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Options April 1, 2009: Welcome first-time listeners. Now GO TO HELL!

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Artist Track
Aimee Mann  One   Options
The Eagles  Hotel California   Options
Dean Martin  Ain't That a Kick in the Head   Options
James Taylor  Summer's Here   Options
Bruce Springsteen  Fever   Options
Martha & the Vandellas  Heat Wave   Options
Lovin' Spoonful  She's Still A Mystery   Options
The Band  The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down   Options
The Eagles  Desperado   Options
The Grateful Dead  Friend of the Devil   Options
James Taylor  That's Why I'm Here   Options
The Supremes  Come See About Me   Options
Nilsson  Everybody's Talkin'   Options
The Beach Boys  Kiss Me, Baby   Options
The Grateful Dead  Sugar Magnolia   Options
The Band  Up On Cripple Creek   Options
Paul Simon  Graceland   Options
The Beatles  Penny Lane   Options
Jackson Browne  Jamaica Say You Will   Options
The Beach Boys  I Can Hear Music   Options
Lovin' Spoonful  Do You Believe in Magic?   Options
Bruce Springsteen  The Promised Land   Options
Ray Charles  Georgia On My Mind   Options
Little Feat  Dixie Chicken   Options
Steely Dan  Babylon Sisters   Options
Jerry Garcia  Deal   Options
Dionne Warwick  Always Something There To Remind Me   Options
Steely Dan  Hey, Nineteen   Options
Frank Sinatra  Night and Day   Options
Bob Dylan  New Morning   Options
Van Morrison  Brown-Eyed Girl   Options
Bob Seger  Old-Time Rock & Roll   Options
Jackson Browne  In the Shape of a Heart   Options
Billy Joel  Tell Her About It   Options
The Association  Cherish   Options
Louis Armstrong  Stardust   Options
Boz Scaggs  Lido Shuffle   Options
Frank Sinatra  New York, New York   Options
The Beach Boys  Good Vibrations   Options
Chairman of the Board  Give Me Just a Little More Time   Options
Traveling Wilburys  Handle With Care   Options
Randy Newman  I Love L.A.   Options
Jackson Browne  I'm Alive   Options

Listener comments!

  Wed. 4/1/09 3:04pm Ken From Hyde Park:

First comment - woo hoo!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:05pm Aunty Pat & Aunty Ellen:

you nasty man
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:05pm Danne D:

1 is the loneliest comment
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:05pm Ghengis Jung:

Go to hell!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:05pm Lizardner Dave:

Free Dong Sun!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:05pm Mr. Two-Arms:

screw you, andy
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:05pm B-52s:

we're in the basement
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:06pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Just keep on trucking for the entire day. Three more hours before vacation! Then it'll be nothing but disco vacation.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:06pm Aunty Pat & Aunty Ellen:

you nasty man AND YOU GO TO HELL!!!!!!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:06pm Andy in Berlin:

Go to Hell? Hey, with this set list I'm already there!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:06pm Rico Suave:

va al infierno
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:06pm Monk's Foreskin:

OMG Andy's iPod!!

  Wed. 4/1/09 3:06pm Parq:

I have so heard this recording on FMU! I heard the first six bars about four minutes ago.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:06pm Danne D:

The playlist archives for Andy are great reading...

in HELL!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:06pm Tony S.:

Given up being a sit-com writer? (It's probably for the best)
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:06pm Cecile:

chuck your high heels at him, aunties
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:06pm Joseph Fritzl:

I never forced them to listen to Seven Second Delay
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:07pm Dante Aligheri:

you can go to hell.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:07pm Sean Daily:

BLASPHEMY, MR. BRECKMAN! I SAY BLASPHEMY, SIR! ("Invasion of the Body Snatchers" screech here)

Oh, and... not even close comment! Woo hoo!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:07pm Lysergic Poutine:

Simply awful. Go to sheol, Andy. Aimee Mann has such an awful, detached, "I could give a $#!+ about this song" style. Big pile o' meh.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:07pm B52Cats:

Weez in yur bayzment danzing on yur laundree!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:08pm cupcake dog:

hush hush now don't you know that voices carry?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:08pm Will:

You are a monster, Breckman
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:08pm mediawardotcom:

is present
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:08pm Danne D:

Ken's favorite
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:08pm Lysergic Poutine:

Oh, "Hotel friggin' California". Like we didn't see that coming.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:08pm Ghegis Jung:

Is this going to be a long song?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:08pm offended listener:

How tasteless and puerile to refer to the imprisoned Austrian woman for
your joke about WFMU listeners
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:09pm ANDY:

it's Kung Fu, not me
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:09pm ?:

can we have some colitas?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:09pm Lady Chusid:

Mama needs more cowbell
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:09pm Cecile:

the longest song that ever longed
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:09pm Lysergic Poutine:

@offended, I thought that was pretty vile, too.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:09pm jojo:

this is one of my favorite Irwin personalities, although a little too obvious, I men anyone can inject their own tongue with novocain and try to talk, his other personalities like kenny G are more original
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:10pm Budgie:

yes. very tasteless! and annoying!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:10pm Rebecca in Hoboken:

Is this dedicated to Ken?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:10pm annie:

what the hell is this song about?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:10pm Lysergic Poutine:

...but puerile is what sells these days, and Andy knows how to sell that shriveled little soul of his!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:10pm Brian:

Andy...the Eagles? Is this to annoy Ken, or to annoy, you know, everyone else? Like me? Right now?

Go to hell.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:10pm Freud:

Andy's compensating for you-know-what.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:11pm Danne D:

When's the e-bay sale start for Andy's soul?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:11pm Lysergic Poutine:

@jojo: I've got a little lunch on my keyboard, thanks to you
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:11pm anon:

Don't see Monk very often, but it seems funny. How is it that Andy never seems funny on WFMU?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:11pm AnAnonymousParty:

If I hear 'China Grove', I'm outta here.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:11pm Swami:

Okay, I'll do it.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:11pm Andy's Compensation:

Anaconda, ladies. That's right.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:11pm Andy B:

Welcome all listeners. My musical heaven is your musical HELL!! My show is smokin'. Your soul is roasting. There will be no Nihilist Spasm Band or Lubricated Goat on this show. Only GOOD music for a change. Suffer!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:11pm chris:


Andy Breckman is actually the new KING of Rock and Roll on WFMU afternoon drivetime. The Eagles, sans hipsterism or disdain... I am in Heaven. Bless you Andy!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:11pm ginger tim:

I just looked at your playlist for your December 20, 2003 show - can you please replay that show instead of this one??
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:12pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

I am pretty sure the bidding on the soul starts at 133,000
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:12pm Unclear on the Concept:

WFT? I never heard FMU play this song before.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:12pm Brian:

This music's so hot, I could get scalded. I'd better get some protective clothing.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:13pm will:

For the love of all that is holy, am I REALLY hearing this? You're not going to mash it up with some death metal of disco?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:13pm Erik:

I bet somebody here knows the login to WFMU's stream server...
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:13pm Unclear on Conception:

So it falls out of the baby tree and needs to be quickly cuddled or it'll die, right?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:13pm Swami:

Andy, Could you play Josh Groban singing "The Best of Casey and his Brother?" Maybe "Cops and Robbers?"
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:14pm Conceptless:

At least be glad we're not torchered by a Bay Area radio station this year.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:14pm Lizardner Dave:

Brian, you beat me to it.

