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Jack Bogdanski Reads the Tax Code

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Artist | Song

> Jack Bodganski | Reads from The Complete Internal Revenue Code Options

> Kenny G and Finn | Sings The Tax Code Options


> Shirley Q. Liquor | Smoking Taxes Options

> My Insurance Man | Taxes and Money Options

> Apology Line | I Steal Money Options

> Heathcote Williams | I Will Not Pay Taxes Until Options

> Dub Adams | Income Tax Options

> Coyle & Sharpe | Spare Money on a Sunday Options

> Robin Kahn | Free Money (Patti Smith) Options

> Wing | Money, Money, Money Options

> Mel Blanc | Money Options


> Brian Joseph Davis | Johnny Options

> Marianne Faithfull | Surabaya-Johnny Options

> The Fugs | Johnny Pissoff Meets the Red Angel Options

> Josie Cotton | Johnny Are You Queer? Options

> Kevin Blechdom | Johnny Options


> Unknown | Track 2 from The Best of Night Air Options

> William S. Burroughs | No More Stalins, No More Hitlers (with John Cale) (1989) Options

> Rod McKuen | The Athletes in the Old School Annual Options

> Janet Cardiff | The Missing Voice (Case Study B) (Artangel, 1999) Options

> Jimmy Mitchell | Eres Tu Options

> Allen Ginsberg | Capitol Air Options

> Kenny, Irwin and Finn | Cha Cha Cha Version of the Tax Code Options

Listener comments!

  Wed. 4/15/09 12:06pm Sean Daily:

Shoulda seen this coming for Kenny G's Tax Day broadcast: the tax code. That's my Kenny G! Radio-as-ordeal all the way!

Oh, and... first comment! Woo hoo!
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:07pm annie:

i was holding off sean... you win!
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:07pm listener jeff:

I think I heard this song last year?
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:07pm Cecile:

Kenny, can you play something over this?
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:08pm risky!:

Morning All!
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:08pm may not donate to wfmu next year:

why donate towards broadcasts like this?
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:09pm Pearly Sweets:

I have a good feeling that, when the title of the whole show is "Jack Bogdanski Reads the Tax Code" that we are going to be in for QUITE the treat!
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:09pm Lizardner Dave:

Please call Stella, and tell her to drop the taxes at the post office.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:09pm gregg:

Gald i asked !
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:11pm may donate twice as much to wfmu next year:

Educational Radio that isn't full of fluff or bias! This is fantastic!
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:11pm annie:

whew, now i can leave the room. i'll be back for chapter 11
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:11pm Cecile:

are you grading papers, Kenny?
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:11pm Bad R☺nald:

Wow Kenny, I bet you taxed your brain throwing this gem of a show together.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:11pm risky!:

  Wed. 4/15/09 12:11pm bb:

here we go again...
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:12pm Jed:

Kenny, this is beautiful. Everything is beautiful. This would go great with Sports
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:12pm Sean Daily:

@may not donate: 1) This is farking GREAT radio.
2) If you don't like it, you can always change the channel.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:12pm risky!:

1 every trust, subsection
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:12pm risky!:

31% over $300,500
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:13pm nna:

I'll bet Kenny is regretting having comments today
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:14pm Cecile:

And the villiains and the ploughman have to have their lord's consent.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:14pm webhamster Henry:

Here's a a little tax tip PSA from the government!
(many more in the same directory).
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:14pm jeff:

here's some lulz:
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:15pm BSI:

Hell's donkeys, I may triple my donation next year!
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:19pm annie:

i bet kenny put comments up on purpose
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:20pm Sean Daily:

Have we gotten to the subsection about first born sons yet?
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:21pm bb:

so everyone can compare notes...comments from distant past a similar past

the three r's kids
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:21pm Andy B. (SSD/ Go To Hell):

Bet you all are missing my programming now? Oh and Sean Daily - go to hell!
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:22pm Cecile:

I like being bored more than I do angry.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:22pm Sean Daily:

Well, annie, Chapter 11's about the only chapter most companies on Wall Street know nowadays.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:24pm Pearly Sweets:

Andy Breckman: I want to see Jim Morrison dead.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:24pm Sean Daily:

So let me get this straight. HUMANS wrote this?

