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Options April 10, 2009

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Artist Track Album
ed shepp  the p is for pseuperpower pseu too   Options Pseu's Theme 
black lips  trapped in a basement   Options 200 Million Thousand 
the memories attack  conne3cted   Options The Memories Attack 
Higamos Hogamos  Major Blitzkrieg (Mickey Moonlight Remix)   Options major blitzkrieg cd ep 
warren suicide  picnic on a minefield   Options v/a strikeroo 
Gianmarco Liguori  sphinx   Options Ancient Flight Text 
jonathan kane  super t-bone   Options jet ear party 
Phosphorescent  heartaches of a fool   Options to willie 
Boston Spaceships  headache revolution   Options the planets are blasted 
peter walker  camel ride   Options Long Lost Tapes 1970 
Clark-Hutchinson  Improvisation on an Indian Scale   Options A=MH2...Expanded 
various  trk 16   Options Jam Mix Vol 2 
Agoraphobic Nosebleed  agorapacolypse now   Options Agorapocalypse 
merzbow  trk 2   Options Camouflage 
Gen Ken Montgomery  fabio's muffler   Options fabio's muffler 
diagonal  trk 4   Options diagonal 
scott kelly  ?   spirit bround flesh 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 4/10/09 8:09pm Jed:

  Fri. 4/10/09 8:11pm Passover Pank:

Of special note to Sayreville residents:
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:12pm texas scott:

  Fri. 4/10/09 8:14pm pseu:

thanks, (s)pank -If the place floods at least there's a man who can lead the concertgoers to safety!
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:16pm texas scott:

kevin costner is a TURD
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:18pm pseu:

sure, if T.U.R.D. means Terribly Underrated Rockin' Diety!!
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:19pm Passover Pank:

I think he's a Dren. Nerd spelled backwards. Until he demands a happy ending to his post-show massage, like in Scotland the other year.
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:20pm texas scott:

  Fri. 4/10/09 8:22pm passover pank:

@ bartleby - He can haz 6 cheezburgers !
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:23pm pseu:

pfft...pfft...wtf is that? pfft
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:25pm dave:

wow. this gianmarco liguori thing is great!
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:25pm texas scott:

short for...I can't believe you just called KC a diety?!!!
it's Easter for ... GODSAKES!!!
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:26pm bartleby:

Well it may not look like much until you feed it through (after Pseu's show) this: http://nosuch.com/music/gifjam.cgi
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:28pm G.:

My dog definitely just noticed it, dave. I wonder what the harmonics on it are like between 20K and 40K hz.
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:29pm john:

Well, Scott, his 70s work with the Sunshine Band was nothing short of god-like.
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:31pm texas scott:

wrong KC,john.
still true doh
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:32pm john:

Don't be so sure. Have you ever seen them in public together?
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:32pm bartelby:

I don't think declaring oneself the "boogie man" constitutes deification
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:32pm dave:

is jonathan kane capable of not being awesome?

i think not.
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:35pm texas scott:

i'm yo boogie man,that's what i am

not much greater than that, my dear bartleby
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:35pm bartelby:

So that would mean he's not awesome, or only awesome with his cane and cape? or not?
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:37pm texas scott:

most awesomest,only when he boogies...
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:39pm G.:

it's Kevin *Bacon* who *has* appeared with KC. Who in turn has also been in a different movie with the other KC.
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:40pm bartelby:

I believe the proper term is "low pressure job"
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:42pm texas scott:

how about ASSFACE?
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:44pm texas scott:

call it..toejam.
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:45pm bartelby:

So is the boogie man a demi-god of some kind, or is he more of a demi hulk?
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:52pm Bill W:

Pseu, have you seen the new movie "Adventureland" where Ryan Reynolds claims to have JAMMED with Lou Reed??
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:54pm bartelby:

you know there are pink dolphins in the amazon, make of that what you will
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:55pm Laurie:

HI! Just wanted to say hi. So, hi!
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:57pm Laurie:

I hear Adventureland is very good. In a Freaks and Geeks sort of way.
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:58pm P:


The 007 movie you're thinking of is Dr. No.
  Fri. 4/10/09 8:59pm bartelby:

there's a street sign in Bloomfield NJ which reads:

JFK Dr. No.
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:00pm A Yes Man:

Pseu's been Dr. No ever since she saw that film.
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:02pm Peter Pankton:

"Do you sing thru a tube like we do ?"
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:04pm Staples:

Rolling Office Chairs, faux leather, $59 this week
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:04pm Laurie:

Pseu, I'll buy you an Eames Management chair, but only if I can have a say who gets to sit in it.
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:08pm Laurie:

What color do you want your Eames management chair in? Apple?
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:11pm dave:

i think it's perfectly ok to pick on a canadian if the canadian is sebastian bach. or maybe dan akroyd.
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:14pm bartelby:

So I guess this means my milk crate is out?
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:14pm maria:

I just want to say High too. High. I'm not high.
Ombudsperson. this is a highly intelligent comment isnt it!
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:14pm Glenn L:

Laurie supports Freeform Radio!
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:15pm Supports:

And lifts and separates too
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:16pm Glenn L:

  Fri. 4/10/09 9:17pm bartelby:

Milk crate and throw pillow.
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:18pm texas scott:

corncob and stump.
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:19pm Ken:

Thanks for helping out there with the budget, bartleby
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:19pm Laurie:

This Pollard song went to a very Rush place for about 20 seconds. I don't know how I feel about it.
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:21pm bartelby:

with one of those cab driver bead things. Oh wait what about one of those vibrating lounge chairs with the dial on the side.
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:37pm bartelby:

also pseu, in early fall of last year, coming back from the muslim deli with a "chicken steak" I was surrounded by 4 teenage muggers one of whom carried a handgun with the clip removed. I got my ipod back.

please don't tell them about the efficacy of pop culture references in this regard. One quote from a Russ Meyer film and I'm toast. I have to live here.
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:37pm texas scott:

you need this one,my favourite Dj,


i worship you,my queen.
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:42pm pseu:

only if you blow it up.
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:44pm texas scott:

there's plenty where that came from....

ha ha! I really love the way you think!
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:45pm Mark Allen:

Is the collective I.Q. on Pseu's comments board measured on a simple average, or on a curve?
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:45pm ?:

damn, those drums!
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:46pm john:

Just a point, surely.
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:46pm pseu:

this calls for listener john....
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:47pm texas scott:

isn't 'collective' I Q an oxymoron,Mark Allen?
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:47pm Minimally Cunning Linguist:

tex, why the british spelling of favorite?
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:48pm texas scott:

  Fri. 4/10/09 9:50pm john:

As far as curves go, the subtle aroma of rotting seafood suggests a Poisson distribution.
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:52pm texas scott:

seafood and subtle?

  Fri. 4/10/09 9:52pm G.:

smells more like a really Natural Log.

i think Mark Allen may have been thinking moron, not oxymoron.
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:54pm pseu:

I'm going around here with my Lysol wipes.
Mark Allen is a communist.
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:54pm texas scott:

smells like retarded shit,G.

kinda like this show...
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:55pm Whitney Hewstain:

John - as Bobby Brown once sang, "That fish was Poissoooonnn"
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:57pm john:

Incidentally, for those of you keeping score at home but without sufficient math background ("maths" for you, scott), a Poisson distribution involves a series of unlikely events over a fixed timeframe. Sounds about right. Kids, try this at home.
  Fri. 4/10/09 9:59pm pseu:

I'm having alot of trouble with the concept of "fixed timeframe"...could you draw a bath for me and explain?
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:00pm L. Ewwwwler:

only john gets the maths puns. f--- the rest of you innumarates.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:00pm texas scott:

John,isn't Poisson distribution called....
i dunno,FATE???
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:03pm texas scott:

uh oh,Pseu....
maths puns in the house!
....cuz 7 ate 9,uhuhuhuh....
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:05pm john:

Well, no, because you get multple trials for your unlikely events. So maybe it's fate if you're a cat and still have eight lives left. Other than that, you're on your own.

PS What's a pirate's favorite measurement of correlation? ARRRR-squared.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:05pm jeff m:

fucking great great u fucker
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:07pm texas scott:

i like this station
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:08pm jeff m:

faling hard with lots of friction
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:11pm texas scott:

dick ryder
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:12pm texas scott:

facebook pond is poisson
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:15pm john:

Texas Scott, representing the Houston Eulers.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:15pm Don:

Pseu.. can i add you on Facebook? I'm borderline attractive..
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:16pm Wassup?:

Is he about to get the Mother Theresa suffering humanitarian award?
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:19pm lumpkin stew:

no John,the Tyler Königsbergs.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:21pm texas scott:

Pseu,stick to fingerlings.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:22pm G.:

carbs is carbs is carbs

  Fri. 4/10/09 10:23pm john:

The Bridges of Mathematician County
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:23pm jeff m:

agreed mashed potatoes are serious
roasted garlic and chives but its dificult
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:25pm Intercom:

Paging Charles Dodgson. Paging Charles Dodgson.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:25pm john:

I had breadless tilapia tonight. I feel suddenly unfulfilled.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:25pm ROGER:

my inner meatloaf says we need more cowbells
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:28pm texas scott:

The Bridges over the River Bonaventure Cavaliers,

I always feel unfulfilled during this show.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:29pm texas scott:

body cavity=FUN!
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:34pm Ken:

No new chair. Just forget it, you whiners.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:35pm Ephram Embolist, Jr.:

Pseu - you think that's bad for the blood- genital ratio- you would NOT like flying non-stop to Japan in coach.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:36pm Glenn L:

Every time I take a horse tranquilizer, It's a vacation.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:36pm jeff m:

got a new laptop, plugged it into yummy stereo
so fun, thx you two
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:38pm monica:

hey pseu & bryce, please to expand on "bulge."
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:39pm Brian Oregon:

I used to use a big green yoga ball as my desk chair. After about three years, it got old. I mite go back at some point. Not as good for posture as I would hope, tho.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:39pm texas scott:

horse tranquilizers,monica
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:39pm bartelby:

Some of the larger luxury cars used to have something called a "resonator" which looked almost exactly like a muffler
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:40pm jeff m:

spaming tonight, but this reminds me of the old BMCon 3" of a garbarge truck backing up
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:40pm Human Subject Studies Coordinator:

Re: Informed Consent Documentation

Did Fabio sign a disclaimer when you made this recording?
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:40pm con-rod:

love the engine noise... Wild Girl used to have phonein exhaust sounds.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:42pm roger:

why did the chicken cross the road--was it deaf
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:42pm Scotto G:

Fabio suffered a "bird strike" a few years ago on a rollercoaster.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:42pm con-rod:

fabio needs to get a little lead-foot, though
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:45pm bartelby:

I once got a Yugo up to 110 mph on that long straightaway on the parkway before the bergen toll plaza
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:45pm eager listener:

Hey, I heard something like this on Fabio's show recently. It was a kind of sputtery droning thing. Went on for about this long. Ha, maybe he beat you to this bit.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:46pm roger:

was that blood or cambells tomato soup on his face?
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:51pm texas scott:

this show was fun.
let my face be yur chair,pseu!!!!!
no, just kiddin' that's a joke
i would die from the bacteria.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:51pm Passover Pank:

roger - Neither. Someone put lamb's blood on his face, which resembled a door.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:56pm Rodd Keith:

Jimmy Carter says YES!
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:56pm roger:

pat tillman--rest in peace
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:57pm bartelby:

why? every night's prog dance party at my place.
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:57pm texas scott:

Jimmy Carter sez....

I hATE the Pragues!
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:58pm john:

Isn't prog kind of coordinated music for uncoordinated people?
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:59pm Grubb McEntire:

trans am? Puh- leeeze ! No snobby Chicago crap !
  Fri. 4/10/09 10:59pm G.:

practice dancing to "Money" in 7 time to get that whole one-beat-extra or one-beat-short thing down
  Fri. 4/10/09 11:00pm bartelby:

If you bring Starcastle, I'm there!
  Fri. 4/10/09 11:03pm texas scott:

what's starcastle?
  Fri. 4/10/09 11:04pm G.:

try google if you missed the 70s, scott :-P
  Fri. 4/10/09 11:04pm bartelby:

prog band
  Fri. 4/10/09 11:05pm texas scott:

i lived the 70's G =(((
  Fri. 4/10/09 11:09pm G.:

yeah, ok, scott, my bad -- i guess you had to be into prog to know starcastle -- they were never big like floyd or yes or genesis -- i don't think i ever owned starcastle -- my dorm roommate was an administrator ar WCBN in ann arbor, so i heard all the free copies of albums A&R people would leave there...
  Fri. 4/10/09 11:15pm texas scott:

thanks for sharing,G

I never post comments or blog anywhere
but here
i like this station
  Fri. 4/10/09 11:22pm G.:

Life is long and things change. Who knows what you'll do over time... I can certainly say that about my own life...
  Fri. 4/10/09 11:37pm texas scott:

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