Everyone who pledges, remember this show during the soaking period of next year's marathon.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:14pm Lysergic Poutine:

The thing is, most WFMU listeners are nothing like the little girl in Austria. Most of us are more like the unruly kid who got turned on to Zappa a bit too early, and hangs out with the loser uncle in the basement, getting stoned (no rape).
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:14pm annie:

where did i hide the gin? i'll need it by the time this is over..
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:14pm Will:

Andy, I think you should play Hotel California again
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:14pm Cecile:

where is Grandma Phyllis? I need a hug.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:14pm Will:

I think that would be really, really funny
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:15pm Lizardner Dave:

Yeah, except for the no rape part. Oh shit, did I just type that out loud?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:15pm AnAnonymousParty:

When I heard conficker was gonna be bad, I just figured it was a bunch of hype. But now I am getting kind of scared.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:16pm Ghengis Jung:

There's nothing wrong with Dean Martin.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:16pm Joey Bishop:

Hey Dino - Howsabadda drink?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:16pm Lysergic Poutine:

What I'm trying to say is that we're not "sheltered" or "imprisoned" by WFMU. We came here for refuge from the mainstream horseshit.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:16pm chris:

ignore the hippie heathen hordes Andy...Rock On Dino!!!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:16pm Erik:

Can somebody tweet #wfmu when there's a mic break? I'd like to turn this off until then.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:17pm Horse stomping victim:

yeah, ain't that a kick in the head?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:17pm Lysergic Poutine:

loves the conficker joke
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:17pm ?:

I'm just glad we get a break from Miley Cyrus for a week . . .
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:17pm Lizardner Dave:

@Genghis: And therein lies the fatal flaw of this show. Andy does have some good music on his iPod. If it were all Eagles and Poco it would be perfect.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:17pm Lester Bangs:

James Taylor marked for death.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:18pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Don't hold your breath, ?, Andy might have some very cruel tricks up his sleeves.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:18pm anon:

I guess Andy is funny on the TV and not the Radio
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:18pm AnAnonymousParty:

Nothing wrong with Dean Martin? I thought he was dead.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:18pm Lysergic Poutine:

yes, no Slimey Vyrus this week. I should count my blessings.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:18pm Andy in Berlin:

>Can somebody tweet #wfmu when there's a mic break? I'd like to turn this off until then. <

Was that the engineer?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:18pm ginger tim:

It's like being trapped in the backseat for a long drive in my Dad's car.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:18pm thomas:

would it be bad etiquette to post a link ?
i'm enjoying the tracks by the way, good for working
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:18pm Jimmy:

Mmm... Methadone music!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:18pm Lizardner Dave:

Even better, I bet we won't hear any Miley Cyrus today!

(Sorry Irwin, I just don't get it. Love 99% of everything else you do though!)
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:18pm Cecile:

I liken it to being in a master-slave relationship with a safe word in Urdu that you never remember.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:18pm chris:

don't forget carole king, jackson browne and the rest of the west coast mafia... aaahhhh sweet baby jas
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:19pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Congrats, Berlin Andy, you made me laugh out loud like a jackass at my desk.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:20pm Lysergic Poutine:

You know, this version "Fever" starts up a lot like "Experiment in Terror"
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:20pm thomas:

omg bruce, this is going to far
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:20pm Brian:

And now Springstein. It's like a cavalcade of horrible.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:20pm jan:

It's about time to go for an archived Kenny G show, but which one...
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:20pm Brian:

My flesh is ACTUALLY starting to crawl.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:21pm Lysergic Poutine:

It was like, "oh? Mancini? I can get behind th... it's SPRINGSTARGHARGHARGH!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:21pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Now I look like a fool! Bruce did do a cover of Suicide a year or so ago. I never got to hear it. Sad tears.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:21pm Brian:

And to post that last comment, I had to type in 666...COINCIDENCE?!?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:21pm Cecile:

I vote for inaugural poem remix
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:21pm thomas:

  Wed. 4/1/09 3:22pm annie:

is it over yet?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:22pm Danne D:

kinda reminds me of van morrison's contractual obligation sessions
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:22pm Cecile:

they play it every now and again

And I like Southside Johnny's version of this way better.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:23pm Slave:

dammit, I can't remember the safe word!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:23pm PMD:

Danne D - I won that from Ken's show. Can't wait to hear its badness.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:23pm Will:

I think it's Octaroon, Slave
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:23pm Erik:

Bye everybody, thanks for the laughs.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:24pm Lysergic Poutine:

My safe word's "schnee", moving on to ResonanceFM.

  Wed. 4/1/09 3:24pm annie:

is it bad if i found myself tapping my foot? is there a cure?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:24pm Danne D:

I think I got Ringworm on a different premium PMD :)

Kinda wish I had ringworm right about now.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:25pm Cecile:

No, but I remembered it.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:25pm Parq:

What's Rupture going to do, play Pat Boone?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:26pm Brian:

This song never seems to end...
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:26pm annie:

i forgot my safe word.. not sure if that's good or bad
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:26pm Slave:

Um, Octoroon?

It doesn't seem to be working. It still hurts. Like fire.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:26pm Robert Goodman:

Is there a way to turn off auto-refresh on this thing?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:27pm Brian:

I feel like I'm paying for a sin I don't remember having committed.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:27pm Lysergic Poutine:

This was perfect, I switched over to Resonance, and someone was saying "I think you're full of shit, and you're putting me off my lunch!" Exactly where I was with Andy's show when I changed stations!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:27pm PMD:

Andy doing this from home?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:27pm Danne D:

alas I have a meeting for work but I had to take a quick shower to wash this show off first.

Just think folks - the lucky thing is that Dave Matthews probably won't be in this set list: too recent
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:27pm Rebecca in Hoboken:

Why does Andy sound so echo-ish? Is he phoning this in?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:27pm dave in vermont:

is this where i leave requests for WDHA?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:27pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I'll say this much. The blue background of the playlist is pleasant to look at.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:27pm Cecile:

that's because Southside Johnny knocked it out of the park, Andy.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:28pm Joked:

Where's Andy announcing, from a washing machine?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:28pm jojo:

ipod shuffle my ass, he is programming, but ashamed to admit it
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:28pm Lizardner Dave:

Andy's been phoning it in for years (rim shot).
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:28pm Lysergic Poutine:

Andy phones his life in.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:28pm Dong Sun:

Andy great man. increased my pay. gave me light. play good music.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:29pm Lysergic Poutine:

Sure he did, Dong Sun, but what happened to his first boy, Hwarang? I bet he's buried in the garden.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:29pm anon:

Apparently the breaks are pre-recorded.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:29pm Cecile:

@joked: an iron lung
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:29pm Brian:

Heat Wave is a good'un.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:30pm Voice of Wisdom:

a stopped clock is right twice a day
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:30pm Andy in Berlin:

There you go and spoil it by actually playing a good song!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:30pm Brian:

I will be gone before Desperado comes on. I thought this would be a good time today. I was wrong.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:30pm Dong Sun:

that when he bad man. before increased pay. and Hwarang make good vegetables.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:31pm annie:

i feel bad that i feel good
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:31pm chris:

Andy -- go for the bragging rights of most comments ever!! Truly love the show , keep turning the screws
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:31pm Will:

What's 234 + 2 Dong Sun?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:31pm Brian:

This song must fit in thematically with the aforementioned "phrase that pays."
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:31pm Swami:

Tastes like burning
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:31pm In all fairness:

It's not really that much worse than Irwin's show.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:32pm Andy in Berlin:

Is it too much to ask for Scott to come in and wrestle this man to the floor?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:32pm PMD:

do you think Andy will tell any holocaust jokes?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:33pm Dong Sun:

that easy. 2342
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:33pm ginger tim:

Where's X-Ray Burns?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:33pm Brian:

Alright. I'm done. Bye everyone--thanks for the relief from this searing ear-pain. This has passed my pain threshold.

  Wed. 4/1/09 3:33pm Will:

  Wed. 4/1/09 3:34pm JJZ:

I'm not crazy about all the songs, but it's reasonably solid entertainment.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:35pm jan:

I thought that I had more than enough of John Sebastian from all the years of hearing summer in the city, I had no idea how much worse it could get. arrgh before I could post the Band comes on
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:36pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

No more painful than four/five Miley songs last week. Actually much better than.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:37pm Andy in Berlin:

this reminds me of my high school days when I used to forget to exhale and would wake up face down in the wastebasket.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:38pm annie:

cruel and unusual punishment, music mix good then bad then good.. i bet he doesn't play any cat stevens.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:38pm ?:

is all of this obscure music going to be available in the Free Music Archive?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:38pm Slackjawed Yodel:

The Southland will fall agin'!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:39pm ginger tim:

hey, a cover of that cool tune by the little canadien girl! good one, andy's ipod!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:39pm Andy in Berlin:

Oh god! something just hit me - this show lasts for THREE HOURS!!!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:39pm Parq:

He said 45 mins, right? Five minutes to mike break!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:39pm Lizardner Dave:

The thing that cracks me up when shows like this and Grandma Phyllis happen is that so many people get so angry about them, and probably all of those people consider themselves open-minded, free-thinking individuals.
Guess what? You aren't. In fact you likely "enjoy" a lot of the music and art you like simply because of its unpopularity.

Go to hell, hipsters!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:39pm JJZ:

Desperado now just reminds me of that Seinfeld episode. I think it was Desperado.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:39pm The Dude:

Not the Eagles, man!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:40pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Someone was taunting Andy... and Andy is teaching you a lesson as a true Desperado should.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:40pm Andy's board op:

Can I go home now? Plz?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:40pm Cecile:

if he plays any cat stevens I will give myself a concussion on the side of the desk.

I really am not a music snob. But, hell, I've heard these songs so f'fing much. Sooooo much. Soooo much. And I love Grandma Phyllis.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:40pm annie:

i checked at the beginning of the show to see how long we had to endure this.... and now i have to get a dman tissue out!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:40pm PMD:

your prison is listening to this show, not walking through the world all alone.

actually, um, I don't mind it.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:40pm chris:

the band and then desperado.... you magnificent bastard! do you have ken chained somewhere in a closet with headphones on right now?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I dunno, I grew up with this music and haven't heard it in 15-20 years, and...it's GOOD!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:41pm ?:

I bet it's hard for a hipster to tell the nighttime from the day. They should just let somebody love them
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:42pm Cecile:

I have heard this f'ing song even more than ones I like. I resent it for that.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:42pm Jerry Garcia:

  Wed. 4/1/09 3:42pm Meghan (WFMU):

God, Desperado has got to be the WORST song..... so painful
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:42pm The Big Lubowski:

oh YES the EAGLES man -- i HEVE *come to my senses* and now I AM THEIR BIGGEST FAN!!!!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:43pm Bryce:

Would anyone like to smoke a bowl with me?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:43pm Angry British Person:

  Wed. 4/1/09 3:43pm dei x:

This isn't music, it's audio filler. I'm going back to listening to the Auntys. Bryce, will smoking a coffee cup make this more tolerable?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:43pm Parq:

I missed the mike break?? Sheee-it!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:43pm annie:

word up bryce, here's the match
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:44pm Jerry Garcia:

Bryce - meet me in back by the dumpster
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:44pm chris:

talk about a dirty hippie parade
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:44pm ?:

not to be a dick or anything, but there is no friggin' way the Vivian Girls could write a tune this good
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:44pm Cecile:

count me in. But can we listen to some butt-rock instead? Some Sabbath?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:44pm annie:

actually a big fat blunt might just do it
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:45pm Pat in Philadelphia:

Good means terrible right?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:45pm Danne D:

okay so that's two songs that have been on a Ken premium (although in cover form) in the last hour (the last show ended with one).

Any truth to the rumor that Andy is going to take Jerry's place in the reformulated Dead?!?

Be blaring this down 280.

Enjoy kids!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:45pm Bryce:

thanks annie. that was one of my favorite GD tunes.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:45pm Satan:

Well, I always said I'd see you in Hell, but oy...
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:45pm PMD:

Poor Bethie
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:46pm The Big Lubowski:

nah, not "Desperado" -- "Saturday in the Park" or just about ANYTHING by post-Chicago-Transit-Authority-CHICAGO has got to be THE worst
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:46pm Bryce:

Jerry! Is that you? I've still got your toilet man
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:46pm Danne D:

I'll post the cross-reference of this playlist with other FMU DJs sometime after for the sake of posterity :)
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:47pm dave in vermont:

alrighty, bye then
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:48pm Pat in Philadelphia:

So the Andy banter is prerecorded? What a rip off! Will Seven Second Delay be a rerun too?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:48pm dale:

Something wrong with the old Zenith console -- I think I'm getting WFUV where WFMU used to be on the dial.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:48pm Hitler:

im really enjoying it !
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:48pm Cecile:

Beth, run! run! far away!

