylan:

It ain't me, babe.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:16pm Carmichael:

OK, well, here we are. Alrighty.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:16pm Elliot Carlin:

is this where the doctor lives?
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:17pm Bob Marley:

I shot the Seany. But I did not shoot the deputy.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:18pm Pearly Sweets:

It goes right to the brain, bouncing off of the synapses and triggering the third nostril pleasure drives. Your ears grow extra sensory hair that allows you to FEEL SOULS!
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:19pm All of those 11 guys:

I'm "The Doctor".
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:22pm Elliot Carlin:

I feel nervous. How do I know that anything you're telling me is the truth?
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:24pm Korean Abdul-Jabbar:

Elliot, I want to play you a hand drum with my arm flab.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:25pm Carmichael:

Bryce, you're co-mingling the Ugandan working classes and royalty. Chaos could result. A civil war may be at hand.

And now you're dragging the Baganda into it. Poor, innocent Baganda ...
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:25pm Parq:

Shout out to brother Scott:

" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:26pm Sean Daily:

Reports of my death have been only slightly exaggerated!

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:27pm Carmichael:

Sean, is it *across* or *through* time?
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:27pm bryce:

i listen to night ragas for lunch. fuck everyone.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:29pm Pearly Sweets:

I had night raga yesterday. I'm thinking Fa'ataupati today
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:29pm Elliot Carlin:

you people think you're so clever, but I'm genuinely looking for my group therapy session.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:30pm G.:

Thank you, Elliot. And how did that make you *feel*?
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:30pm Cecile:

hang around here, Elliot. It will serve the same purpose.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:31pm Elliot Carlin:

  Fri. 4/17/09 12:31pm Ike:

Carm, speaking of civil wars, um, how about that Thaksin Shinawatra? What's worse, billionaire egomaniacs or royalist urban elites who don't want poor people to vote?
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:32pm Carmichael:

And as you leave the session, you can talk with Jerry the Dentist.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:32pm Dr. Hartley:

Hi. I'm not a doctor. But I play one on a comments board.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:36pm Carmichael:

I don't know what to do about *the Africa problem*. From Somalia to Ethiopia to Sierra Leone to every one of those other podunk nations, it seems like there's lots of ruling without any government. If they had something worthwhile to exploit, the US would be all over that shit.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:38pm ?:

dude, this Burkina Faso stuff sucks. Play some of that awesome shite from Upper Volta.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:39pm Cecile:

now this is amazing
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:41pm Mark:

Hi Bryce... I can't help but agree with Cecil. Wonderful...
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:42pm bryce:

halloo, you disembodied sentences
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:43pm still b/p:

I'd believe I'd like to stand smack in the middle of any of these groups while they're layin' some of these vocals down. That'd F with your gyroscope...in a very good way.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:45pm Cecile:

hallloooo, bryce!
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:46pm ?:

yes. what is it, exactly, about the relationship between 3 and 2?
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:47pm 3:

I don't know what you've heard, but me and 2 are just friends.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:47pm Elliot Carlin:

Ok fine. Be that way. I hate you.

In the name of Satan, ruler of Earth, the King of the world, the Chief of the Serfs, I command the forces of darkness to bestow their infernal power upon us. Save us, Lord Satan, from the treacherous and the violent. Oh Satan, Spirit of the Earth, God of Liberty, open wide the gates of Hell and come forth from the abyss by these names
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:48pm Parq:

I dunno, ?, but 7 and 9 went out on a date, 9 invited 7 back to her place, things got a little freaky, and 7 8 9.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:48pm G.:

Was 9 a 10?
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:49pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Bryce, dude! This one of your best shows ever. Good job.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:49pm Carmichael:

You are hereby named Cecil.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:49pm pies:

we're ROUND. dig?
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:50pm Cecile:

  Fri. 4/17/09 12:50pm Sean Daily:

No, G., 6 was 9. All the hippies cut off their hair, and I didn't care. Weird, huh?
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:50pm g:

Come 7, come 11. Yeah baby, come for daddy.....
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:52pm Parq:

11? Man, things were even more wild than I thought.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:52pm still b/p:

..like tryin' to pound a square pie into a round pie-hole.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:53pm G.:

I said, this one goes to 11.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:53pm Euclid:

Pie are squared.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:54pm Ike:

This show is killer! SCREW THE PIE, I want jungle curry!

