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That is you can't you know tune in but it's all wrong. (Visit homepage.)

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Options March 27, 2009

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Artist Track Album
ed shepp  the p is for pseuperpower pseu too   Options pseu's theme 
droids  (do you have) the force pt 1   Options star peace 
karye pyar  tato   Options v/a the sound of wonder! 
Prince Rama of Ayodhya  golden glow   Options devotional demo 
Outrageous Cherry  horizon   Options Universal Malcontents 
faun fables  winter sleep   Options A Table Forgotten 
Natsuki Tamura + Satoko Fujii  Cumulonimbus   Options clouds 
serge Gainsbourg  meloday   Options Histoire De Melody Nelson 
wooden shijps  aquarian time   Options dos 
drunks with guns  drunk's theme   Options drunks with guns 
death  you're a prisoner   Options For the Whole World To See 
Greg Kelley  Visiting Microphones   Options Self-Hate Index 
das frohliche wohnzimmer  corriger la fortune   Options corriger la fortune 
iron claw  crossrocker   Options iron claw 
thee oh sees  kids in cars   Options the peanut butter oven 12"EP 
oorutaichi  tori yoyo   Options Drifting My Folklore 
Boris with Michio Kurihara  cloud chamber   Options cloud chamber 
Kadiri Gopalnath  dhinamani vamsa   Options carnatic classical instrumental 
blood cult  the infernal names - pieces of the cross   Options split cd 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 3/27/09 8:07pm Jed:

Hi Pseu
can you play your snuggy/Mr. T mix?
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:08pm pseu:

Jed were you also the guy behind the counter at the 12th street store?
Additionally, who played the Sham-WOW commercial here first, buddy?
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:12pm texas scott:

the sound of wonder!
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:18pm ?:

I'm doing a real time of beer+general tso's chicken vs Pseu Braun on the radio. I think I can say with no small degree of objectivity that:

beer<general tso's chicken<Pseu's show
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:18pm johN:

This is Pseuthing music. (Pun!)
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:29pm ?:

dont get the tech-guy down, he's a total buzz-kill. oh. oh my lord. terrible gag.
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:31pm texas scott:

HA HA!!!
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:32pm bartelby:

Pseu, that was me with the soft drink challenge, oops
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:33pm White Russian:

Did you mean post marathon drip?
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:34pm C:

Hey, Pseu! I "adopted" you a couple of weeks ago.
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:35pm Jed:

Ack! you've discovered my true identity!
Were you a customer there? fyi, 12th street books is now Atlantic Bookshop in Brooklyn
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:35pm texas scott:

this station is sick.
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:35pm JT:

missed the break... this is faun fables, right?
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:36pm bartelby:

I don't imagine you would entertain a request for "Shaved Women" by Crass.
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:40pm pseu:

C - was I adoptable?? when did that happen?
WR - hope satan has left your body.
Jed, I know, I know....I was in 12th street one time, WFMU Terre was blasting and we asked you a question and you were all WHATEVER...oooooh, i remember this....
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:41pm john:

How about "I like beer" by Tom T. Hall?
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:43pm texas scott:

cease trying to forgive those who wronged you
aim to kill the self within,
not until then will you find
there is nothing that even remembers the injury
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:44pm pseu:

jesus, he only had a tom t. hall request, jed.
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:46pm john:

Well, clearly there's SOMEONE it doesn't make a jolly good fellow.
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:47pm Jed:

huh? and, what?
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:48pm nicolas:

what genre would you call cumulonimbus? where'd you get it from? i've never listen to wfmu before.
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:51pm bartelby:

Jed-that store was pretty good, I especially liked the Dover section.
I used to stop in when i worked at Cardozo and was disappointed when I saw it had moved.
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:54pm john:

unsurprisingly, i'm quite enjoying this track too
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:54pm Jed:

Dover section is intact here
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:55pm C:

yeah, for some reason it kind of reminds me of that john tchai album i keep meaning to buy
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:56pm bartelby:

If you still have the pre-perfect bound era Dovers I may trek out there next week.
  Fri. 3/27/09 8:56pm texas scott:

i like this station.
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:03pm john:

Gainsbourg, however, always makes me a jolly good fellow, so I got that goin' for me, which is nice.
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:13pm Mark Allen:

WFMU may indeed be a bottom, but it's not the type that's experienced enough to know how to douche properly first.
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:14pm another C:

We're still listening - really... thanks for fixing the buzz.
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:19pm texas scott:

  Fri. 3/27/09 9:20pm Ignats:

You need to put your head in the blow hole . . . fist is too small.
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:21pm User of "G." on the WWW till properly introduced..:

Has anyone been drinking? Or, is it just alcohol in the counter medicine? Or, is there a Guinness Book category for how many times you can say blow and hole in an hour on broadcast radio? :-)
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:22pm Ignats:

That would be cool - it might shatter windows!
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:22pm G:

counter s/b over-the-counter...
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:23pm Zippy:

Freudian Vacuum Cleaner. Freudian Vacuum Cleaner. Freudian Vacuum Cleaner.
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:24pm G:

or perhaps a new shipment of OG Dank has arrived at the station for sampling...
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:25pm G:

or perhaps a new shipment of OG Dank has arrived at the station for sampling...
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:26pm Ignats:

Me too - glad to have everything back to normal. What's normal?
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:27pm Ignats:

Play something rough and ready!
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:27pm G:

sounds tonight like couchlock is the new normal :-) pass pass
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:28pm texas scott:

  Fri. 3/27/09 9:32pm texas scott:

pseu...this the SHIT!
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:35pm JT:

drunks with guns!
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:42pm Ignats:

What are you playing . . . I love it!
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:43pm texas scott:

hey pseu.please play 'exiting microphones'
i became a godfather yesterday...
aren't you glad???? ;------)))))))))
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:47pm JT:

wha? who? where? wha?
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:48pm fluffy the fluffer:

  Fri. 3/27/09 9:53pm G:

Len O. Leumeer
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:54pm texas scott:

a linoleum dj
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:54pm bartelby:

  Fri. 3/27/09 9:55pm Ignats:

Oh my my!
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:56pm texas scott:

fuzzy taco
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:56pm Ignats:

I have 2 P!
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:59pm G:

salamanders coming up through your blow hole? wtf???
  Fri. 3/27/09 9:59pm Ignats:

Eat salamanders, taste like chicken!
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:01pm bartelby:

If they were bright pink it could have been the land stage of the red eft. It starts out as a larva with fuzzy gills, then turns bright pink and comes up on land and finally returns to the water a beige green color, like the "newts" in the pet store
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:01pm Ignats:

Keep up the good work you crazy peep holes!
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:02pm JT:

Once I was on acid and my GF and I were taking a bath naked of course and a centipede came up through the drain. We sicced her cats on it.

Hi Kim.
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:03pm JT:

and i meant so to say "we" were on acid and also eft is a good crossword puzzle word.
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:04pm ignats:

Blah, blah, blah, I think you can tell I do not do this crazy horse testicles enough!
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:04pm bartelby:

Salamanders and other amphibians as well often don't have lungs and breathe through the skin. Salamanders I definitely not lizards.
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:05pm texas scott:

i like this station
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:05pm ignats:

You're a TOAD!
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:06pm Bartelby:

Texas Scott, have you ever gone oding? I hear it is popular in Texas
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:06pm texas scott:

you're a blo-hole.
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:07pm Ignats:

I have gas!
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:08pm JT:

This song is called "The happy living room"
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:08pm Ignats:

Please someone help me I've had too much old grapes!
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:10pm texas scott:

it's just a radio show.
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:10pm James Pankow:

My Gristle is Throbbing with this here tune
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:10pm pseu:

Speaking of grapes, put down the booze and step away from the keyboard, son.
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:14pm Peter et Cetera:

This is like early Sabbath fronted by John Cale. Cool.
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:21pm john:

Which makes it half an organ riff away from Iron Butterfly.
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:22pm jeff m:

yummy song, flesh colored slurpees for both of you
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:23pm texas scott:

pseu,you keep pulling those rabbits
out of your ass....
i'm awestruck with your briiliance.
what a set.
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:27pm Peter Pankow:

flesh colored slurpees, rabbit-asses,...man, what's gotten into this comment board tonight ?
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:30pm ?:

  Fri. 3/27/09 10:33pm pseu:

(to waitress at the Peter Pank):
"Yes, I'll have two rabbit asses please, and a tall Nude Slurpee."
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:34pm ?:

what are you, one of the linoleumerati?
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:36pm texas scott:

hold the onions
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:36pm bartleby:

  Fri. 3/27/09 10:37pm stingy d:

pseu braun
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:38pm dingy stee:

sounds from the dentist's drill, just for us !!
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:41pm stingy d:

the stee is immaculate
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:41pm Linoleum Foil:

Rabbit ass open face platter on Texas Toast. With Nude Slurpee, cream on top.
Followed by baby bottle full of wiine.
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:42pm ?:

from the linoleum linoleorum.
linoleo linoleas lineolea lineoleamos lineolais linolean
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:45pm G:

  Fri. 3/27/09 10:46pm pseu:

The Linolian Tribe. The upper Linoleans. The linoleumarama of Tibet.
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:49pm ?:

the linoleum we need!
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:49pm yingway d:

The Myxlodian and Linolian scales. Shred!
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:51pm texas linoleum:

just throw me away.
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:52pm Chauncey depew:

what's the premise?
  Fri. 3/27/09 10:55pm texas scott:

drirfting my folklore
blew my blo-hole!~~~~
  Fri. 3/27/09 11:03pm G:

small cats have been known to follow salamanders down blow holes
  Fri. 3/27/09 11:10pm Jessica:

I have had the misguided fortune to observe a very observant, creative-problem-solving, me-recognizing and tracking and communicating way too effing clearly with, blue jay. We mostly get scrub jays - way worse than regular old blue jays - but this one is tiny and has more black than blue to it, and gets beaten up by the scrubs. And saw my cat's squirrel-girlfriend [he's barfed up his share. ok, part of a tail.] getting a peanut at the window, and holy crap I need to move to ditch this bird.
  Fri. 3/27/09 11:16pm Jessica:

Gracias for the dreamy set. That Boris track... my Buddha machine almost thinks it can. Live = a little odd: so much charicature-type posturing, in a pass-the-mic kind of pose-to-the-next-note series of vignettes, except for Kurihara. I wanted to crawl inside his skull and curl up and rest, there.
  Fri. 3/27/09 11:17pm H:

Freudian Blowhole Gristle.
  Mon. 3/30/09 9:01am pb:

first time listener, this dj is amazing i kid you not..
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