Off to listen to my iPod now.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:48pm Andy in Berlin:

well that's a catch phrase if I ever heard one - whoops! that's the baby! What else could you possibly say when faced with Sugar Magnolia?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:49pm annie:

the least he could do is play ripple at least, well then
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:49pm JJZ:

My biggest issue is too much of the same artists.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:49pm anon:

it's pretty easy to select popular music which is annoying to WFMU listeners. Likewise imitating inane DJ chatter. Of course listeners to Irwin's time slot are going slag Andy's show. It would have been more difficult to put together an inventive and ENTERTAINING show like we normally get on Wednesdays. Every Wednesday is april fools day here at WFMU.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:50pm Andy in Berlin:

>the least he could do is play ripple at least<

Ripple?! Whoops! that's the baby!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:50pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

I get all of the James Taylor I could ever want whenever I visit my mother. Other hot jams heard in my moms house include: Bob James (later period) Micheal Franks, and Gerogerigegege.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:51pm Ghengis Jung:

Moms LOVE Gerogerigegege!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:52pm Carly:

So, you play James, but what am I? Chopped lver?
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:53pm Cecile:

See, I love Harry Nilsson
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:53pm Jim:

Now I know how Jones programs his shows.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:53pm annie:

hush now and go write another song about me
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:54pm Gerogerigegege:

uuuuuuuunnnnngggggghhhhhhhhh ME loves yer MOMS tooooooo!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:54pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Nilsson Schmilsson, Cecile!
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:54pm annie:

hehe i messed that up and i haven' t even been smoking...
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:55pm Parq:

Pearly, I think I may have dated your mother in college. Worse, I think I may have wanted to date her but she turned me down.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:55pm Andy in Berlin:

Who'd a thunk it! Andy just crashed my Firefox.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:56pm Cecile:

But I'm going to tune out and step out of here cause I'm screwed if I try to argue that it's not classic rock that bothers me, but the particular songs. Tony Coulter did a spectacular show of classic rock deep cuts a while back.

but whatever. what the f do I know, I'm just a hipster who's been locked in a basement.

Yis! pearly! And Son of Schmilsson!

Parq, your mom has one of my younger sister's taste.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:57pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Whenever I hear the Beach Boys I really want it to be "Stay True to Your School". Forget pet sounds, that's the true jam.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:57pm Ghengis Jung:

There's nothing wrong with the Beach Boys.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:57pm Cecile:

I like School's Out, but that's the one hipsters are supposed to like.

*spits at computer screen*
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:58pm AnAnonymousParty:

Who can guess for what will be next? We've yet to hear from Simon & Garfunkel, CSN&Y or Bob Seger.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:59pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Parq, I don't think she started going that way until the 80s. At least with the Franks and the Gerogerigegege. In college she was very much a mamas and the papas and the fugs kinda gal. I think she always regrets introducing me to the fugs.
  Wed. 4/1/09 3:59pm Cecile:

Bob Seger has some great songs.
Songs that haven't been played to death, like Get Out Of Denver, Ballad of the Yellow Berets, Nutbush City Lmiits or Ramblin' Gamblin' Man. I dare Andy to play any of them.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:00pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

As of the last time I spoke to her, she was excited about a new "coffehouse" channel on one of her internet radio spots. Which is better than where she was... complete Narada fandom.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:00pm JJZ:

If this wasn't recorded, I could request Georgy Girl.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:01pm Bryce:

"Tastes like chicken, when I speeed" - great track Andy
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:01pm annie:

pearly what is "coffeehouse" music?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:01pm PMD:

I just realized that last song was great for Andy. "everybody's talking at me, and I don't hear a word they're saying"
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:01pm anon:

Up until now, I never realize how crappy the Grateful Dead could be.
Play Dark Star!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:01pm Lizardner Dave:

Ha ha, April Fool's everyone. I was just kidding with my last post. Of course we should all hate this music! Do you like me now?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:02pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

I'm sad I am going to miss Bryce's show this week. There are four shows that highlight my week (though every show is magical in its own way) and he is the only one who has made a dream apperance.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:02pm ?:

If this is Wednesday, why does it sound so much like Twofer Tuesday?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:02pm Cecile:

*gives self a concussion against edge of desk*
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:03pm AnAnonymousParty:

Funny how one's perception changes once the LSD wars off.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:04pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

" If it was in French, you'd all be crazy about it."
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:05pm AnAnonyousParty:

Yay! We win. What's 1st and 2nd place then?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:05pm Andy in Berlin:

Uhhh.... 40 years of personal growth will do it as well.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:05pm Cecile:

  Wed. 4/1/09 4:06pm Lizardner Dave:

No no Pearly Sweets! Don't praise the music! Condemn it or they'll turn on you! Even though you're right! Oh crap, what did I just type?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:06pm Claude:

Hey, Andy - thanks for taking my call. Long Time listener, first time caller and I love the show. That's you singing with The Band, right? I always thought it was.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:07pm eventi:

  Wed. 4/1/09 4:09pm Will:

  Wed. 4/1/09 4:09pm Robert G. again:

Since my friend Charlie died in 2002, I had forgotten that someone's musical taste could be this square.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:09pm Frank M.:

Andy, get rid of that dead weight Ken and let loose. If this is any example, you've missed your calling. More bald-headed old folkies who hate their partners but team up anyway just for the cash every so often! This song always makes me cry!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:10pm ginger tim:

my mom called - she wants her walkman back.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:11pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

My mom called and asked me if you could play "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" by James Taylor.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:12pm Dave Clark's 5 MP3 players:

Dear Andy's iPod,

Could you please play some Paul Revere and the Raiders?


Dave Clark's 5 MP3 players
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:12pm Cecile:

I just get tired of the same snake eating its tail argument I have been getting in for the last 35 years., that goes something like this:

"Oh, you don't like this song, you must be a snob".

"No I just dont' like the song. I like other songs".

"You're a snob."

"Why the hell do you care what I like? You don't have to listen to it!"

  Wed. 4/1/09 4:12pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

She then asked me if I heard that new Little Big Town album and I had no clue what she was talking about until I looked it up on allmusic. I then wished I hadn't and was tempted to buy her a shadowfax album instead.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:12pm Will:

dead god this sucks
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:13pm jan:

I left for WNYC all things considered- I guess I'm not missing much.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:13pm PMD:

hey, there's no station id, so this program is null and void
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:13pm Stating the Obvious:

It's safe to say we won't be hearing American Pie, at least.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:14pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

See, I find that it is only about every third song I'm really disappointed in. Usually the dead.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:14pm annie:

cecile, pushing some buttons??
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:14pm Cecile:

I'm going to listen to Sylvester now.
Only he gets me.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:14pm Andy's board op:

You listeners don't know the worst of it. While these songs are playing Andy is dancing around the studio. Pathetic narcissistic Boomer. I hang my head and weep.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:14pm still b/p:

It's all still what my Dad called "that raucous scooby-doo music". And Beatles? Strictly verboten.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:14pm Bernie and the boyz:

Great drinkijhng game - take ojne shot when andy plays a bad song. threee of us are dead -[ jow much lo0nger>/?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:15pm Cecile:

yeah, it really is.
It's like I'm reliving high school again. And college. And most of my life.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:16pm annie:

oh, well, i can't tell.... ;)
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:16pm Lizardner Dave:

@Cecile: I'm reacting to you because you're staying on here making a big show of how MUCH you hate all this music. If you hate it, tune out. There's no motivation for you to make a big show about how much you hate this music except for you to show off how hip you are. If you don't like it, Ken has plenty of great shows archived. That's the beauty of WFMU. So don't put up the straw man argument that someone keeps challenging YOU. We get it. You hate it. You said you were tuning out about 5 times. So go bye bye and let those of us who are enjoying the show enjoy it. Toodles.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:16pm spike:

Paul Simon is a song-stealing tool:

  Wed. 4/1/09 4:17pm annie:

i'm finding comfort in two immense ginger cookies scrounged from the fridge.. ahh solace
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:17pm Casey K.:

Coul you play "Get Down" by Gilbert O'Sullivan and dedicate it to my dead dog?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:18pm Will:

How will Andy break the comment record without the complaints Dave?
Oh, and go to HELL
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:18pm Casey K.:

Forget it, he was just asleep.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:18pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Look at Andy. In just over an hour he has everybody fighting each other AND laughing his head off about it.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:19pm Sean Daily:

Andy Breckman is defiling WFMU with... with... POPULAR music! Well, I say nay! Not on my watch! Not while breath flows in my lungs, blood pumps in my heart and poop squeezes through my sphincter! MR. BRECKMAN! YOU! SHALL! NOT! PAAAAAASSSSS!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:19pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

When we fight each other, the Andy wins.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:19pm Lizardner Dave:

Oh shit Will, you're right. Never mind.