Carm, I was actually talking about Thailand and its current events. Admittedly, that's out of context w/the music we're hearing. Maybe b/c Bryce likes to talk mangosteens. I should just go to Sripraphai and get some watercress salad since the Thai food and politics are in my head, exc. that Srip. is soooo crowded these days.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:55pm Andy Griffith:

Pie are round, cornbread are square.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:55pm Korean Abdul-Jabbar:

b/p, I want to activate your hand brake with my mom.
  Fri. 4/17/09 12:57pm Carmichael:

Sorry, Ike, I must have confused my Shinawatras. He could be much much worse if he chose. At least he's not shooting anyone Tianamen Square-like.
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:01pm still b/p:

KAJ - Gimme a website with the translation key or should I just Rorschach it out...?
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:03pm Marshall Stacks:

Another great show, Bryce.

Speaking of Thai food, and leaving Thaksin aside for the moment, anyone else here like to COOK Thai food?
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:06pm Rorschach:

Dog carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach. This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"... and I'll whisper "no."
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:07pm owen:

  Fri. 4/17/09 1:08pm poison ivy rorshach:

don't eat stuff off the sidewalk
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:09pm Cecile:

Marshall, I would like to try, but really I just stick to the premade curry sauce in a jar when I do attempt it.
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:10pm dc pat:

I like cook Thai food but no good at
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:11pm rorscha what now?:

anyway, if all the "accumulated filth of their sex and murder [foams] up about their waists" serves them right. that stuff goes in the bin, not down the drain.
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:12pm Ike:

Marshall, I'm with Cecile and Pat on this one. If I can't even do as well as thousands of mediocre (but still tasty) American Thai restaurants, then I get discouraged. I slapped together some sludgy pad prikh king (spicy string beans) last night with lots of garlic, but it was a rush job with some coconutty curry sauce from a jar, spiced up with non-Thai hot sauce.

I want some round little Thai eggplants. NOW.
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:12pm Dvorak:

Sidewalk Rorschach? Suite!
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:13pm dc pat:

oh man, one of my fave Thai dishes is lightly fried eggplant in spicy garlic sauce..
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:13pm Disgraced Vince:

Sounds like a job for Shamwow, you'd have to be an idiot not to get it.

Also an idiot to haul off and bale a hooker, but that's another story.
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:13pm Mrs. Rorschach:

Rorschach has watched the entire Dirty Harry series from start to finish fifty-nine times since last Tuesday. I'm starting to worry about him.
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:14pm Grossscratch:

Scab on the back of my leg, blistered skin on extended appendage. My leg is itchy. I want to scratch it. The hair has stuck into the infected wound, which pulses with yellow and green puss that, once I itch, will bleed down the side of my leg. I have been playing in the stagnant pond water behind my house with the leeches, chiggers, and vermin grazing my thighs. As my nails dig deep between the skin and the crust the lady at the counter shouts “Please, sir, I’m asking you to leave” … and I’ll whisper “You got any change?’
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:14pm Love Shack:

The ink blot looks like a tin roof....
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:15pm Mrs. Grossscratch:

Grossscratch has been watching the Soloist for four days straight and I am starting to worry about him.
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:16pm Horshack:

  Fri. 4/17/09 1:17pm Horshack:

Mr. Kotter has been watching Chico and the Man for months and I'm worried about him,.
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:17pm stingy d:

THE soloist?
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:18pm Jamie Foxx as Grossscratch:

That's right, Stingy. I've been found out!
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:18pm raga:

Maw?? Gather up them yuggunz and bring 'em in here. Bryce is on the ray-dee-oh and it's time for their sound learnin's.
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:18pm stingy d:

i got a scab to pick with you
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:20pm War:

Cisco Kid was a friend of mine Cisco Kid was a friend of mine

Whoops it ended
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:22pm Jamie Foxx:

Watch as my wonderful acting skills allow me to blend back into the fold! You'll never know, Stingy... but I'll always be watching!
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:24pm stingy d:

eat shit jamie foxx
i'd attack you in the street for 50 bucks
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:24pm still b/p:

I don't wanna miss any of this music, but I gotta eat me some lunch..maybe salted peanuts out the can and a few digits of pi.
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:24pm Joe the New Guy:

Hey! Bryce! This show is great! Almost as great as Jamie Foxx's performance in Ray. He's such a great actor!
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:27pm Ike:

Here are the news events I was non-sequiturifically rambling about:

Comments of faux-famous fools are getting old. And I'd pay 50 bucks to watch Stingy attack Jamie Foxx in the street.
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:29pm still b/p:

I'd pay at least 25 bucks to attend a battle of Balkan and African brass bands.
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:31pm Clueless:

Do they take requests here?

Something nice from The Lion King?
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:36pm Korean Abdul Jabbar:

i'd let ike throw his kishka down my eustachian tube while i sing Jimi Rewbe songs of the Fulbe.
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:39pm Corebeam Abba Dothebar:

my lazor eyes destroy.
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:40pm Carmichael:

OK, Thai food it is. See you on Billy's show. Keep up the goo tune-age, Bryce.
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:41pm Carmichael:

Uuuummmm, that's *GOOD* tune-age ....
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:42pm bryce:

thanks, carmikhail! aliment yrself silly
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:45pm north guinea hills:

i ready about these ghananian cabbies, fuckin' great stuff, thanks for playing them...
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:47pm Korean Abdul Jabar:

I'd like to throw a Vice party on their tab on your buttocks
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:48pm bryce:

no prob — was just sittin on the shelf here!
  Fri. 4/17/09 1:57pm keepin' it safe:

Step 1:
Select a night raga suitable for the sitar. It's important to show respect for the raga and play it only at the time of day for which it's intended because Indian culture believes that sounds are an integral part of the universe, like earth or water. In Indian culture, the musical vibrations are believed to be so important that they can even cause sickness if played during the wrong part of the day.
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:01pm dc pat:

bryce on the mic is the shit...cracks me up EVERY time..
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:09pm dc pat:

damn, Group Doueh is also the shit
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:16pm ?:

Bryce, could you play something from Africa during today's show? I'm not picky. Anything African would be fine.
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:17pm bryce:

you're not the boss of me
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:19pm Bryce's Boss:

was someone looking for me?
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:21pm Lesley Gore and Klaus Nomi (duet):

You don't own me! Don't say I can't go with other boys!
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:22pm fishmonkeystew:

WFMU always makes me so happy.
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:24pm bryce's boss's boss:

  Fri. 4/17/09 2:24pm PMD:

Ah, it was worth it to catch up on the comments...
This is the longest and bestest seque from Doug's show I've heard...
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:25pm The Man:

Please pick a format and stick with it *slavishly*. That is all. Thank you.
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:25pm PMD:

I meant segue.
and speaking of segue's, I almost got run over by one at lunchtime. damn tourists.
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:26pm Mrs. Travis Bickle:

My husband has been spending all his time pulling out his old diaries and reading them to some werido in a trenchcoat with a face that looks like a Holstein's ass. I'm starting to worry about him.
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:27pm WFMU:

Hey! That's "MR. Wfmu" to you.
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:29pm Ike:

So, segues or Segways? Can we segue into apostropholic ranting? No? OK.
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:33pm PMD:

I like me some apostrophes.
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:34pm dc pat:

I need some pretzel's
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:35pm PMD:

Damn. I mistyped.
I like me some apostrophe's.
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:36pm Sean Daily:

Is is me, or does Ibrahima Gaya sound a bit pissed?
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:37pm G.:

I mistyp'ed to.
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:37pm ?:

I think "Sourouguei" means "auctioneer"
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:38pm Pearly Sweets:

I want some cornbread.
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:41pm PMD:

LOL @ ?
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:55pm BSI:

Screw your conrbread & pretzels... I need a TIME MACHINE: Just got the headphones on and it's nearly effin' 3pm.
all is lost.... all is lost.... all is lost...
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:58pm vinh!:

BSI, I feel your pain.
  Fri. 4/17/09 2:59pm bryce:

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