And Andy B.: ???????
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:27pm Cecile:

He's poking the beehive with a stick. If it is even Andy.

I'm going to lurk until Irwin comes on.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:30pm Sean Daily:

You say that like poking a beehive with a stick is a bad thing, Cecile.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:31pm Cecile:

it is if you puff up like a blowfish when you get bitten, Sean.
And the bees are our friends!
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:32pm Sean Daily:

Pass-through entities are what you get if eat too much fiber, aren't they?
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:33pm gerardo:

hola a todos!

hola kenny! - congrats for your qwartz award! ubuweb is a tremendous labor of love!

(never anyone has read the "formulario 22" like this here in Chile)
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:34pm Cecile:

that sounds like an void that needs to be filled, Gerardo.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:35pm Sean Daily:

Let me guess. Jack Bodganski went completely insane right after he finished recording this.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:35pm annie:

i was outside did i miss anything?
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:36pm gerardo:

are u suggesting i am the one to approach it , dear cecile?
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:36pm Doug from DC:

Actually, his podcast page for this ends with the note:
As you can see, this project is on hiatus, while the author seeks the guidance of a mental health professional. Check back here for updates as his various medications are adjusted.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:37pm annie:

ok call me when they get to chapter 11. i'm going outside, turning on the radio to top forty.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:38pm Pearly Sweets:

Music?! MUSIC?! I am kinda shocked.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:39pm Pearly Sweets:

It always pays to stick around.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:40pm Sean Daily:

annie: Dude, dude, you, OMG, you like missed the part where like the guy like went into married taxpayer filing corporate earning singly DUDE IT WAS TEH AWESOME.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:41pm annie:

crap, that was what i wanted to hear!
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:41pm Pearly Sweets:

Bravo! Bravo!
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:43pm risky!:

  Wed. 4/15/09 12:43pm gerardo:

is "a small child" the one echoing you, kenny?
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:44pm dc pat:

more like "son or step-son"
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:45pm Cecile:

I am, gerardo!
Maybe you could set it to a catchy beat?
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:46pm Sean Daily:

Sing along, everyone! ONE AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:47pm annie:

that's it. i'm planting onions til three. see ya.although the beethoven is nice.. hhmmm..
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:47pm Cecile:

  Wed. 4/15/09 12:48pm Sean Daily:

Kenny G: Giving Back to the Community by Training The New Generation of Radio Dadaists.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:48pm Pearly Sweets:

We are strong! Heartache to Heartache! We stand!
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:50pm Polyethelene:

Kenny, it might do you well to be singing the laws on child abuse
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:50pm still b/p:

This is better, with the knacky prodigy. That Jack fellow, although he was clear, neutral and not aggressive, made me want to stab and stab like Tommy did to Billy Batts in the trunk of Henry's car. "Die, MF!!!"
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:51pm Sean Daily:

Now you gotta cut loose. Footloose. Kick off your Sunday shoes. Oo wee. Ma Rie. Something that rhymes with "Marie".
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:51pm another old man:

Are you taking requests? I'd love to here Schedule A or perhaps Form 8871- Child Care Credit.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:53pm risky!:

This is GREAT!
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:54pm Cecile:

Next year - tax code remixes.
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:55pm Sean Daily:

So are we going to get the complete text of the Treaty of Versailles on Armistice Day?
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:58pm Hues Corp. LLC:

So I'd like to know where
You got deductions,
Said you gotta show where
you took deductions..
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:59pm gerardo:

right, i'll take the challenge, cecile!

let's see what can be done - any way, formulario 22 is definitely shorter and includes mainly numbers and columns

tax code remixes = "code weenies"?

"rock the code.."?
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:59pm risky!:

  Wed. 4/15/09 12:59pm George Harrison:

I'm the Taxman, I'm the taaaaaaaax-man
  Wed. 4/15/09 12:59pm AIG:

  Wed. 4/15/09 1:00pm Cecile:

LOL, gerardo!
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:00pm Sean Daily:

So is this how IRS employees talk dirty to each other.