BTW, this song sucks.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:19pm annie:

casey you are one sick puppy.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:20pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Still not "Be True To Your School"! DAMN DAMN DAMN
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:20pm Cecile:

Screw you all. I'm out of here.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:20pm Sean Daily:

Pearlÿ Sweets, you noticed that, too, huh?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:20pm tim:

GTH! is this what hell sounds like?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:21pm winnie:

don't go cecile!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:21pm jojo:

ipods started at 4 gigs like 10 years ago, why are there only 4 albums on his Ipod?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:21pm Skeeter:

Now this is some cool ass music. Play some Seger and shit. My IROC's hittin' on all gears and I got me a cold Keystone. Do they get this station at the bowling alley?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:21pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

This show is making me eat all of my reserve twizzlers. I don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing, but it does mean I'll need to buy more twizzlers for the desk. Sean, it is you and me against the world.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:22pm Sean Daily:

But if wonder if they can hear music?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:22pm Will:

Don't go Cecile. Andy's about to do three Dead songs in a row!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:22pm Some Jerk Named Larry:

Hipster chicks are shakin' in their moonboots; their Sally Jessie Raphael glasses are cracking, all over Bklyn, (read: Kings Co.) from Greenpoint to Boerum Hill, even the Colonial reenactors in Wmsburg!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:23pm Carmichael:

Hey Cecile, hang around awhile.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:23pm AnAnonymousParty:

Yeah Cecile, if someone sends you to Hell you got every right to complain about the heat.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:23pm ?:

c'mon guys, one afternoon of musical junk food. we can go back to vegetables tomorrow . . .
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:23pm annie:

pearly i just snarfed two huge cookies , it will sustain me
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:24pm Casey Kasem:

Andy, keep reachin' for the stars.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:24pm annie:

ohh, no steely dan................... eeww..
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:25pm bigstar:

I think you'll have to cancel all your live shows after this set.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:25pm jojo:

wait is this Freedom Rock? turn it up man!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:25pm Sean Daily:

The funny thing is they've turned the classics station that I listen to in Las Vegas into a Top 40 hip hop station. I haven't heard music like this in a while.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:25pm Will:

I love the way Andy tells you exactly what he's going to do to you before he does it. A true sadist.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:25pm Neil Diamond:

I am the words, you are the tune .... play me.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:26pm Will:

Play "Peg" Andy
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:26pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

I found myself just laughing when Bruce came on. Which proves Andy's genius. He's pulling a Kenny G on all of us, don't you see?!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:26pm Ken:

Wow, Andy has the exact same musical as me - when I was 16 years old.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:27pm Parq:

Who the hell is "Bruce Springsteen"?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:27pm PMD:

Seriously, ,everyone else is complaining.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:27pm Dick Clark:

Good beat, easy to dance to.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:27pm A Canadian Doctor:

If you do go, Cecile, make sure you take Annette, Yvonne, Marie, and that other one with you
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:29pm Vic Damone:

Got any Dick Haymes coming up?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:29pm Sean Daily:

Holy sh!t! I just got it! THAT'S NOT ANDY! IT'S IRWIN! He ran out of Hannah Montana and star country to torture us with, so he's switched to the classics to further his agitprop agenda! HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE IT! HE WANTS US TO FIGHT!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:29pm AnAnonymousParty:

I just turned KSHE on my real radio just to see if it ever syncs up.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:31pm Sean Daily:

And jeez, guys, how could you NOT like Ray Charles and "Georgia On My Mind"?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:32pm annie:

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... breathing again..
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:32pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

You guys are missing the most important part... this is a DIFFERENT artist!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:32pm ginger tim:

hey irwin! is that you typing the playlist? does that mean you have to listen to the show and andy doesn't have to?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:32pm ;-):

  Wed. 4/1/09 4:33pm Lizardner Dave:

@Sean Daily: Because its popular, and we WFMU listeners do not listen to popular music in a non-ironic context unless it was music popular so long ago nobody knows what it is anymore.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:34pm Amazon.com:

People who bought Dixie Chicken by Little Feat also bought Serenity Extra Absorbent 12 pack.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:35pm crom:

i was downstairs earlier listening to WFMU and Bruce Springsteen came on, Bruce Springsteen SUCKS!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:35pm annie:

i think it's great how we are listening to this and NOT ADMITTING that there might be something we enjoy a smidgeon. the problem is that it was all sooo overplayed and hyped up, it became meaningless. and the BAND!!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:36pm crom:

i have seen Little Feet live one time, that's not sayin' i like it though!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:37pm Harvey:

Take a load off Annie, I like Harry Nilsson
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:37pm Sean Daily:

You know, guys, it IS just music. And that's all I gots to say about it. This is getting a little silly.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:37pm Blanket Generality Man:

LIzardner Dave, let's be best friends!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:37pm Amazon.com:

We have recommendations for you, Andy Breckman. (If you're not Andy Breckman, who in Christ's name would you be?)
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:38pm Cowboy:

I am NOT getting off my high horse.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:38pm Ray Manzarek:

I'd certainly like to hear from the Doors. I'm composing as we speak, in anticipation.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:38pm crom:

who didn't like The Supremes??!?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:38pm Marc:

There's no such thing as too much Steely Dan.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:39pm Ray Manzarek:

Show me the blood of christ!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:39pm Carmichael:

Sean, don't EVER say "just" and "music" in the same sentence.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:39pm crom:

and Steely Dan is great for karaoke ...
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:39pm ryan:

im havin fun
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:39pm AnAnonymousParty:

I've heard Day at the Dog Races doing Laserium I shows so many times I can still see those patterns in my mind.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:40pm Donald Fagen:

Speaking for Walter and myself, we are honored to follow Dixie Chicken, a song we love and were going to cover on Can't Buy A Thrill.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:40pm Carmichael:

Steely Dan is great for constipation.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:40pm Lysergic Poutine:

(pops in) I have to admit, I like the Rhodes on this track, but I don't like Steely Dan.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:40pm Parrot Head:

Dude, "Tequila Sunrise", 'K?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:41pm ?:

I've been listening to WFMU so long that I am hearing all these songs freshly now, as if for the first time. The scales are falling from my eyes. The world is new. It is the springtime of my life.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:41pm crom:

has anyone seen my fez?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:41pm Your wife:

it's right on top of your head, you idiot!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:42pm Lysergic Poutine:

I'm going back to doing something a little less annoying than listening to Andy's selections: listening to the best of the Toy Dolls on repeat play.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:42pm ?:

  Wed. 4/1/09 4:43pm Mooose:

I almost feel ready for my re-entry into Society!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:43pm Michael McDonald:

Play something off The Royal Scam!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:43pm Geddy Lee:

<waving frantically> Over here!!!! Hey!!!!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:43pm Your monorail host:

Please take small children firmly by the hand.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:43pm crom:

the greatest part of the show today is that since 4:20 has rolled by we've listened to Little Feat and Steely Dan!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:44pm Skunk Baxter:

What Mike said
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:44pm Lizardner Dave:

WFMU: Love it or leave it.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:44pm Carmichael:

Do you think Andy will end with "A Million to One"?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:44pm Sean Daily:

But I LIKE being raped by flying monkeys! And perhaps I shouldn't have shared that with you!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:45pm crom:

wait, this is WFMU? i thought it was WKRP! AAARGH!!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:45pm Some Jerk Named Larry:

@AnAnonymousParty GRATUITOUS KSHE ref, PAL. Guess you from StL?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:45pm Dr. Johnny Fever:

  Wed. 4/1/09 4:46pm crom:

YES, more 4:20 appropriate airplay! ...
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:46pm AnAnonymousParty:

Although I will admit to buying and enjoying the Nitefly CD when it first came out (as one on the 15 or so only available CDs then) and it was 'DDD', being startled by the cowbell sound at the end New Frontier. I'd swore there was someone else in the room.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:46pm Devo:

Everybody, it's a good thing.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:47pm Bas, NL:

Just tuned in... Ken lost a bet or something??
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:47pm Some Jerk Named Larry:

@crom Well, now that hipster chix in Greenpt. love those ironic Bailey Quarters glasses, I can't tell the dang diff. btwn WKRP and WFMU!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:47pm pIG pEN:

  Wed. 4/1/09 4:47pm spike:

Andy is an April Fool.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:48pm PMD:

Beth or Ken should take Andy's ipod and put something on it that would blow Andy's mind.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:49pm John Denver:

You fill up my senses. Come fill me again.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:49pm eYe:

Yeah, that's a good idea, PMD
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:49pm AnAnonymousParty:

Yep, grew up on KSHE, back when you could party with the DJs behind the Drive-In on Rte 66. Back when DJs actually picked the music. Too bad there's no station like that today.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:50pm crom:

secret tip, the coolest Grateful Dead member of all times IS NOT Pigpen, it's Donna godchaux ...
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:50pm Steve:

I can honestly say that this is the first WFMU show I could actually listen to, Bravo, Andy!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:50pm Andy's board op:

OK, just a warning -- I have Andy's set list for the rest of the show and it's going to GET WORSE. Ugh. I SO want to go home.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:51pm Meghan (WFMU):

I feel like i should twirl... wonder why that is....
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:51pm Swami:

To be honest I don't think I have ever heard half these songs on the radio. It may not be Black Mayonnaise, but it also isn't "Flavor of the Month" (not any recent month anyway.) but it ain't worth the bile, is it? Wait this Jerry lead is going on way too long. I need acid quick!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:52pm crom:

i'm gonna invite some hipster chix over to party then ... might help pass the time
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:52pm AnAnonymousParty:

Perhaps you're channeling Stevie Nicks?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:52pm nna:

This is the only station on which these songs would cause controversy
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:53pm A fan:

Is the the outtake or the original version? Maybe a soundalike; if so, pretty good.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:53pm Sean Daily:

Damn. Leave it to Dionne Warwick to give UB40 a run for their money. (And yes, I know this is an Elvis tune. I prefer the UB40 version)
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:53pm crom:

@Swami, true, i was just thinking it too. funny.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:53pm Listener_T:

Lizardner Dave is right. The fact is that WFMU is about love of music. All music. The reason I have supported the station for going on two decades is that they have WHOLE SHOWS devoted to music that I CAN'T STAND. They trust that their listeners will realize that they cam turn it off, or walk away and come back in a few hours, or minutes, for a dose of something different. ( Not to mention the archives.) Yes, it's true,Andy's playlist would make Pete Fornatale say "Really?" but so what? He paid for this microphone, and he's going to use it. Just because it isn't willfully obscure or aggressively outside the mainstream doesn't mean it has no place on the station.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:53pm michael:

i like this song
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:53pm Burt Bacharach:

Finally, something worth listening to.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:54pm AnAnonymousParty:

No it's not, the local NPR station would look on this playlist with far more disdain than do we.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:54pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Andy... you got any The Mummies' "Stronger Than Dirt" in that ipod of yours?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:54pm Listener_T:

WFMU : Our Favorite Bands Suck
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:54pm Can't Post:

Anybody who could help me with my math?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:54pm ryan:

best set ever
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:54pm crom:

moral: sometimes you feel great, and sometimes you feel less than great
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:55pm Vacuous 12 year old:

Joe is my favorite Jonas!!!!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:56pm Larry Flynt:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this song barely legal?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:56pm Ken:

How does Andy manage to play the very WORST Steely Dan tunes?
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:56pm Some Jerk Named Larry:

Seriously, I bet Breckman is one of those "classic rock" fans who loves to corner me and berate me when I'm wearing my Michael Nesmith tee, 'cuz "those guys didn't even play their own instruments!" MONKEES RULE!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:57pm crom:

just think of all the channel surfers who randomly tuned in while surfing around and now have added WFMU to the speed dial!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:58pm Marc:

Please tell me Andy has some of his "funny folk music" on that iPod. Show 'em what WFMU is made of!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:58pm Parrot Head:

Cuervo Gold, yeah!
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:58pm ?:

I think Steely Dan had the most pedophilia-related songs of any band ever
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:58pm Carmichael:

And tomorrow they'll hear Royal Trux.
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:58pm Some Jerk Named Larry:

@AnAnonymousParty I'll admit to being a KDHX/KWUR devotee, but I did hit Irv's diner for almost two decades...
  Wed. 4/1/09 4:59pm Julie LaRosa:

Andy, if the old Arthur Godfrey is dead (I don't know) you are the new Arthur Godfrey. If he's still alive, you're another one.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:00pm AnAnonymousParty:

What ? no slingers from the Courtesy?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:01pm Rosemary Clooney:

Give me a Nelson Riddle arrangement any day. Just don't make me listen to Jonathan Schwartz to hear it. Love that low trombone.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:01pm The Chairman:

How'd all these people get into my room?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:02pm Ken:

I've never been so happy to hear Sinatra in all my life.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:02pm Lizardner Dave:

Listener T: Thank you for putting it better than I did (the first post, though the second should wind up on the home page).
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:02pm Frank:

Deuce that guy for me, Jilly.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:04pm Flo & Eddie:

It ain't me, babe.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:04pm PMD:

Andy forgot to mention his facebook account.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:05pm Carmichael:

If I programmed this show, I'd be calling in remotely, too. Andy's probably in Venezuela.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:05pm Leopardskin Pillbox Hat:

Dogs run free, why can't we?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:05pm God:

What in my name is this? Where's Irwin?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:07pm Undisclosed Location:

Andy ain't here.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:07pm Parq:

I *love* Dylan's "New Morning" album. If this is supposed to be irking me, it ain't doin' it.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:08pm steveroo:

is this time slot for andy permanent?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:08pm steveroo:

so irwins gone now?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:09pm owen:

no, steveroo; it;s never-ending.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:09pm Rupert Murdoch:

Test Post - Please ignore. Now what do I do? Hit the "preview your comment button? Then what?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:09pm Frampton:

Do you feel like I do?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:10pm crom:

  Wed. 4/1/09 5:10pm steveroo:

sounds like andy is getting his money's worth for having to match the pledgers donations
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:10pm ryan:

oh man brown-eyed girl! this is the van morrison hit i wish more stations would pay attention to :(
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:10pm bcsterrett:

This music is fine, but you can hear this kind of stuff elsewhere. I turn in to WFMU for the weird and obscure stuff. Where's Irwin?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:10pm Tony Orlando and Dawn:

Knock Three Times on the ceiling if you love this music!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:10pm CROM:

(that laugh was to Rupert Murdoch)
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:10pm Lizardner Dave:

Steveroo, I heard Andy's programming the whole station now. He bought WFMU with his Monk money because the marathon fell short.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:10pm eveley:

Hey where did Irwin go - I like the idea - random stuff of a musical connoiseur's iPod... There are no guilty pleasures - pleasure is pleasure :)
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:11pm Rock and Hard Place:

If you complain about the music, you're a loser! If you like this music, you're a loser!

Nobody wins except for us!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:11pm Sean Daily:

Shows you how much I know about music. I always thought "Brown-Eyed Girl" was by the Rolling Stones...
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:12pm crom:

does anyone want to start a cover bar-band and play Brown Eyed Girl with me?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:13pm Les Nessman:

NOW it's WKRP!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:13pm Parq:

Seeger's okay, but I prefer Tom Scharpling.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:13pm Van the Man:

If you did, I'd sue your ass. Just out of principal .....
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:13pm bcsterrett:

I still pay the big bucks each marathon for the obscure stuff.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:14pm Carly:

As in S-I-M-O-N, OK???!!! I just made a 8&^(&^@ Mouse pledge, and there's more where that came from, if you catch my drift. (How do you spell PAY-O-LA, Andy?)
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:14pm Listener_T:

@Lizardner Dave, no problem. I'll send the second one to Brian and Ken. I mean, I get it. The show is like the music you hear at a vaguely hip dentist's office, (20 years ago!)
@Sean Daily: hoist on your own petard.
Now, "Old Time Rock 'n Roll" is really pushing it.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:14pm Carmichael:

Andy must be out of "Like a Rock".
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:14pm Jack:

Jack FM, wasn't that programmed by iPod Shuffle
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:15pm Will:

This show, it's only halfway through
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:15pm evan:

rock n roll wasn't even that old when this song was written arrrrrrrrgh
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:16pm owen:

play some randy newman.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:16pm The Dentist:

I would never play this shit, even when I'm drilling on you.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:16pm The Dentist:

I would never play this shit, even when I'm drilling on you.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:17pm bcsterrett:

Ha ha, this reminds me of the dentist office as well.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:17pm crom:

i just got my old marantz receiver hooked back up after years in storage and these are the perfect tunes to give it a "dusting off" workout! THANKS :)
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:17pm steveroo:

i'm picking up on your sarcasm over andy owning the station.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:17pm Detroit policeman:

We're playing this through loudspeakers in an attempt to drive Rick Wagoner out of the building. I think it's working, will keep you posted.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:18pm Sean Daily:

LOOK AT THE CALENDAR, EVERYONE. Please take a moment to look at the calendar, understand the significance of today's date, take a deep breath and CALM THE FUCK DOWN.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:18pm Ike:

I'm listening to another station, which is playing "Pendulum" by Ume (which Irwin would probably like), but enjoying this comments section. Also, what Cecile said (except about Seger).
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:18pm Listener_T:

@crom You got those sweet Koss headphones ready, I think "Deacon Blues" is coming up.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:19pm Tonio K:

I wish I was as mellow as for instance Jackson Browne, but Fountain of Sorrow my ass, I hope you wind up in the ground.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:19pm bcsterrett:

I'm sure Andy is great, but I'm turning on the record player now as I do homework. Perhaps I'll be back for the next show.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:19pm Parq:

Oh, and . . .



  Wed. 4/1/09 5:20pm Tonio K:

that was one of my "hits"
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:20pm Robert1014:

I think today's playlist illustrates why much "popular music" is popular...this stuff is tuneful, catchy, well played...and in a day where Lou Reed's METAL MACHINE MUSIC sounds almost pastoral, what's more radical than listening to America's popular favorites?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:20pm bcsterrett:

  Wed. 4/1/09 5:20pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Sean! No yelling! You know better than that! Oh.. and mind your language.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:21pm crom:

today's program seems to be in the shape of a heart
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:21pm KC & The Sunshine Band:

In hindsight, we don't seem so bad now, eh?!?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:21pm Robert1014:

Of course, it's possible this is also Andy's April Fool's gift to us all.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:22pm evan:

everyone sing along!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:22pm Listener_T:

Andy didn't take his Geritol, and is suffering from irony deficiency.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:22pm Parq:

Okay, he finally hit my red light. Be back after BJ is be-gone.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:22pm Billy Joel:

Hey, check me out!! I've come a long way since those losers in The Hassles!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:23pm Billy Joel is the nadir:

didn't think it could get any worse. it just did. this is surely an April Fool's joke.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:23pm Billy Joel Geek:

I liked Attila, though
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:23pm Carmichael:

Parq, listen with the mute switch on, like I am. It sounds way better.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:23pm AnAnonymousParty:

I'd rather listen to stuff I don't like, and I ain't sayin' I don't like all of this, on this station than stuff I do like on most any other station. On other stations you're hearing it because Corporate says you must and on this station you hear it because a person is choosing it to entertain or challenge you or even just pull your leg.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:24pm crom:

what is happening to my spiked hairdo, why is it all floppy now?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:24pm Men Without Hats:

<waving more frantically than Geddy Lee> Hey!! Hey!!! Still here!!!!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:24pm Lizardner Dave:

Oh f*ck me, did I really defend this show?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:25pm A listener:

Any song that starts bung, bung, bung... ya gotta love it
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:25pm crom:

i actually didn't know that BJ got all aggro at the end of that song though, good for him!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:26pm Rock and Hard Place:

Yeah. Psych!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:26pm Ron Fields:

4 guys. Sweaters. Singing. Like birds. I went out of my nut. I fell on my bum. I said "Sign here". They said "Yes, please."
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:26pm B.:

I'm in a Newark state of mind...
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:26pm annie:

lost my connection and had to listen to local radio.... pop hits, oldies... that's irony!.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:27pm Mike Nesmith:

Is it true that you black out if you drink white out?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:27pm Parq:

Wait, "Cherish"? All is forgiven. Even Scott W plays that one without messing with it.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:27pm Listener_T:

Whaling songs.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:27pm megisi:

don't knock this one ... many a knicker hit the shag on this one ... um, er, so I'm told
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:29pm Listener_T:

Now that's what I'm Talking about, Louis Armstrong's "Stardust"!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:29pm annie:

at least he got the steely dan out of the way. but i missed a couple good things...
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:29pm Sidney Bichet:

Blow on Pops, blow on!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:29pm Ron Fields:

I'm the man who discovered Cyrkle.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:29pm AnAnonymousParty:

As long as the way is not being made for Wham!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:29pm Fargie:

i heard Night People are gonna april fools themselves tonight
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:30pm Andy in Berlin:

Boy, two good songs in a row. Now THAT'S April Fool! I smell those Eagles circling.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:30pm Ron F:

For the young people, definitely, because he's hung like a Hebrew National.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:30pm ginger tim:

how come none of the tunes from previous playlists have randomly turned up in this show? i is mystified!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:31pm A reader:

Please settle a bet I have with my sister. She says Hoagy Carmichael (sp?) wrote this song, but I'm pretty sure it was Arsene Lupin. A hoagy ain't nutthin' but a sandwich.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:32pm Mel Brewer:

And now it's time for the "Progressive Trends" part of our show.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:33pm Dennis Moore:

A lupin ain't nuthin but a flower.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:33pm bryce:

oh no, false bryce??
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:34pm Hoagy Carmichael:

It was I.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:34pm annie:

hoagy it is
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:35pm Boz Scaggs:

Sing along with the chorus, or I'll kick every one of your asses.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:35pm Hoagy Sandwich:

you also know me as grinder, submarine, torpedo and po'boy.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:36pm annie:

  Wed. 4/1/09 5:37pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Andy has sucked away all of my energy. I've turned from super excited and pumped up to really tired and burned out. VAMPIRE! VAAAAMPIRE!!!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:37pm Jackson Browne:

I ain't singin' that shit, come find me, big man.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:37pm Bette Midler:

Did you ever know you were my hero?

You should play my song, Andy
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:38pm hello caller:

God Andy you are like putting anti-war posters on the SUV's outside a gun club.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:38pm annie:

now i love this!.. and most broadway tunes,
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:38pm Liza:

I did it my way, too, y'know. Who swiped my valium....
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:39pm Uriah Heep:

We 'eard it wuz the seventies in 'ere. We'll be out back if you need us.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:40pm Pet Shop Boys:

this way, Liza. You need another comeback record.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:40pm Hiding from the mob with pitchforks:

Really, it's not that bad. It's like a mix of the oldies station and the classic rock station. Could be worse. I haven't heard any Hannah Montana yet.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:40pm Stadium usher:

All right, ballgame's over. Pack up your stuff and get out.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:40pm Hannah Montana:

I haven't been born yet.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:43pm Pocket Rocket:

Steely Dan + Good Vibrations = 1 toy store section.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:43pm Dean Martin:

This really is what WFMU would sound like in Hell.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:43pm annie:

ok, all of you who somewhat got a kick out of this, raise your hand. i won't look..
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:43pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

I don't even have that big of a problem with the songs. Maybe it is the repeating bands, maybe it is just the wimpy sound of an ipod? Maybe they are gassing us at work because we've gone out of business and they want to take all of us down with them... all I know is I am really tired right now for 5:40 on a Wednesday. And the only thing different is Breckman!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:43pm Bob from Minn:

He that is not busy being born is busy dying.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:45pm Brian Wilson:

My only problem with this is that I could listen to any of this stuff on local stations in Utah.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:45pm Parq:

Okay, true dish - how many of these records do you or did you once own? I'll admit to nine as of 5:45
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:45pm Gordon:

500th comment. WHOOO-HOOOOO!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:45pm Rock and Hard Place:

Because if you say yes you liked it, you're a loser.
And if you don't like it, you're a whiner.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:45pm Ballad of a Zimm Man:

Zingers for Zimmers!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:46pm Rock and Hard Place:

you're screwed either way.
So, lie back and enjoy it
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:47pm Rock and Hard Place:

Give me just a little more time is pretty choice, though.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:47pm annie:

  Wed. 4/1/09 5:48pm Loser:

I like the Traveling Wilburys...
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:48pm Nick the Bard:

Dammit, I missed Lido Shuffle >_<
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:48pm Martin Denny:

Is Kenny G still on the air?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:49pm eveley:

Andy, your iPod playlist is like a "best of" of my youth; the music we used to listen to in the car when driving somewhere. I like. I like a lot :)
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:49pm annie:

it's that other guy who is sucky,,,, tom petty.. is that his name?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:49pm Listener_T:

Think of it this way: It's like the Nazis marching in Skokie. IT'S THE PRICE WE PAY FOR FREEFORM.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:49pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

No, I think he landed in France by now *rimshot*
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:49pm Carl Andre:

this is the sound of bricks in an art gallery.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:49pm Loser:

Yeah, I have a Pandora playlist that plays just about every song I've heard so far.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:49pm ?:

the wilburys take the cake for boringest band ever. no question.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:50pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

I like the first few Tom Petty albums.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:50pm annie:

i think they did that to co-opt roy's popularity.. leeches..
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:51pm owen:

thank you
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:51pm Nick the Bard:

Dammit, I didn't miss Randy Newman >_<
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:51pm Andy in Berlin:

Hey any chance for some music from like *this* century?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:51pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

The Strokes have built an entire career on "American Girl"
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:52pm eveley:

I've not noticed before but Randy Newman sounds a lot like Scharpling in the Sinfonia concert -- or vice versa
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:53pm eveley:

Speaking of Hoof and mouth -- is the show available for listening soon? It was a great gig :)
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:54pm Lizardner Dave:

Did the Kings just score a goal?
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:54pm annie:

there is no neil young..... just sayin.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:54pm AnAnonymousParty:

Now I know what's missing, the sounds of voices processed through Auto-tune.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:55pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Yep, Eveley, they have it linked from the homepage.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:55pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Andy's show just crashed my media player.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:56pm JB:

Ow! Are my knuckles sore!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:56pm Carmichael:

Ha!! Mine too!!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:56pm annie:

mine too, pearly
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:56pm Parq:

Eveley - here:


The rest of you: no one wants to answer my question? Chickens.

FMU: today was exhausting but amazing. Memories for years to come. Bye all. See you at Trouble time.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:56pm Lizardner Dave:

Yep, the windows stream just went out. Conficker, I guess.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:57pm Jackson Browne:

I'm Jackson Browne, bitch!
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:57pm Carmichael:

What question, Mr. Scared-of-Billy-Joel???
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:57pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

I got mine back up... not 100% sure if I wanted too... but...
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:58pm Parq:

Mine too. Close WMP and reopen.
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:58pm annie:

night parq
  Wed. 4/1/09 5:58pm Listener_T:

I think this puts Jackson Browne in the lead.
  Thu. 4/2/09 8:56am RSTVMO:

  Thu. 4/2/09 7:51pm Steve Barton:

Lizardner: Miley rools ok.
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