"Oooooo... I've been a NAUGHTY girl. I need a good, HARD AUDIT."
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:02pm gerardo:

thanx, cecile :)

standing ovation for finn!

back in 15 minutes ;)
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:03pm dc pat:

so does Shirley wear black face?
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:03pm Hues Corp. LLC:

"Rock the code, don't rock the code, baby,.."
Yes, thank you, gerardo. Just right.
You'll receive a check for this assistance, which you must declare for the tax year 2009.
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:07pm just a guy:

@dc pat
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:07pm Sean Daily:

Tax SEX? "Well, it'll certainly make chartered accountancy more interesting."
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:07pm chris:

Just got back from a tea party. What'd I miss?
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:09pm Sean Daily:

Now this Heathcote Williams letter is how you do a tax revolt, people.
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:09pm dc pat:

just as much of a dick as I thought.
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:12pm Sean Daily:

So... is anybody going to teabag their Congressman today? Anyone? Anyone?

Funny how no one will admit to that in public...
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:18pm Sean Daily:

OMG, OMG, this Coyle & Sharpe job would be TEH AWESOME.
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:21pm Cecile:

*thinking Lenny kayes guitar parts very loudly*
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:23pm Simon:

I thought it was a bit pitchy.
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:27pm Parq:

Oh, thank God, civilization at last! I was out for a while and what do I come back to? Wing covering Abba! Don't tell *me* this isn't worth donating for!
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:28pm Sean Daily:

All I know is that everything on Kenny G's playlist today would sound covered by Rank Sinatra.
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:29pm Parq:

Oh, by the way, unless Kenny's swtched to reading the Bankruptcy Code, you aren't going to be hearing Chapter 11, at least not the one you're thinking of.
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:30pm Sean Daily:

Sound better, that is. G'way, son, yer botherin' me.
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:32pm Sean Daily:

I was gonna call AIG soulless bags of meat just waiting to be torn apart by rabid Rottweillers but, hey, whatever, Kenny.
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:33pm Cecile:

ah, he's reading from old comments. AWESOME
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:34pm Cecile:

Ken's old comments and mic breaks!
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:35pm AIG:

To reiterate: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:37pm Parq:

Whoa, the resemblance is uncanny! Has anyone ever really -- I mean really -- seen Ken and Kenny together? Diid anyone see "Kenny" in the audience durng Ken's "Mariah Carey from Hell" turn at the 'thon finale?? I thought not.
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:38pm Tesla Dvah:

Vielleicht ist die Zeit ist reif für ein Konkurs-Code / Tax Code mashup...
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:38pm Pearly Sweets:

Hey! I remember this show.
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:39pm Sean Daily:

Well, I don't know if I wanted to do THAT to AIG or shove THAT up THERE, Kenny.

And I'm pretty sure I didn't mention anything about a hamster...
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:44pm Hugo:

Didn't know that Marianne Faithful did one of Heathcote Williams' poems "Why d'ya do it" on "Broken English". Quite a spell-binding performance, though not your typical radio play, I'd think.

A versatile chap, that Heatcote. He used to write for International Times back in the 70s (and, ahem, for Suck, too) ...
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:44pm Parq:

This is brilliant! It should come with footnotes.
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:46pm Harvey:

  Wed. 4/15/09 1:46pm dc pat:

this is great, C'MON JOHNNY!!
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:48pm still b/p:

She sounds like Ann Sheridan in The Man Who Came to Dinner.
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:49pm efd:

I'm getting flashbacks of sitting in the old Thalia movie theater.
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:49pm Sean Daily:

So Beelzebub has a devil set aside for her, for her, for HEEEEERRRRRRRRRR?
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:51pm dc pat:

I could listen to this for 3 hours
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:54pm Parq:

Isn't this from 20th Century Blues? Great album! Wish I could have seen her in "Threepenny".
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:54pm Cecile:

I can't believe that record is ten years old. I still play it all the time.
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:54pm gerardo:

i'm back!

how many times does she say the name "johnny" throughout the rant?

did i hear a remix alarm?...
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:56pm Johnny:

Wow, great show
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:57pm Carmichael:

Aaahhh, back in time to hear Marianne. Or is that Paul Williams??
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:57pm C:

ju killt johnny
  Wed. 4/15/09 1:59pm Carmichael:

Good ol' Ed Sanders & crew.
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:00pm Carmichael:

Slum Goddess has long been one of my favorite songs. And Kill for Peace.
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:00pm dc pat:

they always make me feel good Carm... KILL KILL KILL FOR PEACE!!
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:03pm Pearly Sweets:

I came across my 2fer1 josie cotton cd just the other day.
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:03pm Parq:

Ah -- I was literally just typing up a question whether or not this was coming up.
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:04pm Negator:

Johnny hit and run Pauline
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:04pm Carmichael:

National Lampoon's "Lemmings" has a song about Johnny, who was a biker. So my parents hated hi-hiyim ....
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:06pm Negator:

Johnny Angel
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:09pm Pearly Sweets:

I am excited for the Kenny G Keys to the Kingdom archive
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:11pm Hugo:

I got the last one he did which had the Portsmouth Sinfonia. Always wanted their murdering of the classics.
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:13pm Pearly Sweets:

  Wed. 4/15/09 2:18pm listener jeff:

the apple don't fall far from the tree
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:31pm AnAnonymousParty:

eight is two?
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:33pm Oscar:

No, Ed is. Next year he'll be three.
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:33pm BSI:

Shewt... For many of us, eight was two a LONG, LONG time ago... And I have no idea what I'm talking about.
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:34pm stingy d:

it's official... i broke my hand.
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:35pm still b/p:

how you break him, stingy?

That Capitol Air has a good...beat.
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:36pm Vicki:

watching this show from a train coming back from Newcastle
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:36pm Sean Daily:

Yeah, and how about that time six was nine? All the hippies cut off their hair, and I didn't care. It was WACKY.
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:37pm bait gulper:

Get the the coals dropped off okay, Vicki?
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:38pm Pearly Sweets:

If that is a case, Stingy, I don't mind as long as you replace it. Thanks for coming forward and admitting it.
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:39pm Vicki:

yes, all the seagulls are black now
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:41pm AnAnonymousParty:

My head is all squishy too. No wait, it's my hand. How did I break my hand?
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:42pm Sean Daily:

It's not the webbed fingers, the fur or the claws that worry me about my son. It's the fact that he looks like the milkman.

Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all week.
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:43pm Vicki:

this show looks clever - is it a Kenny clever show?
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:43pm Pearly Sweets:

You ever notice how it seems that Irwin has more fun on Kenny's show than on his own?
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:44pm Parq:

I think Kenny's son is swell, and I want to buy him an ice cream.
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:44pm Sean Daily:

Can you guys get Nathan Explosion to do the Tax Code? That would be so BRUTAL.
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:44pm BSI:

so clever, i believe i've swallowed my tongue in a desperate attempt to retain composure here at work.... gurk!
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:45pm Vicki:

it's always more fun on other people's shows because you don't have the responsibility and you can go home. And if you are really obnoxious you can even get the host thrown off the air by making them say rude words like shit and poo
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:48pm AnAnonymousParty:

Irwin doesn't have to worry about getting his pay docked screwing around on Kenny's show.
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:48pm BSI:

you calls dis FOOD?!?!
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:48pm Pearly Sweets:

  Wed. 4/15/09 2:48pm ?:

thanks guys, i'm currently doing my taxes and this is helping so much
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:52pm nEGATOR:

Thanks guys, I just learned I did my taxes wrong per subsection b :(
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:52pm Sean Daily:

It's kind of like School House Rock for the Internal Revenue Code, y'know?
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:53pm gerardo:

"es imposiible, mi cielo, tan separados, viviiir..."
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:54pm Cecile:

I probably missed a bunch, but it's a lovely day in St. Paul
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:54pm gerardo:

vicki! - how's everything going around?
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:55pm Cecile:

Vicki, it is a very clever show, if you are still around.
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:55pm gerardo:

latin tax code has been the menu, cecile
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:56pm BSI:

The floor-show for this is really incredible... six dozen dwarf accountants, scuttling along the floor with adding machines like caffeinated fiddler crabs....
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:56pm Cecile:

nice, gerardo!
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:57pm jan:

who is the abused child accompanying Kenny in his little musical number?
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:57pm Cecile:

Wow, BSI that's a sight!
  Wed. 4/15/09 2:58pm stingy d:

i felt off my bike then i felt asleep on the sidewalking
  Wed. 4/15/09 3:00pm Parq:

Y'know, "six dozen dwarf accountants, scuttling along the floor with adding machines like caffeinated fiddler crabs" would make a good name for -- no it wouldn't, that's ridiculous, never mind.
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